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Friday, May 31, 2013

All Male True Experience: Rubbing Wieners

By: IcomeIsuckUcumIgo

Three days after my eighteenth birthday, I went camping with five friends. We stayed up pretty late, sitting around a campfire in the hills of Colorado, drinking beer and telling jokes. As I look back, I realize that we were all nerds. No one got totally drunk, and there were no fights.

Eventually, we retired to our respective two-man tents for some sleep. I shared a tent with Paul - the oldest member of the group. He was twenty years old. We were in our sleeping bags and talking when Paul asked me if I had ever played a game called "Rubbing Wieners".

I laughed a little and said, "If you are asking me if I've ever jerked off the answer is yes. Everyone jerks off, man."

Then Paul explained the game. We would jerk off but we would do it while my cock touched his cock.

I admitted that I had never done that, and after a bit of conversation that included setting limits and a pact that we would not tell anyone about it, I agreed to try it.

Paul and I lay naked on top of our sleeping bags facing each other, and began stroking our cocks. We both quickly achieved full erections. Then Paul moved closer and began to rub his cock against the shaft of my cock.

The warmth of his cockhead against mine was very stimulating, and it wasn't long before he had both cocks in his hand. I had never had a man hold my cock before, and I loved the feeling.

After a few minutes Paul said, "Your turn."

My hand replaced his, and within a couple of minutes he was spraying his spunk all over my cock, balls and stomach. His cum lubricated my shaft, and a moment later I squirted my cream, too.
A week later, I visited Paul's house. His bedroom was in the basement of his family's home. The walls were painted concrete, but there was a thick carpet on the floor and the furnishings were nice. Paul and I had agreed to get together for another round of "Rubbing Wieners".

We both undressed, and stood facing each other this time. Again we began to jerk off. Soon I had Paul's cock in one hand and my own in the other. His cock was bigger than mine, and I was intrigued by that. I liked the way it felt in my hand, and I loved how his flexed as I squeezed the shaft.

Paul was quick to realize that I enjoyed playing with his cock, and he allowed me to do all the stroking of both cocks. He loved having my fist around his shaft. I loved to see his jizz pump out of his piss slit and make long sexy ropes in my pubic hair, so it was definitely a win-win for us.

Over the next couple of weeks, I looked for every opportunity to visit Paul in his basement bedroom. He rarely stroked my cock during that time. Instead, I jerked both cocks until we both came.

One day, while I was jerking his cock, Paul asked me if I had ever tasted my own cum. I admitted that I had tasted it. Then he asked me if I wanted to taste his cum. I nodded.

Paul cupped his hand under the head of his cock, and I jerked him off until he came in his palm. It was an impressive thick white load. Then he held his hand out, offering the fresh load of cum to me.

I leaned down and touched the tip of my tongue in the puddle of cream. I was a bit timid at first, but soon I was licking his palm clean, swallowing down every last drop of his tasty load.

The next day I was anxious to jerk his cock and swallow his spunk again. Once again we were naked and stood facing each other. I took his cock in my hand and stroked him until he was fully erect.

Paul asked, "Do you want to taste it again?"

When I nodded Paul said, "You should suck it out this time."

I had never sucked a cock before, but I knew it was something that I wanted to try. I had often fantasized about the feeling of a stiff cock in my mouth. I often masturbated in my bed while sucking my fingers, pretending I had a cock in my mouth. And I had imagined sucking Paul's cock since the first time we played the "Rubbing Wieners" game on the camping trip.

I got on my knees in front of him, and took his shaft into my mouth. I will never forget the sensations of that exotic afternoon. The musky scent of his cock and balls was intoxicating, and I loved drinking in the wonderful pungent scent. The smooth firm shaft felt incredible passing across my lips into my mouth. I loved the feeling of his bulbous cockhead teasing my lips with each stroke. But above all, I remember the warm sensual feeling when he began to flood my mouth with his thick spunk. It was a sensation that I knew I would want to repeat over and over.

As I look back on that afternoon, I smile when I realize that I never even considered spitting out the lovely treat. I savored the feeling and taste in my mouth and swallowed it as though it was fine wine.

I honestly do not know how many times I sucked Paul's cock over that summer, but I know that I allowed him to fill my mouth at every opportunity. And, there was one thing that was always true - when Paul climaxed, he flooded my mouth with a heavy white load every time, which I swallowed with great relish and enthusiasm. His basement bedroom was a great place for me to perfect my cocksucking skills.

I have sucked many cocks since that summer, and I have swallowed more than my share of hot spunk. My sexual appetite has expanded since then, and my experiences have become more varied. But, I will never forget that first cock, and that first game of "Rubbing Wieners".
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