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Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Male Fiction: Pure Desire (Part 1)

By: Ryan Michaels

Growing up, Ryan lived on a farm with his parents and his two siblings, both older than him. Ryan was the baby, the only boy. His parents were very strict and his family lived more like people did in the olden days – not quite like the Amish, but similar in some ways. They wore regular clothes and had modern conveniences such as electricity and the like, but they didn't have things like a computer or cell phones. They didn't even have a TV. Ryan and his sisters were being raised to respect their parents – calling them Father and Mother as a sign of that respect – to do as they were told, to not talk back, and to remain living at home until they were married.

The children also did chores, lots of them. Weekends were special – they had chores to do still, but they were also given some playtime outside. And, they spent all of their time on the farm. They were even home-schooled and had no way of making friends. They only had each other, and had no clue as to how different other kids their age lived outside of their world. They may have been getting older, but they were still as innocent as young children.

Of course, being so sheltered, Ryan, like his sisters, was completely oblivious to the fact that sex even existed – his parents didn't talk about it, his family had no TV or computer that would have exposed them to such things, and, being home-schooled, Ryan and his sisters weren't around other kids where they might be made aware of it, see it, or learn it from teachers. Some may find the thought of life without a TV or a computer or a cell phone - or the complete lack of knowledge that sex existed – hard to imagine. But you can't miss what you have never known.
As Ryan became old enough - became a man - he had to start helping his father out on the farm, while his sisters continued to do chores and help their mother. Once the girls turned eighteen, however, they were expected to move to town and work in a job more suited to women than farming, as well as try to meet a man to marry and have children with – just another example of his parent's old fashioned ways, which he and his sisters had been raised to believe in and follow.

Sons, however, were not expected to rush out and find a mate, rather remain at home and work alongside their father on the farm. Even when and if they eventually did marry - Ryan didn't know how he was ever going to get married, considering he was never allowed time to venture off the farm – they were still expected to work on the farm. For farmers, it was the family business, fathers and sons tending the farm, a tradition, and refusing to continue to work on the family farm was considered selfish and a sign of disrespect to your parents – a slap in the face. This was life for Ryan, all he knew.

Several years before he started working the farm with his father, just before his body began to change, Ryan's father had taken him to his room to talk with him. He started to talk about the changes Ryan was going to start experiencing. His father simply based his explanation of the changes to come as a boy becoming a man, but left the existence of sex out of the education. Then he placed a small box on the bed in front of Ryan and told him to open it. Ryan did and was met with a clear plastic device that was shaped like a penis, only hollow! "What… what is it Father?" Ryan asked.

"This, son," his father began, "is something that has been a tradition in my family for generations. One is given to each son by his father upon the son's journey into manhood," he finished as he picked the device up out of the box and offered it to the boy.

Ryan took it from his father, still unsure what it was.

"With your body soon to change, you'll need to put that on before it does."

"On? What do you mean Father?"

"It goes between your legs son, on your genitals."

"My what, Father?"

"Your penis, son." He then took it from the boy's hand and disassembled it and then explained how to put it on. "Do you understand son?"

"Yes Father, I mean, I understand your instruction, but may I ask a question?"

"You may," his father allowed.

"How does it work… to make me into a man?" Ryan asked.

"We are Purists, son. In the Purist religion we believe that sperm is sacred and should only be expelled from the male in order to procreate."

"Procreate?" Ryan repeated.

"That's when a man and his wife make a baby."

"Oh… and this will help me make a baby one day?" Ryan asked, not fully understanding. Ryan didn't even know how a man and a woman made a baby – or even what sperm was for that matter.

"No son, it won't help you to make a baby, but it will prevent you from expelling your sacred sperm until you are ready to make a baby."

"And once I am ready to make a baby, I don't have to wear this anymore?"

"No son, you will only take it off when you are trying to procreate with your wife. Once you have, you will continue to wear it until if and when you decide to procreate again. I will keep the key until you are married and then it will be given to your wife, just as my father gave mine to your mother when we were married."

