"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bisexual Fiction: Amber Alert

By: DoorX & Ryan Michaels
My girlfriend's name is Amber, which is kind of ironic as there is nothing cautious about her. All of her friends are well acquainted with her carefree, adventurous and often mischievous behavior and have come to use the phrase "Amber Alert" when they see her coming. These traits of hers are especially true when it comes to sex.

A prime example in that regard happened one night when she, I and a friend of mine named Drew returned to my dorm room after a party. We were all kind of drunk, and I could tell Amber was up to something. She usually gets quite mischievous when she's had a few.

"That sure was a fun party. But I don't think the fun has to end just yet," Amber giggled as she put some music on and then began to twirl around in my room.

Drew and I chuckled as we watched my girlfriend dance. Her demeanor slowly changed as she moved to the music. Her eyes smoldered at us as her lithe body undulated provocatively. She began to rub her firm tits while her slender hips bucked with the music.

Amber smiled impishly at me as she danced toward us. Her eyes locked on mine, she moved to Drew, mounted his leg and ground her crotch against it.

Drew looked at me quizzically, and I could only shrug my shoulders in reply.

Amber raised her arms over her head and arched her chest towards Drew's face, moaning softly as she rubbed against his leg. She then flashed a seductive grin at us, lifted herself off Drew and spun away.

"Ryan, what's going on here?" Drew breathed hotly as Amber began to writhe before us.

"I'm not sure, but just go with it," I replied.

Amber began to do a slow striptease for us. She looked coyly over her shoulder as she pulled her blouse off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She threw the garments back at us, the bra landing on Drew's head. She then turned around and faced us, her hands covering her tits. She raised her eyebrows and smiled playfully at us, then pulled her hands from her chest. She gave us a quick glimpse of her pert tits, then laughed and turned away again.

I could tell Amber was enjoying herself immensely. She was a bit of an exhibitionist and liked to dance for me. But stripping in front of my friend gave her an added thrill. It excited me as well. I loved Amber's body, but I also loved her spontaneous and kinky mind. I knew she was really dancing to entice Drew, and it turned me on knowing my friend was getting hot watching my girlfriend.

I didn't know how far Amber would go with this, but I was bound to find out. Her hips swayed from side to side as her erotic dance continued. Then she turned her back to us, bent over, and slowly shimmied out of her skirt. She kicked the skirt aside and, still bent over, tugged down her panties. They stuck momentarily in the wet crevice of her cunt, then slid down around her ankles. I heard Drew gasp as Amber's firm ass waved in the air at us, her swollen pussy-lips visible between her slender thighs.

Amber gave us a long look at her delectable ass, then turned and gave us a full view of her nubile body. She grinned sexily at us as we lustfully eyed her beautiful face, firm tits, slender waist, and finely-trimmed bush. She then sauntered over to Drew and sat down on his lap.

"Holy shit," Drew groaned as my girlfriend ground her bare snatch against his crotch. She took one of his fingers in her mouth and sucked on it seductively as she squirmed on his lap.

Amber gave my friend a lap dance worthy of the best Las Vegas stripper. She pulled Drew's hands to her tits as she continued to suck on his finger and buck against his crotch.

"Uh, Ryan, you don't mind Amber doing this?" Drew muttered as he instinctively thrust upwards toward Amber's grinding pussy.

"He doesn't mind," Amber cooed as she wriggled on my friend. "He loves me and will let me do anything, and do anything for me. Isn't that right, Ryan?"

I nodded my head. I really was pussy-whipped. Amber was the dominant one when it came to sex. She'd have me do some kinky and wild things, and I enjoyed submitting to her domineering wishes. She once tied me up, tormenting me by sucking my cock for almost an hour but not letting me cum. But when I did, it was amazing. I'd eat her pussy upon command, no matter where we were. One time she told me to eat her out in front of her roommate. Afterwards she had me masturbate in front of them. I was powerless to deny Amber anything, and we each got off on the dominating relationship.

I did feel kind of jealous seeing Amber bounce suggestively on my friend, but I was also enjoying it, and, more importantly, Amber was enjoying it. She wanted Drew and knew that I would not try to stop her.

"Mmm, I can feel your cock all big and hard against my pussy," Amber purred. She then reached down and began to unbuckle Drew's pants. "Let's see if your cock really is as big as the girls say."

We both gasped when Drew's cock sprang out. I had seen his cock in the dorm showers before, and it seemed pretty big soft, around six inches. But now that it was hard, I was amazed at how enormous it was. His cock must have been ten inches long and as thick as my wrist.

"Oh wow," Amber breathed excitedly. "Look at how huge his cock is, Ryan! Take yours out so I can compare."

I reluctantly undid my pants and pulled out my cock. It was already hard from watching Amber. Drew's huge piece of meat overshadowed my average-sized penis, making it look so much smaller than it actually was.

Like a girl in a candy store, Amber played with both of our cocks. "Ryan, you know I've always enjoyed your cock, but look at how much bigger Drew's is. I can barely fit my fingers around it," she said giddily as she tugged my hard dick and gave long strokes to Drew's much longer shaft. Then she took her hand off my dick and placed it beside her other on Drew's cock. "Look, Ryan, it's so big that even both of my hands don't cover the entire shaft!"

