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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All Male Fiction: Hung Bucks

By: Barry D & Ryan Michaels

Mike strode quickly across the deserted bus terminal to the men's room. It, too, was empty, nothing but the row of urinals backed by toilet stalls, with a dividing wall between them and the doorway. Mike was disappointed. He had gone there in the hopes of finding a man who was looking for some action.

Although it didn't appear likely that he would be meeting any cocksuckers that night, the young college student had nowhere else to be so he decided it couldn't hurt to stick around for a bit. He moved to the last urinal in the line, the one the farthest from the door. He unzipped his tight, faded jeans and dug inside them for his cock, and began to fondle it in his palm as he aimed it at the urinal.

It was only moments later when, from the far end of the men's room, he heard the tell-tale creak of the door opening and his cock twitched in his fingers, beginning to harden and moisten with excitement as he heard the footsteps of the unexpected visitor moving slowly toward him, stopping in front of the very next urinal.

Without being too obvious about it, Mike took a quick glance at the man who had just come up beside him. He was an average-looking guy in his early forties, who nervously unzipped his fly. The edge of his shoe pressed against Mike's foot and his left elbow dug hard into the boy's side, but he didn't apologize.

Knowing that the other man's eyes were hungrily following his every movement, Mike began to play with himself. Holding his cock between his thumb and forefinger he began to rub the loose skin back and forth until it began to tighten and the thick head at its tip mushroomed into full bloom.

Mike stepped back from the urinal, holding his cock loosely with his fingertips, and turned his fit young body to the side, displaying himself brazenly to the older man. He could see the guy's fingers trembling on his own dick and his throat working as he swallowed nervously and gaped down at Mike's extremely long, thick cock.

"Like it?" Mike asked him boldly, not bothering to keep his voice low.

The guy stared down at the big young cock pointing up at him. "My God, you've got a huge cock!" he whispered.

His hand reached down for it, but Mike grinned and moved farther away. Bracing his weight against the wall behind him and spreading his legs wider, he quickly unbuttoned the top of his fly and spread his jeans open. He cupped his balls and pulled them free of his tight jeans. They hung far down between his legs, big and round. His cock was almost fully erect by now, jutting up fat and hard from the nest of thick, curly hair below his belly.

"You want it?" he teased the man.

The guy gulped and turned his head quickly in the direction of the men's room door, then back to Mike. "Here?"

"Sure, why not? It's as good a place as any."

"Somebody might walk in..."

"It's late. Nobody's going to come in here unless they're after the same thing you are - namely a hot cock to suck on!" Mike grinned and looked down at his cock, then boldly into the other man's eyes. "Come on. Get this thing off for me with your mouth, huh?"

His admirer's head swiveled back to the door again. "Jesus, kid, I don't know. It's awful risky. If we get caught..."

"All right, forget it!" Mike sneered. "I can always find somebody else to take care of it for me." He began to shove his dick back in his jeans, but the man's hand shot forward, stopping him.

"No! Don't put it away yet. Let me… let me look at it some more!"

"Give me a break," Mike laughed. "I want somebody to suck the fucking thing for me, not just look at it!"

"I'll suck it for you! I will, kid," the man promised eagerly, his fingers squeezing Mike's cock firmly. "Christ! I've never seen one this big before!"

"You want it?"

"Of course I do!"

"You want to suck it?"

"Yes!" The guy swallowed hard again, his eyes running quickly up and down from Mike's ruggedly handsome face to the lump of cock in his hand. "How much?"

"Uh, forty bucks."

The man grunted, his resolve evidently weakening as he stared at Mike's hard cock and the swing of his big balls. Unlike many guys' dicks, Mike's didn't curve in the slightest, but stood up straight and stiff as a pole from his hard, flat belly. His cock was eleven inches long and almost as big around as the man's wrist, and the veins in the shaft were plainly visible, slightly bluish beneath the pink flesh.

The man could almost taste the boy's cock - the salty-sweetness around the head; the slick warmth of the shaft as he fed it between his lips; the hardness of it pressing down on his tongue as he worked it in and out of his mouth.

Without any further hesitation he dug into his pants and pulled out a wad of bills, tearing off two twenties and shoving them into Mike's back pocket, copping a quick feel of the young stud's ass in the process.

"I've never paid for it before," he muttered, "but this time I think it's going to be worth every cent!"

He sank slowly to his knees on the dirty floor, his hands caressing Mike's body all the way down. His face was level with the boy's crotch as he reached for the throbbing cock and rubbed it with the sweat of his palms. His hands moved behind to grip Mike's ass. His eyes lifted to catch the boy's imploring eyes.

"Go ahead," Mike ordered. "Go on! Take it in your mouth and suck it!"

With a broken groan the other guy's hands pulled Mike forward as his mouth opened wide to take the swollen cock-meat. His lips drove all the way down on it, until he began to gag on the monstrous piece of meat. His hands tightened on Mike's ass cheeks and he began to suck the young stud's big, hard, hot cock.

