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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 7)

Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction
By: Mistress Euclid
Will paced his apartment. EJ was coming over, and Will had rehearsed the conversation over and over in his head. He would still work for EJ, still do his campaign work and still keep quiet about everything, but Will was not going to have sex with him anymore. EJ was with Nicole. Will wanted to pursue Sonny, and the situation was far too dangerous for them to continue. If Sonny had figured out what was going on, others would, too.

EJ would just have to see reason.

Will heard a key in the door, and he knew it was EJ. It was his building, so of course he had a key. The door opened, and he strode in with a look of pure mischief on his face.

"Good afternoon, William," he said casually.

"Hi, EJ," Will replied.

EJ passed on the way to the kitchen, kissing Will on the cheek as he went.

"EJ," said Will gesturing between them, "This thing between us. The sex. It needs to stop."

EJ laughed, and he unpacked the paper sack and revealed a bottle of Scotch. He got two glasses out and poured some in both.

"Really," continued Will, "I feel bad about what you're doing to Nicole, and you're taking an enormous risk. If we're found out, all the work you've done will be for nothing."

EJ looked at Will strangely. "Are you saying you actually want me to be mayor?"

Will shifted on his feet. As strange as it felt, he actually supported EJ's candidacy. "As a matter a fact I do. In this economy, we need a tough mayor… someone who will do whatever it takes to get the economy going." Will leaned back against the bar. "As weird as it sounds, you've convinced me that you want to be mayor to help the city."

EJ smiled, genuinely. "I'm not doing it for the salary. I actually do love this little city."

Will nodded. "I know, boss. I know."

EJ pulled something else out of the bag: a small oblong box. EJ opened it, and he pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Against his will, Will's crotch constricted and his heart started to beat.

"I told you," said Will. "We shouldn't be having sex. We need to stop."

EJ approached Will, and he locked eyes with him. "Take off your shirt," he ordered.

Will didn't hesitate. He did exactly as EJ ordered, tossing his t-shirt aside. Will felt possessed, like he had no free will.

"Hold up your wrists," ordered EJ.

Will obeyed that order, too, and EJ fastened the handcuffs. He also unfastened Will's belt, and he slipped the belt free from Will's pants, folding it carefully.

"You just said you didn't want to be my slave anymore," whispered EJ as his fingers caressed the belt. "I'm going to have to punish you for that."

EJ kissed the belt. He then placed it at Will's lips, and Will kissed it.

Will sighed. They had played this game before. He gazed into EJ's eyes. "Yes, sir," he said clearly, as he pushed thoughts of Sonny out of his mind. Will closed his eyes and he felt EJ's lips on his shoulder.

A couple of hours later Will sat naked on his bed, rubbing his wrists. The restraints made telltale marks, and he found himself happy that it was winter, and he could hide the redness on his wrists and not have to answer questions. He didn't even want to know what his ass looked like.

Meanwhile, EJ strode out of the bathroom, dressed in a dapper suit. "I'm meeting Nicole at Chez Rouge rather than going to the mansion to pick her up."

Will sighed. Part of him felt sorry for Nicole, and the whole of him felt sorry for himself. It was Valentine's Day, and he would spend the evening recovering from being restrained, spanked and fucked by EJ.

"Enjoy your night off, William," said EJ as he made his exit.
Will didn't move until he heard the door shut behind him. Then, Will got up and pulled on a pair of sweats and made his way to the kitchen. He poured himself another glass of Scotch, and he considered how he was going to get out of this.

He thought of one thing, which in his mind he referred to as the nuclear option. He could tell his mother. That would end this. Sami would tell everyone, including the media about this.

Telling Sami would also hurt his mother immeasurably and profoundly. As far as Will was considered it was a win-win, but the firestorm his mother would create was something Will didn't want to deal with. He wasn't ready for the whole world to know he was gay or to be the center of a sex scandal.

Will's phone beeped. It was a text from Sonny, who was downstairs. Without thinking much, Will texted back that he could come up. Despite everything, he wanted to see Sonny. He needed to see him.

Sonny couldn't believe his eyes. Will opened the door, and he wore only sweatpants. His hair was mussed, and his eyes were glazed and red. Sonny walked past him into the apartment.

