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Thursday, April 28, 2016

All Male Fiction: Roommates (Part 1)

"Secret Rendezvous"

By: Ryan Michaels

It had been a long week and I was glad it was finally Friday! Even better was that my boss had let everyone go home early, which was an unexpected and much appreciated bonus. I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I walked through my front door, happy that it was the weekend; not that I had any major plans, other than sleeping in and maybe going out on Saturday night and trying to get laid. Tonight, though, I just planned to relax, and I was going to start the process by taking a hot shower. Not only would it help to relieve some of the day's tension, but I really needed one, too - it was a swelteringly hot day, and being crammed on a bus that was packed like sardines had left me sweaty all over.

I went right to my room and stripped off all my clothes, putting them directly in the hamper. I hated the habit that my roommate, Mark, had of undressing in the bathroom and leaving his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, and that is why I always took my clothes off in my bedroom before showering. I suppose I could have undressed in the bathroom and carried my clothes back to my room after, but that seemed like an extra, unnecessary step.

The fact that I had a roommate didn't hinder my practice of venturing from my bedroom to the bathroom completely naked. And, there was no way to avoid crossing his path if he was in the living room: We lived on the main floor of a house, which had been retro fitted as apartments. My bedroom was in what used to be the dining room, right off the end of the living room. Mark's bedroom was also off the living room, on the back wall in what had originally been designed as a den or office space. The large eat-in kitchen had been split in two, with one half being turned into a bathroom. So basically all rooms – kitchen, bathroom, and both bedrooms – faced the living room, and you had to pass through the living room to access them.

Mark didn't care that I would walk through naked and never gave me a second glance. In fact, I think he made a point of diverting his eyes, for which I was glad - I may not have had any issue with him seeing me naked, but I certainly didn't want him checking me out. The fact that we were both straight, and such good friends, allowed me such comfortable casualness.

I looked at the time before leaving my bedroom. It was almost 4:30. Perfect! That gave me about an hour before Mark got home - usually, he got home before me. Naked, I left my bedroom and strode across the living room to the bathroom.

Turning on the shower, I got the water nice and hot and stepped into the spray. I wet myself down and began to lather the soap on my body. When I soaped up my dick, I let my hand linger a bit and it didn't take too long before my cock responded and started to grow. I gave it a few loving strokes but then let go of it and finished washing myself. I had stopped on the way home and rented a new porno and wanted to save my load until after my shower, so I could beat off in front of the TV watching it.

And, I was really looking forward to it, too, because I always had to do it in the bathroom either at the toilet or in the shower - Mark was the type of guy who would knock and then open the door before waiting for permission to enter. He had almost walked in on me beating my meat once, but thankfully I had just started playing with myself and still had the sheet and bulky comforter over my naked body, so he hadn't seen what I was doing – but that was too close for comfort - and from that point forward I always jerked off behind the security of the locked bathroom door when he was around. Doing it sprawled naked on the couch with porn playing on the flat screen was such a rare treat. Thinking about it had my cock raging, so I quickly rinsed the soap from my body and shut off the water.

As I stepped out to dry off, I heard the front door open and bang shut and I cursed under my breath. Mark, of course, had every right to come home, but I was pissed that he had done so before he was due, because now I couldn't jerk off, at least not in the way I had planned. At that moment, I wished I had jerked off first and then taken a shower, but I had felt grimy and wanted to get the dried sweat off first… and thought I had plenty of time to do both. I still needed to get off, though, and it looked like I was going to have a date with the toilet, instead. At least the steam from the shower had quickly dissipated through the open bathroom window, so I wouldn't end up soaked in sweat all over again.

As I began to dry off I could hear my roommate talking to someone, so I put my ear to the door and listened. I would never normally do that type of thing; I respected my roommate's privacy and, quite frankly, I usually didn't give a crap about what he was saying when he had a friend over. I just wanted to find out if it was a girl or one of his buddies. If it was one of his buddies, there wouldn't be a problem walking out in just a towel. But, if it was a girl, I would have to wait. I had done that once before, and he got mad at me after, asking me to not just barge into the living room wearing only a towel and a smile if he had brought a chick home. In those situations, he asked that I wait in the bathroom until they went to his bedroom, which we both knew would be right away. While he had some of his buddies over from time to time, the only time he ever brought a girl home was to fuck her, and he always did that behind closed doors.

