"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Thursday, July 31, 2014

All Male True Experience: Playing Hooky

By: chicagobasil
I had decided to take the day off from work. I just didn't feel like going in that day, so I called in and took a personal day. I did some things around the house in the morning, then, in trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day, I got the urge to stop at a bookstore I used to go to every now and again. I figured at this time of the day I would find another horny guy on his lunch break or something.

When I got there I headed down to the basement, which is where the porn booths were located, and looked around. There was only one other guy lurking around, an older, not very hung nor very appealing guy. Since I didn't have to be anywhere all day I decided to hang out in a booth and wait, hoping that someone else would come in.

Soon I heard a few others moving around and I stepped out of the booth to check out the fresh meat. As I stepped into the main area a very nice looking guy was on his way down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of warm-up pants, a grey t-shirt, and a jacket. He had both ears pierced and I could see that he had a nice chest under his tight tee. When one of the lights that kept the stairs dimly lit caught his face, I could see that he was really hot, too!

He headed over to the token machine. I stepped up behind him to get a better look at his butt! I was not disappointed. He had a really nice bubble butt filling out the back of those pants!

I was so busy looking at his ass that I didn't notice that he was having trouble with the token machine, until suddenly he turned around and said, "Maybe you can get this thing to work," giving me a very charming smile.

"No problem," I said smiling back.

He stepped to the side and I looked at the machine, hoping to work some magic on it. I immediately saw the problem. The "Temporarily out of Service" light was on. We laughed and then headed upstairs to get some tokens from the clerk instead. He walked up to the counter ahead of me and in the full light of the bookstore I could see that this guy had a really nice build on him. He also had the most beautiful green eyes!

When he walked past me to head back downstairs, I caught him checking me out too. He looked back and smiled and I knew then that we were definitely going to have some fun together! I quickly purchased some tokens and headed back downstairs.

As I hit the bottom step, I saw the hot dude slightly hesitate as he headed into the first booth, looking around the door to be sure I was coming down the steps. He loaded his machine, and then I froze. Standing just a couple of feet away from a very hot guy, I fucking froze! I stood there looking at the half opened door, just hoping that he would push it open a little and invite me in. What if he was not really checking me out? What if I was wrong? I didn't know what had come over me. Why I was suddenly so doubtful of his interest in me? I backed down and headed to another booth at the end of the row.

A few minutes later my older 'friend' poked his head into my booth. I was pretty fed up with him by then and politely told him I wasn't looking for company. He left my booth, but hung around outside of it. I wanted that hot jock stud so bad!

Another minute or so passed, and then I saw him. He was standing outside my booth. Was he waiting for an invitation? Was the old guy's presence outside my door preventing him from getting up the nerve to enter my booth? I opened the door a little wider and gave him a nod to show that I was interested. That's all it took and he stepped inside my booth.

All Male True Experience: Smooth Fucker

By: Unknown Author

An ex-lover always insisted that I trim my pubic hair. Since it was a simple request, I went along. He wasn't asking for some sculptured design worked into the pubes surrounding my thick slab, just a clip and a snip of the wiry rebels that curled up out of the mass. A pair of scissors did the trick.

After we broke up, I continued to keep myself trimmed, since it had become a part of my morning routine. Always in a hurry, I decided that scissors were much too slow. I got the bright idea to use the trimmer on my electric razor instead. A quick race around my dick and the job would be done.

The electric razor worked just fine until I overslept one morning. I found myself trying to do three things at once as I hurriedly got ready for work. The next thing I knew, I was staring at a bald spot half way up the center of my pubes. Horror consumed me. What was I to do? How could I explain a hairless patch? There was only one thing to be done.

One hand grabbed my dick to protect my tender skin as the razor moved across my nervous crotch. I felt like Samson in Delilah's clutches, my strength failing with the loss of my hair. I had to pay close attention as I switched to the triple heads and removed the last evidence of a hairy groin. I almost cried. I did in fact cry when I splashed shaving lotion into my naked crotch. I was convinced the intense burning would never end.

I stared into the mirror, my cock a stranger. It looked completely different, bigger and whiter. I wasn't sure I liked my new look but felt I'd get used to it in time. Besides, it would eventually grow back. I dressed and rushed off to work, trying to put my hairless crotch out of my mind. That proved to be impossible.

All day long I felt my underwear hug my flesh like never before. I felt it kiss my raw skin every time I moved. At first it felt good, but then the elastic leg bands started chafing my crotch. I'd have to switch to boxer shorts.