All I could do was stand there and watch as my girlfriend ignored my average member and obsessed over Drew's enormous tool. Again, I was jealous, but also very aroused.

"I need to taste your cock," Amber said to Drew. "Then I want to feel this huge pole up my cunt."

Drew looked at me and said, "Ryan, I won't do this if you don't want me to."

"He wants you to," Amber interjected. "He likes me to enjoy myself. Ryan, you know you'd love to watch this monster disappear up my cunt."

I looked at my girlfriend's hands pumping Drew's massive erection and nodded, then vocalized my answer. "Yeah, I would."

"You sure?" Drew asked me.

"He's sure," Amber giggled. "And while I'm sucking your cock he's going to eat my pussy and get it all ready for you to fuck me, right Ryan?" she said flatly.

"Right," I said.

Amber giggled again and then said, "I want you both naked. Stand up and strip for me."

As Drew and I got up and began to undress next to each other, Amber sat back on the couch with her legs spread and played with her pussy as she watched us removing our clothes.

When we were both naked, she directed Drew to step up onto the couch and stand next to her, and directed me to get down on my knees between her legs. She then gripped his raging hard-on, licked her lips at the prospect of sucking the big cock and said, "Let's see how much of this I can fit in my mouth."

As she guided Drew's enormous prick toward her face her eyes closed in rapture, and I watched as she spread her lips around his bloated knob and lowered her mouth. Her lips were stretched in a wide "O" as she accepted barely a third of his massive tool, and then she reached out and put her hand on my head, pushing it down towards her pussy.

Drew moaned as my girlfriend slurped noisily on his prick, and I glanced up to take a look, seeing my girlfriend's mouth clamped around Drew's fat stalk, his huge cock bulging from her wide-spread mouth, her head bobbing as far up and down as she could.

My eyes became transfixed at the sight as I continued to lick her pussy. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked wetly on his fat, veiny shaft. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head of his penis, lapping at the oozing pre-cum, then flickered down his meaty shaft. She pressed her mouth to the underside of his bloated pole and sucked. Her lips then flitted further down his elongated member to his enormous balls.

"Drew, your balls are absolutely huge. I bet you cum a lot," Amber chirped as she lashed his golf-ball sized orbs with her tongue.

"If you keep that up, you'll find out soon enough," Drew groaned.

"Oh, I'd love to gulp down your cum. But I need your big cock inside me," Amber panted.

She gave his gleaming shaft one last lick, then got off the couch and down onto the floor on all fours, leaving me on my knees with Drew's suddenly abandoned, wet cock right in my line of sight.

"Fuck me like I've only dreamed about, you stud."

Drew looked at me once again for approval.

"Go ahead, Drew. Give it to her," I said.

"Yes, give it to me. Give it to me good," Amber rasped hotly, raising her ass in invitation.
Drew stepped down from the couch, his mammoth cock wobbling obscenely between his legs, and I stood up and moved to watch as he got behind my lust-crazed girlfriend and mounted her.

Standing beside her, I slowly started to stroke my own throbbing dick as I watched Drew grab his cock and rub the head of it up and down Amber's slit. Then I let go of my dick and reached out and spread her ass next to her cunt. Drew pushed forward and I watched the head of his dick slip inside my girlfriend's pussy. Both he and she moaned.

Drew started to insert his cock slowly and Amber turned her head and smiled at me as my friend's cock penetrated her. I returned my hand to my dick and watched as inch after inch of Drew's long cock started to disappear up her pussy. Then the look on her face changed and I could tell from Amber's pained expression that he was doing some stretching of her tiny cunt. But her grimace soon turned to a mask of perverse pleasure as Drew filled her tight pussy to the root with his horse-meat.

"God, it's so big!" Amber moaned as she skewered herself on Drew's immense cock.

I began to stroke my dick a little faster, just from hearing her say that, oddly turned on in knowing that my friend's cock was deeper than mine could ever go and was stretching her wider than my dick had ever stretched her.

Drew obviously loved her snug, wet pussy, and Amber seemed delirious with passion from his humongous spike. Her breath came in halting gasps and she mewled nonstop as Drew pounded into her. His heavy balls slapped against her splayed slit and his pelvis smacked her upturned ass cheeks as he crammed her full again and again with his oversized dick. And Amber bucked back mindlessly against him, desperate to have his giant prick buried deep inside her.

"Ryan, come over in front of me so I can suck your dick while your friend fucks me," Amber said.

I didn't need to be told twice, and I quickly scampered in front of Amber and guided my erection toward her opened mouth and fed her my steely rod. She immediately began to bob on my hard offering, while I placed my hand on her head and looked over her body and watched Drew's cock thrust in and out of her juicy cunt as she sucked me.

I had never seen Amber so turned on before. She moaned and writhed with delight as her mouth and cunt were fucked by me and my friend. She was acting like a woman possessed, moaning and slurping and gyrating wildly. She had told me of her fantasies about getting gangbanged, but this was the first time she was with more than one guy at once. And Drew's cock was much bigger than she had ever had inside her tight little hole before.

Amber rocked back and forth between us, captured like a pig on a stick on our two hard prongs. Each time Drew pumped his over-sized pole into her squishy pussy, she was thrown forward onto my throbbing cock, her mouth sliding down my shaft. She would then buck back against Drew and resume the perpetual fucking motion. There was only so long I could contain my passion, but I could tell that both Amber and Drew were as excited as me.

