"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Monday, April 21, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Nude Beach (Part 1)

By: Ryan Michaels
It was a Sunday morning, nearing 10am. I had just woken up and was lying in my bed lazily fondling my cock when my cell phone chimed. Reaching over to my bed-side table, I picked it up in my left hand, my right remaining on my cock. The text message was from my friend Jeff.

"Hey, Mark and I are going to the beach, and you're coming, too," it read.

"I am?" I texted back.

"Yeah. We're going to the nude beach," he replied and that was followed by a grinning emoticon.

The nude beach! Fuck, I couldn't go to a nude beach! Mark and Jeff were my best friends, but what they didn't know, what no one knew, was that I was gay. At eighteen, going to the nude beach wasn't about the freedom or thrill of being naked in public, it was, for them, all about seeing naked women. It was an adult nude beach – in other words, no kids were allowed – and Jeff had often talked about going there as soon as he turned eighteen, just for that reason, to see naked women. I hadn't ever really thought he was serious, or if he was I figured he'd never have the nerve to actually go. As for me, well, I'd be checking out the naked guys, and I was terrified that I would get a hard-on, get a hard-on in front of my buddies, in front of everyone.

There was also the fact that I would be naked with my two best friends. I'd be seeing their cocks. Just seeing cock, anyone's cock, is enough to make my dick tingle, and their dicks were going to be totally exposed right in front of me. What if I got a stiffy from seeing my friends' cocks?

But Jeff wasn't taking no for an answer. Not wanting to raise any suspicions as to why I, a healthy, presumably straight eighteen-year-old guy was so against going to a nude beach to scope out naked women, I finally gave in, figuring that if I was that nervous about getting hard, my nervousness would actually prevent me from getting boned up.

If I was going to go to a nude beach, which apparently I was, I needed to cum first. I had planned to anyway, but now there was no time for casual fondling and eventual masturbation. I needed to play with my cock for the express purpose of making it cum. If I came before I went to the nude beach, combined with my nervousness, there was a good chance I wouldn't get an embarrassing boner in public. Although, it wasn't a guarantee, I was eighteen after all. But at least shooting a load first would help to lessen the odds of it happening.

Wrapping my fist around my cock, I pumped it up and down for a minute or so, and then I flipped over onto my stomach. I began rubbing my cock against the sheets, slowly at first, rotating my hips, and then I started to hump against them. Soon I was raising my hips and letting them fall back down into the bed. I was fucking my mattress with a passion now, and it wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. With a final hard fuck into the bed, my cum spewed out of my cock and onto the sheets.
After taking a couple of seconds to catch my breath, I raised myself up onto my knees and scooped up the small wad of cum that was clinging to my stomach and licked it off my fingers. Then I put my hands out in front of me and leaned my face down and lapped up my puddle of cum from the bed sheet, and then licked the wet spot until I had eaten all of my load. I loved cum and hadn't gotten it from very many guys yet, so I always ate my own to satisfy the craving.

After getting off, I lay in the wet spot for a short while and then finally got out of bed and went and took a shower.

A couple of hours later Mark and Jeff and I were getting out of the car and heading towards the beach. There were a good amount of people there, but it was far from being crowded. Probably had something to do with it being a Sunday afternoon early in the season, and the fact that most people probably go to regular beaches.

There were a few older people in the crowd, and by older I mean old, but most seemed to range in age from early twenties to mid-forties. And, just like most people have heard about nude beaches, there were some people there that just shouldn't have been naked in public, but there were probably almost an equal amount of people in good and even great shape as well. The men also outnumbered the women.

Mark and Jeff scoped out the naked woman as we found a spot to spread out our towels, making quiet comments about some of them. They didn't hesitate to start removing their clothing.

I didn't want to appear afraid to get naked so I started to undress as well, albeit more slowly than them.

When they were down to their underwear, both just yanked them down and off without any hesitation. I avoided all eye contact, knowing if I looked my eyes would go right to their dicks.

When I got down to just my underwear I momentarily hesitated, but I didn't want to draw attention to myself and risk my buddies teasing me and even looking right at me when I removed them. So I just counted to three in my head and then pulled my underwear down and off, and then I very quickly sat on my towel, legs up, hands wrapped around them, hiding my dick from view.

"Shit! Check out the tits on that one!" Mark said quietly.

"Nice!" Jeff said. "I'd love to bury my face in those!"

"Fuck that, I'd rather bury my face in her snatch," Mark said. "What about you?"