A good friend had lined me up with a blind date for that night, and I wasn't sure I wanted to go through with it. What if we ended up in bed? I feared a round of laughter when he saw my dick erupt out of naked flesh. I didn't find the situation funny, but someone else easily could.

As luck would have it, he was gorgeous. There was no way I was going to turn him down when he suggested we get comfortable in the bedroom. To my horror, he insisted that the lights remain on. I faced my dreadful problem like a man, swallowed my pride, and stripped in front of him. I let him look at my totally shaved crotch. His reaction was not at all what I had expected.

All Male Fiction: Chris' Sex Adventures (Part 3)

"Oh, Brother!"

By: samboi91
I closed my eyes tighter, holding the image of my step-brother in the shower rubbing soap over his muscular body. I'd never jerked off over Jeff before, but here I was doing just that, stroking my hard cock faster and faster as the mental image of him naked played over and over in my head.

Feeling my climax arrive, I lifted my lower back off my bed and shot my warm load all over myself. I sighed and lay back down, reaching for the towel I kept by my bed as a cum-rag, and as I cleaned myself up, I told myself that I was just so desperately horny that seeing any cock would drive me to whack off thinking about it. Deep down, however, I think I knew there was more to it than that - especially when I increasingly began to think about him during my jack off sessions.

Two weeks after I saw my brother in the shower, I was sitting on the couch next to him, watching the TV. It was a fairly hot day so both of us were just lounging around in our boxers. He was flicking through the channels faster than we could see what was on. Stopping on one of the channels, a bunch of cheap looking women with big boobs filled the screen.

"What's this shit?" I said to Jeff.

"Oh that's right, you're a queer. You don't like big tits."

"Fuck you, Jeff!" was my response.

"Yeah I bet you wish you could."

He playfully punched me in the arm. I swung a punch back but he pushed my arm away and pushed me onto the floor. I landed on my back before he jumped on me, sitting on my chest and pinning my arms down with his legs.

"Get the fuck off me, Jeff!"

His crotch was right in front of my face and the button on his boxers was open. I could see a glimpse of his soft cock inside them.

"No way little bro. I've got something in mind for you."

I thought he was going to beat me up or something, but instead he reached right into his boxers and pulled his cock out into the open.

"I saw you watching me in the shower. And when you moan my name during your jack off sessions, you should be a little quieter. I thought you might like this though. Why don't you wrap your lips around your big brother's big cock?"

All Male Fiction: Executive Break

By: Unknown Author
I do my best to avoid hanging around with business associates when I'm not at work. I'm an investment broker, and I deal with plenty of stress during the work week. My ideas of unwinding don't usually include spending weekends with my co-workers and their families, but there are times when it just can't be avoided.

This was one of those times. My boss was throwing his annual cocktail party and buffet. I knew from experience that the booze would be first-rate, the food would be from the best caterers in the city, and the conversation would all center on work and family matters. In a word, I knew I was in for a really dull Sunday afternoon.

Still, I had to go, so I put on a lightweight suit, chose a tie that was a little flashier than anything I'd wear at the office and drove to the boss's house in an exclusive suburb down by the lake. Actually, it was more of an estate than a house, fifteen wooded acres in the heart of the city, with a huge mansion, swimming pool, landscaped gardens and a lawn that swept right down to the edge of the lake and the boss's private dock. The party was in full swing when I got there, so I grabbed a drink and started to mingle.

A man can only listen to so many tales of how smart another man's children are, or hear about the little business the wife is starting, before thinking about joining the Foreign Legion. I was also starting to get the inevitable questions about why a handsome, successful man like me wasn't married. I could see nothing but embarrassment looming on the horizon, so I excused myself from the group and took a hike.

I ducked outside and crossed the lawn and took one of the paths that led through the wooded part of the property. It didn't look like anyone else was venturing too far from the bar or the food, so I wasn't likely to be disturbed. I shed my coat, loosened my tie and rolled up my sleeves, strolling along the paths, enjoying the beauty of the scene.

That beauty got even more intense when I rounded a bend in the path and stepped into a clearing that was bordered by flowering shrubs. Off to one side, a young gardener was doing some trimming. He was tall and dark haired, his lithe frame tautly muscled. He was wearing an old pair of khaki shorts and heavy work boots, leaving me with plenty of firm, tanned flesh to admire. Then I stepped on a pine cone, which exploded under my heel with a sharp crack, making the young man turn to look at me.