"Ryan, I've never fucked a pussy so tight or a girl so hot," Drew groaned as he held onto my girlfriend's slender hips and thrust his extra-large penis hard and deep into her willing cunt as he watched her head bobbing on my cock. "I don't think I can hold out much longer!"

"I'm about there, too, Drew. Cum inside her," I panted as I pumped my own pulsating organ between her suckling lips.



"Shit! I'm gonna cum!" Drew groaned and then he fucked into Amber hard a few times, and then withdrew his cock until just the head remained inside her and he grunted and trembled slightly as he came in her cunt. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Mmm!" Amber squealed. Her mouth slid off my cock and she shrieked, "Oh, I can feel it! Your load going in my cunt is making me cum! I'm cumming! Cumming soooo gooood!"

Her moans were then silenced as I stuffed my aching cock back into her mouth and erupted. My balls contracted and I spewed jet after jet of creamy sperm all over her tongue. Amber sucked and gulped down my copious torrent of semen while her body continued to writhe in the throes of her orgasm. When I finally stopped shooting, I had to pry my sated cock from her mouth.

Amber flipped herself over onto her ass and sat dazed on the floor for a moment, Drew's cum-load oozing out of her, filling her slit. She licked a sticky white strand of my cum from her lips, smiled at us radiantly and purred, "That sure was fun. My pussy is sore as hell, but I'm glad I was able to sample your giant cock, Drew."

"Me, too," Drew replied, his large, wet prick starting to droop to half-mast.

"You liked seeing me get fucked by your friend's big cock, too, didn't you?" she smiled up at me.

"Yeah, for sure, so long as you continue to like my dick."

Amber toyed with my limp meat and cooed, "Oh, I will. But there is still something else I want Drew to do for me."

"What's that?" Drew asked.

Amber spread her legs a bit more, looked up at Drew smiling and said, "I want you to lick my pussy."

Drew's face dropped and he pointed at her cunt, "But I just… came in you!"

"I know, and now I want you to clean it up for me," she cooed. "C'mon, you can't tell me you've never tasted your own cum."

Drew blushed and we both knew that he had.

"C'mon, clean my pussy, please."

"I dunno."

"Ryan does it all the time and he loves it," Amber volunteered.

Drew looked at me like he couldn't believe it, but at the same time his cock began to rise back to full attention.

"Once you do it, it's actually kind of hot," I said, not feeling the least bit embarrassed that Amber had revealed the fact that I liked to eat my own cum to my friend.

Drew looked from me to Amber's spread, cum-filled pussy. "Well… ok, I guess I could try it," he said and then slowly got down on his knees between Amber's legs.

Lying down on his stomach he moved his head to her pussy and then tentatively stuck out his tongue. He let the tip lightly flick over the surface of his load and then pulled his head back slightly, tasted it, looked at her cunt and then leaned his head in and flicked his tongue again. This time, though, he kept flicking his tongue, eating his own cum, until he was licking her clean.

My own dick started to rise watching my buddy eat his own cum from my girlfriend's snatch, and when he had finished and kept eating her pussy, hungrily, I was rock hard right away.

When he finally pulled his head out her lap, Amber looked over at me and said, "And now there's something I'd like you to do for me."

"Oh?" I asked curiously. I thought our lusty game was over for now, but again I underestimated Amber's kinkiness.

Amber smiled impishly at me and said, "I'd like you to experience what I did. I want to see you suck Drew's cock."

I looked at Drew's cock, which was dwindling again, and then looked at her uncertainly. As I said, since Amber and I have been together, she's managed to open me up to her kinky ways. But tying me up, eating her out and masturbating in front of her friend was only just the start of things to come. Since then she'd had me suck her cock-shaped dildo, and she'd even convinced me to let her insert it in my ass.

She'd managed to convince me by telling me all about the "A-spot," a place in a man's ass (his prostate) that would give him an intense orgasm like women have when a man manages to find their G-spot. It still took some convincing but eventually I let her try it and, although it had hurt the first time going in, it soon turned into this amazing feeling, and I did have the most amazing, intense orgasm of my life.

After that I was more easily convinced to try it again, and next time she used her vibrator in my ass. Wow that felt great! Every once in a while she'd use her dildo or vibrator on me when we had sex, and then she bought a strap-on. That gets brought out a couple of times a month and I do find it quite enjoyable, but there's a big difference between using dildos in our sex play together and playing with an actual cock.
"What?!" Drew gasped in response to her request. "But he's my friend."

It immediately struck me as odd that his first reaction was that I was his friend, not that she was asking him to let another guy suck his cock. And, for me, the more I thought about what she wanted me to do, the more I was coming around to wanting to try it.

"Well, who better than a friend to suck your cock," Amber grinned at him. "How about it, Drew. Will you do it, for me?"

Drew looked at her and then he looked at me. I knew he ordinarily wouldn't go along with something like this, but like the two of us, he was under the influence of alcohol and, like me, seemed to be under Amber's spell, willing to do anything she wanted.