"That's it," Mike gasped. "You wanted it, now suck it! That's it! Oh, that's it! Suck, you cocksucker, suck!"
His hands tightened on the man's head, holding him firmly in place as he began to thrust his hips, driving himself at the man's hungry mouth, causing him to gag some more. Mike felt the sexual tension mounting in him as he watched those greedy lips devouring his cock-flesh and listened to the liquid slurping sounds of the guy's lips and hot wet tongue. His legs tensed. He knew it would only be another few moments before he shot his load into the horny older man's mouth!

He gasped with delight as the man's hot tongue worked on him, stroking every inch of his cock, pulling his shaft in as deep as he could and then slipping back out until he held just the cockhead between his suctioning lips. Mike felt the man's hands moving between his legs, cupping his balls and juggling them. His fingers tickled through the thick patch of hair at the base of Mike's cock, pinching the boy's muscled belly and then moving up in under his t-shirt to squeeze the nipples on his well-developed chest. His mouth moved faster and faster, his tongue stroking the throbbing cock-flesh.

"Yeah!" Mike panted feverishly, clamping his hands behind the guy's head and forcing him further down, ramming his cock into his mouth. "Yeah, cocksucker! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it all! Suck it off!" Mike demanded as the guy gagged repeatedly, until Mike finally relented and eased a bit of his dick out.

He felt the cum gathering inside him, his ball-sac tensing as each wet thrust of the man's mouth brought him closer to his climax. The feeling was so good Mike wanted to prolong it, to enjoy it to the fullest. But it was no longer possible to deny himself the relief of cumming. The hot tongue was stroking him too well. He had to cum, and cum hard!

His hips lunged forward and he pressed the guy's head down, ramming as many inches as the guy could take of his rampant cock into his spasming throat.

"Oh, God!" Mike moaned. "Take it, man, take my fucking load! Ahhh, fuck, aahhh!"

His cock burst violently inside the kneeling man's mouth. He felt the first hot spurt of his fluid jet free, then another spurt, and another, and another. The more Mike came, though, the more the guy who had paid him forty bucks to suck him off seemed to relish it and the faster his tongue worked to coax even more jism from him. Even when all of Mike's cum had been shot, the man's mouth stayed on him, his tongue continuing to lick the softening slab of man-meat until Mike finally backed away and forced him to lift his head.

"Oh, man!" the cocksucker gasped, his voice thick with the cum he'd swallowed. "Nobody has ever cum like that for me before! So hard! So much! So hot and thick! God!" He stood up and reached for Mike's head and tried to kiss him, but the boy pushed him roughly away. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing," Mike grunted. "I just don't go for that kind of shit." He stuffed his wet cock back in his jeans and zipped up quickly. "Thanks, man. You suck pretty good!"

"Can-can I see you again? Can I suck your big cock again?"

"Sure," Mike laughed. "Any time you've got forty bucks to spare. You can usually find me here around this time of night." He turned and hurried out of the restroom, ignoring the man's pleas for him to wait a moment.

Mike had a big smile on his face as he walked out of the bus terminal. Not only had he gotten a blowjob, but he was paid for it! When the guy offered cash, Mike was taken by surprise that the guy thought he was a hustler, but he didn't let it show, and he definitely wasn't going to turn down forty bucks just to get his dick sucked, something he wanted anyway, something he would have let the guy do for free!

Later, in his dorm room, as he dug the two twenties out of his pants pocket before tossing the jeans in the hamper, he looked at the bills he held in his hand and thought about what the man had said after, how he had wanted to see Mike again, to suck his cock again, and that Mike had told him he could – for another forty bucks.

He found himself visiting that men's room the next night hoping to run into the man again. And he did. A short while later he strode out of the bus terminal with another forty bucks in his pocket.

As he made his way back to his dorm, Mike realized that he had an asset that most guys didn't have, and, if the forty-something man was any indication, one that men were willing to pay for. He thought about taking to the street and working as a hustler, but quickly decided against it. For one, it was kind of dangerous, and people he knew might see him. But most of all he knew the other street hustlers would make it tough for him since he would likely take away a lot of their business once word got out about his eleven inch cock.

Instead he decided to make nightly visits to the bus terminal's men's room. He didn't see the forty-something man again, but he did run into a few other hungry cocksuckers here and there who, once they saw the size of his cock, were more than willing to pay for the chance to suck it.

As more and more men paid to suck Mike's magnificent tool word began to spread, and not a night went by where Mike didn't make at least forty bucks, usually more. In fact all Mike had to do now was just let his long piece of meat hang out at the urinal, and men would come up beside him, hand him forty bucks and then drop to their knees.

Every time someone handed him cash to suck his cock Mike was thankful for two things: being blessed with an uncommonly large cock, and for making the decision to hang around that first night. For if he hadn't, he'd probably be spending his nights beating off in his dorm room instead of getting his cock sucked every night at forty bucks a pop!
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