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Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Male True Experience: School of Cock

By: Unknown Author
By the time I was a senior in high school I knew I was attracted to men. But unfortunately I was a young gay black man in conservative Indianapolis and knew of no place I could go for an outlet. My frustration was intense to say the least. This was back in the very early eighties and at that time there were a series of adult bookstores with videos and peepholes on each side of town. They have all been long since shut down by a prosecutor on a mission.

I finally got the courage to go into one and it was like a whole new world had opened up to me. Believe it or not there was a code that one respected when in one of these bookstores: If you saw someone you knew you never talked about it with anyone. Guys were cool and respectful; in fact most of the guys were married or considered themselves to be straight - what we now refer to as being on the Down-Low or DL. You could get your cock sucked or suck a cock, anonymously, with no drama, and the places were kept fairly clean. Everyone was pretty laid back about the whole thing.

The adult bookstore was a mile or two from my school. I was kind of nervous as I made my way there that first time, even more so when I pulled into the parking lot. I had never been with a guy before, had never been with anyone. I was hoping to go in there and get my very first blowjob, and, nervous as I was – and excited at the same time - I got out of my car and headed for the entrance.

When I went inside, I looked around and saw the video booth area at the back of the store and headed that way. I figured the video machines used coins, and I had brought a bunch of change with me, but when I got back there, there was a sign that said you had to purchase tokens from the cashier before entering. So, I went up to the counter and purchased some tokens, and then headed off towards the back again.

When I stepped into the video booth area it was dimly lit, and I stood for a moment to let my eyes adjust, and then I went into a booth, dropped in a token and a porno flick popped up on the screen. To my left was a glory hole, but the next booth was dark, obviously vacant. To my right, there was no hole in the wall.

I didn't really care about the porno, I was there to hopefully get my first blowjob, so I didn't even bother to investigate if there were other movie choices, like gay porn. Still, my cock started to get hard, and I thought about pulling it out and stroking it, but decided that wouldn't be a good idea. If I did that, I would probably cum, and wouldn't be able to stop myself from doing so, being young and horny as I was. Then I knew I'd end up leaving, going home without getting that potential first blowjob.

The screen went dark and I dropped in another token. When it went dark again after a short time, I inserted several tokens in a row.

It wasn't too long after that a man entered the booth next to mine. I looked through the hole as soon as he started his video machine. With the light from his machine now illuminating his booth I watched as he pulled down his pants and then started tugging on his soft dick. I kept watching as it got harder until it was fully hard, and then he glanced over at me.

With my youth and inexperience, I took that to mean that he was interested in sucking dick, so I excitedly pulled down my pants and underwear and stuck my hard cock through the hole, pressing myself against the wooden wall, waiting, anticipating his mouth. But all I felt was my cock sticking up in the air on the other side of the wall.

Pulling my cock out of the hole, I got down in front of it and looked at the guy, but he only glanced over at me again, then looked back to the porno and kept jerking. I watched him cum just moments later, and then he pulled up his pants and left. The porno flick in his booth ended a few minutes later and the booth went dark.

I waited around for a while longer, but no one else entered the next booth. I figured I might as well jerk off and dump my load before leaving, and just as I hauled out my cock the screen shut off, and I had no more tokens left. So I left and jerked off as soon as I got home.

I found myself going back to the bookstore the very next day, and I got so excited when I heard the door of the booth next to mine squeak open and close after what seemed like forever waiting.

I was just beginning to lean forward to get a look at the guy when his finger came through the hole. I didn't know back then that that was a universal signal at a glory hole, but even so, it was pretty clear that he was beckoning me to put my cock through. I didn't care if I hadn't got a look at him, I was eighteen and full of cum so getting my cock sucked, sucked for the first time, was all that I cared about right then.

I stood up and shoved my cock through the hole, and a wet tongue made contact with the head of my cock, licking it. Fuck! It felt incredible! And that was just the head, he hadn't even started to suck my cock yet!

"Oh shit!" I whimpered as his warm mouth proceeded to envelope my cock. And then he began to suck, and my legs began to tremble from the indescribable sensations I was feeling in my cock, a pleasure like I had never felt before from my hand, never felt before, period.

I moaned and groaned, knees buckling, legs trembling as he slavishly serviced my cock until I couldn't take it anymore, which was all of sixty seconds at most, and then I shot my load down his throat.

As I pulled my cock out of the hole, panting, having just experienced the most intense, best feeling ejaculation I'd ever had in my young life, I heard him whisper, asking if I would return the favor.

Fuck, why not? I thought. I wanted to know what it was like to suck a cock just as much as I had wanted to know what it felt like to get mine sucked. And having finally experienced the latter, I was now being afforded the opportunity to try the former, so I got down on my knees at the hole, still horny, and horny as hell to try sucking this stranger's cock.

