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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 3)

(Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction)
By: Mistress Euclid

Will sat on the edge of the bed in the DiMera guest room, the same one where he and EJ had… he didn't want to think about what had happened or what was going to happen. Of course, he'd thought about what had happened, dreamed about it since it had happened. He'd cried about it. He hated EJ. EJ was a bad person.

But he had enjoyed what had happened between them. He'd even enjoyed the dirtiness of it. EJ used to be his stepfather. That should have turned him off, but it turned him on. Although, Will tried not to picture EJ with his mother, that was a kink too far. But still, he understood a little why his mother was always drawn into EJ's web. The man was seductive.

Will took a deep breath. Moments before, EJ had ordered him upstairs.

"We're going to be alone in the house all afternoon, William," he said.

"You don't say," replied Will as he goofed off on the computer.

"Why don't you go upstairs to the guest room. You know the one I showed you the other day. I'll join you momentarily."

Will inhaled a sharp breath, and then he stood up. "Whatever you say, boss."

The doorknob rattled and then the door opened, and EJ appeared wearing a bathrobe, which hung open at the chest. Will stared for a moment before snapping himself out of it. He told himself he could leave. He had plenty on EJ; he didn't need to be having sex with him. But Will didn't want to leave.

EJ shut the door and locked it. "Why are you still wearing your clothes, William?"

Will closed his eyes. "I thought you might want to take them off me," he replied.

EJ laughed and folded his arms. "Maybe next time. Come on, off with your clothes, William."

Will blushed just a little as he leaned down to take off his shoes and socks. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, tossing it aside. Then, he slipped off his jeans and boxers at the same time, revealing that he already had an erection. There was no hiding how aroused he was.

EJ smiled and made a noise of approval. He strode over and pulled Will up off the bed and into a deep, dizzying kiss. Through the fabric of EJ's robe, Will felt EJ's erection. EJ's cock was big, which wasn't surprising giving how big a person he was. Everything about EJ made Will feel small… his arms, his mouth, but especially his cock. Will had nothing to be ashamed of in that area, that he knew, but EJ was bigger. Ironic. Maybe EJ would outstrip Will in everything.

Still, Will was swooning. It was still a new sensation, feeling small and overwhelmed by the bigness of a lover. He clung to EJ, submitting to his kisses and touches.

Suddenly, EJ stepped back. He grinned at Will, and then turned him around and pushed him forward, so he was bent over the edge of the bed. Will gasped. He knew was about to happen, and his own cock ached.

Will turned his head around so he could see what EJ was doing. The older man pulled out a small bottle and some condoms from his pocket. He opened the bottle and spread some lube on his fingers.

"Relax, William," purred EJ. "I promised to make you feel good, and I will. But there's always a little pain before the pleasure."

"You know from experience?" asked Will nervously.

"I went to an all-male boarding school William," replied EJ. "Of course I know. Although, these days I prefer the top position… in all things."

Will felt a big, slick finger at his opening. He inhaled a sharp breath and turned around and put his head down. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of being penetrated. It did smart a bit, but it wasn't awful.

"You know, when you get fucked in the ass, William, you need to be opened up like this first or it will hurt like hell. Always remember that, whether you're on top or bottom."

Will smiled. "Yes, sir." The feeling was becoming rather delicious as EJ slipped in a second finger.
EJ growled with approval. "I like it when you call me, sir."

Will inhaled as EJ inserted a third finger. Will felt him scissor his fingers, and Will's body opened up. Suddenly, EJ removed his fingers. Will didn't turn around, just kept his eyes on the floral bedspread as he heard a condom wrapper open up.

Oh my, God. He's really going to fuck me. All ten inches of him going up my virgin ass!

"Just keep relaxed, William," whispered EJ, and he caressed the back of Will's neck with his left hand. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Just do it," said Will.

EJ laughed and obeyed, and Will felt his body being breached. It stung, but it didn't feel wrong. EJ went slowly and carefully, and Will's body adjusted as he pushed in. Will's own cock stayed hard, and Will wanted to rub himself against the bed to get some relief. But he didn't.

Finally, EJ had pushed all the way in, and Will felt full and complete. The pain ebbed away.

"Are you ready?" grunted EJ.

"Yeah," gasped Will.

EJ started to move, angling to hit the sweet spot that caused Will to cry out with pleasure. He moaned and grasped the bedspread with his hands. "Oh my god," he whispered.

EJ kept thrusting. Then, he growled. "Jerk yourself off. You'll cum like you've never cum before."

Will obeyed, grabbing his cock and stroking it. It was a very short time before he was cumming all over the edge of the bed.

"Good boy," laughed EJ as he kept thrusting. Will was limp and euphoric still when EJ shuddered and moaned, bracing himself on the bed, his hands on either side of Will. But it didn't take too long for him to recover and stand up, leaving Will feeling empty and spent.

Will didn't move as EJ, who hadn't even taken off his robe, went into the bathroom. Will heard water running, just as he realized that his ass hurt. It wasn't a bad hurt, but there was pain there. Will rolled over, and he sat on the edge of the bed. He could feel his hole gaping open from EJ's very large, thick, uncut cock. He suddenly felt very ashamed. This was very wrong. EJ was married. He was… the list why it was wrong was so long, Will didn't even know where to start. He rubbed his face with his hands.

EJ came out of the bathroom, and he tossed a damp towel at Will.

"Get yourself cleaned up. Have a shower, too. We have to finish those finance numbers before Nicole gets back."

Will nodded. "Okay."

EJ walked over and, to Will's surprise, kissed him on the top of the head. "There's no shame in pleasure between consenting adults, William." With that, EJ left the room.

"No shame? Not even if you're married?" mumbled Will as he stood up and headed to the bathroom.

He took a long hot shower, and he even washed his hair, somehow wishing he could wash off what had happened. He spent a long time wondering what it would be like to do - that - with Sonny. Will's heart ached at the thought. He imagined himself doing what EJ had just done to him to Sonny, but he'd do it lovingly. He'd take good care of Sonny. They would kiss and touch each other and look into each other's eyes. They would laugh together, and it would feel so good to be inside him.

Will drew himself out of the fantasy and turned off the water. He had work to do. He hoped he'd be able to forget what had just happened, but he knew that was impossible.

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