Ryan sat there in wonderment at what his father was telling him about how a boy became a man. He'd had no idea, but that shouldn't have been a surprise. Still, Ryan had questions. "May… may I ask another question Father?"

Ryan's father nodded.

"How do you make a baby anyway?"

"You don't need to know that yet son," he said. "Any more questions?"

Ryan nodded. "Once a man has finished having all the children he is going to have, does he still have to wear this?" he asked pointing at the plastic contraption.

"Oh yes, son. All men only expel their sperm for procreation, but under the Purist belief a man must also wear a sperm guard and may only have his penis freed in order to procreate. Once that part of his life is complete a man still produces sperm, and that sperm is still considered sacred. The sperm guard permanently remains on from that point forward, never to come off again. Do you understand son?"

"Yes Father."

"Ok son, I am going to step out now so that you may take your first step into manhood. Do you remember how to put it on?"

"Yes Father, I think so."

Ryan's father smiled and nodded, handed the sperm guard back to his son and then reached into his pocket and handed him something he called lubricant, instructing the boy to squeeze some of the liquid onto his penis to aid in sliding the tube on, but made it clear Ryan wasn't to touch his penis when applying it. He then walked across to the bedroom door and left.

Ryan had some difficulty getting the thing on, more so in getting the ring around his testicles than getting the tube onto his penis. Once everything was in place, Ryan snapped the little lock shut. He looked at his penis in the device for a moment, wiped his hands on some tissues, and then pulled his underwear and pants back up.

A few minutes later his father came back into his room. "How'd it go son?"

"Fine Father," Ryan replied.

Ryan's father motioned at him and said, "Take down your pants son so I can assure that you have placed it on your genitals properly."

Ryan took a few steps forward until he was standing right in front of his father and then opened his pants and slid them down, followed by his underwear. Ryan wasn't embarrassed. His father had bathed him as a small child and still spanked him occasionally when he had misbehaved, so he had seen his penis before. It wasn't anything sexual, not that Ryan knew anything about that anyway at the time.

Ryan's father looked down to between his son's legs, and then he reached down, grasped the small brass padlock and gave it a gentle tug to make sure the boy's penis was properly and securely locked inside his new sperm guard. "Very good son," he said. "You may pull your pants up now."

Ryan did and his father left his room.

It felt weird at first, having something between his legs other than just his penis and testicals, but Ryan soon got used to the guard being there and it was almost like it always had been. It became… natural.

Then, one day, just shortly after puberty had hit, Ryan woke up and had an aching between his legs. He threw the covers back, got out of his bed and lowered his pajama bottoms. His penis was swollen in the tube, swollen so that it was touching the sides and swollen all the way to the end of the short tube as well. Ryan panicked, yanked his pajama pants back up and ran to find his father.

His father was nowhere in sight when Ryan got to the kitchen, which he should have known given the time of day. "Is Father in the barn?" Ryan asked his mother.

"Yes," she replied and then stopped him with her words as Ryan raced for the door. "Where do you think you are going? You sit down and have your breakfast, and then get showered and dressed before you leave this house!" she sternly scolded.

Ryan did as he was told, just as he always did, and turned and walked over to the kitchen table, sat, and ate the breakfast his mother served him as fast as he could without her scolding him to slow down. The discomfort between his legs had gone away as he sat and ate, but Ryan was still worried and as soon as he was done eating he asked to be excused and, once given permission, raced off to shower and dress.

"Father! Father!" Ryan called out when he finally entered the barn.

"What is it son?" his father asked seeing the panic in his son's face.

"I think there's something wrong with my…" Ryan paused and then pointed to his crotch. Even though he knew nothing of sex, being that he was in puberty at the time, Ryan still unconsciously felt that natural embarrassment most boys that age probably felt about saying the word penis to their father.

Ryan's father walked over to him. "What do you mean son? Are you having a problem with your sperm guard?"

"No, not the guard, it's my…" Ryan stopped there.

"What is it son? I can't help you if you don't tell me what it is that has you so upset."

"It's my… my penis," Ryan finished in almost a whisper. "It was… swollen when I woke up, and ached. I think there's something wrong with it!"