Jeff didn't answer, and it quickly became apparent why.

"Yo, Ryan," Mark said. "Her tits or her snatch?"

"Oh, uh, tits," I replied.

"Ok, fine, you and Jeff can each take a tit, but I'd be eating that pussy. I'd eat it all day long!"

Their conversation, although spoken quietly, probably wasn't considered appropriate behavior for a nude beach, but I was glad they were saying the things they were. I certainly wasn't going to spring a rod while hearing how much Mark liked to eat pussy.

As time passed the guys were quiet, dividing their time between people watching – well girl watching – and sunbathing on their backs or stomachs. I was doing much the same and, happily, I hadn't even felt the slightest tingle in my dick since we had arrived.

"Guys, I'll be back in a few," Mark said.

Lying on my back with my eyes closed, I placed my hand above my eyes to block the sun and looked up. Mark was standing up. He was facing away from the water and I made sure to look straight up to his face, avoiding his cock.

"Where are you going, dude?" Jeff asked as he sat up.

I sat up as well.

"I'm gonna take a walk around, check out some of the naked chicks," he grinned as he shoved his feet into his sandals.

"I'll come with you," Jeff said.

"You can't," Mark replied.

"Why not?" Jeff chuckled.

"Because, it would be really obvious if two of us were walking around together."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Jeff concurred. "Ok, well, if you see a really hot naked chick I'll go check her out when you get back."

"Ok, dude," Mark replied and then wandered off.

Jeff lay back down and closed his eyes.

I remained sitting up, and then it happened: a really hot guy and his girlfriend came along the beach and stopped a short distance ahead of us. The guy bent over to spread his towel and his cheeks parted a bit exposing his asshole. I could also see his balls dangling between his legs… and my dick began to tingle!

Shit! My worst fear was coming true. I was going to get a hard-on in front of my buddy, in front everyone!

"I'll-I'll be right back," I said. "I gotta take a leak."

"Ok, dude," Jeff said, not opening his eyes.

I stood, slipped on my flip-flops and hurriedly made my way towards the washroom. The washroom was on the beach so getting dressed wasn't necessary, and getting dressed to go to the washroom would seem odd, to Jeff, and to everyone else. I just hoped I would make it there before I got too noticeably aroused.

By the time I got there my dick had lengthened and thickened, jutting out slightly. I scrambled into a stall, took a seat on the toilet and began to jerk off. Cumming would get rid of my horniness and, hopefully, prevent anymore tingles in my dick for the rest of my time on the beach.

As soon as I started, I heard what sounded like a very quiet moan. I stopped stroking and listened. I could definitely hear a quiet wap-wap-wap sound, and it was coming from the next stall. I guess I wasn't the only guy that got aroused looking at naked people on the beach. And, since he didn't seem to mind or care that someone was in the next stall while he was beating off I figured there was no reason for me to stop either. It was actually kind of hot and made me even hornier.

When I started to stroke my dick again, the other guy quietly moaned again. He must've known I was doing the same thing and it turned him on as much as it did me, or else he simply wanted others to know what he was doing.

Taking a cue from him, I let out a quiet moan of my own. The wap-wap-wap sound in the next stall got faster in response and was followed by another, slightly louder moan.

Then, all of a sudden, there was movement in the stall, and I listened carefully, figuring the dick whacker next door was standing up to face the toilet because he was going to cum. But then the movement happened again, this time in the form of a finger coming under the stall wall and moving back and forth a couple of times before it disappeared.

I knew what that meant and I couldn't believe my luck. I'd come in here to take care of my dick so I wouldn't get hard in front of my buddies, and now I was about to get a blowjob!  And to think, I tried everything to get out of coming to the beach.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

All Male Fiction: Buddies

By: Sean S. Johnson & Ryan Michaels
At first, Mark and I got together to watch the latest and hottest porno movies, and then one night, both of us with bulges in our pants, decided to just go ahead and jerk off right there in front of his television. It was a little embarrassing at first to be doing something like that with someone else in the room, but then the incredible action on the screen took my mind away and before long I was spurting into the tissue that Mark had passed to me.

He was still going when I happened to look over, though, and my eyes went right down to his crotch and I got a look at his dick.

Big, fat, straining out toward the screen, and as I continued to look — watching Mark's careful but quick hand jerks — I felt a bit of a tingle in my own withered pole.

