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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

All Male Fiction: Uncle Jake's Place

By: Ryan Michaels

With my parents away on a romantic weekend and my brother Matt away at college, I was enjoying having the house to myself. I loved being able to lounge around the house completely naked and jerk off to porn on the big screen TV in the living room. Have you ever watched porn on a 60" flat screen TV? It's awesome! At eighteen, I was horny all the time, and watching porn on the big screen was one of the first things I did the minute my parents left.

However, by the end of the first day the excitement of porn on the big screen had worn off and I was feeling pretty bored by the time Sunday rolled around. I thought about going online and finding some guy to come over and have sex with me, but I was too scared to give out my address to anyone because you never know who's gonna show up, or if they might show up again uninvited. I was not out to my family and the last thing I wanted was some guy I had fucked showing up at my parent's door looking for more action.

So, bored out of my mind, I decided to go over to my Uncle Jake's place to keep him company, or rather so he could keep me company. Uncle Jake and I got along great, which was probably largely due to the fact that he wasn't that much older than me. My grandparents had my dad young and had Uncle Jake years later. Uncle Jake was only twenty-eight, exactly ten years younger than my dad and ten years older than me.

Even though they had the same parents, my dad and Uncle Jake looked nothing alike. Both were handsome and you could see the family resemblance, but while my dad had brown hair and hazel eyes, Uncle Jake had black hair and blue eyes. He was also a bit taller than my dad and, while my dad wasn't out of shape, Uncle Jake worked out and had a pretty good build on him. He also had a great sense of humor, which my dad didn't, and he was always telling jokes of one kind or another - most of them pretty dirty, but I liked the way he told them, and always with a glint in his eyes.

Uncle Jake worked in real estate and was one of the area's top sales agents, which made it possible for him to purchase a rather nice home and amass quite a bit of money in savings, despite his young age. He worked hard at it and deserved all he had. What he didn't deserve was a gold digger girlfriend, and when he recently discovered her true motives, he quickly dumped her. So besides keeping me company, I figured he could use the company as well.

I phoned him first, just to make sure it was ok for me to drop by, but the line was busy. I tried a few more times over the next fifteen minutes and it was still busy, which told me he was most likely on a business call in front of the computer. I didn't want to sit around by myself and I knew that Uncle Jake wouldn't care if I came over unannounced; I had only really been calling to be polite, just like I always did before I headed over. So, on my last attempt to get through, I left him a voicemail letting him know I was coming over.

Uncle Jake didn't live that far from us, about a ten minute drive, but since I didn't have a car, and with Matt having one of my parent's two vehicles at college and them using the other one, it was either take the bus or ride my bike. I opted for the bike, which made it about a twenty minute trek.

When I got there, I parked my bike at the side of the garage and headed across the driveway towards the house. As I passed by the window to the room that Uncle Jake used as his office, the light was on and I casually glanced in as I passed by… and then I came to a quick stop! With the slatted blind open I could see right in. Uncle Jake was at the computer all right, but he wasn't on the phone doing business, he was sitting in the desk chair with it reared back… and he was completely naked!

The scene I had stumbled upon had immediately aroused me. I had always thought my uncle was a good looking guy and I guess you could say I had developed a bit of a crush on him, often wondering what he looked like naked, what his cock was like and masturbating to those thoughts. I was now getting the chance to see and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a better look, so I made my way off the concrete walk, stepped into the flower bed and carefully, quietly made my way right up to the window.

Uncle Jake's office was on the front corner of the house and his desk was on the other outside wall of the room, so his desk (and chair) was at a side view to the window. Standing to the side of the window and peering around into the room, man did I get an eyeful! From the walkway I could just see that he was naked. Now, up close, I could see that he was playing with his dick while looking at some straight porno pics on the computer, and his dick was rock hard! I couldn't believe my eyes! My uncle's dick must have measured well over eight inches, was very thick, and had a huge mushroom head. I could also see that he had neatly trimmed his pubes into a nice black patch of hair, and his balls were enormous, big and round, shaven smooth and hanging loosely from his body.

I had always wondered if my uncle had a big dick and figured he did because of his big feet and hands, and long, thick fingers - not that that always meant a big dick, but it did more often than not. Needless to say I was not disappointed at what I saw and my stiffening cock was now at full attention inside my pants. The whole thing was like a fantasy come true!

