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Saturday, October 25, 2014

All Male Fiction: My Best Friend (Part 3)

By: Lucas Miller

Josh had to go to class later in the afternoon. Although I had hoped we would stay in bed all day, it was also nice to spend some time alone. I reflected over the events of the past two days. I smiled at the memory of Josh and me in the showers starting our fun together. Then there was the pleasurable blowjob I had given to Carl behind the garage. Then, of course, there was Marc. My heart raced at the thought of him wearing my underwear, his mouth on my cock, and the wonderful sensation of his ass surrounding my dick as I fucked him.

Marc was the first and only guy I had fucked. But even before we'd had sex I felt a different kind of attraction to him. I hoped that he wasn't upset about Josh and me spending the morning together. I wanted to stay close with Marc… I wanted to continue to see him. I wondered if Josh would mind including him in our sexual play. They had fucked too, so why not?

All of this passed through my mind as I showered. The showers were quite busy, but I was oblivious to those around me. When I had finished I returned to Josh's room and dressed. I thought that I would spend a couple of hours exploring the campus. Before leaving, however, I noticed that Marc's computer was on. I went over to see if I could access it to check my e-mail. Luckily, he didn't have his computer password protected.

When I opened the browser, out of curiosity I checked his bookmarks and found some gay sites. Towards the end of his bookmark list was a page titled "My Blog". I clicked on it, and what loaded was an online journal Marc had been keeping. There was a list of entries, with the first one dated over two years ago. He had been in high school then.

It felt wrong violating Marc's privacy, but curiosity had the better of me, and I clicked on the first entry. It began with: "A new life began today…"

I was worried that Marc might come in while I was reading this, so I hit the print key and watched as page after page after page came out of the printer. It took nearly fifteen minutes to print the entire journal. When it was finally done, I closed the site, then deleted my browsing history so Marc wouldn't know I had accessed his journal. After gathering up the pile of papers, I put them in my knapsack and, without even bothering to check my email, I left the room.

I found out right away that the campus was in constant motion. There were so many people around that it was impossible to find a quiet place to sit and read Marc's journal. In the end I decided to go to the library to find a private corner.

On the first floor nearly all the chairs were filled, so I went to the elevator and took it to the sixth floor. There were fewer people there and I found a relatively private place to sit. I say relatively because I was probably about twenty feet from a couple who were studying together, mixed with some giggling on the girl's part when her boyfriend would whisper things in her ear and touch her. But I wasn't going to find any better place to sit.

I pulled the journal out of my knapsack and started to read it:

A new life began today. I have spent my life in near isolation, keeping others away from me, preferring to be alone. My dating experience is slim. I have kissed only two girls and I am almost seventeen. I have never touched a girl's boobs or had sex with a girl. Strangely, I never even think about it. It's not that I am disgusted by sex or girls, but having sex with the girls I know doesn't seem comfortable to me. I thought one day I would get comfortable with girls, but it hasn't happened. I think I found out why, today.

I know I am taking a chance writing about this and putting it online. Although I know the Internet is so vast that the likelihood of someone stumbling upon my blog is very small (It's not like I advertise it, give the URL to people or share it), I still know I am taking a risk of exposing myself to my classmates and family. I suppose if this does happen it would be a good way to let those who are close to me know who I really am.

So, my life truly started today. It totally happened by accident (I think). I had been sick yesterday and had forgotten to get an assignment from Mr. Morgan, my English teacher. After school I remembered the missed assignment and went back to his classroom. It was empty, but I heard movement coming from Mr. Morgan's office, which is connected at the back of the room.

I made my way toward it. The door was closed, but not completely. There was a small crack between the door and door jam. I peered in and saw Mr. Morgan digging through the bottom of his desk drawer. His back was to me. I was going to knock, but the way he was searching made me a little curious as to what he was looking for. I decided to wait until he found it, then I would go in.

Finally, Mr. Morgan pulled out a magazine from far back in the drawer. He opened it up and began leafing through it. As he did this he turned his chair to the side so that he was partially facing me. I could clearly see his face. He was smiling and licking his lips.