But then I turned back to watch what he was watching right then — two luscious honey-blonde babes jamming eight inch dildos into each other's pussies — and let my dick rise for a second turn.

Then I heard Mark grunt, and when I looked his dick was pulsing out its second jet of cum by that time, adding to the gooey puddle that was already drenching the tissue Mark held in his other hand, and when the third spurt came out, I was hard.

But not for the chicks on the screen!

I backed way off! I'd never had that kind of feeling for another guy before in my life, and it scared me to death! But though I forced my eyes back to the onscreen action, I kept taking little sidelong glances back at my pal's slowly sinking dick.

And the last time I looked Mark was grinning right at me.

"You know," Mark said, smiling, "for the next round, I could... suck it for you while you watched. I wouldn't mind, you know… if you don't..."

I started to shake my head, but didn't.


"Yeah, if you want," I whispered, and though there was a huge lump in my throat I didn't want to swallow right then and show Mark I was scared.

So, with that said, we both leaned back against the front of Mark's sofa and watched the movie. There were all kinds of things going on, but then this one particular chick was doing these three guys, and after she'd sucked on all of them she got one of them in her cunt, the other up her ass, and took the third one in her mouth.

My prick just soared!

But then Mark was sitting next to me and I looked at him.

"Want me to?" he asked, and without really thinking, I nodded.

Then I was having my dick sucked, sucked by a guy! I saw Mark's head going up and down slowly in my lap and tried to understand why I wasn't turned off by the whole thing, but then he stopped, sat up a little and smiled at me.

"Don't watch me," he grinned, "watch the movie."

So I did. I raised my eyes, saw a close up of what that chick's ass looked like with two thick cocks curving into her, but felt the warm, wet mouth gliding up and down over my hard dick and looked down again.

Then, without really meaning to, I put my hand gently on Mark's head and ran my fingers through his soft hair.

He looked up.

"Let me return the favor, huh?" I asked, not even believing the words were actually coming from my mouth.

Mark half frowned, half smiled. "But you haven't cum yet," he said, and I just shrugged.

"Fair's fair, right?" I said, and then Mark nodded, took a breath, and leaned back against the front of the sofa.

I didn't know what to do, but I knew everything. That's how my mind was going at that point. Then, before I could go on thinking about it, I leaned down, opened wide and took my buddy's cock in my mouth!

My dick just about shed its skin from how stiff it rose up just then, but then I was going down. Way down. I wanted to take Mark's whole prick into me and then, remembering something I'd learned while I'd been getting my tonsils checked as a kid, I "yawned" my throat opened wide.

It worked, as the last two inches of Mark's flexing dick slid into my mouth, the tip of his dick already going down past my tonsils, and then, without warning, cum gushed down my throat. I didn't really taste it since where it was coming out was way past my taste buds, but I felt Mark's prick thicken, and then begin to undulate.

I gulped, nearly choked, but pulled back just enough to clear my air passage and take a breath. Then I was deep-throating my buddy again, milking out more of his thick cum and listening to him gasp and sigh at the same time. It was probably the weirdest — and most incredible — thing I'd ever done, and I suddenly hoped this wasn't going to be the last time I'd get the chance.

But then Mark wanted to finish me off, and so I stretched out against the sofa, watched Mark bow down over me, and then raised my eyes to the screen again.

On it, one of the beautiful chicks was just raising her head, cum splattered all over her lips and nose. It didn't take me long to cum.

And the next time Mark and I sat down to watch one of his newest movies, he simply leaned over and started sucking my dick right away.

Then, after sucking me for several minutes, Mark pulled off my prick and stood up from the sofa. "Lie back," he said.

I was already lying back into the couch and I pointed out as much to him, but that wasn't what he had in mind. "No, put your legs on the sofa and lie back, stretch out," he clarified.

I positioned myself on the couch like he wanted, expecting him to kneel on the sofa between my legs and continue blowing me, but he didn't. Instead, he climbed up on the couch and squatted over me, right over my cock! He then pressed his one hand into the sofa cushion for support, and then reached behind himself, grabbed my cock and pointed it straight up, and lowered himself until I felt the tip of my cock against his hole.

"Want to?" he asked.

