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Sunday, October 5, 2014

All Male Fiction: Jammin' in the Rush Hour

By: Unknown Author & Ryan Michaels

To quote a classic song by The Monks, "I don't like Mondays." Having to head back to work after the weekend always sucked. That alone was enough to make anyone dislike Mondays, but, for me, some sucked more than others, as I had to occasionally start the week earlier than usual. And this was one of those Mondays - I had to be at work for 7:30am! I work in Manhattan and live in the ass-end of Brooklyn, which meant I had to leave the house at 6:00am. Blech!

Usually, when I have to go in that early, I catch some sleep on the train if I'm sitting, or read if I'm standing. As (bad) luck would have it, I found myself standing. As usual, the train picked up tons of people at each stop, and by the time it hit Myrtle Avenue (one of the big transfer stations), the car was pretty full. This no longer afforded me the room to read. Normally that would have pissed me off a bit and made the start to my dreaded Monday morning that much worse, but suddenly I didn't mind.

I was standing in the corner, right by the connecting door, with my side to it, and right in front of me now was a fucking god! This guy would be enough to grab anyone's attention! He was a really handsome guy, in his mid to late twenties, and, judging by the size of his basket, nicely hung.

We were standing face to face, and every time the train lurched (those that have ridden the L in Brooklyn know how much it lurches), we kind of bumped together. With his looks and the forced body contact in the crowded subway car, I, of course, started to get stiff, and, after one especially hard jolt, he sort of looked at me and sheepishly grinned.

After a few more stops, things were even more crowded, and we were now practically touching, face to face, crotch to crotch. I was hard as a rock now, and was sure that the next time we bumped I'd shoot in my pants.

I couldn't help myself and I really started to check out the large lump in his jeans, and I guess I got a little too obvious, because after pulling out of one station he leaned his mouth by my ear and whispered, "Like what you see?"

I almost shit myself, but as nervous as I suddenly got, I nodded.

Up until then, he had had his hand on the door, supporting himself, but now he moved it between our bodies and grabbed hold of my hand and pulled it towards him. I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt him put it right on the bulge of denim between his legs!

His actions took me by total surprise, but, even so, I started doing what came naturally and began feeling his bulge, squeezing what felt like a really large, really thick, soft cock. A soft cock that in just seconds grew into full hardness as I fondled it.
As soon as I started to grope his, he reached over and started feeling mine, too. My dick was nowhere near as big or as thick as his, I was just average in both respects, but he didn't seem at all disappointed with what he had found.

A quick scan of our surroundings showed me that with the number of standing people all jammed onto the subway car, a couple of them right behind my new friend, facing the other way, and a rather large man standing right in front of us with his back to us, we were totally blocked from everyone's view.

Taking comfort in that piece of knowledge, I became more relaxed and really began to concentrate on feeling up his hard cock through his pants, and then, the next thing I knew, he was pulling down my zipper! He then reached into my pants and very casually pulled my stiff dick out through my fly. I took another nervous look around, only to find once again that no one had any clue or visual path to what we were doing.

My attention was returned to him as he brought his other hand between us, brushed my hand aside and pulled his own zipper down, and then moved my hand back to his crotch. I immediately reached inside the opening to find he wasn't wearing underwear, and soon both our hard cocks were out in the open – right there on the fucking subway!

Just as I had assumed by what I had felt, his cock was big, and thick. With a bit of his shaft still inside his pants, I couldn't see all of its length, but there looked to be about eight inches worth of cock sticking out, and I assumed about another inch between his body and the outer edge of his pants. That would make him nine inches long, and he looked to be about six inches thick – the same number of inches around as I was long!

If we had been anywhere else, been alone, I would not have hesitated to drop to my knees and wrap my lips around that huge prick of his. But, obviously, that was not an option.

Instead, I just stared down at his cock as I stroked it, until, that is, he suddenly removed his hand from my dick and pushed mine from his. Looking up at him questioningly, he looked back into my eyes as he moved a bit closer so that the bottom of our two hard cocks pressed against each other and moved to an upward pointing position. His hand then wrapped around both our dicks and began to move on them, rubbing them, jerking us both off, his hand only slowing - not stopping - whenever we pulled into another station.

People came and went, but, luckily for us, those that were crammed around us, the ones blocking us off from the rest of the people on the train, remained put.

When we eventually reached the First Avenue station, as we pulled out I whispered, "I'm getting off at the next stop," warning him that our playtime was about to come to an end.

He smiled and whispered back, "You're gonna be getting off sooner than that," and he started moving his hand faster on our cocks.

What we were doing was fun, erotic, and risky, but I had never imagined it going any further than just playing with our hard cocks. I had fully been planning to finish myself off later in the men's room at work. I certainly wasn't planning to drop my wad right there on the L train. I didn't want to do that. I couldn't do that! Not in a subway car jammed packed with other people!

But he obviously wanted me to cum and was determined to make me do it right there on the crowded subway. With his increased pace on our joined cocks, he wasn't giving me much choice as I quickly felt myself getting really close to shooting off.

The look on my face made my pending ejaculation quite obvious to him, and he smiled. I watched him let go of our dicks just long enough to let his fall away from mine, and then he wrapped his hand around my dick and started to pump it solo as he grabbed my hand with his other and brought it to his cock.

I had felt his cock, briefly, but now stroking his big, thick cock in my hand sent a jolt of electricity through my body and brought me to the brink. Sensing I was there, he pointed my cock downwards and pumped me faster. That was it, I went over the edge and began to cum, my cum landing on the subway floor between my feet. Due to the circumstances of our surroundings, moaning or groaning from the pleasurable sensations I was now experiencing was out of the question, and, hard as it was, I somehow managed to stay completely silent as I came.

As he watched me spurting, I felt him push down on my hand that was stroking his cock, and then I watched as he began creaming too, doing the same thing - shooting on the floor, straining to remain silent. The thing was, though, with his dick being as big as it was, his cock didn't bend as far down as mine could, and, with us being stood so close together, his cum actually shot more between my feet, too. Only not all of it hit the floor to mix with mine. A good amount of it got on my shoes, and one jet of cum even struck the bottom of my pant leg.

Spent, we both went about shoving our softening, dripping cocks back into our pants, zipping ourselves up just in time to pull into the Third Avenue station.

As the doors opened, I pushed my way over to them, exited, and then dashed for the stairs to catch the uptown train.

This time I got a seat, and as I made the rest of my journey to work on that early Monday morning, I looked down at the wet spots on my shoes and pant leg and smiled.

I guess Monday mornings aren't that bad after all!

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  1. What a HOT story---love stories of sex in public--well written