"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Male Fiction: Night Visions (Part 2)

By: Ryan Michaels
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Ryan and Sean were watching the laptop screen intently as Chad and the woman he'd brought home kissed, tongues intertwining, hands roaming.

"Nice!" Sean said as Chad's hands started feeling up the woman's breasts through her shirt. "I can't wait to get a look at her tits!"

"Me too," Ryan concurred, although, what he wanted to see even more was Chad's hard cock, even though he had seen it a few times already. But this time he was going to see it getting sucked, see it sliding in and out of a pussy.

Removing his hands, Chad pulled the woman's shirt over her head. His face immediately began to nuzzle her cleavage as he reached behind to unhook her bra. Once he accomplished this, he removed his face from her chest and removed her bra, then dove back in and began to lick and chew on her nipples, fondling her mounds of flesh as he did so.

"Oh, fuck, that's hot. I wish it was my face buried in those titties," Sean sighed.

Ryan moved his eyes to the side and could see that his best friend had a hard-on. Ryan had one too, but unlike him, Sean didn't even notice, his eyes glued to the screen.

After a few minutes, Chad stopped working her tits and reached for the button of her pants. Once he had it open he helped her out of them and then maneuvered her to sit on the end of his bed. She fell back onto her elbows as he lifted her legs. Grasping her panties, he slid them down and off. As Chad moved slightly to toss them to the floor, the woman's pussy was exposed to the camera lens for a few brief moments.

"Fuck yeah!" Sean said excitedly. "Look at that fuckin' pussy! Shaved, just the way I like it!"

Chad then got on his knees and put his face between her legs. Although he had never done it, the idea of eating pussy never appealed to Ryan, but for some reason he got really turned on watching other men do it. It was one of his favorite things to watch in straight porn. However, with the position of the couple on the bed in relation to the camera, all that could be seen was the back of Chad's head.

"Fuck! Can't see anything!" Sean cursed.

"It's still hot, though," Ryan said.

"I guess," Sean said. His disappointment was evident. "But it would be even hotter to actually see him licking her snatch."

"Yeah," Ryan agreed. But, even though he couldn't see Chad's tongue licking the woman's pussy, just seeing his head between her legs moving around, knowing what he was doing was enough to get his own dick juices flowing.

Sean's excited anticipation returned when Chad stood up and started to undo his pants. "Alright! Now we're gonna see some action!"

As Chad's underwear came down, Ryan's eyes focused in on his hot ass. As the girl sat up and Chad took a step closer to the end of the bed, Ryan groaned unintentionally when Chad's legs spread slightly and he could see his big, low-hanging balls dangling from behind.

Thankfully, Sean didn't catch on to the real reason behind Ryan's groan. "Yeah, I know buddy, I can't wait to see this hot babe sucking some cock either." And then, as the woman's head moved forward and took Chad's cock into her mouth, Sean groaned as, once again, the two horny teens couldn't see anything. "Fuck! This sucks! You should have put the camera in a better spot!"

"That was the only place I could put it!" Ryan replied. "He has a dresser on the wall across from the bed, and there is a clock radio sitting on it. It's black, like the camera, and has these little hollow indentations on the front right below the speakers. I put the camera in one of them where it would blend in and not be seen," he explained.

"Yeah, but in the meantime all we're seeing is some dude's ass! Not exactly what I want to be looking at."

"Don't worry, once they start to fuck they'll get on the bed and we'll be able to see everything!"

"We'd better," Sean pouted.

Despite his statement to the contrary, Ryan noticed that Sean continued to look at the screen displaying only Chad's naked butt, and he also noticed that Sean's hard-on had not gone down even a little bit.

"Ok, now it's gonna get good!" Ryan said as the woman pulled her face back, scooted back on the bed and put her head on the pillow, rubbing her clit as Chad started to remove his shirt, which was the last piece of clothing he still had on.

"Yeah, play with that clit!" Sean said and casually, probably unconsciously, gave his crotch a quick squeeze.

