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Friday, April 26, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 4)

(Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction)
By: Mistress Euclid
Sonny was having a good time. He had spent a very enjoyable evening with Kareem, first dancing at a club and then going to an all-night diner. Now, he was sitting on Kareem's couch, buzzed from a combination of alcohol and adrenaline and anticipation. It was supposed to be two friends just hanging out. Sonny was more interested in Dustin, but Dustin had been busy.

Kareem was kneeling between Sonny's legs and unzipping his pants. Sonny grinned down at him as Kareem expertly removed Sonny's cock and started to suck. Sonny threw his head back and gave himself over to the sensations. He closed his eyes.
To his surprise, pictures formed in Sonny's mind, but they weren't of Kareem - or even Dustin. Without realizing it, Sonny started fantasizing that it was Will Horton's gorgeous lips wrapped around his dick. Sonny gasped and blinked. Nothing like that had ever happened to him, and he felt awkward and rude. So, he stared down at Kareem to remind himself who he was with.
Soon, Kareem's skill overcame him, and Sonny came into the other man's mouth. Kareem swallowed. Sonny grinned and pulled him up for a kiss. He tried to put Will out of his mind.

The next morning, Sonny had breakfast at a Starbucks not far from campus. Starbucks was the competition, and so he liked to check them out. The coffee at his new place had to be better and cheaper. So did the ambiance.

But Sonny was still having a pleasant time as he sipped a latte and read the paper. He perused the section about the mayoral race, and he thought about Will. EJ DiMera had bought Will a car and had now set him up in an apartment.

Sonny sighed. They had to be involved. There was no other explanation.

The thought made Sonny a little sad. Will seemed so uncomfortable with his sexuality. A clandestine affair with a married man - an ex-stepfather - seemed awfully dysfunctional.

On top of that, there was the fantasy Sonny had had while Kareem was going down on him. Sonny shook his head. It wasn't as though Kareem and he were even dating, but it disturbed Sonny anyway. Sonny had been telling himself that he wasn't interested in Will romantically. Will, after all, was a hot mess emotionally and hadn't even been able to verbalize the fact he was gay - a fact which was obvious to pretty much everybody with even mildly operational gaydar. Sonny didn't need any drama, and he didn't want to date anyone who wasn't comfortable with who he was. Sonny prided himself on good sense, and so he had simply thought of Will as a friend.

Through all their intense, veiled conversations about sexuality, Sonny tried not to notice Will's mischievous smile or the way his hair always seemed just a little messed up. Or how wonderful his laugh sounded. Or how much pain he seemed to be in. How his voice would crack just slightly when he was upset.

Several times, Sonny had needed incredible restraint to keep from pulling Will into his arms and kissing him and holding him.

Who are you kidding? You have it bad for Will.

Sonny sighed.

"Hey there," said a female voice.

Sonny looked up to see his cousin, Abby, wearing her odd slouchy hat and gripping a venti-something. She smiled and sat down.

"You look like you just lost your best friend," said Abby.

Sonny laughed. "I thought that you just lost your best friend."

Abby cocked her head a little. "Melanie and I are trying to work things out. I'm still a little hurt, but you know, I'm trying to get over it."

Sonny stared at his cousin, and he was suspicious. Lately, Abby had been dropping hints all over the place about a new man in her life, but the only men Abby seemed to be around were her dad and her professor.

"How's Uncle Jack, doing?" he asked by way of trying to steer the conversation away from romance.

Abby sighed. "I don't know. Getting better, I guess. He's in therapy." She shrugged. "I can't even imagine what he's going through."

Sonny looked down at his own coffee. He was grateful every day that his parents were sane and always there for him and his brothers. Poor Abby had had almost as many stepfathers as Will. Sonny never even knew if he should call Abby's Mom "Aunt Jennifer" because he could never keep track of whether she was still married to Uncle Jack.

Then, Abby looked up. "So, how's my cousin Will? Have you seen his new car? Awesome isn't it?" Abby grinned just a little, and there was something suggestive about the question. Did she know or suspect about Will?

Sonny smiled. "He took me for a ride."

"You two are getting along," replied Abby. "It's nice that he has a friend that he has something in common with. I know he and Chad are close, but Will's always had very specific taste in music and stuff. Chad likes Bon Iver and Wilco and old Springsteen records. But Will, he's more into Lady Gaga. We hung out in Switzerland, and Will's dance playlists were the envy of everyone."

Sonny sighed. "I see what you're saying…"

Abby leaned over. "Has he said anything? I mean, I was very surprised when he was with Gabi, but I always thought they seemed like they had more fun shopping together than… you know. Look, I care about Will. I want him to be happy."

Sonny inhaled. "He hasn't said anything directly, but yeah, he's… Look, just don't say anything to him. He's not ready. He'll get there in his own time."

Abby nodded and she reached out and grabbed Sonny's hand. "My lips are sealed. But when's he's ready, I'll be there to support him. And I hope you will too."

Sonny nodded. "I will. As a friend."

Abby nodded knowingly, "Yeah. As a friend."

Sonny blushed, and he really hoped Abby would let it drop. She had no idea just how screwed up Will was, and he hoped she didn't find out. Sonny hoped no one would find out.

After all, Sonny knew the old political expression about politicians and being found in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. And Will was one hell of a live boy - one that didn't need his name in the paper.

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