"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Sunday, November 30, 2014

All Male Fiction: My Best Friend (Part 4)

By: Lucas Miller

I woke up to the smell of chicken. The room was dark. I was in Josh's bed with the covers over me. I was naked underneath. Looking around, I found the small LED alarm clock. It was shortly after nine o'clock in the evening. I had been asleep for about six hours.

What another incredible day. First spending most of the morning with Josh, then sucking the dick of a faceless stranger in the library restroom, and finally a much needed jerk off while reading Marc's journal.

Now, just a few short hours before my time visiting Josh was to end, I smelled chicken. It was so strong that it had to have been coming from somewhere in the small dorm room. Then the door opened and I saw Josh's silhouette. He quickly shut the door and kept the lights off. When I stirred in the bed he stopped in his tracks.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," he said walking over to his bed and sitting down beside me.

I rubbed my eyes. "It's okay. Why did you let me sleep the day away?"

"I actually came in and tried to wake you, but you were knocked out. So I covered you up and let you sleep."

I sat up and pulled the covers off of me, revealing my hard dick. Josh smiled, but stood up and moved to the other side of the room. "There's plenty of time for that later," he said. "For now, you need to eat. A couple of hours ago I went out and got us some roasted chicken. I was also got us some beer to go with it." He turned a lamp on and I could see that he had a nice feast waiting for us.

I got out of bed and slipped on my underwear. I was a little disappointed that he didn't respond to my obvious gesture of sexual interest, but I was also very hungry. He was right, sex could wait.

Josh was opening the beers as I sat down. He was dressed in just a t-shirt and boxers. He looked as if he was going to eat and go to bed. I was hoping that this wasn't the case. I wanted to have a memorable night before heading off in the morning.

As we ate, Josh couldn't stop looking into my eyes. There was a look of intense love with a glimmer of sadness. He talked about the times we had while I visited. We had definitely taken our friendship to another level and leaving was going to be more difficult than I anticipated. Thoughts of dropping out of school and moving closer to Josh fluttered through my mind, but I dismissed them. I had to go back to school. I needed space to determine if my feelings were real or figments of my lustful imagination. That wasn't to say that I wouldn't visit as much as possible.

After finishing our meal, Josh talked about how he wanted to end my visit just as it had started. I was a little confused, but he asked me to follow him. He was at the door before I had a chance to question. I got up and followed him into the hallway. It was very quiet in the dormitory. He led me to the showers and I held back.

"You want to do it in the shower room?" I whispered.

He nodded with a devilish grin.

"We got caught last time by Marc; what if someone else discovers us?"

He spoke in a normal tone. "No one will find us. There's a homecoming celebration at the football field. Everyone is there. The place is empty." With that he went inside, and I followed, my cock rising in my underwear.

Once inside he immediately grabbed a hold of me and started kissing me. His hands explored my back, then moved over my butt. Our tongues darted between our mouths. My dick tented my underwear and poked at his waist.

When we broke our kiss, he took off his t-shirt and quickly slipped off his underwear, and then dropped to his knees. His lips brushed against the tip of my waiting, covered cock, but he didn't remain there. Instead he began kissing my thigh and running his tongue toward the leg hole of my briefs. As he moved closer and closer to my balls I was afraid that I wouldn't last much longer.

But he stopped and stood back up. "That is how much you turned me on the first time I saw you naked," he said. "I thought I was going to lose my mind when I saw you in the shower and then afterward."

"Afterward was the greatest I have ever felt," I interjected. "You really are my best friend."

"Yes I am, but you made a new friend too. Remember?" Upon saying that Marc came from out of the shadows. He was naked and stroking his hard dick.

Bisexual Fiction: Party Girl

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels

My boyfriend called me this morning at work and told me that he wanted me to meet him at a house party later that evening. He gave me the address and told me how he wanted me to dress. He liked me to wear provocative, revealing clothes when we were out at bars and parties. He liked showing me off and watching as other men reacted.
As I got ready after work, my mind wandered to the night ahead. My boyfriend was always testing my limits, trying to see how far I would be willing to go. I couldn't help but wonder what he had planned for tonight.
When I arrived at the location my boyfriend had given me, I quickly grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and roamed through the people looking for my boyfriend. I spotted him on the far side of the crowded room, talking to a beautiful woman. I felt a pang of jealousy as I watched him smile and laugh at something the woman had said, with him being totally oblivious to my arrival.
I tried to shake off the feeling as I slithered through the clusters of people, heading towards him. I hated feeling jealous but I couldn't help it. I didn't want any other women messing with my man! It was ironic really, because I had sucked the cocks of most of his friends and they had licked, sucked and kissed just about every part of my body as well. But don't misunderstand, I wasn't cheating on him, I did it for him, at his request. He was always there and in full control of the situations. He liked to watch me suck cock, whether it was his own or someone else's, but he would never let another man fuck me. He made it clear that my pussy was his and his alone to fuck.
Halfway through the crowd, a group of men complimented me on my attire. Flattered, I did a slow three hundred and sixty degree turn so they could take a good look. I pushed the straps down off my bare shoulders revealing more of my cleavage, with my erect nipples poking their shape into the fabric of my top. I had on a mini skirt that was white and quite sheer. Under the skirt I wore a flesh colored thong and the effect was stunning. I completed my ensemble with black leather high heeled boots that hugged the contours of my legs like a second skin. Their roar of approval drew the attention of the people around them, including my boyfriend. I caught his gaze and he smiled at me as he motioned me to come to him.
I thanked the group of men for their compliments and slipped through the crowd to meet my boyfriend.
When I reached him his strong hands encircled my waist and he looked me up and down. "I don't like the panties," he said with a wink.
My eyes never left his as I reached up under my skirt and hooked my thumbs through the thong, sliding it down my long legs and letting it drop to the floor. Using the toe of my boot, I lifted the tiny heap into the air and tossed my thong toward him.
He caught the thong on his finger and crushed it to his nose. "Much better," he replied still smiling.
Before he could introduce his companion, the woman reached over and took the panties out of his hand and slid them under her nose. "Mmm," she purred, "I would love a taste of that."
My boyfriend looked at me for my reaction and was ecstatic to see that I was smiling at the woman's comment, my eyes locked on hers. That 'test' was all it took for my boyfriend to know how far I was willing to go this time.

He led the two of us toward what he assumed were the bedrooms. His assumption proved to be correct and we stepped inside what looked to be the master suite. My boyfriend purposely left the door wide open, and I instantly moved toward the bed. The other woman climbed on the bed too and reached out and slid her hands under my loose fitting top while her mouth licked and nibbled on my exposed midriff.
The two of us soon became intertwined together in a tangle of arms and legs, searching fingers and probing tongues, while my boyfriend stood silently just inside the door watching it all. The silence was broken only by the moans and gasps made by the two of us as our bodies writhed together on the king sized bed.