And then… the screen went dark.

"What the fuck!" Sean exclaimed. "What the hell happened?"

Ryan knew what had happened and told his friend the bad news. "I think when Chad tossed his shirt over his shoulder it landed on the dresser, in front of the clock radio."

"Shit!" cried Sean.

"Well, at least we got to see a naked woman," Ryan said trying to put a positive spin on the disappointing situation.

"Big deal, not like we've never seen a naked woman before," Sean said.

Sean didn't know his best friend was a virgin, or that until that very night Ryan had never seen a woman naked before outside of porn. "Yeah," Ryan played along. "But don't forget, Chad is always bringing women home. The shirt landing on the cam was just a fluke. We'll get plenty more chances to see him banging some chick, maybe even tomorrow night."

"Fat lot of good that does me now, though," Sean pouted some more. "Got all worked up for nothin'!"

Ryan wanted to say something about them both being 'worked up' and maybe suggest they watch porn and take care of things, together, but he didn't have the nerve, and so, with the possibility of seeing anything on the cam gone, the two boys went back out to the living room to finish watching their movie.


When the movie was over, both boys were tired and more than ready for some sleep. Even though Ryan had a queen size bed in his bedroom, there was no way two teenage boys would willingly sleep together in the same bed, at least not when one of them was straight. Although Ryan wouldn't have minded in the least, the mere suggestion of such an idea was out of the question. So, Sean would be sleeping on the couch.

After getting Sean a pillow and some blankets, Ryan went off to his bedroom, happy to finally be alone so he could take care of his cock. He was undressed and in his bed in a flash, hand immediately grasping his dick. With his eyes closed, he pictured Chad's head between that woman's legs, moving about. His cock got hard really fast.

Just as he began a nice rhythm, he realized that he had to pee. Ryan didn't like to jerk off when he had the urge to piss. That need to pee just somehow took his concentration away from the pleasure he was giving himself. So, he stopped his gentle manipulations, got out of bed and slipped on his underwear, and then headed to the bathroom to relieve his nagging bladder.

As he stepped out into the hallway, he had only taken a few steps when he stopped in his tracks. He thought he had heard something. He stood and listened, and then he heard it again, clear as day. Quiet moans were coming from the living room, and he knew exactly what that meant.

Quietly, he moved to the end of the hallway and peered around the wall. His eyes got wide as he took in the sight of his best friend pumping his hand up and down on his hard cock. The light of the moon filtering in through the sheer curtains that covered the windows illuminated his friend perfectly.

Ryan had never thought of his best friend as someone he would have sex with, but he had always wondered what his cock looked like, often wishing they were the type of best friends that jerked off to porn together. But, just like earlier in the bedroom, he could never muster up the nerve to even suggest it for fear of a negative reaction from Sean.

At least now he was finally getting to see his buddy's cock, and one thing was for sure, he had never imagined that his friend's cock would be so big. It was a lot bigger than his five-and-a-half inch cock, and probably only a couple of inches shorter than Chad's, which Ryan estimated to be almost ten inches. Like Chad, and unlike Ryan, Sean's dick was uncut. Ryan envied this, along with the large size of both of their cocks.

Ryan was mesmerized by what he was seeing, and without taking his eyes off of his friend's cock, Ryan slipped his underwear down beneath his balls and started to fist his own dick, the dislike of masturbating when he needed to piss no longer a concern.

It wasn't very long before Sean's heavy breathing became more rapid, and then his ass lifted from the couch slightly and his cum shot out of his cock, the first couple of streams jetting all the way up to his chest, the rest landing on his stomach. Ryan came from seeing this, shooting his load into his cupped hand.

Ryan continued to stand there, peering around the wall, watching as Sean reached an arm over the back of the couch and pulled a couple of tissues from the box that sat atop the sofa table, and then proceeded to wipe up his load and the head of his slowly softening cock. It was only after Sean swung his feet over the side of the couch that Ryan was able to make himself move. He figured Sean was getting up to flush away the evidence of his self-pleasuring activities, and the last thing he wanted was to be caught with his pants down, literally, and a wad of cum in his hand. He scurried down the hall back to his bedroom and quietly closed the door.