Ryan's father put his hand on his son's shoulder. "Son, you are in puberty now. You are becoming a man. What you are experiencing is a natural occurrence for men. You will find that it happens most often in the morning when you first awaken. But it is nothing to worry about. The swelling will continue, but the discomfort will lessen in time," he explained without divulging the reason behind such occurrences.

The swelling of Ryan's penis continued, mostly in the mornings when he woke up, and the discomfort did lessen in time as well, just like his father had said. In fact, sometimes it, and his testicles, even tingled and strange feelings would wash over him – unknown feelings.

Ryan soon adjusted to the daily swelling (and the tingling sensations) until wearing the guard became just as natural as it had become before he hit puberty, with Ryan continuing to be none the wiser to the pleasure other guys his age were experiencing between their legs in the world outside of his secluded farm life.

Time marched on, with life being pretty routine day in and day out. But just recently, things changed. It was shortly after Ryan's eighteenth birthday, and his father had just hired a farmhand to help out with the daily task of maintaining a farm. His name was Marc. Ryan and his father had had no problem maintaining the farm themselves up until that point, but there was a good reason for the new hire – his mother had fallen ill. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and, although her doctor felt she would survive, she and his father had to go into town quite regularly for her medical care.

While Ryan obviously didn't want his mother to be sick, he liked having Marc around. He was a really nice guy and Ryan liked having a new friend – his first friend, ever, other than his two sisters, who had both left home a few years earlier. Marc was older than Ryan at twenty-four, but even with the six year age difference the gap wasn't that big, and the two of them got along famously, hitting it off right away.

With his two sisters now married and living in town as expected, and his father and mother in town a lot as well, Marc and Ryan spent a lot of time alone together working daily on the farm. Marc had a nice body. Ryan noticed it because he wanted to have a body like Marc's. The type of work they did helped to keep them both in good shape, but Marc was better built than Ryan was. Of course, Marc had been working longer than Ryan had. Still Ryan envied Marc's build and hoped to have a body like his one day.

As Ryan's mother started undergoing more vigorous treatment, she had to stay in the hospital and his father stayed with her during the day, and stayed with Ryan's oldest sister and her husband at night. Marc lived in town, too, and commuted back and forth to the farm. He had shared many meals with the family before heading back home most nights, and even hung out for a bit after sometimes, but Marc and Ryan had never been alone together in the house before, until now.

It was the first day that his father and mother were not coming home, and after a long day of hard work on the farm Marc returned to the house with Ryan for some dinner, despite the fact that his parents weren't home. Ryan offered him a beer and had one himself - when Ryan turned eighteen, he'd been given his father's permission to have the occasional beer, even though he was underage.

After finishing his beer, Ryan went to the kitchen to start dinner and then excused himself to go off and have his regular evening shower to wash away the day's sweat and grime.

As he was enjoying the warm water cascading over his body, Ryan jumped when he heard Marc's voice suddenly. Marc was in the bathroom with him! "Really need to take a leak. Hope you don't mind," Marc said, and then Ryan heard the sound of Marc's pee hitting the water in the toilet bowl.

"Uh, no, I don't mind," Ryan replied. What else was he going to say now that Marc was already peeing, even if he did mind, which he kind of did. Ryan felt quite uncomfortable with Marc standing right next to the tub while he was naked in the shower.

When he was done, Marc flushed the toilet and Ryan jumped back and screamed out as the water in the shower got really hot with the flushing toilet drawing away the cold water.

"Oh shit, sorry man," Marc apologized. "You ok?" he asked, causing Ryan to jump yet again as Marc put his hand on the shower curtain, pulled it back slightly and was now peering in at him. Before Ryan could react, Marc spoke again. "What the fuck is that?" he asked pointing. Ryan had never before heard some of the words Marc used – he said 'fuck' and 'shit' a lot - and he never used them when Ryan's father was around, so Ryan somehow knew that they weren't words he himself should be using. Ryan kind of figured out that they meant the same thing as 'hell' and 'Damn', words Ryan wasn't allowed to say, but he kind of liked the way Marc spoke anyway.

