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Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Male Fiction: An Unwilling Cocksucker (Part 1)


By: Ryan Michaels
It was around midnight when Ryan finally left the office to head home. He was up for a big promotion, one that hinged on how well his presentation went the next day, which was what had kept him there so late. Tired, he was eager to get home to his wife and to get some long overdue rest.

As he stood fumbling with his keys in the underground parking garage of his office complex, he didn't even notice anyone coming up behind him until he heard someone say, "Hey you!"

Turning around, he was faced with three teenaged boys of about eighteen, one of them holding a gun, which was pointed right at him.

"Give us all your money!" the one holding the gun demanded.

There were security cameras, but the garage was only used for the office complex, and there was no security on duty at that time of night. So, with a gun in his face and no chance of intervention, Ryan complied and handed over his wallet.

"Now your cell phone!" he ordered.

Ryan complied again.

"Now hand over the keys!" he demanded, putting his hand out.

Giving over his cell phone and wallet was one thing, he only had about thirty dollars in his wallet, and credit cards could be replaced, so could his cell phone, but his car? He'd just bought it, his very first new car. He was still paying for it.

Ryan looked the three boys over. Despite being teenagers, all three had fairly muscular builds. The twenty-eight year old was in good shape himself, hitting the gym several times a week, and thought that he could distract them and take control of the situation.

"Here, take them," Ryan said and extended his hand to offer up his keys. When the guy with the gun went to take them, Ryan let them drop to the ground.

"Pick them up!" the thug demanded.

Ryan bent down to pick them up, and, as he began to straighten back up, he grabbed for the gun. A struggle ensued and then Ryan felt the gun crack him in the head, causing him to fall to his knees, stunned and gasping for air.

Disoriented and with his head hung, he felt a hand latch firmly onto his arm and another grabbing a fistful of his hair, pulling his head up. The one with the gun was standing in front of him, still pointing the deadly weapon at him. He smirked at Ryan, and Ryan felt that he was about to die.

"Please, just take my car and let me go!" he pleaded. "I won't tell anyone about this, I promise!"

The gunman smiled at him. "No, I think you still have more to give us," he said lowering the gun.

Ryan didn't understand. They had his money, his cell phone and his car, he had nothing else to give them. However, just seconds later he fully understood what else they wanted as he watched in horror as the teen thug with the gun unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

"So, you think you're so tough, huh? Think you're more of a man, think you can take us on just because we're younger than you? Well, we'll see who the real man is after you suck my cock!" the young carjacker said as he took a few steps closer, his cock dangling right in front of Ryan's face.

"Please!" Ryan begged. "Please don't do this! Just take my car and go, please!"

The teenager placed the barrel of the gun against Ryan's forehead. "Shut the fuck up and suck it!" he ordered, lifting his soft cock with his other hand and wiping it on Ryan's lips.

Being given no other choice, Ryan closed his eyes and slowly, reluctantly, opened his mouth and felt the head of the cock enter it.

"Open your fuckin' eyes when you blow me, cocksucker! I want you to see that cock going in and out of your mouth!" he demanded. "And don't you even think about biting it or I'll blow your fuckin' head off!"

Ryan opened his eyes and watched as more of the quickly stiffening cock was pushed into his mouth. He felt sick, even more so as he realized that his own cock was starting to rise as the muscular teen began to slowly fuck his mouth. He was gagging and his jaw hurt, but even still, the more the teen fucked his mouth the more Ryan's cock continued to defy him as it grew harder and harder.

Ryan knew the teen assailant was about to cum when he started to groan and then rammed his cock deeper into Ryan's mouth, making him feel like he was about to vomit as he gagged on the stiff pole impaling his throat. Ryan knew there was nothing he could do about the impending burst of semen that was about to be deposited in his mouth. Moments later, though, the thug pulled out and came all over Ryan's face instead.

As warm cum ran down his face, one of the other teenagers swapped places, moving in front of Ryan and shoving his cock into his mouth. It wasn't long before he too was cumming all over Ryan's face. Then the third teen took a turn using Ryan's mouth, depositing his load in Ryan's face as well.

With his face plastered with three loads of semen, Ryan suddenly felt hands under his arms, hauling him to his feet. One of the teen thugs began to undo his trousers and then started to push them down. The other, standing by his feet, took over and began to shimmy the trousers down his legs, taking his underwear right along with them.

Ryan started to panic. If they were taking his pants off, he knew what they had to be planning to do next. Forced to suck cock was bad enough, but having a cock rammed up his ass, and then another, and then yet another, well, that thought was unimaginable.

"Ha-ha, hey Mike, he must have liked sucking our cocks," one said gleefully. "Check out his dick. It's rock hard."

The one with the gun, the one named Mike, who was holding Ryan, looked over Ryan's shoulder and said, "How can you tell? It's so small, you can hardly even call that a dick."

