"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Friday, May 3, 2013

All Male Fiction: Night Visions (Part 1)

By: Ryan Michaels
Ryan and Sean had been best friends for as long as they could remember. The two best friends were at Ryan's, hanging out after school, which was quite usual. No one else was home.

"Hey Sean, can I tell you a secret?" Ryan asked as the two sat in the living room, Sean mindlessly flipping through the TV channels.

"Sure," Sean replied with a shrug of his shoulders, not looking away from the TV.

"You remember that old movie from the 90's called Sliver we watched a little while ago?"

"Sliver… not sure, what was it about again?"
"It was about a guy who was the landlord of a building and he had hidden cameras set up in all the tenants' apartments, and he would watch them from his apartment on a bunch of monitors."

"Oh, yeah, right. What about it?"

"I did that," Ryan grinned.

"You did what?" Sean asked, still not looking away from his channel flipping.

"I hid a camera in someone's apartment and wirelessly transmitted the feed to my laptop."

"Yeah, sure you did," Sean laughed.

"No, really, I did," Ryan said.

"Oh yeah, did you really?" Sean said, looking away from the TV for the first time.


"Then tell me, just exactly how did you manage to get inside some stranger's apartment to hide a camera?"

"Easy," Ryan grinned. "I just borrowed the Super's Master key one day when he was here fixing the toilet."

"Yeah, and I'm sure he just let you borrow his keys," Sean laughed.

"No, he didn't let me, he didn't even know. He had to go to the store to get a part for the toilet and left his building keys on top of the toilet tank. When I saw the movie I thought it would be cool to do that, and then realized that I already had a wireless camera. What I didn't have was a way into someone's apartment to hide the thing, and figured I never would. But, when I saw the Super's keys just lying there, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I just grabbed them."

"And then what did you do?" Sean said with obvious put-on intrigue, letting Ryan know that he didn't believe his story at all.

Ryan paid no mind of his friend's attitude and just continued on. "So I had the keys in my hand, and I knew that I didn't have much time, so I practically ran to my bedroom and grabbed the wireless camera. Then I ran out the front door, let myself into an apartment, hid the camera, locked the door again, and then ran back to my apartment and put the Super's keys back on top of the toilet tank, all with just minutes to spare before the Super walked back in to find me sitting on the couch," Ryan rambled. "Cool, huh?"

"Yeah, cool," Sean said sarcastically.

"You don't believe me, do you?"

"Nope," Sean laughed.

"I really did hide a wireless camera in someone's apartment!" Ryan said, angry that he had revealed his secret to the only person he felt he could tell, his best friend, and he didn't believe him.
"Dude, don't get all mad. Would you believe me if I told you the same story?"

"Well… ok, probably not," Ryan said. "But I can prove it!"

"Dude, give it up!" Sean said turning his attentions back to flipping through the channels again.

"No, seriously, come on!" Ryan said as he jumped up.

"Where?" Sean asked as he got up off the couch to follow behind Ryan.

"To the proof," Ryan said as he led Sean to his bedroom. "And there it is," he said pointing at his laptop.

It was turned on and the lid was up, although the screen was set to go black after thirty minutes, so it was blank. Sean reached over and moved the mouse. "All I see is your desktop and shortcuts," Sean said as the screen lit up.

"Well, duh, I'm not gonna leave the camera showing on my laptop for my dad to see. You have to click on a shortcut with a fake name to open the program that lets you view the camera," Ryan said, clicking on it as he spoke the words.

"Holy shit!" Sean said as a window opened and filled the screen with the live image of someone's bedroom. "You really did do it!"

"Yup," Ryan grinned proudly.

"Oh my god, you're such a perv! I love it! So whose bedroom is it? Please tell me it belongs to that hot babe on the first floor!"

"It's the bedroom of the guy that lives down the hall from me."

Sean whipped his head away from the laptop's screen to look at his friend. "A guy? Why the hell would you hide a camera in a guy's bedroom instead of some hot girl's? Oh my god, are you… gay?"

"Relax! I couldn't put it in hers because the wireless signal has to be within a certain range and her apartment is way too far away. Plus there's a whole bunch of stuff in between the floors which interfere with the signal. It had to be someone on this floor for best results."

