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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All Male True Experience: A Glory-ous Discovery

By: Unknown Author

Returning to my hometown for a tenth-year high school reunion was both sentimental and strange for me. Although it was wonderful to be back in the town I grew up in, it was also somewhat unsettling to see how many things had changed.

I spent my first day back in town at the public library I'd visited so many times during my old school days. I'm a freelance writer, and as such, I can never be too far away from the reference materials I need to use practically on a daily basis.

I had to use the washroom and headed to the men's room. Seeing that both urinals were occupied, I walked across the bathroom and entered one of the two stalls.

My jaw just about dropped to the floor when I saw that the stall to my left featured not one, but two glory holes, one on each side. I had just discovered the biggest change in town by far was the library's men's room!

Although I'd just finished pissing, I figured I may as well sample whatever action my hometown library had to offer, so I pushed my pants all the way down around my ankles and sat on the toilet to wait for someone to enter one of the stalls, and see what happened.

Less than five minutes later, I watched closely through the first glory hole as someone walked into the stall beside me and proceeded to unzip his pants, pulling them all the way down to his ankles. That done, he sat down and looked right into the hole I'd been staring through.

From what I could see of the guy, he was pretty damn handsome. His hair was a tousled, curly dark brown, and his eyes were a piercing shade of blue. Suddenly he stuck his hand out and put a finger through the hole, wiggled it, and pulled it back out. He then got off the toilet and put his face by the hole.

Feeling hornier by the second, I stood up and slid my stiff cock through the space between the stalls. The guy next door murmured his approval, and then I felt his light touch gliding over my cock.

I braced my hands on the stall wall, and clenched them tightly as I felt my neighbor's breath on my dick. I jumped back an inch or so when his mouth closed around the head of my rod, so intense was the long overdue pleasure this dude was bringing my prick.

After about a minute of no-nonsense, heavy-duty deep-throating, the dude pulled his mouth off of my prick and stood up. Breathlessly, I moved back and waited for him to place his cock in the glory hole.

But what I saw next in the small space wasn't a cock… it was my neighbor's ass! I looked down and watched my prick twitching in anticipation as the dude pressed his butt against the hole, spreading his cheeks wide to afford me a view of his hungry hole.

Moving forward, I spit down onto my prick and slid the fluid along my shaft before poking my cock toward the glory hole and my partner's asshole.

To my surprise, the guy in the next stall had apparently come prepared for a good, fast fuck; he'd already lubed his ass up with some kind of slick cream. As a result, my prick slid through the hole and into the dude's ass effortlessly.

As soon as my cock was buried inside him to the hilt, the dude started to squirm around in his stall, pushing and shoving against my prick in an attempt to get even more of my cock inside of him. The heat of the dude's asshole was incredible, and before long I was mesmerized by the sight of my long, thick cock sliding in and out of the dude's butthole through the glory hole.

I could tell that my neighbor was enjoying an explosion of his own even before he began to grunt and thrash against my cock. His asshole clamped around my prick and began to pulsate rhythmically around my shaft, completely enveloping my cock in its awesome warmth.

Not even a minute after my neighbor's climax had faded away, the son-of-a-bitch simply tugged his ass away from my cock, zipped himself up, and walked out of the stall! I was left standing there in something of a daze, my prick at its stiffest and begging for some release.

With a whispered curse, I grabbed a hold of my pants and began to pull them up. Just as I'd managed to stuff my boner back into my jeans, though, I glanced toward the second glory hole. There, to my surprise and delight, was a set of eyes. Another guy had been watching me fuck some ass through a hole in the wall. He whispered that he'd finish me off, and I thought I was going to get my cock sucked, but instead, he stood and put his ass to the hole… a gorgeous, well-rounded ass.

I simply pulled my jeans back down and positioned my still-lubed prick in front of the ass. With one firm push, I buried myself inside. My partner shuddered for a moment from my abrupt penetration, and then shifted forward a bit to give his butthole time to loosen up a bit. A moment later, I was sliding the length of my cock deep into him.

This second guy was much louder than the first, his grunts and groans of satisfaction reverberating loudly throughout the bathroom walls. At first, I was worried that the dude's vocal display of ecstasy might attract some unwanted attention. But as I felt the ring of that dude's butthole sucking on my shaft, all other thoughts were forgotten.

This time, luckily, my partner wasn't running off before I could cum. A surge of relief complemented the jolts of pleasure that shook through my body as I shot a thick, creamy load of cum deep into his ass.

Judging by the sounds he was making, I knew he was going to cum, too, and I didn't want to leave this guy high and dry, as had been done to me. So I continued pumping my softening cock into the stranger's ass as he shot a load of dick-juice all over the bathroom floor.

Although I usually get all of my research done in the library, about an hour later I left with four books piled under my arms, because I knew the temptation of those two glory holes would keep me from getting any work done at all!

Of course, I ended up back there the very next day. Needless to say, I didn't get much work done that day either!

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