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Friday, January 17, 2014

All Male True Experience: My First Big Cock

By: Unknown Author

I'm nineteen and haven't sucked a lot of cocks yet. Of the cocks I have sucked, the biggest was six and a half inches, and I was dying to suck a really big cock. I'm not a size queen or anything, I mean a cock's a cock to me, and I'll willingly play with any dick I get the chance to, no matter its size, but I just wanted to see and try sucking a really big one.

So I decided to go to a gay chat site I knew about, and I posted the following ad:

Looking to suck my first big cock. Looking for guys between the ages of 18 and 30 that live in my area - see profile for my location. If you have a big cock and are interested in having it sucked by a hot 19 year old, and live near me, send me a message. Please don't tell me how big your cock is though, I want to find out for myself when I suck it. Just make sure it's a big one if you plan to reply, otherwise don't bother.

The ads get posted to the board instantly and I couldn't believe it when I got a reply from a guy just a few minutes later: "Hi, I'd love to get my cock sucked. It's seven inches, is that big enough for you?"

Unfortunately, it wasn't what I had in mind when I said 'big', plus I asked anyone who replied not to tell me how big they were, so I replied back and told him no. He replied back and said, "Fuck you!" I laughed at that. If the guy had read my ad, and was smart, he would have known not to tell me how big his cock was and I probably would have met with him and sucked him off, even if, when seeing his hard cock, it turned out not to be quite as big as I was looking for.

I got a few more replies, saying things like: "I'd rather suck yours," "I'm not huge but I'm not small either and I'd love a blowjob! Let me know," and "Another fuckin' size queen!"

A few days later I got the most perfect reply to my ad: "I'm 28, have a huge dick, and I'm interested in giving you your first big cock to play with. Think you're are a good enough cocksucker to handle it?" It was everything I was looking to read in a reply and nothing I didn't want to hear.

I started to get hard just reading his words, and I messaged him back to tell him I was definitely interested and wanted to know when and where. I was so excited by the prospect of sucking my first big cock that I kept checking for a reply constantly, like every five or ten minutes for hours. It wasn't until the next day that he replied, and he included his phone number, telling me to call him any time after seven o'clock at night to set things up instead of sending messages back and forth and waiting for replies.

It was around half past five when I got his message, and as soon as the clock struck seven I grabbed my phone and called him up. After telling him who I was, I asked when I could come over to suck his cock, adding that I could come over right then. His reply was that he had a straight roommate, so his place was out, and asked if I could host.

Disappointment set in. Here I'd finally found a big cock to suck and neither of us had a place where we could do it. But my disappointment was short lived, for after I replied that I didn't have a place either, he said we could do it in his backyard, which he said was very private, if I was cool with that. I quickly agreed, and we arranged that I would come over around nine, when it would be dark out, and then he gave me his address.

As I hung up the phone I was nervous as hell, but also so excited about sucking my first big cock! Those two hours dragged by, and, with constant thoughts of what was going to happen when nine o'clock finally did roll around, it took everything I had in me not to pull my dick out and jerk off.

When I arrived, he was already outside, waiting for me on the front porch. After saying hello to each other he led me around to the back of the house. As we stood on the concrete patio right near the back of the house, he immediately took my hand and put it on his crotch. "I want you to rub it with your hand first so that it will be nice and hard when I pull it out for you."

I massaged his cock through his pants and could feel it getting hard from my touch. Fuck, it felt so big and I was really excited. He reached for the button on his jeans and I moved my hand away. "Get down on your knees so you can get a nice close-up view of your first big cock," he said, and I instantly dropped to my knees.

He undid his zipper and shoved his pants down a bit and they fell to his ankles. His big hard cock was lying on an angle inside his jockey shorts. "So what's the biggest cock you've sucked?" he asked as he reached down and rubbed his crotch.

"Six and a half," I told him.

"That's it? You're nineteen right?"

I nodded.

"Just how may cocks have you sucked before?"

"Five," I told him, and went on to say that I had learned fast and would do a good job on his.

He laughed. "Well there's a big difference between six and half inches and this!" he said as he yanked his underwear down.

What sprang out was the biggest cock I had ever seen! My eyes bugged out at the sight of it and my already hard cock throbbed at the sight of it. "How big is that?" I asked, pointing at it.

"Nine and a half inches. You scared of it or do you think you can handle it?" he asked.

"I'd like to try," I answered.

"Well then go for it. Suck your first huge cock!"

I wrapped my hand around the base of his big cock and licked the head. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and moved forward. Fuck, it was so big and thick. My mouth had never been stretched that wide before and I only had a little more than the head in so far. I moved my head forward and had a bit more than half of it in my mouth now. I began to bob up and down on his big cock, and by his moans I figured I was doing a good job.

I was lucky enough to not have much of a gag reflex and had, rather easily, deep throated all five of the cocks I had sucked before. Granted, the biggest only having been six and a half inches, but I figured an extra three inches shouldn't make much of a difference in that respect, and so I lunged forward and sank his entire shaft down my throat. I guess I was too anxious because I gagged on it after all. As I quickly pulled off, he told me to take it easy and to not try to take it all like that. Fuck that! I wanted it all. I took it back into my mouth, and this time slowly took it deeper until my nose was buried in his pubes.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned as I held my head still for a moment.

Pulling back, I began to suck him faster, withdrawing to the head and, a few times, even slowly going to the base again without gagging. This guy could hold his load and I didn't mind at all. I was enjoying sucking on this big cock more than I can describe, so much so that, horny and hard as I was, I didn't even bother to pull my own dick out and jerk it off as I blew him. All I wanted to feel, all I wanted to remember was how that big cock stretched and filled my mouth like I had never experienced before. I could (and would) jerk off later.

After a while, he pushed his hips forward and I knew he was close to cumming. I began to stroke his cock as I sucked it, synchronizing my mouth and hand motions. "Fuck I'm gonna cum!" he said, warning me in case I didn't want to swallow, I assumed.

I wanted to swallow. I wanted to feel how a load shot out of a big cock like that. He groaned and one sharp blast of cum hit the back of my mouth, followed by several more spurts onto my tongue. I let it linger on my tongue for a few minutes, and then swallowed it all.

I gave his cock a few more sucks to clean the cum off of it, then pulled off, looked at it, then looked up at him and said, "Wow, that was so hot, sucking a big cock. I really enjoyed it. Did you like it, too?"

He was still panting and looked down and said, "It was pretty good for a guy that's only ever sucked a few cocks before and never sucked a big one before."

I asked him if I really had done a good job or if he was just being polite and asked him to be honest.

"Well, honestly, I've had a lot better, and only one blowjob that wasn't very good. Yours was probably a bit better than that one… but you are new at it and inexperienced."

I asked for honestly but the truth hurts and I guess he could tell by my expression, because he followed that with: "But you do get an A+ for deep-throating it. Not many guys can do that to me."

I told him about my lack of a gag reflex and he told me that once I honed my skills, and with my lack of a gag reflex, I was going to make a lot of guys very happy.

He walked me back around to the front of the house and said, "Thanks for the blowjob. Look me up again sometime when you've had some more experience sucking off hung guys," and then he headed for the porch and disappeared inside.

I headed home with a huge grin on my face… and a throbbing hard-on in my pants! Needless to say, I took care of it as soon as I got home, picturing that big cock and how it had felt in my mouth.

For days I kept thinking about that big dick and, inevitably, I would end up jerking off as I relived the experience in my head.

I found that I had now almost become obsessed with big cocks, and I keep checking my ad for any decent replies, but so far have not received any. But, just as soon as I do, I plan to go out and suck my second big cock!

I guess I'm a size queen after all!

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