Monday, April 14, 2014

All Male Fiction: The J.O.C.K. Club (Part 5)

By: MrCreamJeans
Dave Wilson had worked in the men's wear department at Sherman's Department Store for five years and had never seen anything like it. All week, teen guys were coming in to the store to buy boxer shorts with one particular pattern. Dave didn't mind at all, he was a gay man, and he noticed that several of the teen guys had prominent bulges in the front of their pants as they paid for the sought-after shorts. He'd needed to call the other store across town to request that they transfer over their remaining stock of this particular pattern because his store was about to run out. All Dave could do was shake his head in puzzlement. What Dave didn't know was that this was the same pattern that the J.O.C.K. club had seen Kenny, Jon, and now Rod wearing when they won the cum stain contest.

Jon had been the first in this wave of purchases, having bought the boxers that matched Kenny's several days before the rest of the guys. He, too, had popped a big boner in the store while examining, handling, and buying the shorts. Since then, he'd shot a load in them nearly every day, each time remembering when Kenny and Rod had creamed inside Kenny's matching boxers.

Kenny was oblivious to all this; he had no idea that he'd single-handedly started a new fashion among the club members. What he was mostly concerned with was the new sexual aspects of his relationships with other boys. Jon lusted after him and his underwear, and Rod had kissed him behind the custodian's shed. But he had a plan to help out his new friends. He knew he had to get these two guys together.

It was the Friday after Kenny creamed in front of the whole club wearing his khakis and Rod's striped boxers. When the last class let out Kenny raced to the front of the school so he could catch Jon and walk home with him. As it happened Jon saw him first.

"Hey Kenny," Jon called out. "What's up?"

Kenny turned and smiled at Jon. "Not much. Wanna walk home?"

"Sure!" Jon said eagerly.

The boys walked for a while, talking about nothing in particular. Once they had turned the corner so that they were out of view of the school, Kenny handed Jon his books.

"Hold on to these for a sec, ok?" Kenny asked. "I'm hot!" And with that Kenny removed his t-shirt and shoved one end of the shirt in his back pocket.

Jon couldn't help but gawk. Kenny had dressed to kill that morning… to kill Jon, that is. He wore the faded boxers Jon picked out from his drawer after his "accident" last week. He also wore his baggiest jeans, which rode very low on his hips exposing lots of his underwear. And it wasn't really that hot out, Kenny just wanted to show off for Jon. Kenny could tell by the expression on Jon's face that his plan was working.

"Oh yeah," Kenny said as casually as he could. "These are the shorts you like so much." Kenny carefully pulled them up even higher.

Kenny saw Jon swallow nervously. He glanced at the front of Jon's pants and saw the start of a bulge, which got bigger until it was obvious his friend had a full-on boner in his pants.

Kenny smiled to himself. "I bet you'd like to borrow these again, huh?" he teased.

"Oh yeah," Jon sighed. When he realized how it sounded, he suddenly became self-conscious.

Kenny didn't give him time to lose his arousal. "You'd probably start wearing them as soon as you got them home," he speculated. "You'd pop a big rod, too, wouldn't you?"

Jon nodded.

"You'd probably have trouble putting your jeans on 'cause your dick would be so hard in my boxers, huh?"

Jon nodded again. Kenny saw him slip his hand in his pocket. The bulge in the front of his pants began moving. He was jacking off through his pocket while they were walking!

"I bet you'd jack off in all my boxers if I let you," Kenny laughed.

This seeming humiliation appeared to turn Jon on even more. Kenny saw the activity in Jon's lap increase.

"Dude! You gotta have more self-control!" Kenny said. "I've never seen a guy get so turned on by underwear." He played with his waistband some more. "I mean, I know they're really cool boxers and everything, so I guess I couldn't blame you for shooting off in them."

Jon's pants were jiggling frantically now.

"I had a girlfriend who really liked them, too," Kenny lied, still arranging his shorts. "One time she even made me cream in them when we were at a dance."

"AWH!" Jon cried, stopping in his tracks with a look of intense pleasure/pain on his face.

Kenny immediately looked down at Jon's pants just in time to see the first stain appear where Jon was now ejaculating under the fabric.

"Holy shit, Jon!" Kenny exclaimed in a hoarse whisper. "Can't you hold it?"

Wincing, Jon shook his head violently.

"Hold it, man. You're getting your jeans really wet," he urged. "You're totally shooting off in your pants right in front of me, right in the street!"

All this talk was designed to arouse Jon even more, and it was working. Jon's game of pocket pool was totally out of control, with heavy spurts of hot cream splashing against his underwear and soaking through his jeans.

There was laughter in Kenny's voice as he said, "Du-u-ude. You lost it! Fuck, it's dripping down your leg! Ha-ha-ha!"

