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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

All Male Fiction: The Boy Next Door

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels

"So, what do you want for your birthday?" I asked Shawn, the boy from next door. His twenty-first birthday was in just a few days.

Shawn scratched his head and looked puzzled.

"Gee, I dunno, Rick," he drawled. "Maybe... well, how about a good blowjob?"

I nearly dropped my drink. Seeing my look of shock, Shawn let his poker face break into a grin, and he laughed out loud. I forced a laugh, too, though I was a little puzzled about why he'd chosen this form of humor, and I was a lot disappointed that he wasn't serious.

"What's the matter?" I countered. "Won't your girlfriend suck it for you?"

"Shit, she calls it a blowjob, but I call it all teeth and hot air."

We laughed again and left it at that.

Shawn and I had first met four years ago, when I moved into the house next door to his. Although I was fourteen years older than him, a friendship soon blossomed between us. It wasn't like he didn't have any friends his own age, he did, but we just really seemed to hit it off well, at first just shooting the shit whenever we saw each other outside, and then, eventually, Shawn started dropping by to just hang out, whenever he was bored.

And he got bored a lot, mainly because he attended a local college while most of his friends had gone off to attend out of town colleges and universities. Whenever he wasn't too busy with his school work he'd usually be hanging out over at my place, even more so in the summer. An only child, I think he thought of me like an older brother or something.

My feelings toward him were far from being brotherly, though. Not that it mattered; Shawn had no idea that I was gay, and, as far as I knew, he was straight. Hitting on him would likely only result in putting an end to our friendship, so I had resigned myself to the fact that the only way I would ever have him was in my fantasies.

When the day of Shawn's birthday arrived, I stopped by his house to drop off a gift for him. We had never exchanged birthday gifts before, but turning twenty-one was considered one of those milestone birthdays, and so I had decided that I wanted to get him something, and I got him something I felt was appropriate for the occasion: a nice bottle of Jack Daniels.

Shawn laughed when I gave it to him, thanked me and told me that he would definitely put it to good use later that night. Shawn's birthday was in the summer, so most of his friends were around again, and he went on to explain that he had invited a bunch of them over to his place to celebrate his special day. He didn't offer me an invite, but that was ok; I totally understood. After all, it would seem kind of odd for a twenty-one-year-old guy to invite his thirty-five-year-old neighbor to a party full of other twenty-one-year-olds.

Late that evening the doorbell rang, and there stood Shawn. His party had obviously come to an end, and he stood there with a smile on his face, holding a napkin-covered paper plate. "I thought you might like some cake. I even brought something to wash it down with," he said grinning and holding up the bottle of Jack Daniels I had given him in his other hand.

I could smell the whiskey on his breath as he spoke, and could tell he was very close to being drunk. I accepted his offer and invited him in.

Once inside, and after handing him a glass for his whisky, I asked about his party and he began to fill me in on it and told me of the gifts he got.

"I'll tell you, though," he said, now sipping his second whiskey, "I was kinda disappointed that all I got from you was a bottle of booze. I was really countin' on that blowjob," he laughed.

"Oh really?"

"Oh yeah, a blowjob would be great right about now," he replied. "You can't be any worse than my girlfriend," he finished with a laugh.

Shawn may have been drunk but that was the second time in the last few days that he had 'suggested' that I blow him for his birthday. People just don't say things like that, especially more than once, unless a small part of them really means it, and suddenly I had the feeling that there was a part of him that was being serious, even if it was said in a joking way.

That 'feeling' came from past experiences with a few other straight guys I had blown when they were drunk and horny and had vocalized that they were in need of some head. In those cases, none of them knew that I was gay, and they weren't directing their needs at me, but as soon as I put the moves on them, the alcohol let them lose all their inhibitions and allowed them to be open to letting me give them the head they craved.

Now finding myself in the same situation with the drunk and horny Shawn, despite always swearing that I would never try anything with him at the risk of losing his friendship, I now felt pretty confident that I could get his cock if I really tried, and I was definitely going to give it my best shot! Of course, the one glass of whiskey I had already downed, and the second one I was well on the way to finishing was probably playing a major part in giving me the courage to make such a move, but this was an opportunity too good to pass up; one that I couldn't pass up!

"Ok, so whip it out," I countered.

Shawn laughed as he said, "Yeah, ok, sure," assuming that the sexually charged banter between us was all just in fun, at least on my part.

"So what are you waiting for?" I asked.

"Ha-ha," Shawn laughed some more.

"What's the matter?" I laughed. "Ashamed of what you're packing?"

"Hell no! I have nothing to be ashamed of, believe me!" Shawn stated with defensiveness.

"Then whip it out and prove it," I grinned.

"Ha-ha, yeah, ok man," Shawn laughed, still thinking it was just all in fun.

"I thought you wanted a really good blowjob for your birthday Shawn?" I said as I refilled his glass with whisky.

Shawn just laughed and said, "Yeah, but I told you, my girlfriend can't suck cock to save her life."

