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Saturday, May 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: Mind Games (Part 1)

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels
It all started innocently enough. I was swimming in my pool on a warm summer evening, when a sudden thunderstorm came up and I decided I had better get out of the water. As I was getting out of the pool a bolt of lightning struck and enough of the charge traveled to my position to knock me unconscious. I didn't reawaken until three in the morning. Fortunately, I was relatively unscathed. Soaked from the rain, I headed into the house to change into some dry clothes.

Once I had changed, I had the munchies and took a stroll to the 24 hour convenience store a block from my house to buy some junk food. I entered the store and saw that the gorgeous eighteen year old blond haired clerk, whom I had a serious crush on, was behind the counter.

I grabbed a bag of chips and walked up to the counter to pay for it. While he was ringing me up I was looking him over and thinking: Oh fuck, I want you to blow me so bad, stud.

As I thought this he set my money down and came around from the counter, dropped to his knees in front of me, and then proceeded to pull out my cock and blow me like I had never been blown before. I was in total shock over the events taking place.

Suddenly another customer walked into the store and saw the clerk blowing me. "What the hell? For god's sake, this is no place for your perverted behavior," the customer stated, obviously outraged and offended.

I stood there speechless as the clerk ignored him and continued blowing me, thinking: Oh please just leave us alone and get the fuck out of here! And the customer suddenly turned and left the store, and drove off as if he had seen nothing.

All this time the clerk had continued servicing my cock and I could take no more and exploded my load into his mouth. He then stood up and just went back behind the counter and finished my purchase as though nothing had happened.

Fuck! The camera! I need the tape from the surveillance camera! I thought, panicked. I was a bit stunned when the clerk reached under the counter and handed me the tape.

I had to be dreaming. Yes that's all this was, just a dream. I was zapped by lightning and my brain was a bit scrambled. I was having some sort of freaky dream because of it and I just knew that when I woke up in the morning I'd realize that none of it had really happened.

I woke up late morning the next day. "What a great dream! Too bad it couldn't happen for real," I thought aloud. I got out of bed, showered and then headed downstairs.

When I hit the living room, I stopped dead in my tracks. Their on the coffee table was the plastic bag with the video tape showing out the open end.

For the second time in less than twenty four hours I was in shock. Last night had not been a dream after all, it was real! But, how could it have been? No one can control the thoughts of others like that.

I decided I had to check the tape. I was pretty sure it was going to turn out to be something else other than a tape of the convenience store, but when I put it in my jaw dropped as I saw a black and white image of the convenience store. I rewound the tape and, oh my god, there was the hot young store clerk on his knees sucking my cock! It was true! It had happened! It wasn't a dream!

I didn't know how it was humanly possible to control someone else with my thoughts, but I knew that one accidental thought had caused quite a wonderful experience at that convenience store. The tape proved it had happened. I felt as though I had won a million dollars, but it was better than money, and all the things I could get people to do with my new found power began to flood my mind. It was now time to test them out and see how planned thoughts would control others.

There was so much I wanted to do, but first I had to mentally awaken. I headed for my favorite coffee place. It was a beautiful summer day in town and many gorgeous shirtless hunks walked by my table outside the coffee house, and I was thoroughly enjoying the view.

One particularly gorgeous stud, walking by with his girlfriend in hand, noticed me checking him out. "What the fuck you looking at, faggot? Go fuck your dog!" he yelled as they passed by me. I just couldn't let him get away with talking to me like that so I sent out my first ever intentional mental projection.

You are a dog, so, start acting like one.

The stud dropped down on all fours and began barking. His girlfriend screamed at him to stop fucking around. Little did she know, he really did believe he was a dog.

A bicycle cop in tight bike shorts approached to see what the problem was.

Sniff the cop's ass.

My obnoxious doggy stud began doing as instructed, as his girlfriend ran away crying and the cop desperately tried to get in front of him to stop the butt sniff. The guy was very agile and athletic and the cop had a very difficult time getting him under control.

Bite the cop, doggy.

The doggy stud bit the cop, and then, just as backup was arriving, I returned him back to normal. He stood and had no explanation for his actions. The cops cuffed him and tossed him in the back of the cop car.