"Sorry," I said. "I just had to get away from the crowds for a while."

"No problem," he replied. "I don't blame you. Too many stuffed shirts here today to suit me, so I know how you feel."

"Mind if I hang around for a few minutes and soak up some sun?"

He shook his head and smiled again, then turned back to his pruning.

I stripped out of my shirt and reveled in the feel of the hot sun beaming down on my shoulders. I was also enjoying the view, watching the muscles in the gardener's back twitching and shifting as he manned the pruning shears. He was really a hot guy, and my fingers were twitching as I imagined the texture of his silky skin.

Naturally, I had a hard-on in nothing flat, my horniness level rapidly shooting up into the danger zone. I hadn't gotten laid in quite a while, what with work and all, and I couldn't think of anything I'd like more than a roll in the grass with the young stud in front of me. I leaned back on my elbows, closing my eyes, enjoying the slight breeze that had come up. My hard-on was clearly visible under my thin suit trousers, but he had his back to me and seemed very involved in what he was doing, so I wasn't too worried about it.

"Any chance I could be the cause of that?"

I opened my eyes and looked up, startled. I'd been a million miles away, mentally working the stud over. He had crossed the lawn and was staring down at me, hands on his hips, his legs planted wide apart.

All Male Fiction: I Spy (Part 2)

By: Unknown Author

Eric stumbled out of Coach Anson's equipment locker, nearly falling on the cement floor before his arms grabbed Coach Anson's desk chair. Alex and Coach Anson looked over in disbelief. Alex turned around so that his ass was against the Coach's desk, as he groped quickly for his pants and belt. Coach Anson slid his track pants quickly up to his waist and turned toward Eric.

For at least two seconds, no one said a word. Eric's heart was racing as Coach Anson finally spoke. "Eric Larson, what the hell are you doing in here?"

Coach Anson stared at Eric, who began to tremble. Eric backed up toward the Coach's equipment locker, hoping he could simply crawl back inside. Alex rushed toward Eric, but Coach Anson stopped him from grabbing Eric's shirt.

"All right, Diego. I've had my fill of you today. Get outta here. I'll handle this," Coach Anson ordered.

Alex stared Eric down before turning to exit the Coach's office. Eric couldn't help but stare at Alex's muscled ass, crisply defined by his slacks, as Alex walked through the door.

Coach Anson caught Eric staring. "So, Eric, you get your little stiffy all worked up watching grown men play?"

Eric remained silent, his mind trying to think of a good explanation, and a way to get out of the locker room in one piece. Coach Anson became even more ticked off and approached Eric for an answer. Coach Anson swaggered closer to Eric - so close that Eric could feel his hot breath on his shoulder and the Coach's thick, meaty legs pushed up against Eric's inner thighs.

Coach Anson again questioned, "So, you think you know what you saw. But there are still a couple of things you should know. You should know that no one will believe you. And you should know that you will have to pay a price to keep this piece of information."

Eric finally found a voice to reply. "What are you talking about? I'm not going to tell anyone."

Coach Anson got closer to Eric's face, so close the Coach could've kissed him. "Oh, I know you won't tell anyone what you saw, but I have to think of a way to guarantee it... to my satisfaction."

All Male Fiction: Subway Suck

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels
It was around two in the morning as I boarded the subway, taking a seat in the last car, which was completely empty. Not a big surprise at that time of the morning. I was traveling home from the downtown area, and I began reading an old newspaper someone had left behind to pass the time since I had to travel to the very end of the line. I was enjoying the quiet of the empty car until the train pulled into a station and a young man got on and sat down opposite me.

Of all the places to sit, I thought, wondering why he sat facing me when there was an entire empty car of seats to choose from.

As the subway crawled out of the station, I took the opportunity to peek at him from behind my newspaper, as the young guy stared out the window. He had a handsome face, with dazzling eyes, a nose that fit his face perfectly, and full lips. Solidly built, he was wearing a muscle shirt that clung to his body, revealing nicely developed pecs, erect nipples standing out against the fabric, and a flat, hard stomach.
As I was checking him out, he pulled his left leg up, putting his foot on the seat, and leaned back with the back of his head touching the window. He placed his hand on his raised knee and closed his eyes.

What he apparently didn't notice was that the leg of his shorts had slid up and allowed me a free and full view. He wasn't wearing underwear, and hanging down his left thigh was his cock and a set of smooth low hanging balls. The head of that cock was almost sticking out of the end of his shorts.