Even though I was straining my ear to hear, the sounds were muffled so I quietly twisted the doorknob and opened the door a bit. I could hear Mark talking softly, but I had not heard the voice of whomever he was talking to, yet. I would have to stay trapped in the bathroom and keep listening until the other person spoke, so I would know if it was ok to venture out or not.

Now if only the other person would say something, but Mark wasn't letting them get a word in. He was just rambling on and on about something, in a soothing voice, but I still couldn't hear exactly what he was saying. I was assuming he was trying to convince a nervous girl to go through with the sex he had brought her home for.

Suddenly Mark moved his position in the room, and I could now clearly see him, but not the other person. I knew I was probably right about what he was doing when I heard him say, "Have you ever done this before?"

It was at that point that I finally heard the other person speak - the first time Mark had let them speak - and it was another guy. I knew that Mark was trying to find someone to hook up his new surround sound system, so I figured that's what they had been discussing when he had asked the other guy if he had ever done it before. Since it was another guy, I was just about to make a bee-line for my bedroom when the male stranger said, "Yeah, I've given blowjobs a couple of times before."

My chin almost hit the floor. What the fuck was Mark up to? Mark was the straightest guy I knew. He brought girls home all the time and fucked them – lots of girls. He even made the odd homophobic remark. There was no way he was into guys, absolutely no way in hell. Then it hit me; I knew what he was doing. When he had moved his position in the living room he must have seen me peeking through the gap of the bathroom door, and knew I was home and eavesdropping on his conversation. And now he was just playing a joke on me as payback. That had to be it.

But then Mark said, "Good, I love getting my cock sucked."

I still couldn't believe what I was hearing. It had to be a joke, it just had to be. There could be no other possible explanation. But, when the stranger came into view and began unbuttoning his shirt and then tugging it off his body, I wasn't so sure anymore. When he got his shirt off he directed his attention to his crotch, and slowly began rubbing along the length of what was an obviously hard cock hanging down his left pant leg.

I couldn't believe it when Mark began to take off his clothes until he was standing there in just a jockstrap and his socks. I had seen him in his underwear plenty of times, lounging around the house, but he always wore boxers, and I had never seen him wearing a jock before. I had also never seen him naked before, as he, unlike me, didn't walk to the bathroom naked, ever – not that I would have looked even if he did. But now, with his back to me, I was getting a full-on view of his ass whether I liked it or not. I suppose I could have closed the door, but I was in a total state of disbelief and couldn't pull myself away.

I continued to watch as Mark took a few steps closer to the guy, and with the angle he was now on it was just enough of one that I could see him reach out and begin stroking the stranger's cock through his jeans. I never would have believed it for a second if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! I watched in shocked awe as he began to slowly unbutton the guy's 501's, one button at a time.

Once he had them unbuttoned, Mark began to inch the guy's jeans down over his thighs. The guy had no underwear on, and when his hard cock became completely free of his jeans I almost gasped, but caught myself with a hand to my mouth. I wasn't gasping at the size of the guy's dick or anything, already hard, it looked to be just slightly over average; I was gasping as I watched Mark drop to his knees in front of that cock!

Mark wrapped his fist around the guy's hard dick and slowly began to milk it. Even from where I was standing I could see the glistening droplets of pre-cum oozing from the tip. Even though I had now realized that this wasn't any fucking joke being played on me, I was still a bit shocked when Mark wiped the drops of pre-cum and licked his fingertip, and really shocked when Mark said, "I wanna suck your cock, first," and then opened his mouth and closed it over the guy's cockhead. He was holding it with his hand and began working the foreskin covered head in and out of his mouth.

Seeing all of this had gotten my own cock pointing up again, and, unconsciously, I slowly began to rub it as I watched, waiting to see what would happen next.