When my eyes drifted away from his cock to scan his body, I noticed that he had a drink in his hand. Uncle Jake liked to drink Rye & Coke, and I began to think that he just might be in the right state of mind for me to make a move on him! This was something I had fantasized about doing many times while jerking off and thinking about him, but never thought I would have the nerve to do. But here, now, right in this moment, with the sight that lay before my eyes, my cock had taken over my brain, deciding to do it the minute my uncle's nakedness and hard dick was displayed to me. It was risky but too good of an opportunity to pass up… well worth the risk to me.

I tried the front door but it was locked. I then slipped around to the back of the house and found the back sliding door unlocked. I figured it would be since I knew my uncle didn't smoke in the house and always went out the back to light up. I slid open the glass door very quietly and then closed it softly so that he wouldn't hear me enter the house. I removed my sneakers and then snuck through the kitchen, down the main hall and over to the office door, which was open. His desk was across from the door, so his back was to me.

I stood and watched for a few minutes and could see that he was really going at it. His legs were stretched out in front of him, spread eagle, and he was furiously fisting his meat with one hand while clicking through porn pics on the computer with his other.

I still had a full hard-on inside my shorts and was getting even hornier being so close while watching my uncle playing with his cock. I wanted to be closer though, and with my horny cock giving me the courage and leading the way, I quietly crept into the room until I was directly behind his chair. Right when I got to it the floor squeaked and he whipped the chair around, shocked to see me there behind him, catching him doing what he was doing.

"Shit, Ryan!" he said angrily, covering his hard dick with his hands, "You ever hear of knocking or using the doorbell before you just walk into someone's house!?"

Deciding that there was no turning back now, I said, "Well, fuck, Uncle Jake, before I could get to the door I saw you beating your meat, which wasn't my fault since you didn't bother to close the blind, and if I had rung the bell you would have stopped and gotten dressed to let me in, and I was really enjoying the show."

He looked totally dumbfounded like he wasn't sure if I was just teasing him about catching him beating off or if I was being serious about enjoying the show, and he obviously didn't know what to do or say, so I kept talking, trying to further my plan.

"That's a great site you've found Uncle Jake. Those pics are fucking hot! Would you mind if I looked at them with you?"

Before even allowing him to answer, I just pulled my shirt over my head and then, without hesitating, I pulled my shorts down and off and then yanked my underwear down and kicked them from my feet. Moving to stand beside him, I just stared at the picture on the computer screen and started stroking my cock. "What's the next one?" I said seconds later.

The fact that he didn't stop me was a good sign, and the fact that my dick was standing straight up and at attention and he was staring at it was also a very good sign! Still, I had taken a big risk, stepped over a major line, and I was a bit surprised, although thrilled, when instead of freaking out Uncle Jake simply turned his chair back to the computer and clicked to the next picture, and then the next and then the next… I was even more thrilled as his hand soon fell back to his crotch and he began stroking his cock again.

There was complete silence as we stroked our dicks together, and I was a little disappointed that Uncle Jake was looking just at the pics and not sneaking glances at my cock. I was certainly staring down at his! Then, just when I thought I would have to be satisfied with just jerking off with my uncle (which in itself was more than I ever dreamed possible), he turned and glanced at my dick, and then looked back at the computer… and then back at my dick!

A wave of excitement went through my body and then Uncle Jake was sitting there clicking on the mouse, advancing through the pictures, but only looking at my dick! He was not making any attempt to be casual about it at all, and then he took me by total surprise when he reached out and pushed my hand off my hard cock and wrapped his fist around it.

"Oh, fuck!" I moaned looking down at my throbbing cock in the grasp of my uncle's big hand.

"You like that Ryan?" he asked in a sexy voice.

"Oh yeah, it feels so good!" I panted, closing my eyes.

"Yeah, I knew you'd like your uncle giving you a hand job!"

My eyes flew open. "How… how did you know that?" I asked.

"Because your brother Matt liked it too."

My head shot around to look at him. "What? Matt? What do you mean?"

"I mean that your brother used to like to come over and hang out with his Uncle Jake too. He liked when I jerked him off, and he liked doing other things too!"

Now I was the one who was dumbfounded. "Like… like what?"

"Well, for one, your big bro likes to suck his uncle's dick. In fact he still does whenever he comes home on holidays. What about you? Would you like to suck your uncle's dick too, Ryan?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but of course I nodded and said, "Fuck yes! For longer than you know, Uncle Jake!"

