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Monday, June 17, 2013

Straight True Experience: Losin' It

By: Unknown Author
This is the story of how I lost my virginity when I was eighteen. She was a cute brunette with big boobs and a very nice body. I had already fooled around with her once several months before. That episode resulted in my first sexual contact – the fondling and sucking of boobs, and feeling a girl up between the legs and being felt up in the same place. We stayed in contact in the months following and hung out a few times, but no luck.

One night we went driving in her old Volvo (she called it her "gray vulva") up to Skyline. It was cold and windy, and we held on to each other tightly as we looked at the city lights below. We kissed under the stars, and I unbuttoned her coat a little so I could reach in and place my hand over her shirt-covered breast. She smiled and referred to unbuttoning her coat as "a package deal".

It was too cold to go any further, and we got back into the car and drove off towards the coast, and eventually began driving back inland via a road that wasn't used too much.

We pulled over at an old abandoned driveway that was blocked with a chain link fence. We felt like exploring, so we both got out and I helped her climb over the fence and followed behind her. This was deep in the redwoods, so it was still fairly dark even after our eyes adjusted to the night. I had brought a small flashlight, and we used that when we couldn't see well enough.

There were all kinds of abandoned cars parked next to trees. We kept walking up the driveway past more cars until we saw a small two-story garage. It was more of a carport than a garage, and we walked through it to the other side and came upon a shed and saw a small path that led up the hill. From here we could also see the main house, which was a good hundred yards away. There were a few lights on there, but this shed was shrouded in darkness and far enough away that no one would see us.

The shed doors were closed but had no locks on them. We went inside, and I turned on my flashlight. There was junk everywhere. On the right half there was a bed frame with a small mattress rolled up on it. We looked around briefly, then she untied the mattress and we sat down on the bed. There weren't any sheets or anything, but it wasn't too dirty so far as we could tell.

We kissed briefly, and then, without any prompting, we both began to undress in the darkness. We piled our clothes next to the bed and continued making out, our hands exploring each other's bodies.

She prompted for me to climb on top, but I asked if she would be on top and she kindly obliged me. She straddled me and this gave me a great opportunity to fondle and suck on her large tits that were now hanging over my face.

Meanwhile she was slowly grinding her pussy against my cock. I was super nervous, and not nearly hard enough to allow penetration, so she slithered down and started giving me my very first blowjob.

In total darkness, I was isolated from all other stimulus and could only focus on the new sensations between my legs. My god it felt, well, it was indescribable. And if it felt that good with my dick in her mouth, I couldn't imagine what it was going to feel like to have my dick in a pussy! She only had to suck on me for half a minute before I was rock hard, and now I was about to find out.

She leaned forward on her knees, her tits smothering my face, and she reached between her legs and guided my hard dick to the opening of her slit. With the head of my cock nestled in the entrance of her pussy, she slowly rocked back and forth, pressing hard each time she came down on my cock. Each time she came down, my dick would venture a little further inside of her, until she finally completely impaled herself on my cock.

Now that we had full penetration, and my shaft was sliding more easily in her tunnel, she began to raise and lower her hips. This was nothing like a blowjob! "Oh my god, it's so warm!" I said aloud.

A slow "Mmm" was all she could say in reply.

We kissed, and she continued to slowly grind into me as I ran my hands over her hips and ass. I asked her to stop for a moment as I tried to regain control of my pleasure. We kissed and she slowly resumed fucking me. "I'm not going to last much longer," I warned.

"It's ok," she replied.

I couldn't resist the powerful sensations of pleasure and finally conceded to orgasm. I moaned out loud and she repeatedly flexed her vaginal muscles and arched her back in response, intensifying my orgasm. My body tensed as my cock pulsed and sent streams of cum deep inside her pussy.

We both lay together like that, with me still inside her. "I'm sorry," I said.

She immediately reassured me that it was ok. "It was your first time," she said.

After my cock withered and slowly withdrew from her, we lay side by side holding each other, kissing gently. We lay like that for about fifteen minutes, and then she started to motion that we should get dressed.

Disappointed, I told her I wanted to do it again.

"Sure," she replied, which took me by surprise.

We began kissing more deliberately, and I grew hard while she played with my cock.

"Do you want to be on top this time?" she asked.

"No, I want you to be on top again," I replied.

She again climbed up on top of me, reached between her legs with one hand, and guided the tip of my cock to the entrance of her pussy. My cum had left her hole super wet, and when she sat down, my cock easily slid all the way in to the hilt. "Ooh, mmm," she said as she started to rise and fall on my dick.

Her pussy was so wet, you could hear squishy noises as my dick slid in and out of her pussy. It felt totally different this time. It was still just as tight, but the sensations were more intense. I reveled in how I could feel the entire length of my shaft sliding in and out of her body. I held on to her ass as she continued to rhythmically squeeze my cock with each thrust of her hips.

Finally, I couldn't hold out any more. "Oh my god," I cried as I released another load deep inside her. She slowed her pace as my cock's twitches subsided. She gave me a quick peck on the lips and I just held on to her.

I stayed inside her as long as I could, but eventually my spent penis was expelled by her tight, wet hole. We kissed and then silently got dressed. We walked back to the car and drove back home without discussing what happened.

I went to a coffee shop that night, after dropping her home. I felt so different. I wondered if anyone could tell I was different, that I was no longer a virgin. When I went to the bathroom, I noticed my dick was still a little wet from our sex, and I smelled my fingers, the scent of my first piece of pussy filling my nostrils.

We had more sexual encounters in the next year or so. In all we probably had sex seven times, and I deposited five or six of my loads in her mouth. Her only sexual flaw was that she never swallowed.

I've now had sex with two other women, and even though it was good, she had the tightest pussy and gave the best blowjobs of any of them.

They say your first time is usually your worst experience but, for me, so far, it has never been as good as that first time.

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