"So you picked a dude?"

"Yeah, I thought of him as soon as I had the fantasy of doing this after seeing the movie."

"You had a fantasy about spying on a dude in his bedroom?"

"Yeah, because Chad, the guy who lives there, is single and he always has a different girl there on Friday or Saturday nights, sometimes both," Ryan smiled.

"Oh, ok, I get it," Sean grinned. "Fuck!"

"That's the idea, to watch him fuck women," Ryan said still smiling.
"So have you seen him fucking any pussy yet?"

"No, I just set the camera up two days ago. So far the only thing I've seen is him getting in bed at night to go to sleep, him actually sleeping, and, well, I saw him jerking off."

"You watched a dude pulling his pud?"

"No, I didn't watch. I always turn on the feed at different times just to make sure he hasn't spotted the camera, or that something hasn't gone wrong with the signal, and when I turned it on this morning he was doing that and I turned it off. Anyway, that's why I wanted to tell you about the camera, so you could come over on Friday and watch, if he brings a girl home."

"Cool! But what if he doesn't bring a girl home on Friday?"

"Well, if he doesn't, chances are pretty good he will on Saturday. He fuckin' brings girls home most weekends, dude. I mean almost every weekend. In the year or so that he's lived here, there's only been a few times that I've noticed where he hasn't had a girl there on one night or the other or both."

"Ok, so how will we know which night I should come over?"

"Well, why don't you just stay here all weekend? You can tell your parents we are going camping or something. You know my Dad's a weekend drunk ever since my Mom died a few years back, so he won't care if you stay here. He'll be out at the bars late both nights anyway, and it's not like he talks to your parents."

"Yeah, ok, cool."

Ryan closed the camera feed and the two boys went back out to the living room.

Instead of going back to channel surfing, Sean decided he would go home. Ryan didn't protest, as he wasn't all that disappointed to see him go. He had something else he would rather be doing, something he couldn't do with Sean there, and the time was fast approaching.

"Man, I can't wait to see this dude pound some pussy!" Sean said as he was putting his shoes on by the front door.

"Yeah, me too," Ryan agreed, and it was true, although maybe in a different way for Ryan than for Sean.

You see, one secret that Ryan had never revealed to his best friend was that he was bisexual. The reasons he had given Sean for choosing Chad's apartment were all true. He did want to see naked women, and he did want to see women getting their pussies pounded. He was just as excited by the thought of seeing that as Sean was, but he was also excited by the thought of seeing the hard cock that would be getting sucked and doing the pounding.

"Later, dude," Sean said as he opened the door to leave.


As soon as Sean was gone, Ryan raced to the window and stared out. When his eyes finally saw what he had been waiting to see he made a beeline for his bedroom.

Now in his bedroom, Ryan began to undress. Once he was naked he picked up his laptop and moved it and himself onto the bed. He clicked on the secret shortcut and the screen once again filled with a view of Chad's bedroom.

Minutes later in walked Chad, right on schedule. He knew Chad got home at the same time every day, and he knew that Chad's job got him all sweaty and dirty. He also knew what was about to happen next – the hot 24 year old stud with the tanned, toned, jock body would strip off his clothes to take a shower, just like he had done the last two days when he got home - and Ryan's excitement was already causing his cock to swell.

Ryan watched the computer screen intently as Chad pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it to the floor. He then undid his pants and slid them down, kicking them off, and then bent at the waist and pulled his socks off. Next his hands quickly hooked into the waist of his boxer briefs and pulled them down to his ankles where he kicked them free as well.

Ryan moaned under his breath as he took in Chad's firm, naked ass. He groaned and grabbed his dick in his hand when Chad turned and he saw that long cock bouncing around as Chad made his way out of the bedroom.

Ryan closed the camera feed… and then navigated his hard drive. He had hidden two cameras in Chad's apartment, not just one, a part of the secret he had chosen not to reveal to his best friend. Knowing he was going to tell Sean that day and show him the camera feed, he had temporarily moved the second shortcut off of the desktop. He double-clicked on it. A live image of Chad's bathroom now filled the screen.