Uncle Jake grinned at my response, then pushed the chair back, let go of his dick and said, "Well the waiting's over. Go down on that dick and suck it real good for me."

Even though I was still processing what he had said about my brother as well as realizing that I had planned to seduce my uncle and now he was actually seducing me, I got in front of him without hesitating and took his big cockhead past my lips. He tossed his head back and let out a moan.

"You like that Uncle Jake?" I asked pulling off.

"Oh yeah! Suck it good Ryan, c'mon!" Uncle Jake replied, putting his hand to the back of my head and guiding it back towards his stiff prick as he said it.

I slipped my lips over the head again but this time I kept going. When I had about half of his cock in my mouth I began to move up and down on it, and as he moaned, I pulled off again.

"Mmm, yeah you really like that, don't you Uncle Jake?"

"Uh-huh! Don't stop. Just put it back in your mouth and keep sucking; no talking."

I took his cock back in my mouth and he began to moan and groan, and said, "Oh yeah, that's it Ryan, get that big dick all the way down... yeah, suck it good, suck it right... all the way down... yeah, all the way down!"

Using my deep-throat cocksucking skills acquired from practicing on dildos, I managed to take his entire length down my throat. I gagged slightly but quickly adjusted.

"Oh fuck yeah! That's it! Take it all! Choke on your uncle's big dick!" Uncle Jake said loudly, his voice tinged with an air of amazement as he felt me actually deep-throating his huge piece of meat.

I pushed my nose hard into his trimmed pubes and gagged again for his benefit. "Yeah, just like that!" Uncle Jake moaned and then he grabbed my head and began pushing it up and down on his dick as he said, "Suck that dick! Fuckin' blow me!"

When he let go of my head, I kept sucking at the pace he had been moving my head and I looked up at him. He had his head thrown back against the back of the chair now, with his hands locked behind his head, and was emitting low moans.

I had only been sucking Uncle Jake's cock for about a minute or so when he suddenly pushed on my shoulder, forcing my mouth off his dick. As I popped off his cock, I looked up at him questioningly, wondering why he was making me stop, but I didn't have any time to think about it or to ask the question, for Uncle Jake quickly stood up from his chair, returned his hand to the back of my head, and forcefully pushed it back onto his protruding cock. I wrapped my hands around him and grabbed onto his tight butt, pulling him in further and further as I slid my mouth up and down on that big dick.

Uncle Jake just stood there in front of me, looking down upon me as I blew him, one hand on my head, the other hanging loosely by his side. His mouth was slightly agape and his lust-filled eyes made it quite obvious to me that he was truly savoring every moment of seeing and feeling his own nephew's wet lips sliding up and down on the shaft of his dick.

His big, round, full balls were bouncing up and down as I sucked, and I brought my right hand back around and cupped them. "Oh yeah, that's the way I like it! Play with those fuckin' balls while you suck my dick! Oh yeah keep suckin', I'm gonna cum soon... real soon!"

Shortly after he said that I noticed his big balls really begin to tighten up and his cock became even more engorged as I pumped it up and down with my mouth. I knew he was going to cum any second and I took my other hand off his ass and began to quickly jack myself off as I sucked him, hoping to cum at the same time as he did.

I then felt a pulsing surge in his dick as he shot a huge wad of cum into my mouth, and then he started to gently fuck my face as his cum-load started fully erupting all over my tongue and running off down my throat. He yelled out as he was cumming, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming; yeah I'm cumming! Oh, fuck, swallow your uncle's fuckin' seed! Yeah, that's it, swallow it all!"

He collapsed forward once he'd finished shooting, his arms using my head as a head rest as he panted heavily. Unfortunately I didn't cum when he did, but tasting my uncle's load in my mouth put me at the edge.

"Uhhhh, I'm gonna cum Uncle Jake! Oh, uh, yeah, I'm gonna cum!"

He straightened up and watched his own nephew down on his knees in front of him rapidly jacking his cock, and began urging me on. "Yeah beat that meat! Come on, shoot that load! Yeah, jerk it off! C'mon Ryan, let me see that cum squirt out of that teenage cock! Fuckin' cum for your Uncle Jake!" That was all it took and he watched intently as my spunk shot out, with the first long squirt hitting his leg.