When his eyes traveled down to my cock, and he said, "I don't know. I'm not sure that I can cum again so soon," and his own cock started to rise again, I could tell that he was wavering on the edge of saying yes. He'd just need a little more convincing, and Amber was great at convincing guys to do things they might not normally ever consider doing.

Amber reached out and stroked his long cock and chirped, "I bet a stud like you can do it four times a night. Besides, even if you can't cum again, you can still get sucked."

"I don’t know…"

"Your cock got hard when I told Ryan what I wanted him to do," she said tugging on his stiff meat. "Just try it, and if you don't like it, I'll finish you off."

"So why don't you just blow me?"

Amber laughed. "No, I meant I'd finish you off with my hand. You'd much rather have a blowjob, though, wouldn't you?"


"Well, you can, but only from Ryan. So, what's it going to be, stud, hand job or blowjob?"

All Male Fiction: Mind Games (Part 1)

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels
It all started innocently enough. I was swimming in my pool on a warm summer evening, when a sudden thunderstorm came up and I decided I had better get out of the water. As I was getting out of the pool a bolt of lightning struck and enough of the charge traveled to my position to knock me unconscious. I didn't reawaken until three in the morning. Fortunately, I was relatively unscathed. Soaked from the rain, I headed into the house to change into some dry clothes.

Once I had changed, I had the munchies and took a stroll to the 24 hour convenience store a block from my house to buy some junk food. I entered the store and saw that the gorgeous eighteen year old blond haired clerk, whom I had a serious crush on, was behind the counter.

I grabbed a bag of chips and walked up to the counter to pay for it. While he was ringing me up I was looking him over and thinking: Oh fuck, I want you to blow me so bad, stud.

As I thought this he set my money down and came around from the counter, dropped to his knees in front of me, and then proceeded to pull out my cock and blow me like I had never been blown before. I was in total shock over the events taking place.

Suddenly another customer walked into the store and saw the clerk blowing me. "What the hell? For god's sake, this is no place for your perverted behavior," the customer stated, obviously outraged and offended.

I stood there speechless as the clerk ignored him and continued blowing me, thinking: Oh please just leave us alone and get the fuck out of here! And the customer suddenly turned and left the store, and drove off as if he had seen nothing.

All this time the clerk had continued servicing my cock and I could take no more and exploded my load into his mouth. He then stood up and just went back behind the counter and finished my purchase as though nothing had happened.

Fuck! The camera! I need the tape from the surveillance camera! I thought, panicked. I was a bit stunned when the clerk reached under the counter and handed me the tape.

I had to be dreaming. Yes that's all this was, just a dream. I was zapped by lightning and my brain was a bit scrambled. I was having some sort of freaky dream because of it and I just knew that when I woke up in the morning I'd realize that none of it had really happened.

I woke up late morning the next day. "What a great dream! Too bad it couldn't happen for real," I thought aloud. I got out of bed, showered and then headed downstairs.

When I hit the living room, I stopped dead in my tracks. Their on the coffee table was the plastic bag with the video tape showing out the open end.

For the second time in less than twenty four hours I was in shock. Last night had not been a dream after all, it was real! But, how could it have been? No one can control the thoughts of others like that.

I decided I had to check the tape. I was pretty sure it was going to turn out to be something else other than a tape of the convenience store, but when I put it in my jaw dropped as I saw a black and white image of the convenience store. I rewound the tape and, oh my god, there was the hot young store clerk on his knees sucking my cock! It was true! It had happened! It wasn't a dream!

I didn't know how it was humanly possible to control someone else with my thoughts, but I knew that one accidental thought had caused quite a wonderful experience at that convenience store. The tape proved it had happened. I felt as though I had won a million dollars, but it was better than money, and all the things I could get people to do with my new found power began to flood my mind. It was now time to test them out and see how planned thoughts would control others.

There was so much I wanted to do, but first I had to mentally awaken. I headed for my favorite coffee place. It was a beautiful summer day in town and many gorgeous shirtless hunks walked by my table outside the coffee house, and I was thoroughly enjoying the view.

One particularly gorgeous stud, walking by with his girlfriend in hand, noticed me checking him out. "What the fuck you looking at, faggot? Go fuck your dog!" he yelled as they passed by me. I just couldn't let him get away with talking to me like that so I sent out my first ever intentional mental projection.

You are a dog, so, start acting like one.

The stud dropped down on all fours and began barking. His girlfriend screamed at him to stop fucking around. Little did she know, he really did believe he was a dog.

A bicycle cop in tight bike shorts approached to see what the problem was.

Sniff the cop's ass.

My obnoxious doggy stud began doing as instructed, as his girlfriend ran away crying and the cop desperately tried to get in front of him to stop the butt sniff. The guy was very agile and athletic and the cop had a very difficult time getting him under control.

Bite the cop, doggy.

The doggy stud bit the cop, and then, just as backup was arriving, I returned him back to normal. He stood and had no explanation for his actions. The cops cuffed him and tossed him in the back of the cop car.

Before the cop's drove away, I looked at them and sent a mental command: Take him in an alley and fuck him in the ass, and then release him with a warning.
I looked at the stud in the back of the cruiser and thought: From now on you will be more understanding of people who may be different from you, and you will also seek out gay friends. Then, just to make sure everything turned out ok, for the cops, I sent a final command to him: When the cops get through with you, you will be too humiliated and embarrassed to ever tell anyone what happened or press charges.
I watched as the cruiser drove away and then turned down a nearby alley.