With Sean now in the bathroom, Ryan found himself stuck with a hand full of cum as he found the box of tissues, which he kept by his bed for cleaning up such things, empty. Once in a while he would tell himself he was going to eat his own load, but after he came the appeal always vanished. But now he had no choice, so, pursing his lips, he sucked up his cum from his hand and then licked the remnants until the only wetness that remained on his hand was his spit. He didn't really enjoy it, but felt it was a small price to pay for what he got to witness.

Still needing to take that piss that he had originally set out to take, Ryan opened his bedroom door a short while after hearing the toilet flush. He was surprised to see that the bathroom door was still closed. With his bedroom light off, he waited by his door, leaving it open a crack and peeking through the small space, watching for Sean to go back to the living room.

Moments later the bathroom door opened and out walked Sean, still naked. Ryan didn't find this odd. Sean assumed Ryan was fast asleep, and both boys knew Ryan's father wouldn't be home from the bars for a while yet. Not to mention that his recently drained cock had probably still been oozing a bit of cum as he made his way to the bathroom, and he probably didn't want to stain his underwear. After all, his mom still did his laundry.

Ryan watched his friend's cock swing from side to side as he moved down the hall to the living room, then he exited his bedroom a few  moments later, yawning dramatically to make it appear as though he had just awoken. Sean would, after all, hear the toilet flush, and Ryan didn't want Sean to think he'd been awake all this time. Upon returning to his room, Ryan fell asleep moments after his head hit the pillow.


Since he had gotten to bed so late, Ryan slept in, waking up around 11am the next morning. He had a morning hard-on, as usual, but he'd take care of that in the shower. After slipping on his underwear, he went down the hall and poked his head out into the living room to check in on Sean. He was still sleeping, and his dad was nowhere in sight either. Going back down the hall, he checked his dad's room and found that he was still sleeping, too, snoring up a storm. Ryan then headed off to the bathroom.

In the shower, Ryan took care of his boner first and then washed his hair and body. After finishing in the bathroom, Ryan returned to his bedroom, got dressed, and then went to the living room.

Sean was awake now, sitting up, with the blanket covering the lower half of his body. It was obvious that after his jack off session, after he had returned from the bathroom, Sean had not bothered to put his underwear back on, for they lay on the floor next to the couch.

"Mind if I take a shower, too?" Sean asked as soon as he saw Ryan.

"Go ahead," Ryan replied hoping he'd get a glimpse of his best friend's cock again. However, sensing that Sean was waiting for him to leave before removing the blanket, instead of hanging around, he said, "I'll go grab you a clean towel," and then went off to the bathroom to give his friend some privacy.

As Ryan turned around after placing a clean towel on the bathroom counter, Sean was in the doorway, now wearing his underwear. Ryan's eyes inadvertently dropped to his friend's crotch. Luckily Sean didn't notice, as he was too busy rubbing the sleep out of one of his eyes. Ryan could tell that Sean had a semi going on in his shorts. He excused himself to let his friend shower.

As Ryan waited for his friend he sat flipping through the TV channels, but was unable to concentrate on much of anything. His mind was wandering, wondering if Sean was masturbating in the shower, too, just like he had. He couldn't help but to get a mental image, and, after what he'd seen last night, he could very easily picture his best friend stroking his big, hard cock until it spurted cum.

After Sean joined him in the living room, the two friends had something to eat in front of the TV, with Sean intermittingly complaining about not getting to see anything on the cam. Ryan kept reassuring his friend that they would eventually get to see something, possibly even that evening.

Since Sean wasn't returning home until the next day, they filled their day watching TV, playing video games, surfing the 'net, and hanging out with other mutual friends they'd met up with while playing some ball down at the schoolyard.

