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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 2)

(Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction)
By: Mistress Euclid

Will knew he couldn't go home, and so he drove around for a while, finally parking near Horton Square. He shut off the car, and he shook his head. Here he was, prince of the Horton family, pillar of the community, and he had just spent the afternoon sucking the cock of a DiMera. And getting his sucked in return. Worse, it wasn't even Chad's cock.

Chad was Will's best friend and 100% straight. Until recently, Will hadn't even realized that the intense affection he felt for his best friend wasn't quite normal for two guys. But now that he had, Will had tried to shut those feelings off as best he could. He didn't ever want to do anything to make Chad uncomfortable, and he certainly didn't want Chad knowing what he had just done with his big brother.

Will sighed as he sat in his car, which was a 2011 Audi TT, in blue. Its sticker price was $57,000 give or take. And Will realized he had earned the car doing more than stealing campaign plans and running other assorted errands.

If it's just a gift, then you're not a whore.

"Wow," said a friendly voice, and Will heard a knock on his window. He looked up to see the smiling face of Sonny Kiriakis. Will smiled back, and he opened the door. "That's an Audi TT! Amazing car. Whose is it?"

Will got out, and he blushed just slightly.

"It's mine. It was a gift from one of my ex-stepfathers," said Will. "I've been working for him."

Sonny shook his head. "You know both my Uncle Victor and my dad aren't hurting for money, but they'd never buy me anything like this. Some crazy idea about work ethics and learning to be my own man."

Will grinned. "Being your own man is overrated. Want to go for a ride?"

Sonny smiled softly. "I sure do."

Will stared at him. Sonny was out and proud, something Will couldn't imagine being. Will wasn't proud, especially not proud of himself. He had too many secrets. It wasn't as though Will didn't like Sonny, he did. He kind of adored him, and his sane and cool parents. He just could never be like him. And Will's mother would never be as loving and supportive as Sonny's mother was.

"Get in and buckle up," said Will gesturing to the other side of the car with his head.

Sonny did exactly that, and soon enough they were off, driving through the twisting roads just out of town.

"Someday you're going to have to let me drive this thing," said Sonny.

Will kept his eyes on the road. "I've never let anyone drive it. Not even Abby and she drives more carefully than my Grandma. Both Grandmas, actually."

"It's a beautiful machine. Which one of your stepfathers bought it for you?" asked Sonny.

Will glanced over at Sonny. The previous summer, Will had briefly given his friend a rundown on his bizarre childhood and his mother's antics, marital and otherwise.

"EJ DiMera, mayoral candidate."

"Chad's big brother?"

"That's him."

"He's hot. Come to think of it, so is your Mom's current husband. She has good taste."

Will snarled slightly. "Rafe's a good guy. EJ isn't."

Sonny tapped his fingers on the dashboard. "And yet he bought you this car. Why?"

Will pressed his foot to the gas pedal. "Same reason he does anything with regard to me. To drive my mother crazy."

They sped faster through the winding roads, taking a few corners very quickly. The tires screeched.

"Whoa, let's dial down the James Dean impression," said Sonny. "I'd like to make it home in one piece."

Will thought of pressing his foot on the gas harder, but there was something so sincere and non-judgmental in Sonny's voice. There was also fear. So, Will gently slowed down.

"Sorry," he said. "I suppose that's why the insurance is so much. It's just tempting to get reckless." Will pulled back into Horton Square's parking lot. "I'm going over to the pub. As long as we're not driving, I can pull us a few beers when no one is looking."

Sonny nodded. "Now that's more my kind of reckless."

They got out of the car and headed for the pub. As they walked side by side, Will glanced over at Sonny and wondered what else his friend had ever done that was reckless.

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