With the afternoon sun taking its toll on me, I decided to head for the mall, more specifically to the men's room at the mall. With the local university across the street, it was a bit of a hangout for the students, and there were always plenty of hot looking college guys around. I wanted to see if I could get one of those hot young hetero guys to suck my cock.

I quickly made my way to the men's room only to find it empty. No matter though, I had seen lots of college guys hanging about as I walked through the mall, so someone was bound to enter shortly. I walked up to the urinal, took my dick out, and stood there pretending to piss while I waited for someone to come in.

A few minutes later a guy came in. He was an older guy and wasn't my type at all. He pissed and left. A few minutes after that, another guy came in. He was around six foot tall, probably nineteen or twenty years old, with red hair, and was wearing university branded red shorts and a blue tank top. Now this one was just what I was after, young and hot, and I turned and boldly stared at him as he began to piss.

Feeling my stare, he turned and looked at me. With a scowl on his face, he pressed his body into the urinal to hide his dick from my eyes and said, "Fuckin' queer! Get out of here before I kick the shit out of you!"

Now it was time to have my fun with him. Finish pissing and then turn and face me, with your dick still out.

He did as I mentally instructed him to do.

Stroke your cock and get it hard.

He began stroking and quickly grew hard.

Do you have a girlfriend?

He nodded.

Does she suck your cock?

Again he nodded.

Have you ever sucked a cock?

He shook his head.

Suck my cock! I thought as I turned to face him, and he dropped to his knees and took my semi-erect cock into his mouth.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All Male Fiction: Fuck Stop

By: Roland G & Ryan Michaels

Ryan's sexual experience was limited: until recently he had been just another horny teenager, fantasizing constantly, and constantly masturbating. The erotic tensions contained in his powerfully developed young body usually shot out into his hand. But he wasn't a virgin.

His sex life had begun conventionally enough with a girl, a tramp who hung out with the athletes at the local high school and who had gone to bed with almost all of them at one time or another — and in various combinations.  Ryan had made a name for himself on the football team during his first year of high school, so that even if he'd been unattractive, the girls would have flung themselves at him.

His first slut threw herself at him, indeed, one night in the bed of his pickup truck. He lost his cherry to her, (her cherry had vanished long before she spread her legs for Ryan) when he plunged his inexperienced dick in and out of her insatiable cunt until he came about thirty seconds later.

Several similar experiences, however, made it clear to Ryan that he really wasn't getting much out of fucking pussy, especially with fucking those sluts. At least, it didn't seem so wonderful to him, despite the fuss all his fellow jocks made about banging pussy. Oh he lasted longer than he did that first time, but, to Ryan, it was just a way to get his rocks off — nothing more. He sometimes thought he preferred pumping his own cock over pumping his dick in and out of a slut's snatch.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday he and some friends had gone into town, gotten their signals crossed, and the upshot was that Ryan had been left behind without a cent in his pockets. It was late at night and all he could do was hit the streets and try to hitch a ride back to the suburbs. Of course, like anyone, he knew that hitchhiking could be dangerous, but he was stranded and desperate. Besides, he was an athletic guy, a football player, and felt he could take care of himself.

After a long wait, Ryan was surprised to see a big rig slow down and then stop. The driver spoke through the open passenger window. "Where're you headed?"

Ryan told the man where he lived.

"I can drop you off there without going too far out of my way," the trucker said as he leaned over and opened the passenger door. "Hop in."

"Thanks," Ryan said as he gratefully climbed up to the cab and got in, settling on the cold leather seat beside the driver, who was a thick set, muscular type of about thirty five. He had a strong jaw, tanned face, blue gray eyes and brown hair. He wore jeans — every bit as faded and tight fitting as Ryan's own — and a polo shirt, which wasn't exactly standard truck driver's attire, but which showed off his heavy chest and bulging biceps.

"Frank's the name," he volunteered.

"I'm Ryan."

"Kind of late for you to be out, isn't it kid?"

"I lost my ride home," Ryan explained.

They chatted for some time as the truck sped through the quiet, dark night. Then Frank said, "Look what I bought myself today." He pulled a thin brown paper bag out from under the seat and handed it to Ryan.

Ryan opened it automatically and pulled out the magazine he found inside. He had never seen anything quite like the unblushingly pornographic photographs the magazine contained. This was the seventies, long before the Internet. Such materials were not readily available to someone Ryan's age.

Each photo showed a man and a woman fucking in various positions. Then, several pages were devoted to a step by step photo essay showing the woman sucking the guy's cock. The final pictures showed him shooting his load, with cum blasting all over her face and dribbling down her panting, eager lips.
"Holy shit," Ryan muttered. "This is pretty hot stuff." He felt his dick beginning to harden inside his tight jeans as he examined the cocksucking sequence more closely the second time. He easily imagined himself in the man's place, with those willing lips wrapped snugly around his swelling cock.

"Have a drink," Frank offered, passing a bottle of bourbon to Ryan, who swallowed a big mouthful and passed it back. The driver eagerly closed his lips around the neck of the bottle and tipped it up. "That bitch looks like she knows how to give good head," he commented lewdly. "Hey, you ever had a blowjob?"