When Saturday night finally rolled around, with Ryan's dad at his home away from home drinking the night away, the two boys had the place all to themselves again. They watched movies to pass the time, keeping a watchful eye on the laptop that now sat on the coffee table, displaying a live image of Chad's bedroom.

Both boys got excited when they saw the darkened image on the screen lighting up and Chad walking in to the bedroom. Unfortunately their excitement was short lived, as he was alone. Chad then began to get undressed.

"Ok, obviously he's alone and just going to bed. Quick, turn it off before we see him naked," Sean said.

Ryan loved seeing Chad naked, but he couldn't let Sean know that, so, reluctantly, he shut off the feed. Not long after, the two boys went to bed themselves. Ryan listened at his door for a while, hoping to hear Sean moaning. He even went down the hallway and peered around the wall at one point, but he heard Sean breathing deeply and realized that, sadly, there would not be a repeat performance of the night before.

That wasn't going to stop Ryan from doing it, though. Climbing back in bed, he began to tug on his stiff prick and was soon squirting his load all over his stomach. He left it there and sleep came quickly after that.

The next day, both boys showered and had a bite to eat in front of the TV again, and after bitching some more about not getting to see any real action, Sean went home a short while later.


Over the following week, Ryan watched Chad take a shower every morning, and watched again every night when he took his evening shower after work, masturbating right along with him.

On Thursday night he even saw Chad getting off in bed, and what he witnessed was the hottest thing he had seen on the camera so far: Chad stripped naked and then put a towel on the bed, and then he lay down on his stomach and began fucking his mattress until he exploded all over the towel. Ryan almost went nuts when Chad raised himself up and his ass was in the air pointing right at the camera, those big balls hanging down. Then drawing his eyes lower, he saw a long strand of cum going from the tip of Chad's cock down to the towel. Those simultaneous images were too much for Ryan and his cock exploded, shooting cum all over the place.

On Friday, Chad didn't masturbate while taking his after work shower. Ryan saw this as a good sign that Chad was probably getting laid later that night. That didn't stop him from beating his meat, though, as he watched Chad run his soapy fingers all over his body. He came when Chad was soaping his ample cock and balls.

Unfortunately, Chad came home alone on Friday night, and he got home pretty early, too. Ryan hoped that Chad would masturbate since he obviously hadn't gotten laid, but he didn't. When he went in the bathroom he just brushed his teeth and took a piss – Ryan enjoyed watching that, though. And then, when he went to his bedroom, he just stripped out of his clothes and went to bed.

When Saturday came along, Ryan's special day had finally arrived. It wouldn't be very exciting, though. His dad never did much, other than making dinner (Ryan usually cooked the meals) and giving him some cash as a birthday gift. This year, however, with Ryan's birthday falling on a Saturday, well, that was bar night for his dad, so when dinner time rolled around, rather than his annual home cooked meal that he didn't have to cook, all he got was a pizza his dad had ordered, along with the standard cash gift. He was a little upset that his dad cared more about going out and getting drunk than he did about his son's birthday, but Sean was coming over later to hang out and celebrate with some weed he'd scored just for the occasion.

Ryan was hoping that he'd get the opportunity to see Chad fucking later that night, too, but not his mattress this time. He figured since Chad didn't score the previous night, he'd almost definitely be getting some action that night, since he seemed to get laid practically every weekend. Of course, it wasn't guaranteed, but if he did, Ryan, along with Sean, would be watching. He couldn't think of a better birthday present!

After finishing his birthday dinner, Ryan exited his apartment to throw the pizza box into the recycling bin in the garbage room at the end of the hall. As he exited the garbage room, Chad was just stepping out of his apartment. "Hey, how's it going," Chad smiled as they approached each other.

"Not bad, how are you?"

"I'm good, thanks."

"Going out this early? You must have a busy Saturday night planned," Ryan said, trying to find out Chad's plans so he could anticipate when he might be home and if he might have a girl with him.

"Nah, I'm just popping out to the store. What about you, staying home tonight or going out later?"