"Are you okay?" asked Sonny, knowing the answer was no.

Will laughed bitterly. "I tried to break it off with EJ. He wasn't having it."

Sonny's heart nearly caught in his throat. He put his hand on Will's bare shoulder. "He didn't force you to…?"

Will shook his head. "No. I didn't want to. I wanted to break it off, but he's… I couldn't help myself. He didn't force me, but…" Will's ramblings were stopped by a sob. "You must think I'm awful. I'm so sorry," he whimpered.

Sonny shook his head. Will looked awful, and worse, Sonny noticed red marks around his wrists. It made sense. EJ was dominating Will, sexually as well as emotionally.

Sonny sighed and choked down his own disappointment.

"Come on," said Sonny gently. "Let's get you cleaned up and in bed."

Will nodded. "I need a shower."

They walked to the bedroom together, and Sonny took note of the mussed bed. He sighed again. "Do you have another set of sheets?" he asked.

Will nodded, and he retrieved some from the bottom drawer.

"I'll make the bed while you're in the shower," said Sonny.

Will nodded. "Thanks," he mumbled and he disappeared into the bathroom.

Sonny stripped the bed and put new sheets on; trying desperately not to inhale the smell of the dirty sheets or imagine what had gone on. Will emerged from the bathroom just as Sonny finished making the bed, and Will was wearing only a towel. His skin was still wet, and the water glistened on his taught muscles. Sonny gasped, and he wondered if Will knew how beautiful he was.

Will walked to the dresser and pulled out a pair of pajama bottoms. Sonny discreetly looked away as Will put them on and then went and collapsed on the bed.

"I'm so tired, Sonny," he said.

Sonny went into the bathroom and found some aloe lotion. He sat on the edge of the bed.

"Give me your wrists," he said. "This will help with those marks." Sonny reached out, and Will let him rub the lotion on the marks.

"I'm sorry, Sonny," he said. "I don't want to hurt you, ever."

Sonny nodded. "I'm sorry, too, Will," he replied, his voice cracking.

Then Will started to cry, and he cried hard. Instinctively, Sonny knew this was way more than coming out or even about EJ. It was about everything that was wrong in Will's life. Sonny didn't hesitate, he kicked off his shoes and crawled in bed with Will and pulled the covers over them both. He held Will as he cried, kissing the top of his head.

There was nothing sexual about the moment at all, and soon Will was asleep. Sonny didn't want to disturb him, and eventually Sonny slept as well.

Sonny's eyes fluttered open, and he wondered at first where he was. He stared up at a strange ceiling, and he began to remember. He was in Will's bed, fully dressed. Will was curled up next to him.

Sonny decided he better get out of there and let Will sleep. He shifted, intending to get up, but Will's eyes fluttered open.

"Hey," he whispered.

"Hey," said Sonny.

Will yawned, and then he pulled Sonny into his arms. Sonny tried to say something but Will's mouth covered his in a deep and gentle kiss. Their tongues danced, and Sonny felt himself get achingly hard. He wanted so much from Will, but he couldn't let himself get involved. Not after what he'd seen that night.

He broke the kiss and turned away, sitting up on the edge of the bed. Every primal instinct in his body told him not to break away, but he stood up.

"Will," he whispered, "You know how much I care, but I can't… we can't while you're still involved with EJ."

Will stared at him. "I understand."

Sonny nodded. "You don't love him do you? You want to break it off, right? I can't stand the idea of being a diversion again."

Will shook his head. "No, he's the diversion. I'm his diversion. I don't want him. I hate it, but he's got this hold over me." Will looked very ashamed.

Sonny suddenly went from being hurt to being angry, not at Will but at EJ. The older man had preyed on Will, taking advantage of his sexual confusion and emotional problems. The man had the ethics of a swamp rat.

Sonny stood up and walked to Will's side of the bed. He leaned over and planted a closed-mouth kiss on Will's lips.

"Sleep," he said. "We'll work this out together, but you need some rest."

Will appeared puzzled, but he nodded and closed his eyes.
Sonny, as he left Will's apartment, started to formulate a plan in his head. EJ might be a DiMera, but Sonny was a Kirikas and a Johnson, and he wasn't going to let EJ hurt the man he loved anymore.


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