"Well… no," Ryan admitted. He didn't see any point in trying to impress Frank by lying about it. The various girls he had made it with, well those experiences were far from romantic. There had never been any blowjobs, hand jobs or even kissing. It was all about some slut who wanted nothing more than a quick fuck from a stiff dick.

"Yeah? That's hard to believe, a good looking young guy like you. Some guys like a good suck off better than pussy, you know. You feel somebody's smooth lips, nice and warm and wet, right down over your hard prick. Then you feel a tongue dig into the really sensitive spots, licking away and, oh man! And once a cock slips deep down a tight hot throat, once a cock gets sucked on like there's no tomorrow, then shit, kid, I'm telling you there just ain't nothing like it in the world!"

"Sounds amazing!" Ryan replied, his cock now rock hard in his jeans.

Ryan saw Frank glance at his crotch. He felt embarrassed, his hard-on more than obvious, and then a small smile crept across Frank's face and he said, "So, kid, you want to see how it feels?"

Ryan knew he should get out of the truck, but he sat still and said nothing. Conflicting emotions welled up within him, and he quivered with excitement and nervousness at the prospect of letting Frank blow him. His dick pressed even harder against his jeans. He felt the truck make a turn; they were going off onto a dark side road. Then he felt a big, calloused hand push between his legs and cup itself nonchalantly around his meat. Frank began to exert a steady, confident pressure, gently kneading the hot meat imprisoned beneath the buttons of Ryan's fly.

"You like that, don't you?" Frank whispered heatedly, his breath rasping over the edges of his teeth. "I can tell you like it. Jesus, that's a big goddamned rod you've got inside those jeans. Spread your legs a little, let me get at it."

His hand felt so good and Ryan just opened his legs some more without stopping to think about it.

"That's right. I'm going to keep working your big hot dick, and your balls, too, until you can't stand it anymore. You're going to have to ram it down my throat. I won't hurt you, don't be nervous. In fact, Ryan, you're going to enjoy every second of this."

The truck rolled to a stop in the shadow of a huge tree at the edge of a deserted field.  Ryan remained motionless, wanting it and yet not wanting it, afraid but almost helpless with desire.

The hand so busy between his legs now climbed up to Ryan's belt buckle and began to loosen it. Ryan felt the hand undo the buttons of his jeans, one by one, spreading open his fly. He dared not look down. Then the fingers, alive and warm inside his pants, caressed and fondled his balls, then pulled out his hard cock.

Ryan looked down. His dick stood straight out from his jeans. Frank's big warm hand was wrapped around the lower part of it, squeezing the shaft with gentle firmness.

"You've got a really big one," Frank whispered. "There are damned few cocks like this baby around! You're not cut, either. Mint condition, I like that. Shit, look at all that foreskin, and that big fat head peeking through. Fuck man, I can't wait to taste you, Ryan!"

The trucker lowered his head into Ryan's lap. Ryan felt his dick, the shaft of which was still tightly clasped in the trucker's hand, being captured by something warm, wet and very slippery. He gasped as the trucker's head began to move up and down. He had never dreamed anything could feel so fucking good on his cock! And Frank went on and on, as though he would be perfectly delighted to suck on Ryan's cock all night.

Hell, yes, Ryan thought, it did beat pussy — that hot, wet, tight, hard moving mouth around his cock, like a whirlpool sucking in the body of a drowning man.

"Suck me!" Ryan finally dared to moan. "Suck my cock!"

His outburst seemed to inspire his cocksucker to even greater urgency. Within seconds, the pleasure became so intense it was unbearable. Ryan arched upward off the seat with all his strength, fucked his meat into the trucker's mouth, ramming it brutally down the man's engorged throat. Frank only ate it harder and faster, more eagerly. Suddenly Ryan groaned, fought back a shout, and fired his first thick wad of cream into the trucker's mouth. Massive wads of sperm followed one another, bursting from Ryan's arching, trembling body.

When it was all over, Ryan sank back against the leather seat, breathing hard. Frank curved his lips slowly up around Ryan's cock shaft and then pulled off it completely. He pulled Ryan's foreskin back as far as he could and licked the exposed, sensitive knob with his tongue, causing Ryan to shudder, before he finally sat back into his driver's seat.

"Di-did you swallow that stuff?" Ryan asked him in amazement.

"Sure! Are you that new to this scene?"

Ryan nodded.

"I remember the first time I got a knob job," Frank laughed.

As the trucker reminisced, Ryan relaxed and drank more whiskey when Frank offered it. Ryan felt ambivalent about taking part in a homosexual act, even as a passive recipient of oral gratification. The booze, however, helped him to overcome his shyness. And so, strangely enough, did the odor in the truck cab — the maleness of two aroused bodies, of crotch, jeans, sweat, cum, bourbon.

"Hold the bottle for me," Frank said.

Ryan took the bottle and watched as the trucker opened his fly and took out his cock. It wasn't remarkably long, but it was thick and getting thicker as the trucker worked it with his hand.

As it grew completely hard, Frank held it up like a mast and said, "Now, this baby has been around some. I like to suck, you know, feel all that hot cum blasting into my mouth and down my throat. But I like to get mine sucked off, too. How about it, kid? Think you could handle it?"

