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Friday, June 28, 2013

All Male Fiction: A Moth to a Flame (Part 8)

Days of Our Lives Slash Fiction

By: Mistress Euclid
Sonny looked down at the folder he carried, and he suppressed any nervousness as he knocked on the door of the DiMera mansion. A butler opened the door and showed him into the living room.

A fire roared in the fireplace, and it was warm. Sonny looked around, and then he heard someone coming. He turned and saw Nicole in the doorway. Sonny remembered her from when he was a kid and she was married to his great Uncle. They had only met a few times, but she had always been sweet to him.
She strode in purposefully.

"I was surprised to get your call, Sonny," she said.

"You shouldn't have been… I'm very politically engaged," replied Sonny smoothly.

Nicole strode over to him and took the folder and opened it. She read carefully. "It's a basic statement. It says that under an EJ DiMera administration, the rights of GLBTQ individuals will be protected. Same sex marriages will be honored."

"If your husband releases that statement, Salem University's GLBTQ Student Organization will mobilize for EJ's campaign, including driving anyone who needs a ride to the polls and canvasing."

Nicole nodded. "I think I can convince him."

Sonny stepped forward. "There's one other thing."

Nicole smirked. "Somehow I figured there would be."

Sonny leaned over. "You don't strike me as naive, Nicole," he said. "I'm not either. We both know the real reason EJ got Will a car and an apartment."

Nicole glared, but she was silent.

"And we're on the same side," continued Sonny, "as far as both of us wanting it to stop. I can guarantee that Will will never accuse EJ of any impropriety, at all, if he can keep the car and the apartment, but EJ's impromptu visits need to cease from this day forward. If they don't stop, Will will come forward with the truth, and he'll be supported fully by the GLBTQ Center," said Sonny. "Now, I suspect you and your husband have an arrangement of some sorts, but I'm guessing you're not that fond of it. My concern is that my… my friend Will is out of a toxic situation."

Nicole raised an eyebrow. She shut the folder. "You care about Will this much?"

Sonny nodded. "And you want Will out of the same situation, just for different reasons."

Nicole sighed. "I'll do what I can, but EJ is a man who likes to get what he wants."

Sonny nodded. "So am I," he replied. "If this doesn't work, I'm going to ask my Uncle Victor for access to his safe. You must know the one I mean."

Nicole grinned. "The one where he keeps dirt on everyone? I loved that safe. I miss that safe."

Sonny nodded. "I don't know what Uncle Vic might have on EJ, but it'll be fun to find out."

Nicole nodded, and then she actually smiled. "You're a young man after my own heart, Sonny Kiriakis. I'll do what I can. That's all I can promise."

Sonny smiled. "A pleasure doing business with you."

Will sat in a booth at the pub, and Chad brought over two beers. It was one of the nice things about Will's family owning the pub. Nobody hassled them about the beer.

"I've got to tell you something," said Chad. "It's kind of a big thing."

Will sipped his beer, and he was grateful for a chance to put off his news for a few minutes. "Okay. Tell me the big thing."

Chad shrugged. "I'm dating someone, and I don't want you to freak out."

"Why would I?" asked Will, assuming that Chad was talking about Melanie.

Chad leaned over. "Gabi and I were modeling for your Grandma's company, and well… something sparked between us. One thing has led to another, but nothing big has happened yet."

Will's jaw dropped. This was out of left field. Abby had had a meltdown over Chad and Melanie, so it never occurred to Will that something might happen between him and Gabi. "You mean, you haven't slept with her, but you want to?" he asked slowly.

Chad took a deep breath. "Only if you're okay with it, man. I know it's a violation of the bro code. If you think you two can ever get back together, I'll back off right away. Hell, I'll back off even…"

Will bit his lip to keep from laughing. He wasn't sure of the rules of etiquette in this situation, but he was sure that Chad hadn't done anything wrong.

"Don't back off. When you hear my news, you'll understand why," said Will. Suddenly, the absurdity of the situation and Chad's guilt made him far less nervous than he had been.

"You're seeing someone?" asked Chad.

Will nodded. Then he just took a deep breath and blurted it out. "Not that anything big has happened between us yet, but I'm dating… Sonny."

Chad closed his eyes for a split second, and Will watched his face process this information.

"Ha-ha," Chad laughed, but his laughter was cut short when he saw the serious look on Will's face. "Wait… you're really… you mean… you're gay?"

Will smiled. "I am gay. I didn't realize it for a long time. I really did love Gabi, but as a friend."

Chad furrowed his brow. "My two best friends have fallen in love? That's what you're telling me?"

Will drank more of his beer. "That's pretty much it."

"Well," said Chad quickly. "Congratulations, man. I hope you two are really happy. That's awesome."

Will leaned forward. "Really? You're totally okay with it?"

Chad nodded some more. "It's going to take a little getting used to…"

"Nothing has to change," said Will. "I'm still the same person."

Chad grinned. "I know, man. And you know I love you… as a friend."

Will suddenly felt as though bricks had been lifted off his shoulders. He'd come out to Chad, and things had gone better than he could have ever imagined. He only hoped the rest of his friends and family would be just as cool about it.

Later that night, Will had resolved to break it off with EJ for good. Even though nothing more than kisses had passed between Sonny and him, the night Will had spent with Sonny had given him the strength for a confrontation. When EJ texted that he wanted to come over, Will had encouraged him.

Strangely, EJ knocked on the door rather than letting himself in, and Will opened the door for him.

"I need to speak with you, William," said EJ as he strode into the room and tossed a set of keys on the kitchen bar.

Will raised his eyebrow. "What are those?"

"My personal keys to this place. The management will still have a set, of course," said EJ.

"Why are you giving them to me?" asked Will suspiciously.

EJ folded his arms. "Your boyfriend went to see my wife. They both are quite keen on us ending our trysts."

Will's eye's widened. He was suddenly gripped with an awful fear for Sonny. "I'm sorry. Really. Sonny just cares about me… look, I can talk to him. Just don't retaliate at him. He doesn't deserve it. He was just acting out of a sense of chivalry."

EJ smiled softly. "He apparently showed a great deal of spine as well as cleverness. He and Nicole make a good team, kind of like you and me."

Will grinned, gradually his fear for Sonny turned into pride in him.

"So," said Will, "the affair is over." He was surprised to hear wistfulness in his voice.

EJ reached up and put a hand on his cheek. "All good things must come to an end."

Will inhaled. "I don't regret it," he said honestly. "I don't regret that it's over, either."

"You won't be telling your mother, of course," replied EJ.

Will reached up and pressed EJ's hand more firmly against his cheek. "Not unless we really want her to go nuts. Perhaps we can save it for when she really has it coming."

EJ laughed, and he pulled Will into his arms. "And to be clear, I'm not giving you up as my intern. You're far too valuable in that capacity."

Will looked up at EJ, and he kissed EJ deeply on the lips. "Thank you for everything."

"It really was my pleasure, William," said EJ and then he pushed Will gently away before disappearing out the door.
Will fingered the extra set of keys on the table and wondered if it was too soon to give them to Sonny.


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