"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Thursday, March 3, 2016

All Male Fiction: Alex's Game (Part 2)

By: sebastian_wallace & Ryan Michaels

Alex looked down at my dick as though to reassure himself that I was still aroused by this. Finding that I was - my little pencil was still poking upright in my briefs - he went on, "There's something weird about the slit on the head. It's kind of underneath it. I think it has something to do with my cock being so huge. You wanna see it?"

I'd never heard anything about this, even though I'd had dealings with cocks of many different shapes and sizes over the years. It was probably something unique to his own cock, which he just assumed was a consequence of its size; maybe a birthmark or a scar from a long-forgotten injury. I was intrigued, though, and figured it couldn't hurt to take a look, especially considering what had already transpired.

I shrugged. "I suppose so. But after that, we go back into the exam."

He smiled and said, "Yeah sure, whatever," and then, with his hand still on my shoulder, he began pushing down on it and said, "You'll have to kneel down on the floor to see it, though."

My knees began to buckle from the pressure he was exerting on my shoulder. "Yeah, kneel down," Alex urged as I began to willingly bend, lowering myself down until I felt the sharp coldness of the tile floor against my knees.

I peered intently at Alex's large, gently-pulsating organ. The smell of it - the sharp but inviting odor of the sweat in his pubic hair - was quite powerful as I stared closely at his piss slit. I didn't see anything unusual, though, and told him so.

"Take a look at it close up and you'll see," Alex replied. He was insistent, putting his hand on my head, as if to guide me towards the incongruity I was trying to find. He pushed his hips towards me so that his cock, now swollen to its full impressive size, was within an inch of my face.

I opened my mouth to tell him that I still couldn't see anything unusual, when Alex grabbed my head firmly and pushed his cock into my mouth. He slid it in and out a few times, no doubt feeling me resisting it in the initial shock of finding myself invaded by him, and then feeling me responding to him by urgently sucking at it as the pleasure of what he was doing overwhelmed me.

Still holding my head, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and swiveled my neck so that I was staring up at him open-mouthed. "You like that?" he asked. "Do you? Yeah, of course you do," he smirked before letting me answer, and then pushed himself back into my mouth.

I fed hungrily on his cock, as eager to pleasure it as if I were worshipping it; smothering it with my tongue and drinking the slow dribble of pre-cum down into my throat.

Alex soon bent over me as I blew him, and I heard him suck at one of his fingers before groping down my back to lift the bottom of my shirt and grope around my ass. He quickly located my asshole, hot and sweaty at the base of my ass crack, and pressed his moistened finger into me.

Perhaps sensing my intense pleasure at feeling myself penetrated and the eagerness to receive more, Alex stated, surprisingly calmly, "Stand up."

I did as he said, and watched as he reached down into his pants pocket and pulled out his wallet. From that he extracted a condom – a Trojan Magnum condom - and, with a practiced hand, quickly opened the wrapper and rolled the rubber down the length of his oversized prick.

He then reached back into his pocket and this time produced a small packet of lube. Guys keeping a rubber in their wallet was fairly common, but lube? Then I remembered what he had said about having sex with his buddies, and that he fucks their asses. Fucking ass definitely requires lube, especially when you have a cock as big as Alex's, so it suddenly made sense as to why he'd have some on him.

Bringing the packet to his mouth, Alex tore it open with his teeth and then aimed it downwards and squeezed, drizzling the liquid onto his cock. He then wrapped his hand around his thick meat and moved his fist up and down the long shaft to coat the condom with the lubricant. My hard, little dick throbbed in anticipation as I watched this, knowing what was going to come next.

With his cock now sufficiently lubricated, Alex reached out with his other hand and grabbed a hold of my tie. "Turn around," he said with a tone of authority in his voice, while at the same time yanking on my tie, forcing my body to physically be turned. He then put his hand between my shoulder blades and pushed down hard as he said, "Bend over the toilet!"

I couldn't believe how composed he sounded. For my part, the rational voice in my head had been silenced and I was almost shivering with excitement - I desperately wanted to get fucked by that big cock and no amount of risk or possibility of repercussions was going to stop it from happening.

Alex stepped up behind me and jammed his lube-slicked fingers into my ass crack and moved them up and down a few times, spreading lubricant all over my asshole. He then pushed first one, then two, then three greased fingers into my hole. With a yank, he pulled them back out almost as soon as he had finished inserting the third.

In a flash, Alex pushed his cockhead into my crack and began to enter me with the haste and roughness you'd expect from an eighteen-year-old. I winced and bent lower towards the toilet bowl as my asshole reluctantly accepted his uncouth intrusion, the bottom of my tie falling into the water inside the toilet.