My throat felt dry and my heart skipped more than one beat. I was mesmerized and put the newspaper down on the seat next to me and just continued to gawk between his beefy legs.

Then just moments later the subway train suddenly came to a halt and then the lights went out.

Seconds later, emergency lights came on followed by an announcement over the speakers saying: "We're sorry but we are experiencing a power outage on the tracks. We ask that all passengers remain in their seats. Do not attempt to pass through the doors between cars. The problem should be rectified shortly. If the problem is not resolved within half an hour, a subway attendant will make his way through the cars and will escort passengers safely through the cars and the tunnels to the next station. We thank you for your patience."

"This sucks!" the young guy blurted, opening his eyes and pulling his head forward, and I averted my eyes from where they had been looking.

In the state I was in, hearing him say the word "suck" filled my head with only one thought: his cock! And, with his eyes now focused elsewhere, my eyes went back to stare down at his crotch… or up his pant leg, I should say.

As I stared, my eyes widened slightly when I saw his penis twitch and then begin to move a bit. I looked up and his attention was not focused on me at all, so I looked back down. His dick continued to move and quickly grew to a state of semi-erectness. I licked my lips at the sight of it, and then I heard the sound of the guy clearing his throat.

I looked up and the young stud was looking right at me. "Hey! Are you looking up my shorts, dude?" he asked.

Feeling more than a little embarrassed, I replied, "What? No! I wasn't looking at you at all," and quickly looked away.

"Yes you were. You were trying to get a peek at my dick, weren't you?"

"No! I wasn't looking at you. Please, just leave me alone," I responded, a bit fearful now of what this younger, stronger guy might do to me after catching me looking up his shorts as we sat trapped all alone on a subway car stuck in a tunnel.

"Yeah you saw my dick, and you liked getting a look at it," he said nodding at my crotch.

I knew I had gotten hard, but what I didn't know, what I found out when I looked down to my crotch, was that my hard-on was tenting my pants.

I grabbed the newspaper and put it over my crotch and then looked back up at him, my face feeling flushed again. "I, uh, was just thinking about screwing my wife when I get home," I blustered.

"Yeah? Is fucking your wife's cunt what's really got you all boned up, or was it the thought of sucking on this?" he said as he reached down into his shorts, pulled his semi-erect cock out the top, and then wrapped his hand around it and began tugging on it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Male Fiction: Nocturnal Emissions

By: Ryan Michaels
Mark and I had been friends since we were eleven years old. He was, and still is, my best friend. As a kid, I probably spent more time at his house than I did my own, so when we got older, and I realized that I was bisexual, I had no problem telling him. He, as I expected, didn't care. He never treated me any differently, except that while it was perfectly ok for him to talk about sex he had with women, and for me to talk about sex I had with women, he didn't want to hear about any sex I had with other men. At first I didn't think that was fair. I mean, if you can't be yourself around your best friend, then are they really your friend? But then, when I thought about it some more, I figured it was a perfectly reasonable request. I mean, he's straight, and if I was straight and he was bisexual, would I want to hear about him sucking cock and fucking guys? Probably not.

Ever since my bisexuality first came to light many years ago, I have never once thought of Mark in a sexual way… not that he wasn't attractive; he was, just not to me, in that way. I mean, I wouldn't say no if he ever asked me to watch porn and jerk off with him, or tag team a pussy (not that he ever would in either case), but as far as me wanting to do things to him, it was just never something I've ever thought about. But, as I'm sure you have figured out, that all changed.

It happened about four months ago, when I went over to Mark's place after he had called and told me that he and his girlfriend had just had a huge fight. The fight was bad enough that she had walked out and gone to her parents, taking their five year old son, Josh, with her, and he wanted his buddy there to get drunk with him and watch some action movies to put her out of his mind, at least for the night.

When I got there, instead of being depressed or grumpy, he was all smiles. This, no doubt, was due to the amount of beer he had already consumed, evident by all the empty cans on the coffee table. I had a lot of catching up to do and he was thinking the exact same thing, as he handed me a beer at the door and said just that.

As we sat down on the couch, I asked about the fight right away but he said he didn't want to talk about it. He said he wanted to watch movies, guy movies, and get wasted. He then put on Die Hard, not a recent movie, but one of his all-time favorites.

When the movie ended, he was well wasted and I was right around the corner from being there myself. Rather than putting another movie on, things took a weird turn as he turned off the TV, looked right at me and said, "Fuck, I'm so horny!"