"Staying home," I said.

"Staying home, on your birthday? Well, that's no fun. You should be going out and partying with your friends."

"You remembered that today was my birthday?"

"Yeah, you told me last week that it was on the twenty-second, remember?"

Ryan nodded. He remembered telling him that. He was just really surprised that Chad had remembered.

"Which means I owe you that birthday drink. You didn't forget, did you?"

Ryan hadn't forgotten, he'd just figured it was one of those things people say but don't really mean. "No, I didn't forget," Ryan replied.

"Good. That's why I'm going to the store, to get a bottle of booze. All I have on hand is beer."

"Beer's fine with me."

"Beer is fine for watching the game or after a long day at work. Hard liquor is what you drink on the day you officially become a man," Chad chuckled.

"If you say so, then ok," Ryan replied.

"I do. So, why don't you drop by my place in about an hour?"

Ryan agreed and then returned to his apartment as Chad headed for the elevator.

With dinner done, no dishes to wash and Sean not due over until later, there wasn't much to do to pass the time. It was only an hour but it seemed to drag as he surfed the 'net for a bit, and then channel surfed after that.

Finally, an hour came to pass. Ryan called out to his father, who was in the shower getting ready for his night out, that he was going out for a bit and wouldn't be long. He didn't say where, nor did he hang around to see if his father responded. He was already shutting the front door behind him seconds after he'd spoken the words.

Ryan rapped on Chad's door. "Hi," Chad smiled as he open it, "C'mon in."

Ryan stepped inside and Chad directed him to take a seat while he went off to make Ryan his birthday drink.

The one thing that hadn't occurred to Ryan when he had accepted this invitation was that other than some chit-chat in the hallway, he didn't really know Chad. It wasn't like they were friends, just neighbors. So what the hell was he supposed to talk about now that he was in Chad's apartment?

He didn't have much time to think about it before Chad came back from the kitchen. "Here you go," Chad smiled as he extended his arm to Ryan. "Drink up, birthday boy."

Ryan took the drink and drank some in the same way he'd take a drink of his soda, and then he coughed and choked a little. It burned his throat.

Chad laughed and said, "Take it easy. You should only put a little bit in your mouth at a time, at least until you have a bit of experience behind you and can handle taking more of it down your throat."

Perhaps it was because he was eighteen years old and always horny, but Ryan couldn't help but to think Chad's innocent statement sounded kind of dirty. He laughed at the thought of it and Chad asked him what was so funny. "Oh, nothing, just laughing at myself," Ryan fibbed.

As Ryan took small mouthfuls of his drink here and there, he was grateful that Chad was great at small talk, preventing any moments of awkward silence.

As soon as Ryan had finished his drink, Chad stood and offered to take the empty glass from him. Ryan handed it to him and Chad headed in the direction of the kitchen.

When Chad came back a few minutes later, he had another drink in his hand and offered it to Ryan. "I thought you said a drink?" Ryan said, but didn't hesitate to take the glass from Chad.

"One more won't hurt you… or two… or three," he grinned and then he brought his own drink to his mouth and gulped some back.

Ryan took a sip of his drink and then another a moment later. He began to take larger mouthfuls and took them closer together. He finished it rather quickly compared to the first.

Chad got up and quickly returned with another drink for Ryan. Ryan finished half of it in one mouthful.

Chad laughed. "Looks like you've learned how to handle the hard stuff."

"Yeah," Ryan replied, giggling at Chad's dirty sounding remark. He felt more relaxed now, kind of light head, dizzy even, but he liked the buzz.

"Now isn't this more fun than sitting home all alone on your birthday?" Chad asked.

"Actually," Ryan started, then gulped the rest of his drink and continued, "I've got a buddy coming over to help me celebrate."


Unbeknownst to Ryan, as he spoke those words Sean was exiting the elevator and heading to Ryan's apartment door. Ryan's dad answered Sean's knock. "Ryan's not back yet, but I'm sure he'll be home soon," Ryan's dad informed Sean after inviting him in.