Alex grabbed my hips firmly and slid his cock as deeply into my ass as it would go. I grunted, and then he held onto me and started fucking me quite rapidly; driving his cock in and out of my ass with long, sweeping strokes, the roughness of his polyester school tie rubbing against the top of my ass every time he thrust into me.

I hung my head and squeezed my eyes shut for a moment as I dealt with the discomfort I knew would soon turn into great pleasure, and when I opened them again they were filled with a view of our pants and underwear around our shins: black school trousers and fashionable white boxer-briefs around his, right behind the dark grey trousers and cheap blue briefs around mine. That's when the horny fog momentarily cleared and the reality of the situation truly set in. Not about what I was doing, but who exactly I was doing it with!

Oh shit, I thought, I've got Alex Edison's cock up my ass! All the times he'd gotten me so angry that I had to mentally control myself to stop myself from saying something unprofessional or raising a fist to him, and now, I'm being fucked by him, fucked by the most annoying student in my class! Strangely, as this was circulating through my mind, my little dick strained against the confines of its fully distended skin as if trying to get impossibly harder.

Alex pulled me out of my thoughts as he grabbed onto my shoulders and pulled me upright, so that my back was touching his chest. Then he put his mouth by my ear and, with that same authoritative tone, ordered, "Play with your tiny dick while I fuck the shit out of you with my massive cock," before bending me back over the toilet.

I did as he told me to do, gasping to the rhythm of his cock as I masturbated my little dick between thumb and forefinger, oblivious now to the possibility of someone else coming into the boys' room.

Alex began slamming his cock into my ass so roughly that his pelvis made loud slapping noises against my ass cheeks. He was muttering, "You want it, Mr. Hargreaves, don't you... you fucking want it so bad!"

His cock felt so thick inside me that it felt like it was going to tear me open. It seemed to plunge deeper and deeper into me with every thrust. He clearly didn't know much about how to give a guy pleasure, but what he lacked in technique, the mammoth size of his cock went a long way towards making up for. I opened my legs as wide as I could within the confines of my trousers and briefs, and started pushing my ass back to meet each of his thrusts.

Alex chuckled in reaction. "Ha-ha-ha, yeah, you fuckin' love it, don't you Mr. Hargreaves? Yeah, take my fucking cock up your ass, sir... fucking take it!" and he slapped my ass, hard.

His use of such coarse language and the smacking of my bare ass in the same breath as his no doubt unintentionally respectful use of 'sir', really appealed to me, turning me on even more than I already was, which I didn't think possible. I bent forward again, my face almost pressed into the toilet bowl now, and started grunting as I opened my legs as wide as they would go and pushed my ass as firmly as I could to meet the onslaught from his cock.

I came like that, feeding Alex's cock with my hole, bending forward as far as I could to take his entire length into me.

Alex quickly slowed down when he realized I was cumming, and then shoved his cock all the way in me and held it there, undoubtedly feeling and enjoying the pleasure of my ass muscles contracting around his cock.

I assumed that he'd start fucking me again once my ass spasms had stopped, but when they did he withdrew his cock from my asshole. I crooked my neck over my shoulder and asked, "Why'd you stop, Alex?"

"Because I'm done with your ass," he replied nonchalantly.
Alex may have been done with my ass, but I knew that didn't mean he was done with the rest of me. He still needed to get off (there was no way he was going to walk out of the boy's room without shooting his load first, that I knew) and the fact that he chose not to cum while fucking my tight hole made it pretty clear just how he planned to get his nut – he was going to finish in my mouth instead.

It was a logical final move; after all, it had become quite obvious the main objective of this latest little game of his was to humiliate his teacher, and I'm sure from his perspective he saw shooting his load in his teacher's mouth and making him swallow it as the ultimate humiliation - the perfect endgame. I, on the other hand, was thrilled by the prospect of getting to taste and swallow his teenaged spunk - but I certainly wasn't going to let him know that.

Straightening up, I turned around, expecting to be met by Alex's big, hard cock and an immediate order to get down on my knees and suck it. But what I got instead was a big, hard cock with a big wad of cum ballooning the tip of the condom. I couldn't believe my eyes, couldn't believe Alex had actually cum while up my ass. He hadn't made a single sound before pulling his cock from my hole - no moaning, no grunting, not even a sigh of pleasure.