"I-I've never done it," Ryan said, staring at the trucker's hard dick staring back up at him, with an odd mixture of revulsion and lust.

"I'll tell you what, just put your hand around it. Just like it was a nice hot piece of pipe."

Ryan reached over and did it.

There, yeah, that feels good! Now, give it a little squeeze."

Ryan gave the cock a squeeze.

"Shit, that's great. Come on, Ryan. You're looking at it. You're feeling it. It looks good, right? And it feels good? Well? Come on. Go down on it, just a little."

Ryan looked down at the throbbing cock he was holding in his hand. He knew he shouldn't do it; he didn't want to become a cocksucker, but it was so tempting, and he let himself bend down to the trucker's lap and slowly let the truck driver's stiff meat slide into his mouth.

The cock seemed to swell even larger once it was between Ryan's lips. He felt that what he was doing was awful, criminal, immoral… but he knew, at the same time, that it was the right thing for him to be doing. Somehow, he was destined to have this hard cock in his mouth.

As he tried to suck it, it climbed deeper into his mouth, toward his throat. It tasted pungent. Ryan sat up again, gasping, shuddering. "I can't do it. I'm afraid I'll puke."

"That's okay, kid. Will you beat me off?"

Ryan still had the moist prick in his hand. He began to move his hand up and down on the thick piece of meat, smearing his saliva over it. Feeling horny again himself, he began to beat his own hard rod with his other hand.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah," the trucker sighed. "Harder, kid, harder. Yeah! Fuck! Flog that dick! Beat that mother fucker! Ahh shit, I'm cumming!"

A white blob of cream leaped upward and fell onto Ryan's pumping hand, followed by the thick cum which poured forth from the tip of the trucker's dick. Ryan beat his own meat more urgently, and in a few moments he erupted a second load into his own hand. The heavy, funky man odor of jism filled the truck cab. Ryan was almost sickened by it but he also felt strangely relieved and calm.

Soon they were rolling again, and when Ryan got out of the truck a block from his house, the trucker leaned over toward him and said, "Hey, Ryan. You know the Genesee Truck Stop, near where I picked you up?"

"Sure." Ryan and his buddies had eaten at the combined gas station and diner several times; it was a popular hangout.

"I'll be there next Friday. Meet me in the parking lot, say around ten o'clock, and I'll show you where there's some real action; the places and the people who know what it's all about. We'll have ourselves a ball."

"I don't know. Maybe."

"You'll be there. Once a guy gets a taste of dick he always wants more. I'll be waiting," the trucker said and then he drove off.


Throughout the following week Ryan thought about it. His mood alternated between desire and disgust, between fear and fascination. And when Friday night rolled around, he got a ride into town and made his way to the truck stop, as he had known all along he would, as Frank knew he would.

Monday, May 26, 2014

All Male Fiction: Stuart's Dad

By: xxxadamw & Ryan Michaels
Five years out of university and life was shaping up ok. I enjoyed my work, and living in the city gave me plenty of opportunities to get extra rations of cock. I would have liked a better apartment, but property was so expensive that even with my income I still struggled to find something I really liked.

Stuart needed a new roommate after his friend moved out to live with his girlfriend. We met through a mutual acquaintance a while before that, and that person let me know that he was looking for a roommate and let him know that I was looking for a place to share. I took a look at the place and liked it. It was far bigger (although still not huge) and nicer than anything I could afford on my own. I moved in a short while later.

With similar jobs and ages we got on well, even though he was straight and I was gay. In fact, Stuart was so cool with my being gay that he not only openly shared details about his sex life with me, he also had no problem hearing the details of mine, just like any two guys would do. When we first became roommates he even asked me questions, like how many guys I'd been with, and if I fucked or got fucked, just as I asked him how many girls he'd been with, if he'd ever fucked his girlfriend or any girl up the ass (he hadn't) and even if he has ever had a same sex experience or been curious. (He said he never has, but admitted he has been curious before.)

I had only been rooming with Stuart for a little over a month when Stuart's dad turned up on a Thursday evening begging to sleep on the couch. Apparently he'd had a blowout with Stuart's mom and she'd kicked him out, telling him not to come home until he was ready to apologize. Nick, as I would quickly find out, was not the type to apologize easily, and we suddenly found ourselves with an unofficial tenant.

Nick made himself right at home, eating our food, drinking our beer, commandeering the TV, and spending all his time in the apartment lounging in just his boxers.

I got home from work late on Friday evening, having gone out for dinner at a restaurant with some of my co-workers, which was then followed by drinks at a bar. The apartment was deserted. I remembered that Stuart had gone away overnight with his girlfriend to attend an out-of-town friend's wedding, and I didn't really care where Nick was. I enjoyed relaxing on my own, catching up on my 'Breaking Bad' boxed set.

Nick finally staggered in. He smelled of alcohol; but, an experienced drinker, he still seemed relatively lucid. He stripped down to his boxers before plonking himself beside me on the couch.

Grabbing the remote, Nick stopped my DVD without a thought or care that I was in the middle of watching something, and started channel surfing. He ended up watching football highlights. (Oh, what fun!) This started him off on maudlin reminiscences from his youth. I learned how he once fucked a girl behind a sports pavilion when playing Sunday league football... at half time!

I could see a growing presence in his boxer shorts as he told of his sexual exploit, which he casually groped a few times. Needless to say this grabbed my attention.