Chad entered the bathroom and Ryan was soon treated to a view of Chad reaching into the shower to turn on the water and adjust the temperature, that hot ass facing the camera. Ryan's hand was very lightly caressing his hard cock as he watched this.

As Chad stepped into the shower, Ryan caught a glimpse of his big balls when Chad lifted his left leg to step over the side of the tub. He always got turned on seeing a pair of balls hanging down from behind. That sight made him squeeze his cock slightly.

Chad closed the glass shower doors and began to wet himself down. Ryan lazily stroked his cock while he watched Chad get wet and continued his gentle manipulations of his prick as Chad washed his hair. When Chad started to lather up his body that is when Ryan quickened his pace a bit. It was the moment he had been waiting for. If today was anything like the last two days, Chad was going to lather his cock into a full erection and then stroke it up and down until he came.

"Yes!" Ryan exclaimed when Chad finally finished washing himself and started to play with his cock.

It didn't take very long for Chad's soap covered cock to get hard in his stroking hand.

"Shit, look at the size of that thing," Ryan thought out loud, a bit of amazement and jealousy in his voice, "No wonder he gets so many women."

Chad was pumping his cock at a pretty rapid pace, which made sense being that he was in the shower and just needed to drop a load. It wasn't like he was on the couch or in bed where he might want to take his time. Ryan increased his pace as well, trying to match Chad's speed and rhythm, but he had to slow down pretty quickly else he would have shot off, and he wanted to see Chad cum before he did.

Soon Chad's mouth opened and his head tilted back slightly. Ryan knew Chad was getting close and, with his mouth like that, was almost definitely moaning out loud. God, how Ryan wanted to hear that!

Now Chad's knees started to bend a bit and his stroking hand was almost a blur. "Fuck yeah, shoot it! Shoot that fucking load! Let me see that big cock cum!" Ryan panted as he fisted his cock more rapidly.

Chad's head suddenly went all the way back and his mouth opened wide, and his cock shot out a long stream of cum, and then more spurts followed. He was cumming and Ryan was going crazy seeing it.

"Oh, yeah, so fuckin' hot! Look at that cum shoot out of that big cock… oh fuck, yeah, so big, so much cum! Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Ryan was sure the stay-at-home mom that lived next door must have heard him, he moaned so loud and came so hard, but he didn't give a shit just then. In that moment all he cared about was what he was seeing on that screen as his cock exploded.

As Ryan lay there panting, his cock softening, its load all over his stomach, he continued to watch as Chad rinsed off and then got out of the shower and began to dry himself off. When Chad left the bathroom, Ryan shut off the feed and headed off to take a shower himself, having worked up quite a sweat.

The next morning Ryan turned on the feed and watched Chad take another shower. He knew Chad wouldn't jerk off. At least he was pretty sure he wouldn't since he hadn't done that the last two mornings he had been watching, but he still liked seeing him naked anyway.

Of course, watching Chad in the shower these last few mornings always made Ryan get behind and he always found himself rushing to get off to school on time. Today was no different.

"Morning, Ryan," a voice said as Ryan was standing outside his apartment door locking it. He knew whose voice it was, too.

"Uh, hey, morning Chad, how are you?" They weren't friends, but it was quite normal for the two to talk when they met up in the hall or the elevator. It was also quite normal for Chad to talk about girls and stuff, despite the casual acquaintance nature of their relationship.

"Happy it's Friday," he said.

"Rough week?" Ryan asked as he started to walk to the elevator, with Chad following right beside him.

"Nah, it was average. It's just that I've got this really hot date tonight... if you know what I mean," he grinned.

Ryan knew exactly what Chad meant and he smiled and nodded as his thoughts immediately went to the hidden camera and what he was going to see.

"I just wish she didn't live so far from me. But hey, considering what I'm getting, it's worth the drive across the city," Chad chuckled.

"You're going to her place?"

"Yeah," Chad nodded. "Why?"

"Oh, no reason, living on the same floor, I've just kinda noticed you usually entertain at your place."