This gave Jon one more great contraction, and then it was over. And by no small coincidence, they were just a couple of houses away from Kenny's.

Jon slowly stood erect and took his hand out of his pocket. He looked at Kenny with mock anger. "You did that on purpose!"

Kenny laughed again. "Come on, I'll let you borrow some dry things." He began walking toward his house.

Jon followed happily, realizing he was going to get to wear some more of Kenny's clothes.

Once inside, Kenny once again gave Jon free access to his underwear drawer. He even let Jon borrow a pair of his jeans. They were much shorter than Jon's but they were also looser in the waist, so Jon just let them sag.

"Can you bring my boxers back tomorrow?" Kenny asked as Jon was leaving. "I'm going to be doing laundry."

"Well I can, but I'm not sure I'll have time to wash them," Jon replied.

"That's ok. I'll do it," Kenny said. "Just get here about nine o'clock."

"Sure, see you then."

What Kenny didn't tell him was that nine o'clock was the same time Rod was coming by to return the "magic" boxers he'd creamed in on Tuesday.

Friday, April 11, 2014

All Male True Experience: Hands-On Training

By: Unknown Author
Five years ago, I was still living at home and was still a virgin. My parents were having the house painted and papered and had hired a handyman to do the job. I recognized him as the dad of a guy in my school who was one grade behind me.

Bored and curious, I was watching him work and he entertained me by explaining how he was going to hang the paper and such. He asked me if I wanted to try hanging a piece of wallpaper and I readily agreed. He wet a strip of paper and told me to climb up the ladder so he could pass it to me. He stood on the bottom step and handed me the wet piece of wallpaper. As I leaned forward to place it on the wall near the ceiling I felt his hand on my ass, keeping me steady.

I was having trouble getting the paper aligned and he climbed a few more rungs of the ladder and reached over my shoulders to help me. I felt something strange and realized that his dick was pressing against my ass. I didn't know what to do, but I figured he wasn't doing it on purpose. He was my school mate's dad for god's sake!

The more he tried to help me with the paper, though, the more his dick pressed into me, and I couldn't believe it but I was getting a stiffy! Oh, I had had hard-ons before and I knew about jerkin off - a friend had told me about it three years before and I was always doing it. I have always been quite shy and didn't know what to do or say. My mom was in the next room, too. I don't think he knew I had a hard-on, but I just excused myself and left quickly, a bit embarrassed but really excited, too. I ran to the bathroom and jerked off!

After that day I pretty much stayed out of his way and let him do his work.

One day, when he arrived at the house he told my mother that he had forgotten to put his ladder in his truck and asked if we had one he could use for the day. My mom said we did and told me to unlock the shed for him and show him where the ladder was stored.

I unlocked the shed door and pulled on the handle, but it always stuck. He said he could help me with it and reached around me and grasped the handle. He gave a big yank and stumbled as the door came loose. When he tried to stop himself from tumbling backwards, his hand grabbed at my front, wrapping around my thigh. As he got himself steadied he didn't remove his grasp on my leg and started rubbing his fingers against the edge of my cock and balls.

By the time I opened the door fully and stepped inside I was already hard. I guess he felt it grow or he just knew somehow, because as I reached up to switch on the pull chain light his arms encircled my waist and his hand immediately started massaging my hard dick through my pants.

I just froze, embarrassed, but I was really, really excited. I don't wear underwear, well rarely anyway, so as he unzipped the fly of my pants he had my hard, bare cock in his hands instantly. Although it felt good, this was all new to me and I was embarrassed and moved away.

As I was putting my dick back in my pants and adjusting myself, he told me it was ok and not to be embarrassed. He told me that since I didn't have a dad it was important for another man to teach me how to masturbate, that it was perfectly natural, and then he asked me if I wanted him to teach me.

Monday, March 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Staff Party

By: canoehead & Ryan Michaels
After I graduated from high school, I decided I didn't want to go to college. It wasn't that I couldn't get in - I had gotten decent grades – or that my parents couldn't afford it. I was just never very fond of school and had no interest in seeking a higher education. I preferred to learn on the job.

After several minimum wage jobs, I landed a job with a big company. My high school buddy, Nathan, had gotten hired on there about six months prior and had told me they were hiring again. I dropped off my resume and ended up getting one of the available jobs. It was an entry level position (as was Nathan's job. We actually worked in the same department) but it paid way more than minimum wage and there was opportunity to learn and move up in the company over time.