Ryan's eyes followed Marc's finger down to where it pointed. Seeing that he was pointing at the device that encased his penis, Ryan responded quite casually, "It's a sperm guard."

Marc laughed. "A what?"

"A sperm guard," Ryan repeated.

"Wow, I've never heard of such a thing before. But, whatever floats your boat," he chuckled and let the curtain go, and then left the bathroom.

The fact that Marc had never heard about it before didn't raise any questions. Ryan's father had explained that all men only expelled their sperm to procreate but only his family's religion required the use of a sperm guard. Ryan knew nothing of whatever Marc's religion might be, so how was Marc to know anything about Ryan's?

After Ryan had showered and dressed, he went to the kitchen to put dinner on the plates. It was just some reheated leftovers so it was ready in the time it had taken him to shower. Ryan then took Marc his dinner and returned to the kitchen to grab his plate, along with two more beers, before returning to the living room to join him.

With no TV to watch, the two ate in relative silence, the events in the bathroom not being mentioned at all. Their mouths were full most of the time anyway. Then, when Marc put his empty plate down on the coffee table and picked up his beer, before taking a sip, he spoke. "Hey, I've got a question," he said and then took a swig of beer, swallowed it and continued, "How come you don't take it off when you take a shower?" Obviously Marc had been thinking about what he'd seen all this time.

"I don't have the key," Ryan said and then took a drink from his own bottle of beer. He couldn't believe they were actually sitting there talking about his sperm guard. This was far different than the types of conversations he had been used to having with his parents and sisters all his life!

Marc turned his head to look directly at Ryan. "You don't have the key?" he said sounding almost horrified. "So how do you…"

"Wash?" Ryan said finishing Marc's sentence. "The guard is designed for hygiene, allowing you to wash and keep clean without removing it," he explained.
"No! How do you get it off?" Marc asked.

Ryan took another drink of his beer in between chewing. "I just told you, you can clean yourself… down there… without taking it off."

Marc chuckled. "No, not get it off in that way… get yourself off."

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Ryan asked.

Marc laughed again. "You know, pull it."

"Pull it?" Ryan repeated. "I don't pull it. Yanking on the guard like that would hurt my… um… well it would just hurt."

Marc laughed and then said, "C'mon, seriously, how do you do it?"

"I told you, I don't pull on it."

"Yeah, right," Marc chuckled. "You expect me to believe that you never whack it?"

"Huh? Whack it? What, the guard?" Ryan asked looking at Marc with total confusion.

"C'mon man, enough with the kidding around. Be serious! How do you…" he said and then clenched his fist and started moving it up and down in the air.

"I don't know what that means," Ryan said pointing at Marc's hand as he pumped the air.

Marc laughed and said, "C'mon, how can you not know what…" and then he looked at the eighteen-year-old boy incredulously. "Fuck, you really don't know, do you?"

"No, I don't," Ryan said. "Is it some kind of exercise to develop your arm muscles?"

Marc broke out into uproarious laughter, and then said through his laughter, "Yeah, you could say it helps build muscle… in one arm anyway, unless you're ambidextrous."

"Can you show me how?" Ryan asked innocently.

Marc's face went straight. "You want me to show you?"

"Yes, I mean if you don't mind. I get a good workout on the farm, but I'd still like to build up my arms a little more, make them more your size. Show me that exercise you are describing."

"Uh, ok, sure, I'd love to show you," Marc said.

"Thanks. You know, I've never had a real friend before. I'm glad we met and became such good friends and that you can teach me stuff. I've lived a very sheltered life here on the farm."

"Yeah, I'm beginning to realize that," Marc said and then slid his lower half forward on the couch and leaned his upper body back into it, and then popped open the top of his jeans.

"What… what are you doing?" Ryan asked alarmed, but by the time he had gotten the words out Marc had quickly slid his zipper down and pushed his jeans down to his knees. He wore no underwear underneath and his penis was now on display.

"Showing you, like you asked me to," Marc replied.