Mr. Morgan is a pretty cool teacher. He gives us a lot of work, but is always cool about grading. No one ever failed his class. He is also pretty good looking for a guy in his thirties. He has short brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a trim body. It was strangely exciting watching him without his knowledge. I was able to really look him over.

Then he held up the magazine and I could see the cover. It had a man in a leather outfit standing next to another guy in what looked like a ski mask. The man in leather held a chain that ended at a collar around the other guy's neck. It was a gay magazine!

I couldn't believe Mr. Morgan was gay. This was a good piece of gossip, but I realized I didn't have anyone I would really tell it to. I continued to watch.

Mr. Morgan was rubbing the front of his dress pants. He set the magazine down and opened his zipper. He pulled his dick out of his pants through his opened zipper, and it was hard! I was stunned by how long and thick his dick was. It had to be at least eight inches long. Much bigger than mine. And there he was moving his hand over it.

What surprised me the most was that my own dick was now hard in my pants. I wanted to pull mine out, too, but I had books in my hand and was afraid to move for fear of him hearing me. So I stayed still and just watched.

As I read Marc's words I started to become aroused. Although I was far enough from the giggling couple, I thought it would be best to be alone. I located the men's room and went inside. It was empty, so I took the last stall. I pulled down my pants and sat down on the toilet. I continued to read:

Mr. Morgan was beginning to sweat and moan. My dick was doing its best to tear through my underwear and jeans. It hurt like hell and I had to release it from its confines. As quietly as I could, I stepped back and set my books down on a desk in the last row. I moved just as quietly back to the door.

Mr. Morgan's hand was moving quickly over his hard dick now. I unzipped my jeans, reached inside and pulled out my own dick. I began copying his every motion. When he slowed down, I slowed down. When he quickened his pace, I followed. When he began pulling at his balls, I started pulling at my balls.

My own cock was rock hard now and I started to imagine Marc's encounter with his teacher. I anticipated Marc's next move, hoping he would storm into the room and suck Mr. Morgan's cock. I read on:

I could tell Mr. Morgan was getting close to cumming. His moaning was getting a little louder and he was starting to grunt a little. Then a long string of cum flew from his dick and landed on the floor. Another smaller glob landed on his pants. The rest ran down the side of his dick.

I also started to cum. Most of it ended up in my hand, but some remained on my dick. I had never done it before, but with no other option, I ate the cum from my hand and then wiped my hands on the back of my jeans before stuffing my dick back into them and zipping up.

Quietly, I went back over to where I had laid my books and picked them up. Moving back to the outside of his office, I waited until he had put his dick back in his pants, then I knocked on the door.

He greeted me pleasantly, but with noticeable nervousness. I asked for my assignments and he got them together quickly. As he was doing it I noticed the magazine still on his desk. He caught me looking at it and his eyes got wide. I just smiled at him, and then he handed me the assignments. "Thanks, Mr. Morgan," I said, took another glance down at the magazine and then left his office and his classroom.

This was the end of the first entry. I flipped through a few more of the pages and saw Mr. Morgan's name throughout several of them. I hoped there was more to their encounter.

I was going to jerk off, but I heard someone come in. Whomever they were, they moved down toward my stall and ended up right on the other side of the door. They stayed there for a few seconds, then went to the stall right before mine. It was very odd. It was only then, drawing my eyes away from my reading material for the first time that I noticed a hole in the wall of the stall where the toilet paper holder should have been.

Moments later a half-hard dick poked through it. "You want to suck this?" the guy whispered.

I touched his dick with my finger.

"Oh, yeah. Put it in your mouth!"

I got on my knees and put the first few inches in my mouth.  He grew hard and started to move his dick in and out of my mouth. I jerked myself off as I gave this stranger a blowjob. His dick grew to about nine inches. Wow, what a huge fuckin' cock! I could feel the large veins along the base of his dick as my mouth moved farther and farther down him.

"Hurry up," he moaned. "Someone might walk in."