After I finished cumming, Uncle Jake reached down and wiped up my cum from his leg and brought his fingers to his mouth. "Mmm, your cum tastes so good, just like your brother's! And you're a real pro at cocksucking… also just like your brother," he grinned.

I grinned too, feeling somewhat proud that my uncle thought I was an excellent cocksucker, and, unlike before, having been taken a little aback by the news that my brother was also a dick sucker, now that I was over the initial shock of it, I was quite turned on by that fact and my still hard cock twitched at what he'd said about Matt.

"I had no idea that Matt was into guys," I said. "If I had known he was sucking your dick all this time, I would have made a move on you a long time ago Uncle Jake!"

"Well, you should have. Your brother Matt was definitely hoping you would!" Uncle Jake said enthusiastically.

"Huh? Matt was? How do you know?"

"Because he's bi like me and tells me about women he's had or wants to fuck around with, and the same for guys. So I happen to know for a fact that your brother's biggest fantasy has always been for the two of you to suck my dick together."

"It has?" I asked totally dumfounded by that bit of information.

"Oh yeah, for sure," Uncle Jake said as he grabbed a tissue and handed it to me, and then grabbed one for himself. "Now that's a hot image!" he said as he began cleaning off his cock, "You and your brother both doing your uncle together!"

The idea of a threesome with my hot uncle and my big brother seemed like a wild and exciting idea to me. "Do you think Matt would be into that, for real, I mean?" I asked somewhat eagerly.

"I know he would, and when he finds out that you like dick too, if you want that to happen, it will be happening for sure!"

"Wow, I had my fantasies about you Uncle Jake, but I never suspected you weren't straight. Matt not being straight was a shocker too! But since you are bi, and do stuff with Matt, I guess that explains why, when I saw you naked and jerking off, you didn't freak out when I walked in on you and just stripped naked and took my hard cock in my hand," I laughed.

"No, that wasn't why," Uncle Jake replied.

"I don't understand."

"Maybe this will help," Uncle Jake said as he pressed the speakerphone button and dialed into his voicemail. After pushing a few buttons the room then filled with my recorded voice letting Uncle Jake know that I was on my way over to his place.

"You mean… you got that message before I… you knew that I was on my… you mean the blind being open, the light on in the day, you being naked, beating off to porn… you mean… you planned it all… after you got my message?"

Uncle Jake grinned widely as he nodded.

"But what made you think I would be into it? I mean it could have been pretty embarrassing for you, for both of us, if I wasn't into it."

"Well, I didn't know if you would be, but Matt and I kind of suspected that you might be gay or at least bi like us. Like I mentioned, your brother has always wanted to service my dick with you right down there with him, and so he was very interested in finding out if you were. Usually I know when you are coming over because you call and tell me. So, when I got your message that you were on your way over, and I realized that we didn't actually speak, I came up with this whole idea of me jerking off naked with the office blind open, as if I hadn't gotten your message yet and had no idea you were coming over, so you would see and, well, find out how you'd react, see if anything would happen between us," he explained. "Worked perfectly, too," he added with a grin.

"Wow, and here I thought, when I saw you naked, jerking your cock, I was going to be the one seducing you!"

We both had a good laugh at that, and then Uncle Jake began to get dressed and suggested that I do the same. He had work to do and told me that it was time for me to go so he could concentrate on it. I would be too much of a distraction for him at that point, he informed me.

When I got home from Uncle Jake's, I headed to the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the fridge, thirsty after the bike ride – and from sucking my uncle's big dick. As I took a swig and turned to leave the kitchen, I saw the answering machine flashing. (My parents had an actual answering machine - a digital one - instead of the phone company voicemail service.)

I pressed the button.

One new message. First new message, the digital voice spoke and then the message started to play:

Hey little brother, it's Matt. Called several times and got no answer so I figured you got bored and were probably hanging out over at Uncle Jake's. Just called there to see if I was right and he said you had been there but had left about ten minutes before. I guess you are not home yet. Anyway, was just calling to see how you're doing with the 'rents away. Asked Uncle Jake how you were and he said you're good… said you are REALLY GOOD, actually! Looking forward to coming home at Christmas and spending some time with you, bro!

The first thing I did after the message ended was go to the calendar and count the days left until my brother came home for Christmas vacation! The second thing I did was head upstairs to take care of something that had suddenly come up!

© 2010 Ryan Michaels

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