"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Friday, January 29, 2016

All Male True Experience: Strokin' in the Boy's Room

By: chicagobasil

I was walking along a busy downtown street and I suddenly felt the need for a little bit of relief, if you catch my drift. I hunted down a public washroom, and luckily no one else was using the facilities. I closed myself in a stall, lowered my pants and started stroking my dick to get it hard.

As I sat there casually stroking myself, someone entered the washroom and walked up to the urinals, which were located directly across from the stalls. Peering through the crack in the stall door, which was rather wide, I checked out the stranger. He looked to be about five-foot-nine, had dark hair and was wearing a business suit.

When he finished taking a leak and turned to leave, he casually glanced over and looked through the crack of the stall door as he adjusted his clothing. I had never stopped stroking but had slowed it down after he walked in so he wouldn't hear, because you gotta be cautious when you do stuff like that in public washrooms.

After I caught his glance, I started stroking faster. He looked over again, cocking his head to get a better look, and I now knew for sure that this guy was definitely into it.

Just then someone else walked into the washroom and he quickly moved towards the sinks. The other guy finished his piss, washed his hands and left. My washroom buddy immediately walked back over to the stall and put his face right up to the crack and looked through. 

I let go of my hard dick, stood up and opened the door. He just looked at my big, hard dick as I displayed it to him in all its glory, with me really hoping and expecting that he'd grab it and start stroking it. But he didn't do anything except to just stand there and stare.

Since he seemed to be disinterested in stroking my dick, or perhaps physically unable to get up the nerve to reach out and grab it, I pulled my pants up. He was quite attractive and I wanted to play with him, so as I walked out of the stall, the outline of my nine-incher showing proudly, I gave my bulge a nice rub then walked past him over to the sinks.

I looked at him in the mirror as I washed my hands, and he started rubbing his dick through his pants. I dried my hands, walked right over to him, massaging my cock along the way, and boldly asked if I could feel his bulge. He didn't reply but rather removed his hands from his crotch, letting them fall to his sides.

I immediately put my hand on his crotch, and he was already hard inside his pants. His dick felt nice and long and I just had to see it. I asked if he wanted it sucked and he said that he really only likes to watch another guy jack. I had no problem with that. I liked other guys watching me jacking my big cock, especially in public places. So, I just walked over to a urinal and whipped out my still hard dick.

The guy followed right behind me, taking up at the urinal next to me, and then pulled his dick out too.

After watching me jacking my cock for a few minutes, his cock had grown to a fully hard state. It wasn't as long as mine and not quite as thick either, but the guy was definitely well-hung.

I started jacking faster as I watched him stroking his hard dick, and it wasn't long before my thick load was splashing against the white porcelain of the urinal.

My jack off buddy shot right after he saw my load blast out of my dick.

As soon as his orgasm was over, he stuffed his swollen prick back into his suit trousers, zipped up and hurried out the door without a word.

I will definitely be stopping back at that particular washroom again!

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  1. great story i wish i was there too

  2. Something very similar happened to me at a public library.