I tightened my mouth on him as he slammed deeper into me. He then gave a final thrust, pushing his entire body against the other side of the stall, and his cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop.

When he was done, he zipped up and left without another word. I considered finishing jerking off, but decided to get the hell out of there before someone found out what had just happened. I willed my cock to go soft, and when it did I straightened my clothing and left the restroom. I looked around. The only people around were the couple I had sat near earlier. The guy looked over at me and smiled.

I turned away from him and went to the elevator. Could it have been him? I chose not to even consider it. It was best not to think about it.


As I entered the elevator I couldn't help but go over in my head how, in the course of a day and a half, I had gone from being a somewhat shy guy who had very few intimate encounters to someone who was having indiscriminate sex all over the campus. What the hell was happening to me? A few days ago I wouldn't have even used the word "gay" to describe myself, and now I craved the sight of a nice hard dick.

As I thought about that new found craving, my dick started to rise again. I shook the image from mind. I had only just left the library and the last thing my dick needed was more encouragement. But it didn't work. I was fully hard again in a matter of seconds, and my hard-on was causing a tent in my pants. Unfortunately, the only thing that I had to hide it with was Marc's journal; not much of a barrier.

The encounter with the stranger in the bathroom had left me feeling scared, excited, and very aroused. I needed to get off somewhere and I was stuck in the middle of a busy campus. I thought briefly of going behind a bush and taking care of business, but images of being caught by campus security were a nice deterrent. Instead, I clumsily made my way toward Josh's dorm.

I hoped that the dorm was empty. It seemed strange to wish that. Here I was, hornier than I had ever been, and I wanted to be alone. I guess many of the feelings about what had occurred over the past twenty-four hours or so were catching up to me.

Although thoughts of being curious had passed through my mind shortly after I had arrived and saw Josh without his shirt on, now the idea of actually being gay was hitting me hard. I no longer questioned it. I had enjoyed touching another guy from the first second with Josh. I wanted more. More than that, I needed it.

But the realization of being gay held so many unpleasant consequences. The first was having to tell my parents. I knew this was not in their game plan for me. Going to college, yes, they liked that. Going on to get a law degree, yes, sounded good. Passing the bar and becoming a successful lawyer, another good move on my part. Sucking dicks in public restrooms, not exactly what they envisioned.

I needed to sort this all out. I needed to jerk off and clear my head. I needed to think this thing through, and when I opened the door to Josh's dorm I was relieved to find it empty. I put Marc's journal down on Josh's bed and undressed. I sat down on the bed and picked up the journal. I found where I had left off and continued on:

As I made my way to my locker, I couldn't stop thinking about what I had just seen – Mr. Morgan's dick, Mr. Morgan masturbating, Mr. Morgan cumming, and the magazine he was getting off to. I was really curious about that magazine, and decided I would stick around for a bit.

I went and stood near Mr. Morgan's classroom, hidden from the view of the door. A short while later he exited to the hall, just as I expected based on the time of day. He had his coat over his arm so I knew he was going home and would not be returning. I also knew that the teachers didn't lock their classroom doors when they left for the day. The janitor did that after he cleaned them.

I made my way over to the door and went inside, closing the door behind me. The lights were still on and I moved quickly to Mr. Morgan's office. Sitting in his chair, I opened the drawer where I had seen him dig out the magazine and soon found it hidden at the back under some other things. Leaning back in his chair, I opened it.

The magazine was full of guys in leather. Some were masked and some were tied up. Their pricks were huge. Not only were they long (probably nine inches or more), but they were also thick with bulging veins down the sides. My own dick is about six inches or so. Before seeing the men in the magazines, I thought I was doing okay in the dick department. Guess not.

I jerked off a couple times while looking through the magazine, but guys dressed in leather and pulling other guys around in chains was a little odd to me. But, apparently, Mr. Morgan liked it. I wonder if he likes to tie guys up or if he likes being tied up. I guess it doesn't matter much.