Before the cop's drove away, I looked at them and sent a mental command: Take him in an alley and fuck him in the ass, and then release him with a warning.
I looked at the stud in the back of the cruiser and thought: From now on you will be more understanding of people who may be different from you, and you will also seek out gay friends. Then, just to make sure everything turned out ok, for the cops, I sent a final command to him: When the cops get through with you, you will be too humiliated and embarrassed to ever tell anyone what happened or press charges.
I watched as the cruiser drove away and then turned down a nearby alley.

With the afternoon sun taking its toll on me, I decided to head for the mall, more specifically to the men's room at the mall. With the local university across the street, it was a bit of a hangout for the students, and there were always plenty of hot looking college guys around. I wanted to see if I could get one of those hot young hetero guys to suck my cock.

I quickly made my way to the men's room only to find it empty. No matter though, I had seen lots of college guys hanging about as I walked through the mall, so someone was bound to enter shortly. I walked up to the urinal, took my dick out, and stood there pretending to piss while I waited for someone to come in.

A few minutes later a guy came in. He was an older guy and wasn't my type at all. He pissed and left. A few minutes after that, another guy came in. He was around six foot tall, probably nineteen or twenty years old, with red hair, and was wearing university branded red shorts and a blue tank top. Now this one was just what I was after, young and hot, and I turned and boldly stared at him as he began to piss.

Feeling my stare, he turned and looked at me. With a scowl on his face, he pressed his body into the urinal to hide his dick from my eyes and said, "Fuckin' queer! Get out of here before I kick the shit out of you!"

Now it was time to have my fun with him. Finish pissing and then turn and face me, with your dick still out.

He did as I mentally instructed him to do.

Stroke your cock and get it hard.

He began stroking and quickly grew hard.

Do you have a girlfriend?

He nodded.

Does she suck your cock?

Again he nodded.

Have you ever sucked a cock?

He shook his head.

Suck my cock! I thought as I turned to face him, and he dropped to his knees and took my semi-erect cock into his mouth.

As he began to suck me off, I projected a mental message telling him that he would greatly enjoy sucking a cock and to stroke his own cock as he sucked mine, but that he wasn't to cum.

I let him suck me for about a minute and then thought: Stand up and take off all of your clothes, and then get back down on your knees and finish blowing me.
As he returned to his knees, now completely naked, and took my cock in his mouth again, someone came in. They stopped dead when they saw what was going on, looked shocked and were about to turn and leave, probably planning to report what was going on.

Stop! I commanded with my mind.

He stopped.

Come over here.

He did.

Take off all of your clothes and jerk off while you watch. You'll find you like watching a guy sucking another guy's cock and you'll get hard. But you won't let yourself cum until I say so.

He stripped and began jerking off, his dick getting hard as he watched.

I was pretty good at lasting in general, and the fact that this straight boy didn't know how to suck cock made it all the more easy not to blow my load for a while. And I was glad for that fact as I was quite enjoying what I was making these guys do, especially when another guy came in.

I sent him the same mental commands that I had sent to the other guy that had walked in on the action. Soon he was naked and jerking his cock, too.

Over the next ten minutes, seven more guys came in, and each time I immediately gave the command for them to strip, jerk off and not cum until I said so.

By the time the last guy had come in, I was pretty close to cumming. A few minutes later, I did, shooting my cum in the straight college boy's mouth and making him swallow it.

Stay down on your knees, I mentally commanded to the redhead as I popped my satisfied cock from his mouth. Everyone else, form a circle around him.

The nine other men did as I instructed and formed a circle around the redheaded guy.

All of you, make yourselves cum and shoot your loads in the redhead's face.

Nine hands began furiously pumping on nine hard cocks and then grunts and groans filled the air as each man began to cum, each stepping forward to cum in the redhead's face just as I had instructed them to do.

As soon as the last cock had shot off, I looked at the redhead and thought: Bring your hand to your face and scoop up all the cum with your fingers, and then eagerly lick them clean until no more cum remains on your face.
He followed my mental command, like I knew he would.
As he finished eating the last of those nine loads I tucked my cock back in my pants and sent a mental command to the group of nine: Form a line, standing shoulder to shoulder.

The nine men lined up.

I then looked at the redhead: From now on you will have a new found desire for the taste of cum, and you will seek out cocks to suck in order to get it. Especially in men's rooms. You will engage your desires right now by cleaning all nine of those cum-dripping cocks with your mouth, and then continue going back and forth between them until each one is hard again, and then you will keep sucking their cocks until each and every one has cum again, in your mouth.
The redhead started to get up.