Tonight the company was having a party for the staff. The company had recently taken over another company and the party was a way of thanking the staff for all of their hard work during the acquisition. It was a dry event, and, at twenty, both Nathan and I were under-age by a year anyway, so the two of us would sneak down to the locker room every hour or so to drink some beer we had hidden in our lockers.

Our workplace provided workout facilities for the staff and we had a great locker room to go with it - showers, sauna – which afforded lots of opportunities to see my co-workers naked. Nothing ever happened, though. This was a professional workplace and most of the other male employees were much older than Nathan and me. There were some who were in their late twenties and thirties, but most were in their forties and fifties. In fact, Nathan and I were the youngest guys working there. Still, I got to see a lot of nice cocks and asses - older, younger, it didn't matter.

Nathan and I had never done anything sexual together. In fact, he had a reputation for his experiences with the ladies. And, having seen him naked many times, I can see why. He was solid, muscular and had a long, fat cock.

On our fourth trip down to the locker room, we were enjoying another beer and Nathan was telling me about one of our female co-workers, Lisa, with whom he had hooked up. Nathan was leaning against the lockers and I was sitting on the bench about five feet away from him as he told me what they had done together in bed and how he'd nicknamed her the 'screamer'.

We both laughed as he told of her screaming when he fucked her, and then I tried to mimic her getting fucked by Nathan: "Fuck me Nathan. Yeah, c'mon, give me that big diiiiiiick…" I squealed the word dick and then I covered my mouth with my hand and let out a scream into it.

Nathan was laughing at my imitation and said, "Yeah, take it, bitch, take my big fuckin' cock!"

I stopped screaming into my hand when he said that and snuck at look at his crotch. Nathan looked like he had started to get boned up. Not even noticing where my eyes were, his hand fell to his crotch and he rubbed it through his pants and said, "Man, I need to get laid tonight! I am so horny!"

It had been a while since I'd had sex too, so I rubbed myself as well and said, "I hear you, man."

We both got kind of quiet as we continued to casually rub ourselves through our pants. Nathan's gaze stayed affixed upon his own crotch while mine stole glances at his as well.

A few moments later, Nathan broke the silence. "You want to jerk off together before we go back up?" he asked rather casually. "I gotta drop a load so bad."

There was nothing I wanted more than for that to happen, to see Nathan's cock, to see it rock hard, to see him cumming, but I didn't want to sound too excited by the idea so I decided to just respond as casually as he had asked the question, making sure to put it on him, his idea. "Sure, I mean, I'm pretty horny, too. So, if you really want to, then I guess I'd be cool with it."

Nathan didn't respond, verbally anyway. He just pulled down his zipper, whipped out his cock and began pumping it.

"Oh. You want to get off right here, both of us, in front of each other?"

Nathan nodded. "Unless you're too chicken shit. But if you are, I'm gonna think you have a small dick and you just don't want me to see it," he laughed, taunting me.

"Fuck, I don't care if you see mine. I just never thought about jerking off with another guy before," I lied.

"Yeah, me neither," Nathan said. "And I probably would never do something like this with any other guy, just you, because you’re a good friend and I know you won't tell anyone… and because I'm so horny, had a few beers, and just don't wanna get up right now," he finished with a laugh.

"Yeah, same here," I said and pulled out my own cock and began stroking it.

For all the times we'd hung out naked in the change room during high school and the locker room at work just talking, or in the showers, it didn't seem awkward at all.

As he jerked, he leaned his head back against the locker and closed his eyes, affording me the opportunity to take a good look at his cock as he was pulling on it. It went from semi-hard to fully hard pretty quickly. "Holy shit!" I said. "No wonder Lisa screamed when you put that in her!"

Nathan opened his eyes and lifted his head. He had a big grin on his face. "Yeah," he said, "it is pretty big."

"Pretty big? It's huge!"

Nathan's grin got wider. It was a proud grin. And then he looked at my hard cock. "Yours is a decent size, too."

"Decent? Next to yours, I'm tiny."

"Well, next to mine, yeah, yours does look kinda small, but you're definitely not tiny. How many inches you got?"

"Six," I said. "How many you got?"

"Nine-and-half," Nathan said, that proud grin returning again.

The entire conversation about our cock sizes combined with watching Nathan stroke his huge cock had me close to cumming, and I didn't want to cum yet, not so soon, not that quickly in front of my buddy, and, I wanted to cum watching Nathan's big cock squirt. So I looked away, closed my eyes and kept jerking.