And Nick saw me looking.

"So, Stuart tells me you're a homo."

"I'm gay, yes," I replied.

"Bet you'd like to see what's under my boxers, wouldn't you?"

"What?! No!" I'd noticed his arousal, sure, but this was my roommate's dad. Hell, he was old enough to be my dad, and he was way too old for my tastes anyway. And he was married.

Nick started to openly massage his cock through his shorts, laughed and said, "I can tell you like what you see," and then he lifted his ass a bit and just yanked down his boxers.

Nick was truly blessed. His cock had to be eight inches in length and six inches around. It was uncut and the head was already oozing pre-cum.

As I stared, both in complete shock at was happening and in wonderment at its beauty, Nick reached over and grabbed my hand and brought it to his cock, causing my fingers to brush the tip. I pulled my hand back, but, never being one to resist a hard cock longing for attention, my thoughts about who he was, his age and his marital status began to fade and I let my hand travel back to his lap. I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and began to explore the interesting contours of his weapon.

"Blow me," Nick blurted. It was almost an order.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

All Male True Experience: Into the Woods

By: SwallowUwhole
There's a particular set of woods on the outskirts of my hometown that were known for being a cruising spot. I used to walk them many times when I was younger. Recently I had gone back to that area and found the woods had changed very little. Thin paths twisted and turned through a maze of shrubs and trees that made for convenient hiding places and the illusion of privacy.

The sun was quickly sinking as I arrived at my old favorite spot: an opening with a heavy canopy of summer leaves which made almost a room-like effect. Off to one side a large rock made the perfect place to lean on while getting sucked, or fucked. By now there was barely enough light to see more than a few feet away, and f
rom the number of used condoms on the ground, it was clear the area was still active.
Within minutes I heard the rustling of leaves as someone walked a trail nearby. I could make out the silhouette of a short but muscular man coming into the area from the other side. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

When he saw me, he checked me out and then reached down and groped his crotch as he continued to walk towards me. By the time he got across the small open space to where I was standing I was dropping to my knees, leaving no doubt that I was there for the same reason as he was.

He pushed his stuffed denim crotch into my face without hesitation. He was already hard and growing at an impressive rate. I reached up to start undoing his belt, but he stopped me. The leaves were crunching once more as another person approached.

We both stood up and I moved a few feet back. Then a twenty-something guy in a red t-shirt and black basketball shorts emerged from the brush. He too was clearly ready for action judging by the bulge in his shorts. I dropped back down to my knees.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Abduction (Part 1)

By: Rob

I don't really remember how I got here. I know that I was at a party with a few friends. I know that I probably had too much to drink, but that's all I remember of the night before.

I went to move, feeling as if I was floating on air, but something kept me from going anywhere.

I tried to open my eyes, but everything was dark, black almost.

I went to say something, I don't know, anything, but I couldn't even do that. Something was keeping me from talking. Something was in my mouth and I couldn't spit it out.

I started to force myself up from my position, but I got nothing. Frustration led to yelling, but it did me no good.

"Ah, you're awake," were the first words I heard.

"hleht he gho," I managed from my gag.

"Oh, no," he replied, "I can't do that until I'm done with you."

"hhat doh hu hant," I asked.

I felt him get closer to me, stroking my back with his hands and leaning closer to my ear.

"I want you to relax and enjoy every moment of this adventure we're going to share together," he replied. He ran his hands all over my body.

It was only then, as his hands were touching my skin, that it dawned on me that I was bare-assed naked, and that the floating sensation was caused by being suspended in the air by a series of ropes and leather braces!

With some conscious thought, I was able to "feel" my position. I was suspended in the air, leaning forward, and held spread-eagle. I could feel the leather on my skin and smell it in the air. I could feel the cold air against my cock and balls as much as the air on my back. I began to wonder my lot in this situation. Was my unseen tormentor going to maim me or kill me? Was I ever going to get free from this place… wherever I was? I think my nervousness showed on my face because he began to talk again.

"What's wrong, Robert?" he asked. "Are you afraid of what I'm going to do? Or are you afraid of how much you want me to do it?"

His questions cut through me as did the realization that he knew my name, but I didn't recognize his voice at all.

"I thought it would be nice to see how you respond to some intimate touching," he said, waking me from my own thoughts. "But before we get started, I want you to know why you're here. I know about your little encounter with one of the sorority girls. I know that you didn't do anything that any drunk and horny guy wouldn't do, but, I do know that your actions have terribly upset one young lady that I admire."

If he meant that girl Shannon I fucked, sure I encouraged her to drink, to get her a bit drunk in order to increase my chances, but I didn't force her to drink or force her to have sex. I was drunk, so was she, she said yes. What's the problem? And I asked him just that.

"The problem is I know for a fact that Shannon has never been drunk before that night, and it was you who got her that way," he said. "She was so embarrassed when she realized what had happened, that you had gotten her drunk and then not only took advantage and had sex with her, but you had sex with her on the floor of the frat house in front of everyone! She felt totally humiliated." He put his hand on my chest and trailed circles around my nipples. "And I'm going to make sure you NEVER do something like that to a girl again."

I began to squirm in my restrained position and screamed into the gag, "Hlet mgh gho!"