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Sunday, March 24, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 1)

(Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction)
By: Mistress Euclid
The DiMera mansion always felt both familiar and alien to Will. It was home, but also something out of a gothic nightmare. He stared at the fire, wondering how he was going to extract himself from EJ when he was ready to do so.

Yes, he had shot EJ, but that was a long time ago when Will was a minor. Will didn't want the story coming out, but now he knew something far worse about the future mayor than just a sexual tryst with an ex-wife. He knew that EJ had stolen Abe's job plan. When the time was right, Will would use that and whatever other ammunition EJ would eventually give him to call a truce. But Will had no interest in a truce.

Will ticked off the things EJ had given him: A paid internship for course credit, an amazing car, an adrenaline rush from stealing the job plan… and best of all, a way to drive his slut of a mother crazy. Christmas had come late, but it had come.

"Good afternoon, William," purred EJ.

Will turned around. EJ stood in the doorway of the living room, with a soft grin. Will's heart started to beat a little. He wondered what EJ would have him do next.

"So, boss," he said. "What now? Want me to pick up those flyers from the printer?"
EJ strode into the living room, and he poured himself a drink. "Eager for a chance to drive your new car?"

"Why wouldn't I be? It's beautiful," replied Will.

EJ walked carefully over to Will, he lifted up his free hand and placed it on Will's cheek. Will had pulled away the last time EJ touched him, but he didn't this time. He froze.

"It's not the only thing around here that's beautiful," whispered EJ.

Will swallowed, and his heart nearly caught in his throat. He wasn't stupid. He had noticed EJ flirting with him, making innuendoes. Will closed his eyes, and he felt EJ's lips on his own. Will stepped back.

"I saw you fucking my mother," said Will.

"I fuck a lot people, William," whispered EJ. "And as part of our arrangement, I intend to fuck you. But don't worry. I'll see to it that you enjoy it as much as you enjoy the car… if not more."

Will remained very close to EJ, and he felt EJ's breath on his face. He opened his eyes. "You used to be married to my mother!"

"I'm well aware of that William, but you can't hide you're interest. Not from me," replied EJ, who placed a hand on Will's crotch.

There was no hiding the aching hard-on Will had. Will's cheeks burned, and he could barely breathe. He could also still smell EJ, a mixture of scotch and some sort of aftershave.

"Just think of it as more revenge on your mother," whispered EJ.

With that EJ led Will upstairs, not to the bedroom that he shared with Nicole but to another one of the many guest rooms in the vast DiMera mansion. Will felt himself trembling.

EJ shut the door and locked it. Then, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. "On your knees, William."

Will blushed. "I've never…"

EJ laughed. "Don't lie to me. A pretty boy like you…"

"Gabi's the only person I've ever…" said Will turning away.

He wanted to escape, but EJ was in front of the door. They were on the second floor, so there was no going out the window. There was a small door that Will thought might lead to a bathroom. He thought of locking himself inside.

He was startled by EJ's strong hands on his shoulders. Then, he felt EJ kiss his neck.

"You're not gay," said Will. "I saw you…"

EJ planted a few more kisses on Will's neck, then on his cheek.

"No," replied EJ. "There's something called the Kinsey scale. I'm a 3, right in the middle. I'll shag anything if it's hot enough."

Will actually giggled at that. He wished he was a 3. He knew he wasn't. He hated EJ. Hated him. Yet, he was more turned on at that moment than he ever was with Gabi. And Will had loved Gabi dearly. Just as a friend, not a lover.

EJ's hand gently grabbed Will's chin and turned his face so EJ could kiss him. Will had been expecting it to be soft like in the living room, but EJ's mouth was hard and aggressive. He pushed his tongue into Will's mouth, and Will melted inside. He could feel EJ's cock pressing into his back.

After a while, EJ pulled back. "Didn't I tell you earlier to get on your knees?"

Will inhaled. "Yes, sir," he said as he obeyed.

EJ's cock was still hanging out of his trousers, erect and glistening.

"Just do what you like done to yourself," whispered EJ as he ran a gentle hand through Will's hair.

Will took a deep breath. He and Gabi had only had sex just once. It was Will's first time being with anyone. During it she had given him a blowjob. He tried to remember what she had done to him, and then he started licking the tip of EJ's cock, and he heard EJ gasp. That was encouraging, so Will started to suck. EJ was rather large, even an experienced cocksucker would probably have difficulty taking all of him, and Will tried his damnedest, but he began to gag before he even had half of it in his mouth.

"Relax your throat," gasped EJ, "It'll go further."

Will did as instructed, and more so. He started to enjoy himself, taking careful note of each of EJ's grunted instructions. But it wasn't long before EJ could no longer talk, and the older man trembled and came, spilling hot liquid into Will's mouth.

Feeling empowered, Will swallowed.

"Good boy," growled EJ approvingly.

Will stood up, and he realized he still had an aching hard-on of his own. He wondered if EJ would… EJ interrupted the thought with a kiss on the lips. Then he pushed Will back toward the bed.

Will was on his back and EJ's hands found Will's zipper and undid it. He pulled out Will's cock quickly and efficiently and started sucking it.

Will gasped, throwing his head back. He groaned. EJ clearly knew what he was doing, and Will lost all rational thought. He hated EJ, but this felt so good. The one he had gotten from Gabi, the one and only blowjob he'd ever had, which he had thought had felt so amazing, didn't even compare to what EJ was doing to his cock.

He came fast and he came hard, almost fainting with pleasure.

EJ stood up, and he gently put Will back in his pants and zipped him up.

Will sat up. He couldn't form words. EJ winked at him.

"This is another aspect of your job you won't be telling Nicole about," said EJ, who unlocked the door.

"We won't be telling anyone about it," spat Will.

"Of course, not," replied EJ with a smile. "Discretion is an important part of politics. It will be one of our many secrets. And, may I add, I look forward to showing you more… secret things. But in the meantime, take the afternoon off."

Will stood up. He didn't say a word as he walked past EJ and headed for the door.


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