Not yet. Get back down on your knees!

The redhead went back down on his knees.

You also won't be able to get it up for your girlfriend anymore, or any girl, because of your new found love of cock, and will eventually tell her why. You will only be able to get it up when sucking cock or when using your own hand on your dick. And when using your hand, you will only edge, and not cum for two long months as punishment for calling me a queer and threating me. Now, crawl over to those cocks and get sucking!

I watched with a smile on my face as the redhead crawled on his hands and knees over to the line of men and popped the first of nine cocks into his mouth.

I continued to watch as he made his way down the line and then started working his way back in reverse, each cock slowly starting to rise again.

Happy with myself, I made my way over to the door, where I stopped, turned, and smiled again as I took a look back at this group of naked straight guys getting their cocks sucked by another straight guy in the men's room.

I then left them with one final mental thought: As each one of you cum, you will get dressed and then leave. And the minute each of you step out the door, you will have no memory of the events that just transpired.

I then looked at the redhead and thought: Except for you. You will remember everything, and once the last man has left, you will get dressed and leave as well, with your balls still full.
As I reached out to pull the door open, someone pushed on it from the other side. I stepped aside, ending up behind the swinging door, and in came a mall security guard doing his rounds. He stopped dead, his hand still holding the door open, and said, "What the fuck? Jesus Christ!"

The men just kept doing what they were doing, unable to react, as they had been mind controlled into continuing what they were doing until they had cum, no matter what.

After getting over his initial shock, the mall security guard, a muscular guy of about thirty, moved forward to put a stop to the sexual activity, and as the door swung closed he saw me there. "Don't you even think of trying to take off, you god damn faggot," he said reaching out and grabbing my arm.

Calling me a faggot was a big mistake, and as he reached for his radio and brought it to his mouth to call for backup, or to radio for the police to be called, I stared at him and used my powers of mind control on him.

Put your radio back in its holder.

He lowered the radio and put it back in its holder.

Now look over at all the hard cocks getting sucked.

His eyes moved to the hard cocks all sticking out in a row.

Seeing all those hard cocks is making you horny. Rub your crotch.

The security guard began to rub and squeeze his cock through his pants as he watched the redhead sucking each cock.

Give me the key for the washroom from your key ring.

The guard removed his hand from his crotch, pulled out his retractable key chain, removed a key and handed it to me.

Now, go over there and pull the redhead to his feet. Take him over to the sinks and bend him over the counter. Then pull down your uniform pants and underwear and bend yourself over the counter, too.

I watched as the security guard went over and hauled the redhead to his feet and took him over to the counter. When he pulled down his pants and underwear and bent over, I was tempted to go over and fuck him myself when I got a look at his hot, smooth, tanned ass. But making the others do it was going to be more fun.

Fuck their asses!
The nine other men moved over to the guard and the redhead.

Take turns, each of you fucking both of them, and keep taking turns until you've all cum up their butts. Then, as before, you will dress and leave and remember none of it.

I stood and watched as a tall skinny guy of about nineteen moved in and pressed his cock through the crack of the muscular security guard's butt, while a shorter, beefy man of about forty started working his dick up the young redhead's ass.

I then moved over to the action and stood beside the security guard. Grabbing him by the hair, I lifted his head up and stared back at him in the mirror, his eyes meeting mine via the mirror as well, and left him with one final mind-fuck: You will remember this forever, remember bending over and taking nine faggots cocks, and their loads, up your ass, and you will be disgusted by what you've done. So much so that you won't be able to have sex with women for years, your only sexual gratification coming from your own hand.

Satisfied with my work, I once again made my way to the door and exited.

As the door came to a close behind me, I turned and inserted the key into the lock, locking the door. It could be unlocked without a key from the inside, allowing the men to get out but no one else to enter. Then I slid the sign cover on the door to expose the "Closed for Cleaning" sign.

Pocketing the key, I walked away smiling and headed home.

Later that evening, I was sitting around watching TV and began to reminisce about the day's events. My cock got hard and I pulled it out and started stroking it. Soon thoughts filled my head as to other places I could possibly go to use my mind control.

Gym locker room? Another washroom? Gay bar?

Then suddenly it hit me… the bathhouse!

I put my cock away, grabbed my keys and was soon out the door.
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