"You also said that you wished I had given you a blowjob for your birthday instead of the bottle of Jack Daniels. It's not too late, you know, if that's what you really want."

Shawn laughed again and said, "Ha-ha, but I said a good blowjob!"

"Oh, I can give you a really good blowjob, and you can just lie back and enjoy your glass of Jack while I do it; two birthday gifts enjoyed at the same time, what could be better?"

Shawn looked at me and laughed some more, and then, when he saw that my expression was serious, his face dropped, and then after a moment a grin slowly began to form across it and he said, "Ha-ha, for a minute there I started to think you were being serious. Ha-ha, you almost got me, man."

There was no turning back now, and, frankly, I didn't want to. "I am being serious," I said, and then I just went for it, and, with a straight face and a serious tone, I looked him right in the eye and said, "A hot blowjob is what I really wanted to get you for your birthday, and you can still have that if you want it."

Shawn's eyes got wide. "Wait, you're really serious?" he asked as he stared back at me.

I nodded.

"You mean you're a… you're a fag?"

"I prefer the word gay, but yes, I suck cock, and I'm damn good at it. So what do you say, you want to find out what a really good blowjob actually feels like?"

"Shit, I don't know, I mean, I'm not gay, you know."

I laughed and said something a teenager might say. "Getting your cock sucked by a guy doesn't make you gay, it's just a mouth on your dick. You're only gay if you put a dick in your mouth." As stupid as that was, I had to convince him somehow; I was determined.

Still he hesitated, but I could tell now that he really wanted what I was offering.

"Come on, Shawn! It's your birthday, and you're only young once. Don't you want to get your very first real blowjob?"

"I've had a blowjob before; lots of them. I told you, my girlfriend sucks my dick."

"I know, but has anyone else ever sucked it besides her?"

Shawn shook his head.

"Ok, then, you may have had lots of blowjobs before, and you might think you know what one feels like, but, after disclosing that your girlfriend's the only one who has ever sucked you off, and describing how she does it, you've never experienced a real blowjob until you've seen what I can do."

"I don't know man…"

"Come on, you know you want to. You want it so bad, your cock is rock hard thinking about it; I can see it."

Shawn looked down at his crotch where his very obvious boner was on display through his pants. "Shit, I don't know why I sprung a woody; it must be the booze or something."

I laughed and said, "Too much booze usually has the opposite effect on a guy's dick, although maybe not on a guy your age, but it doesn't matter because we both know what made your dick hard: the thought of getting it sucked."

Shawn was silent for a moment and then he spoke out: "Fuck! I can't believe I am saying this, but I want my dick sucked so bad right now! You're not shitting me are you, I mean, you really do suck dick, for real?"

"For real, swear to God!" I said.

"And… and you're really, really good at it? Because I really wanna fuckin' know what a really good blowjob feels like; that's the only reason I'm even thinking of letting another guy suck my dick," he said, demonstrating the rather common straight male behavior of vocally rationalizing why it would be ok to let another guy suck his cock.

"Get those jeans off, show me that hard cock of yours, and find out!"

I didn't have to ask twice. From the raging boner in his pants and the look of excitement on his face, I knew that all Shawn could think about in that moment was getting his cock sucked, and, fueled by the booze, at that very moment in time he didn't really care who was going to do it, as long as he was going to get it.

With the decision made, Shawn didn't hesitate any further; he just stood up and peeled his Levis down and followed them with his white jockeys. His cock was everything you'd expect from the boy next door: long and thick, and rock hard solid! It jutted out from the thatch of light-brown hair at his groin, and I could actually see it throbbing in anticipation.

Still standing after pulling his pants and underwear down, I shoved Shawn down on the couch and started feeding on the end of his cock. Remembering what he'd said about his girlfriend's 'technique,' I gave him lots of tight suction… and no teeth!

"Ohhh, uhhh," Shawn groaned when I worked his large youthful cock into my throat, and he began to writhe as though to screw his cock in even deeper, and his hands flew spasmodically to my head to hold me down. I wanted to impress him, so I not only stayed down on him, but slid my hands under his ass and lifted him up to my face, as if I was hungry for more.

Then I commenced a series of long, slurping strokes that took my mouth wetly from the base of his throbbing cock up to the rosy head and back down again. With every down stroke, I swallowed him, letting him slam into my throat like it was a cunt. He was ready to cum in no time, but I wouldn't let him.

Varying tight suction with loose and fast and then slow strokes, I managed to string him along until he was begging me to make him cum. Well, it was his birthday, so I finally allowed him to have what he wanted. And when he started to spew, I swallowed him deep and managed not to choke while he pumped his hefty load into my throat.

I don't know whether Shawn's girlfriend got her fair share of sex after that or not. All I know is that Shawn was over at my house three or four times a week after to get serviced, and, of course, I was always happy to oblige!

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  1. I wish I could have gotten that lucky!

  2. This story brought back some fond memories for me. When I was in my late thirties, I ended up giving a blowjob to a straight, drunk... I'll just say teenager, who lived down the block from me. He came back for more, too - completely sober - but no surprise there; they almost always do!