He didn't put his cock through the hole right away, and as I peered through it I saw that his dick was hanging out through his fly and he was undoing his pants. As he was doing this I pointed my eyes upward and you can imagine my shock, or rather horror, when I saw that the man who had just sucked my cock, the man whose cock I was about to suck was someone I knew, someone I'll call Mr. B.

Mr. B. was my very conservative Economics teacher. He never failed to share his conservative views on various issues. His class wasn't particularly hard, but you did have to study and be on your toes. Most students didn't really like him, but he wasn't a complete asshole, either. He was in his fifties and looked it. He was married and had three or four kids.
Well anyway, suddenly he poked his cock through the hole and nearly took my eye out. As I jarred my head backwards, I looked at my teacher's hard cock sticking through that hole and began to panic, not knowing what to do. I was contemplating yanking up my pants and running out but, even though I had just cum, my cock began to grow. I looked down at it and then up at his cock that was inches from my face and suddenly, even though he was in his fifties and not all that great looking, the thought of servicing my teacher's cock was turning me on for some reason. Especially since he wouldn't know it was me doing it to him. He began to wag it at me impatiently, and looking at my teacher's pasty white cock bouncing in the hole in the wall was enough to finalize my decision.

Mr. B's cock was about six inches, thick, and dripping with pre-cum. I started out massaging it with my hand, and then cautiously flicking my tongue lightly on the head. Soon, I let my mouth envelope the head of his cock, and then, gradually, slid my mouth down onto his veiny shaft. I started to move my mouth slowly up and down on the first few inches of his shaft, and when I did I could feel him pushing his whole body up against the thin walls of the booth. I breathed in the musty smell of dick and balls as I sucked him and I was totally into it now.

It didn't take long before I could hear him moaning deeply, and he began pumping his cock harder into my mouth. Finally his cock exploded, gushing warm salty cum into my mouth, and I can't believe I did this, but I hungrily ate it.

Now totally turned on by the idea, every time I went to the bookstore I was kind of hoping my teacher would be there. There were lots of times when he was and lots of times when he wasn't, but I never got lucky enough to get into a booth next to where he happened to be or vice versa.

About two months later, as I was stepping through the door that led into the video booths area, I just happened to see Mr. B. stepping into a booth. I quickly went over to the next booth and prayed it was vacant. It wasn't all that busy and fortunately for me the booth was empty.

No sooner had I closed the door to my booth, then Mr. B's cock came through the hole. I dropped to my knees and eagerly sucked it. I sucked on it until he shot his load and then he pulled out and put his finger through the hole. I immediately stuck my hard dick through and he started sucking on it, and, just like that first blowjob, it felt amazing. The man had obviously had years of practice.

I had my eyes closed, enjoying the blowjob, when his mouth slipped from my cock. I waited for him to put it back in his mouth when I felt something really warm and tight on my dick. Even though I had never done it before, it didn't take me long to realize that he had backed his ass onto my cock. I wasn't sure I would know what to do, but I didn't have to worry because all I had to do was stand there as he bounced on my dick, fucking himself. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt and soon my cum was blasting out of my cock, right up my teacher's butt.

After he pulled off, I wanted to get out of there before he saw me leaving, so I pulled up my pants, opened the door to my booth and darted out into the open area. And just as I did so, Mr. B. opened his door and stepped out as well. You can imagine the look of surprise and panic on his face when he saw me, and I saw what little coloring he had leave his face. My face probably looked much like his, but for a different reason. I had known it was him all along, but now he knew it was me, too.

I stood there and watched as my teacher turned on his heels and scampered for the exit to get the fuck out of there, my stomach in knots. But after a few moments I relaxed about the situation. After all who was he going to tell, right? I waited a little longer to be sure he would be gone and then I left as well.

The next day in class and every class after that, Mr. B. avoided all eye contact with me and would get flustered if I raised my hand to ask or answer a question. I kind of liked that, and I kind of wanted to do it with him again. Despite him now knowing it was me he'd had sex with at the bookstore, I didn't think it was totally outside the realm of possibility that it could happen again. After all, I figured, like me, he was too horny for cock to give up going to the bookstore, and so the chances of getting to suck and fuck with him again were pretty good.

Unfortunately that opportunity would never arise. I never saw my teacher at the bookstore again. I even checked out the others in the area, too. I guess after that day, he decided the risk was too big and had to settle for blowjobs from just his wife, instead.

I still went all the time, though, and sucked a lot of cock and got sucked, too.

Even today, when I find myself at a glory hole, I think about my first time and how it was at a glory hole with an anonymous stranger who turned out not to be a stranger after all.

Mr. B. is in his eighties today. While I have long since relocated, I heard that he still lives in Indianapolis. I wonder if he ever got any more cock after that fateful day he found out that he had just gotten fucked up the ass by one of his students.
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  1. A great story that brought back a lot of horny memories. I've lived in Indianapolis thirty five years and remember those bookstores and all the great times I had sucking and getting sucked. Ah, those were the days. Good job, Ryan.

  2. Ryan, that was an awesome HOT story----really steamy