The entry ended there and a new one began:

School was a bit hard today, so to speak. The day dragged on. I couldn't wait to get to Mr. Morgan's class. English isn't my strength, but I wanted to see him.

When the time came I took my seat at the back of the class. Mr. Morgan was sitting behind his desk reading a book as the rest of the students made their way into the classroom and to their seats.

When the bell rang, he closed the book and stood up. I almost gasped when he did. He was wearing a pair of jeans. He never wore jeans. Never! He always wore a nice pair of dress pants and a dress shirt.

But the sight of him in his jeans wasn't the only thing that shocked me. It was more how tight they were. They seemed to cling to his body, emphasizing the bulge in his crotch, and I felt a slight tingle run through my dick.

"Today," he said, "you will write an essay on your favorite magazine." He began walking around the classroom as he spoke. "In this essay you will discuss the relevance of that magazine to not only your life, but to society as a whole."

Sounded like a strange assignment.

"This needs to be completed by the end of class and it will be graded. Do your best on it and remember to answer the question; don't ramble on."

I looked around the room and most of my classmates had already started to pull out their notebooks and pens. I, however, was confused as hell. Mr. Morgan must have seen my confusion for he came back to my desk and asked if there was a problem.

I couldn't answer at first. He was standing so close to me; his crotch less than a foot away from my face. I could smell his cologne and feel the subtle heat coming from his waist. "Relax, it's only an assignment," he said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

Visions of that same hand pulling at his dick raced through my head, preventing me from speaking. My own dick was reacting to his touch. I knew that if I looked down I would see my crotch rapidly expanding.

I managed to catch my breath and ask him what he meant by the assignment. As he started to explain, he removed his hand from my shoulder and squatted down next to me. His face was now slightly below mine and he looked up at me with his soft brown eyes. His one hand dropped to the back of the chair and the other landed on my thigh near my knee.

My dick was rock hard now and pushing against my jeans. It was very painful and I shifted a little to get comfortable. When I did Mr. Morgan's hand moved closer to my crotch. I suspected he was going to try to touch my dick through my jeans, but looking at his face he appeared very calm and professional, and went on to explain the assignment a little better for me.

From the other student's point of view it appeared that Mr. Morgan was helping a student with a difficult assignment and was only steadying himself on the chair and the kid's leg. Not a big deal. No one was even paying attention. They were working on their essays. They would have to turn around to even notice what was going on. And, because I was situated next to the side wall in the back row, the view to the others in the back row was blocked by Mr. Morgan's body.

With the assignment now explained more clearly, he asked me what my favorite magazine was. I tried to come up with something, but I really don't read magazines. When I told him this he whispered, "What was the last magazine you read?" I thought a moment and realized it was his magazine that I had most recently read.

As I thought about this, his hand moved a little closer to the bulge in my jeans and he continued, "What was it in that magazine that you liked and what does it say about you as a person?"

I kept quiet. Even if I wanted to talk, I couldn't. I was so worried that I would start cumming, I was almost afraid to breathe.

The fingers on my thigh began to gently knead into my flesh. With each movement his hand sent shivers through my body. I was in a state of intense excitement and I was close to cumming in my pants. I had to stop him before I made a mess, and I mustered up enough strength to thank him for the help.

He gave me a smile and went to stand back up. As he did so his hand moved right next to my swollen cock, then very quickly he brushed his hand against it. I gasped and let out a muffled grunt as I shot my load in my jeans. He smiled and gave me a wink. "Not a problem, Marc. Anytime."

I had a clear picture in my mind as to how this had occurred. As I laid back on Josh's bed I placed myself in Marc's early sexual life. I wondered if more happened between Marc and Mr. Morgan. I pictured them in an empty classroom kissing and moving their hands over each other's naked body. Then Mr. Morgan would bend over his desk and Marc would position his cock behind the man.

The thought of Marc fucking his older teacher instead of the other way around sent a last jolt of pleasure through me and I started shooting my load all over my chest and stomach.

The morning's sexual tension was finally relieved. I was now feeling very relaxed, and my head was clear. And in that moment of clarity, I understood what I wanted.

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