"Back from where?" Sean inquired. He couldn't understand why Ryan would not be home when he was expecting him, or where he could have gone.

"He didn't say," Ryan's dad replied. "I'm just heading out myself. Make yourself at home, Sean," he finished, offering the TV remote and then exiting the front door a few moments later.


"So what are you and your buddy going to do to celebrate your birthday?" Chad asked.

"Uh, we're just gonna hang out, watch movies, and smoke some weed."

"Porno movies?"

"No," Ryan laughed. "Just regular movies."

"Well, I guess that's one way to spend your birthday."

"Why, what would you do?"

"I'd probably get laid," Chad smiled.

"Yeah, me too. Ha-ha-ha, I wish!" Ryan giggled as he put his empty glass down on the coffee table with a bit of a thud. "I gotta take a leak. May I use your washroom?"

"Sure, it's the door on the right," Chad said pointing towards the short hallway that housed the bedroom and bathroom.

As Ryan stood, his head spun and he teetered a bit. Chad jumped up and grabbed his arm to steady him. "Easy there. You ok?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, I think I just stood up too fast," Ryan answered, feeling a charge surge through his entire body from Chad's touch, especially in his dick, which tingled and began to unfurl from its nested position in his underwear. He was more than eager to get to the bathroom and out of Chad's line of sight before his rod bloomed into a full-on boner. Ryan took a step and managed to steady himself some, and then proceeded to the bathroom.

Once there, Ryan got a bit of a head rush from bending slightly to lift the toilet seat and then straightening back up. He fumbled with his zipper but was having trouble getting it pulled down. He didn't know if it was because of the booze or if the zipper was just stuck. In any event, he pulled at the top of his pants, popping the button open, and then pushed at the front of them. This caused the zipper to separate a bit and he managed to get the pants pushed down below his balls, taking his underwear down with them. He grabbed his dick in his hand, aimed, and began to let out a stream of piss.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. The flow of piss stopped as a startled Ryan looked over to see Chad standing there. "You doing ok?" Chad asked.

"Y-yeah… fine," Ryan stuttered, and then began to piss again. It must have been his inebriated state that allowed his body to be relaxed enough to do so because he was normally pee shy.
Rather than leaving, Chad proceeded to enter the bathroom, walking towards where Ryan stood. As Chad crossed behind him, Ryan could feel the movement of the air, reminding him that his ass was exposed, too. Then Chad came to stand at the side of the toilet. Ryan didn't know what was going on and was taken aback when Chad pulled down his zipper, hauled out his cock and began to piss right along with him.

"You got clipped, huh?" Chad said.

"Huh?" Ryan said as he shook the piss drops from his own cock.

"I said, you got clipped. Man, am I ever glad my parents didn't get me clipped," Chad said looking down at his cock.

Ryan glanced at Chad's cock, too, and his eyes widened when he saw Chad actually give it a tug.

"You prefer uncut?" Chad asked as he gave his uncut meat a few shakes.

"Wh-what?" Ryan replied as he tucked his dick back in his pants.

"I mean, do you wish that you were uncut, too?" Chad asked as he flushed the toilet.

"I-I guess, well, yeah," Ryan said, losing his footing as he fumbled to do up his pants and stumbled backwards. Trying to catch himself, he leaned forward and ended up falling to his knees in front of the toilet, his hands grabbing the toilet seat for support.

"You ok?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, I just got a bit dizzy and lost my balance," Ryan said raising his head, finding it right in line with Chad's long dangling cock.

There was a pregnant pause as he stared at it.

"You like big dicks?" Chad asked, shocking Ryan back into focus.

"What? I… uh… huh?" What the hell was going on? Had he passed out from the booze and was just dreaming all of this? Ryan finally managed to string some words together. "Was that some kind of a joke?" he asked as he tried to get to his feet. But he was having difficulty, and Chad reached down, to help him up, Ryan assumed.