Ryan didn't have a small dick, and knew the comment was just made to further his humiliation.

"I think he got hard from taking all our loads in his face," the other one chimed in with a laugh.

"Well, then why not give him even more of what he likes," Mike said and then let go of Ryan. Ryan fell to the ground, defeated, naked below the waist, his still hard cock sticking up.

Mike came around to stand at Ryan's feet. He lifted Ryan's legs and Ryan became terrified at the thought of getting fucked up the ass, and not being able to do anything to stop it. Then Mike bent Ryan's legs up and back. Ryan's cock was now above his own face.

"Jack him off, Pete," Mike ordered.

A hand wrapped around Ryan's cock and began to pump it quickly, roughly. Mike's hand began to land firmly on Ryan's bare ass, slapping it repeatedly, making it sting and burn.

Ryan was groaning in discomfort from the spanking he was receiving as well as from the firm grip and rough hand job being administered to him. But fairly soon, his groans of discomfort were mixed with quiet moans of pleasure as he felt himself getting close.

"Open your mouth!" demanded Mike with a really hard slap to Ryan's ass.

Ryan cried out but then closed his mouth again. Instead of slapping his ass again, Mike placed the barrel of the gun hard into his nuts, cocked the trigger and repeated the order. With the fear of having his nuts blown off, Ryan opened his mouth wide.

The hand pumping his cock began to move faster and Ryan began to moan quite loudly, and then, forced to cum, his semen began to shoot out of his cock and right into his mouth.

"Ha-ha, yeah, eat your own load… cocksucker!" the nameless one laughed as Ryan had no choice but to swallow his own cum.

"Dave, pass me his underwear," Mike said to the one laughing.

He reached down and picked up Ryan's underwear and handed it to Mike.

Mike let go of Ryan's legs, and then brought the underwear to Ryan's face and began to roughly push it in and all over it. Then, forcing Ryan to open his mouth again, he shoved the cum-soaked underwear into it.

"Ha-ha, suck on that, cocksucker," the one named Dave laughed some more.

Mike knelt down beside Ryan and said, "Don't you even think about calling the cops. We've got your wallet and know where you live." Then Mike punched Ryan in the nuts. "And, if you know what's good for you, you'll stay right here for the next five minutes," he finished as Ryan rolled on his side, squeezing his eyes shut and grabbing his balls.

"Yeah, you better stay right there, bitch," Pete repeated and kicked Ryan in the ass crack, hitting his asshole hard with the toe of his boot.

"Thanks for the car, loser," Ryan heard the one named Dave say, and then he heard the doors of his car banging shut.

After hearing his car screech away, Ryan lay on the cold concrete floor of the parking garage for a bit, unable to get up right away even if he had wanted to. Then he pulled his underwear out of his mouth and slowly got himself to his feet.

With his underwear soaked in cum, Ryan shoved them in the pocket of his suit jacket. Then he took off his tie and used it to wipe the remaining bits of cum from his face, and then stuffed the tie into the other pocket. Then he took a few steps over to where his trousers lay, picked them up and put them on, being careful not to catch his penis in the zipper, since he was being forced to go commando, the outline of his now soft cock quite visible in the trousers as they hugged his naked penis.

Making his way out of the parking garage, Ryan headed out in search of a payphone, which wasn't an easy task in this day and age. He found one in a coffee shop and called the cops. He told them about his wallet, cell phone and car being stolen, but left out what the carjackers had made him do to them. To tell the cops, or anyone, that three teenaged boys had forced him to suck their cocks was just too humiliating. As far as Ryan was concerned, no one would ever find out what had happened to him in that regard, not even his wife.
After placing the call to the cops, and being instructed to wait where he was, Ryan went to the washroom and washed his face. Then he returned and ordered a coffee. He didn't really want one, but he had to order something to be able to sit at the table, and it would also wash the taste of the three teen thugs cum, as well as his own, out of his mouth. As he took a seat, he flinched a bit, quickly reminded of his well-spanked ass.

The cops showed up about fifteen minutes later and took his statement. Then they offered him a ride home.

When he arrived home, his wife was already in bed sleeping. Ryan soon joined her, and, despite all that had happened to him, being as tired as he was, he was able to fall asleep after only a short while.

Ryan had no idea how long he'd been asleep when he suddenly woke up covered in sweat. His sleep had been filled with vivid dreams of him sucking cock after cock after cock. But the sweat wasn't the only thing that had made his skin wet… there was also a warm puddle of cum covering his stomach.

Ryan understood why he would dream about such things after what he had gone through not long before going to sleep, but what he didn't understand was why he would ejaculate to those images, asleep or not. The whole experience had been the stuff of nightmares, not something that would arouse him. But, he didn't have time to worry about it right then. Getting back to sleep was his top priority. He had that very important presentation in the morning, and it had to go well. The future of his career depended on it!

©2013 By Ryan Michaels 

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