I saw Mark reach down, and could tell by his arm movement that he was rubbing his cock through his jock as he attempted to take more of the dude's dick in his mouth. He wasn't doing half bad for a guy who had never sucked cock before, at least I didn't think he had, but then again I always thought he was straight. Still, I was having a problem believing he had, because Mark brought pussy home all the time. I don't think a week went by where he didn't get laid – sometimes it would be the same girl that he was stringing along so he could keep banging her, and sometimes it was different chicks every time. I got laid too, but not near as much as Mark. I had always been jealous of how much pussy he got… but now… well I didn't know what to think or feel about what I was witnessing.

Mark shocked me one more time when he grabbed the guy's ass cheeks, pulled on his hips and buried as much of the guy's cock in his throat as he could take. I guess the guy wanted him to take more, because as soon as Mark did that the guy took Mark's head between his hands and shoved his cock deeper, making Mark gag. The guy let go and Mark came up for air, but then went right back down on the guy's cock again and began bobbing on it, gagging occasionally, but never pulling off.

The dude suddenly groaned and said he was gonna blow his load. Mark made no attempt to back off and pull him out of his mouth, and when he didn't, the guy brought his hand to Mark's head and was pushing down on it, making Mark gag a bit at first, but not letting him go this time. Mark quickly adjusted and the guy suddenly let out a moan and threw his head back. There was no doubt about it, the guy was cumming, cumming right down Mark's throat, and Mark was not objecting at all.

I was flabbergasted to see my pussy-hound of a roommate sucking cock and eating the dude's cum, but even so, my own cock was drooling strands of pre-cum onto the floor from seeing it.

Mark slowly withdrew the guy's cock from his mouth and sucked on the foreskin as the guy's dick slowly started to go limp. The guy was still standing right in front of Mark, but now instead of holding his head he was rubbing his hands through Mark's hair as he slowly came down from his orgasm.

Mark finally stood and put one hand on the guy's shoulder, in a gesture to invite his guest to take his turn on his knees. It was obvious that what Mark had just done had had an effect on his cock, and he wanted and expected some reciprocation. As he turned a little, I could see the head of Mark's cut cock sticking out of the top of his jockstrap.

The dude went down without hesitation and, with his teeth, he pulled on the jock and worked at pulling it down enough to free Mark's meat. Mark didn't take long to get into it. He moved his hands from the guy's shoulder to his head as the guy worked on the jock, and was trying to shove his cock into the guy's mouth and down his throat. But the guy didn't let him succeed and was going to take Mark's cock into his mouth on his own terms. Rather than take it into his mouth right away and give Mark what he wanted, the guy instead began licking the underside of Mark's cock, alternating that with sucking on his balls.

Mark was going wild trying to get his dick into the guy's mouth, and, finally, the guy gave in and took hold of Mark's cock and took the head into his mouth slowly, teasing Mark further, letting Mark know he was going to do it the way he wanted and Mark was not in control. To prove that, he sank his mouth right down on it and pumped it off and on a few times really fast, and then pulled off and just looked at it before chewing on Mark's balls instead.

It wasn't long before Mark was literally begging the guy to suck his cock and, eventually, after making Mark beg for a good minute or so, he obliged Mark's desires and took his cock into his mouth, right to the root in one swallow. I think the guy had done this more than a couple of times as he had claimed - any guy who could deep-throat like that was no novice! And as he went about sucking Mark's cock, it quickly became evident that he was indeed quite an experienced cocksucker, and Mark was very clearly feeling the results of that expertise.

God, my cock was aching for relief. I couldn't stand just watching anymore; I wanted some of that cocksucker's mouth on my cock, too! I really needed to get off, now more than ever, and I didn't really care just then that the mouth was attached to another guy; I knew I wasn't gay. So, why just beat my meat in front of the toilet when there was a wet, sucking mouth right outside the door that could service my cock instead? Still, it was going to take every bit of balls I had to pull the door open and just walk out there, but I had to do it - my cock was making me whether I wanted to or not.

With a few final twinges of encouragement from my dick, I opened the bathroom door and quietly walked naked into the room, my cock jutting out in front of me. I was standing very close to Mark, almost right behind him, and he hadn't even heard me come in. The other guy had his face buried in Mark's crotch and was too busy sucking cock to see or even notice.

I cleared my throat. "So... what do we have going on here?"


©2011-2016 Ryan Michaels 

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