"Yeah, I usually do, and prefer to, but she has to get up in the morning for something, so she asked if we could get together at her place."

The elevator door opened and the two stepped in. It was a small four story building and they both lived on the fourth floor, so it wasn't unusual that they were the only ones on it.

"What about you?" Chad asked. "You doing anything?"

"Me? Nah, I'm staying in tonight."

"Hmm, well I guess we all gotta use our hand sometime," Chad joked, nudging Ryan in the side.

And I love watching you use yours, Ryan thought.

"Then again, you're still a bit too young to be getting laid, so I guess you're hand is your best friend," Chad smiled. Then the doors opened and the two started to exit.

"Too young?" Ryan said under his breath. He was seventeen. That wasn't too young to have sex. He kind of resented the implication that he was an assumed virgin. Well, ok, he was a virgin, but Sean wasn't, and he just turned eighteen a couple of months ago, and he lost his virginity when he was sixteen! "Hey, I'm not a virgin!" Ryan retorted.

"Uh, I never said you were. Just meant that at fifteen you don't have as many outlets for sex as someone older does, so you have to take care of things yourself more than say, someone like me."

"Fifteen! I'm not fifteen, I'm seventeen! I'll be eighteen on the twenty-second of this month."

"Oh, really? Hmm, I always thought you were younger. Well, good to know."

"What do you mean, good to know?"

"I mean, good to know you're turning eighteen in a couple of weeks. It's a big one, you officially become legal. And now that I know, I can buy you a drink or something."

"Buy me a drink? I'd still be underage for that," Ryan laughed as the two stepped out of the elevator.

"Well I didn't mean it literally, just an expression. I'll have you over to my place for a birthday drink," Chad said as they crossed the lobby.

Before Ryan even had a chance to acknowledge the invitation Chad pushed open the front door. "Have a good day," he said with a wave and then headed off in one direction while Ryan went in the other.

"Hey man," Ryan said as he came up to Sean at his locker.

"Hey dude, where you been?"

"Slept in a little bit," Ryan lied. "So, did you feed your parents some bullshit story so you could stay at my place this weekend?"

"Yeah, I used your camping thing. They were fine with it."

"Oh," Ryan said sounding disappointed.

"Why, what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, I just ran into Chad in the hall when I was leaving for school and he does have a date tonight, and he is getting laid, but… he's going to her place."

"Well that sucks! But hopefully he will bring a girl home to his place on Saturday instead."

"Yeah, he might, but I can't say for sure."

"So, can I stay at your place all weekend anyway, so I don't have to explain to my parents why we didn't go camping?"

"Yeah, of course you can."


"What's the matter?" Sean asked as Ryan muted the midnight movie and looked over at the front door.

"I thought I heard someone."

"I doubt a burglar is gonna break in when they can hear a TV on," Sean laughed.

"No, not a burglar, I thought I heard Chad's voice," Ryan said as he got up and moved over to the door, pressing his ear against it. He was definitely hearing Chad's voice, and that of a woman. "Shit," he whispered excitedly as he pulled his ear from the door. "Chad's here and he has a girl with him!"

"You serious? You're not just fucking with me are you?"

"I'm totally serious."

The two just stared at each other with wide eyes for a moment and then they simultaneously took off towards the bedroom.

"Click it," Sean said excitedly as Ryan shook the mouse to wake the monitor.

"Ok, ok, calm down."

The desktop came into view. Ryan double clicked on the shortcut for the bedroom camera. Chad's bedroom appeared on the screen… and the room was dark, the glow from the clock radio showing that the bed was empty, too.

"Shit!" Sean cursed.

"Relax. They just went inside. Give them some time to get there."

"Please let them come to the bedroom and get naked on that bed," Sean prayed out loud.

Almost as if Chad had heard him, the lights to the bedroom came on, and a few seconds later Chad came into the frame kissing a really hot chick.
"Oh shit, buddy!" Sean said as he rubbed his hands together, "We're gonna see a naked chick tonight, and even better, see her get her tight little pussy pounded, hard! I can't fuckin' wait!"


© 2010-2013 by Ryan Michaels

Night Visions: Part 2 

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