A minute or so later I heard movement from Nathan and opened my eyes to find him standing right in front of me with his big, pre-cum oozing, rock hard cock inches away from my face.

All Male Fiction: Hard at Work

By: xxxadamw & Ryan Michaels
As warehouse supervisor, Martin had a small office hidden in the back of the warehouse. He liked the opportunities it gave him to think without distraction. Sometimes it was work that occupied his mind, but today his thoughts were focused on last night's hot hook up.

Martin was thirty-two years old, stood six foot tall, had a medium build and a seven inch cut cock and was versatile. These are all things he listed in his profile on a gay cruising site, along with a face pic and a picture of his hard cock. The guy had found Martin's profile and suggested a meet. Martin massaged the front of his pants as he recalled the enthusiasm of the inexperienced student and his impressive eight-and-a-half inch uncut cock.

As Martin contemplated the student's over-sized rock solid rod his own grew stiffer, requiring more attention from his hand. His erection was now clearly visible, the crowning feature of his prominent bulge, and Martin could feel his pre-cum moistening his cockhead and underwear.

A cough startled him.

Standing in front of him was a smartly dressed man of about twenty-five with a slightly sheepish look. The door had obviously not been completely closed and Martin's visitor had clearly seen him playing with himself.

The stranger introduced himself. "Hello. I'm Mr. Simmons from the auditors."

Martin looked the auditor over. He stood about 5' 8", with mousy brown hair and wore glasses with a brushed silver frame - probably only a couple of years out of college. He hoped that this young guy would be too embarrassed to mention anything about what he had just seen.

Martin introduced himself and then said, "I wasn't informed about an audit," as his eyes lingered on the man's crotch for a moment, which didn't go unnoticed by the auditor.

"We like to make surprise visits," the auditor replied with a smile and then finished with, "Although it looks like I was the one that got a surprise this time," as he shut the door behind him. "I don't want to interrupt what you were working on, though," he said as he closed the blinds. "So is there anything I can give you a hand with before we get started with the audit?"

All Male Fiction: The Awakening (Part 1)

By: Lucas Miller & Ryan Michaels
My sister had arranged a golf weekend for her husband, Jim, and his brother, Jeff, and she wanted me to go, too. My sister was the jealous type, and although her husband gave her no reason, she always assumed he would flirt with or even sleep with other women if he was away somewhere without her. I didn't really want to go. Although I knew how to play, I wasn't really into golf, but she insisted, and I reluctantly agreed to go along. My life changed that night.

It started out horribly. The first thing I learned was that my sister didn't make any reservations, and there was a golf tournament going on at the very course we had planned on playing. All the major hotels were filled, and so we spent most of the first day calling different hotels to find a place to sleep that night.

We eventually found a motel with a vacant room. When we arrived it was late and we were just happy to have a place to sleep. The room had two double beds and we set about determining who would get the one bed to themselves and who would have to share the other one.

"I think you two should share since you are brothers," I suggested.

"Well, I think you two should share," Jim said. "Jeff's my brother and you're my brother-in-law… and I don't want to sleep with either of you," he joked.

"Fine with me," Jeff said.

"Fine, whatever," I grumbled. At that point I just wanted to get some sleep.

We then all got ready for bed. I usually slept in the nude, but kept my boxers on since I was sharing a bed with another guy. I got in bed first, and when Jeff slid into bed he too wore only his boxers.

When Jim climbed into his bed he joked and said, "Sleep tight boys," and then turned the lights out.

I lay on my back afraid to move around. Here I was in bed with another guy and we were only inches away from each other's near-naked bodies.

Ever since I was in my teens I always jerked off right before I went to sleep every night. It had become somewhat of a ritual to help me fall asleep. If I didn't do it I would lie awake for hours sometimes. When that happened, a quick jerk off and I would soon fall asleep. As I continued to lie there on my back, inches from another guy, I still felt I had to masturbate before I could get any sleep.

Soon I heard the snores of Jim. I listened carefully to determine if Jeff was asleep, too. He hadn't moved much and was quiet, and I was almost certain that he had drifted off. I slowly moved my hand down under the sheets. I found the crotch of my boxers and gently rubbed. My cock began to grow. I stopped to check again that everyone was still asleep. Satisfied that they were, I parted the opening to my boxers and pulled out my now hard dick.