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Friday, May 1, 2015

All Male True Experience: Afternoon Delight

By: chicagobasil

One afternoon I was pretty horny - which wasn't that odd, since I'm horny every day - so I decided to drive over to the Forest Preserve to see if there were any hot guys worth checking out, and to possibly have some fun with.

As I pulled into the lot, there was only one other vehicle there, a red jeep. I drove through the lot slowly, glancing at the jeep as I neared it. Inside was a guy, dressed in a shirt and tie, and he was pretty hot from what I could tell. He was backed in, so I pulled my car in right next to his so I could check him out better in my driver's side mirror.

As I sat next to him, trying to casually check him out, I could tell by the very familiar movement his arm was making that he was stroking his cock. I couldn't believe it; what luck! I started my car, put it in reverse and backed my car up until my driver's side door was in line with his. After throwing it into Park, I shut off the car and pulled my own cock out and started doing the same.

The guy in the jeep had obviously seen me back up my car and was looking over at me now, smiling. This was the first time I had gotten a full-on view of his face. God, he was so hot! Rugged yet clean cut features, with nice full lips, and gorgeous blue eyes! I got rock hard in no time at all just from looking at him!

I was happily surprised when he reached over and opened the door of his jeep so that I could get a look at his dick! His navy blue dress pants and white boxers had been pulled all the way down to his ankles, and his cock was rock hard, too, and looked to be about eight inches long and six inches around.

After watching him stroking his long, fat prick right there in front of me for a few moments, I opened my car door so that he could get a look at my hard cock, too. He started stroking even faster as he laid his eyes upon my throbbing nine-by-six inch rod! We sat there, in our cars, right in the middle of the Forest Preserve, jacking our dicks, getting off together!

He began licking his sexy lips as he watched me pump my rod, and I was wishing that my lips were pressed against his, wishing that I could move my mouth from his full lips and wrap it around his thick shaft! Instead, I whispered to him, telling him how hot he was and urging him on. 

This really seemed to turn him on, and a few seconds later he tilted his head back against the head rest of his seat and blew a big load. His load shot straight up, landing on the steering wheel of his jeep; a few drops even landed on the bottom of his tie and dress shirt.

Seeing his cum shooting up high into the air was enough to take me where I needed to go, and I moaned as I felt myself quickly approaching the point of no return. He sat and watched me in anticipation, continuing to stroke his now softening dick. Then, right when I was ready to blow my load, I put the back of the seat down and let my cum fly, big warm gobs of my gooey cum landing all over my shirt.

As I was catching my breath, I heard the guy's car door close, and he sped off.

I went back to the Preserve a few other times to jerk off in my car, but I never saw that hunk again; at least not outside of my dreams!

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