As I was staring at that cum-filled condom, Alex reached down and pulled the rubber off his cock. As it came off the head and dangled in his hand for a moment, I couldn't help but note the extra width of the large-sized condom or how much of it he'd needed to unroll. Needless to say, with my small endowment, I don't need to unroll very much of a rubber to sheath my dick, and, even the snugger fit ones I use (a polite name for condoms down-sized to better fit men with small penises) don't fit my little pencil all that snuggly.
The splash made by the condom as it hit the water in the toilet bowl snapped me out of my reverie. I cleared my throat and said, "We'd better get back into the exam," as I reached down and pulled up my briefs, my limp dick barely making a bump in the front, and a wet spot immediately forming as the tight fabric squeezed my penis and milked the residual cum from it.

"Actually, I really need to piss now," Alex replied as I was hitching up my trousers, and as he stepped up to the toilet his shoulder bumped me in the chest, causing me to stumble backwards and become lodged against the wall next to the toilet. It was a very purposeful movement, his body now blocking my retreat from the stall as he aimed his softening cock at the small pool of water in the bowl.

Alex's piss splashed into the water almost instantly. He didn't appear to be having any problem urinating now, and, while I went about fastening my belt, he started making patterns in the water as he emptied his bladder.

A few times his piss stream strayed too far towards me and, while the stream itself didn't touch me, the splashes from the top of the toilet bowl caught my trousers. "Hey, watch it," I said in response, grabbing some toilet paper to dab at the streaks of urine on my trousers. Alex just stared impassively down at the toilet and didn't reply.

When Alex was done pissing, he gave his cock several shakes, more than was necessary, no doubt done for my benefit, and then he bent down and pulled up his underwear. Reaching inside his underwear, he went about arranging his cock - an action that was quite necessary because, even completely flaccid, his cock was still impressively large – which produced a bulge in the crotch of those fashionable white boxer-briefs that greatly overshadowed the barely-there-bulge I was sporting in the front of my cheap blue briefs. With his cock nicely arranged for comfort and, I'm sure, optimal display, he then pulled up and fastened his pants.

Neglecting to flush the toilet before he simply turned and exited the stall, I pressed the lever to rid the bowl of the evidence of his used condom, smoothed my shirt where I had roughly shoved it into my pants, and then exited as well.

As we moved towards the door, I advised that if anyone were to ask, we'd say that he'd been throwing up and that's why it had taken so long.

He grunted, "Yeah. Whatever," and walked out of the boy's room.

With my arousal now dissipated, I began to feel a rising sense of alarm as we made our way back to the exam. What the hell had happened? What had I done?

The grinning from Alex's buddies as we reentered the classroom, coupled with a brief and almost imperceptible thumbs-up from him, told me all I needed to know. Almost as soon as Alex had sat down, Matt Davies' hand went up and I nervously walked over to see what he wanted.

"I need more paper. Actually, though, are you alright, sir?"

"Sorry?" I said and heard a snicker from Alex sitting in the seat behind.

Matt feigned a look of concern. "You look like you're walking a bit strangely."

Now Adam Sanders chuckled.

I glared at Matt, then at Adam and Alex. "I'm fine," I hissed and walked back to the front of the room, aware that I was indeed walking with discomfort, and got him an additional sheet of paper.

When Alex raised his hand, I thought it would be best to let another teacher go over and ask him what he wanted.

I was within earshot and heard him say, "Could you ask Mr. Hargreaves if he has a pencil I could use?"

My colleague started to walk away to get Alex a pencil, but stopped short as Alex called out, "Never mind, I just remembered I have one," and reached his hand into his school bag, pulled one out and held it up. He then looked over to me and, with a big grin on his face said, "Thanks anyway, Mr. Hargreaves, but I'll use my own. It's much bigger than the little pencil I noticed you had when you escorted me to the bathroom."

Matt, Adam and Alex all snickered, but Alex wasn't done and took his humiliating little game even further, adding, "Nothing like having a long piece of wood to get the job done, wouldn't you agree, Mr Hargreaves?" as he held the full length pencil against his abdomen, pointed upwards, its total length more than twice the size of my erect penis.

The entire class laughed this time, all of them except for Matt, Adam and, of course, Alex, taking his comments as Alex just being the smart ass that he is, and completely unaware of the real meaning behind his sexual innuendo.

I couldn't do anything but to stand there and blush while my colleague looked quizzically over at me as he told the students to settle down and get back to their papers.

At least I could take solace in the fact that it was the end of the school year and I wouldn't have to see Alex or his friends every day – at least for the summer. You see, even though Alex and his two buddies were seniors, I was acutely aware that all three had failed my class (and I'm sure some others as well) the result of which was their failure to earn the required number of credits to graduate - which meant that all three of them would undoubtedly be returning in the fall.

What the fuck had I gotten myself into here? How had I let this happen?

The next school year was clearly going to be hell!

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