No more words would come. Ryan had never seen another man's penis other than his own, not even his father's. And then his eyes got wide as Marc's penis seemed to start to swell just as his own did sometimes. But Marc's wasn't in a sperm guard and it swelled even more than Ryan's, moving on its own across his thigh until it was lying on his stomach pointing upward. But it continued to swell even more, and then it started to lift up and was now sticking straight up from Marc's body, looking solid, like it had a steel pole inside it now. It was also very big.

Although he was looking at Marc's penis in a mixed state of disbelief and amazement, Ryan could feel Marc's eyes on him as he lay there displaying himself to the boy. "What's wrong with your penis?" Ryan asked with the wonderment of a child.

"Nothing's wrong with it. I know you said you've never pulled it, but you must've gotten a hard-on before?"

"What's a hard-on?"

"You're kidding… no, you're not," Marc said sounding exasperated. "A boner, wood, an erection. All guys get them, especially guys your age. You must have had one before."

Ryan shook his head. "Nuh-uh, nothing like that has ever happened to me before," he said pointing at Marc's penis. "My father gave me the sperm guard before my body started to change. My… penis… swells up in it sometimes, but my father said that's a normal, part of becoming a man."

"It is," Marc said. "But there's no point in having a swollen dick if you can't enjoy it… like a man."

Dick? Another word Ryan had never heard. "What do you mean," Ryan asked, his eyes still focused on - to him – the unusual sight before him.

Then his eyes got even wider as Marc brought his hand to his penis and closed his fingers around the bottom of it. Ryan had touched his own penis before when he peed, before it was in the sperm guard, but he had held it with a couple of fingers near the end, never his fist, and it was soft and spongy, not looking like a flagpole!

"This," Marc said, and then his hand started to move up, slowly making its way to the top of his penis, and then back down to the bottom again. He repeated this action again, and then again.

"What are you doing?" Ryan asked with worry and wonderment.

"Pulling it. You wanted me to show you, remember?"

All Ryan could do was nod. He was intoxicated by what he was witnessing.

"Whacking it; jacking it; pulling my pud; beating my meat; whipping the willy; jerking off," he went on, "but the technical term for it is masturbating."

"Masturbating," Ryan repeated quietly. He didn't know why but he really liked the way that word sounded, even though he still wasn't sure what it or any of the other words Marc used to describe it actually meant.

Marc's hand began to move up and down on his penis even faster now. Ryan was entranced. Then Marc started to breathe more loudly, more quickly, his chest moving in and out rapidly now. His head fell to the back of the couch and he closed his eyes, and Ryan's eyes left Marc's penis for the first time. He was worried something was wrong. "Marc, are you ok?" Ryan asked with concern in his voice.

Marc didn't answer, just started to take quicker breaths and squeezed his eyes shut more tightly. "Marc! Marc! Are you alright?"

"It's my dick," Marc said breathlessly, sounding like he was in pain. "It's throbbing… oh god, I'm gonna…"

Ryan turned and looked back at Marc's penis, worried that what Marc was doing to himself had caused some kind of hurt between his legs, and then Marc grunted, raised his hips and white stuff shot out of his penis like a bullet from a gun, the white stuff going all the way up to under his chin. Ryan was mesmerized.

"You ok Marc?" Ryan asked again when Marc's breathing had returned to a somewhat normal speed and he had brought his head forward to look down at the white stuff that was all over his body, the swelling in his penis slowly subsiding.

"Yeah," Marc smiled, "I couldn't be better. And that, my friend, is what you call pulling it."

"Is that sperm?" Ryan asked pointing at the mess that covered Marc's skin.

"Some of it is," he said.

"You expelled your sperm… but why?" Ryan asked sounding mortified, unable to comprehend why Marc would do that, given his own upbringing.

"Because it feels fucking incredible!" Marc grinned. "All guys do it."

"They do?"

"Yup. Ninety-nine percent of guys do it, and the other one percent are liars," he laughed.

"I don't do that," Ryan said.

"Yeah, all guys except for you," Marc smiled at him. "We need to find that fuckin' key!"


©2011-2015 Ryan Michaels

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Revised 2015 - edited from first-person to third-person

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