Instead, though, Chad put his hand firmly on Ryan's shoulder, keeping him down on his knees and said, "Not at all. I know you like cock. And I know you want mine… don't you?"

Ryan's head was spinning, from the booze and from what was happening. It wasn't until his head had nodded that he even realized he had done it, answering Chad's question.

"I thought so," Chad grinned. "You'd love to suck it, wouldn't you?"

Ryan couldn't believe what he was hearing. It didn't make any sense. Chad was straight. Ryan knew how much pussy he got. He couldn't help but think this had to be a joke, or a setup. Maybe Chad hated gay people and had suspected Ryan was gay and this is how he was confirming his suspicions. Ryan wasn't gay, he was bisexual, but to someone that hated gay people, being a bisexual guy amounted to the same thing: liking dick. Even if what he was thinking was true, with Chad's cock so near, if there was even a chance that he could really get to suck it, he had to risk it, and he found himself nodding again in response.

"Yeah? Would that be the best birthday present you could ever ask for?"

"Yes!" Ryan blurted, finally speaking.

"Well then, Happy Birthday!" Chad said turning slightly and moving a bit closer to Ryan's face.


Bored and a little bit pissed off at his friend for not being home like he should be, Sean turned off the TV. Getting up from the couch, he headed to Ryan's room to waste some time online.

Grabbing his friend's laptop, Sean hopped on Ryan's bed and stretched out on his stomach. As he moved the mouse pointer towards the browser shortcut, he saw the shortcut for the hidden camera, and then he immediately noticed a second shortcut, one that hadn't been there before. It had the same fake name, except this one had a number in brackets beside it. He wondered if Ryan had hidden another cam in someone else's apartment, but quickly dismissed that idea, figuring that Ryan getting access to someone else's apartment was quite unlikely. Plus, Ryan surely would have told him. He decided it must just be a duplicate shortcut.


"Are… are you serious?" Ryan asked nervously, staring longingly at Chad's cock, still not believing.

"Very serious," Chad replied. "So serious that I gave up pussy last night, just so that I could save up my load to give to you for your birthday," he said, his cock slowly beginning to rise all on its own.

Ryan's cock was hard in his pants now, and it seemed to get impossibly harder as he watched Chad's cock grow until the object of his desire, the very large object of his desire, was pointing right at his face.


Knowing it was probably too early for Chad to have a girl in his bed, Sean started moving the mouse pointer back to the browser shortcut. But curiosity got the better of him, and he moved the mouse pointer to hover over the new shortcut.


Despite his trepidation, Ryan began to stretch his neck towards the big, hard, uncut cock that had consumed his fantasies for so long, but Chad stopped him, and then he reached down and, with a firm grip on his arm, pulled Ryan up off his knees.

Ryan started to think he'd been right all along in thinking the whole thing was a setup or cruel joke, and wondered what Chad was going to do next.


Sean double-clicked on the shortcut. "What the fuck?" he said aloud, not believing his own eyes as he stared at the image that filled the screen… the image of an empty bathroom. He wondered whose bathroom it was and why Ryan hadn't told him he had managed to hide another cam in someone else's apartment. As he closed the window, he knew he was definitely going to be asking him when he got home… whenever the fuck that might be.


Entering the bedroom, Chad led Ryan to the side of the bed and motioned for him to sit down. "I figured we'd be more comfortable in here than you being down on your knees on the cold, hard bathroom tile," he said as he unfastened the button on his jeans.

Ryan watched as Chad pulled down the zipper, and then pushed the jeans and his underwear down, letting them fall down to his ankles, the still hard cock, and those big balls now fully on display.

"Suck my dick," Chad said softly but with a hint of authority in his voice.

More than willing, but also nervous at the prospect of sucking his very first cock, Ryan slowly started to lean forward.


"Ah, what the hell, I'm probably wasting my time, but I got nothing better to do anyway," Sean said as he moved the mouse pointer to the original shortcut and double-clicked it.


© 2013 by Ryan Michaels

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