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Friday, April 24, 2015

Straight Fiction: Fire in the Hole!

By: English Bob & Ryan Michaels

While my wife and I were indulging in our favorite pastime, it was Janet that first caught scent of the smoke, while my head was buried between her thighs. At first I told her it was probably just a neighbor with a fire going in their fireplace, and the smell of smoke from the chimney was just coming through the open window. But, when I went back to eating her pussy, the smell of smoke soon became stronger, and it became quite obvious that the smoke was coming from inside our house, and quickly apparent that Janet's orgasm would have to be postponed!

Upon making our way downstairs to investigate, we found there was a fire in our kitchen. Foolishly, we didn't have a fire extinguisher, or even a hose that would reach the kitchen, and after trying unsuccessfully to put it out with pots of water, we made a call to 911. Both my wife and I then exited the house and were waiting on the front lawn in our night-clothes when the fire department arrived.

We watched the firefighters work quickly, and heard the occasional snigger and giggle when they saw my wife in her almost see-through nightie. The reason for their mirth was that Janet is not a petite woman. She's not fat, but just tall and well built, and the flimsy nightie strained to hold her 38 Double-D breasts in check. Obviously, since we were having sex at the time, we had been naked, and it was the first item of clothing that came to hand when we realized that there was a problem in the house.

I felt Janet shiver as the fire chief walked past us and threw her a sly grin. The man was big, and black, the muscles in his forearms bulging with rippling sinew. I guessed that it wasn't the night air that caused Janet's shiver, and that suspicion was confirmed as she whispered, "Damn! Now that's one hot looking man!"

I laughed. My wife is a hot little number herself at the best of times, but dragged away from having her pussy eaten moments before climax, her cunt must have been burning hotter than our kitchen! "I'll bet he's not exactly small either," I teased as I put my arm around her shoulder. "And, it looks to me like he got a bit aroused below the belt when he was checking out your tits," I added.

"Oh, John, don't! I'm still so horny! Do you think we'll be able to go back in soon? I need to resume where we left off!"

I looked over towards the door. The small fire was obviously out now, and what little smoke was left drifted in lazy curls and hung in the still night air. "I don't think it will be too long now, honey," I said. "But I'm not sure we will be able to sleep here tonight."

"Who said anything about sleeping," Janet replied with a grin.

I smiled to myself. A plan was beginning to formulate in my head.

It needs to be mentioned at this point that Janet has never exactly been the faithful type. Over the years of our marriage - and of course before - she had seen more cock than I care to remember, and I loved watching her nearly as much as she enjoyed doing it! She was a complete slut, and she'd done it all - sometimes with more than one man at a time. But the one thing that she absolutely adored, craved really, was black cock, especially big, thick black cock!

I looked back up to the house; two young firefighters were walking out with smiles indicating a job well done. The fire chief followed behind them, and then crossed the lawn towards us.

"All done now, Mr. McDowell," his voice drawled in the local dialect. "Follow me and I'll show you where it started."

Janet and I obediently followed the large man into our house. From the back he looked even bigger, and I could see the expression of lust on Janet's face as she stared at his muscular looking butt.

"You folks were lucky," the chief said once we were inside the kitchen. "Fortunately, there wasn't too much damage, and the fire didn't spread to the rest of the house. It started down here in the garbage," he said pointing. "Probably a cigarette or something; don't think there's any real need to call in the investigation team."

The chief was doing his job, but his eyes seemed to be preoccupied staring at Janet's chest, and his crotch seemed to be expanding even more than when I'd noticed his arousal around my wife, earlier.

"Thanks chief," I said, breaking a moment of awkward silence. "It could have been much worse if you guys hadn't gotten here so quickly and put it out so fast. Is there any way we can repay you for saving our home?"

"Thanks Mr. McDowell, but we're just doing our job. We're not allowed to take any kind of financial reward or gifts. It's against regulations."

"Oh, well that's too bad," I said. "May I ask you a question?"

The chief nodded.

"Well, to be blunt, when the fire broke out, my wife and I were having sex, and, well, being interrupted left her pretty horny, so we were just wondering if..."

"Oh, no worries," the chief said, smiling and trying to hold back a chuckle. "The smell might bother you a bit, but your house is safe for you to stay here, so I'll just be on my way and let you two get back to what you were doing," the chief concluded, misunderstanding what I was getting at, and then started to walk away to leave.

But, he stopped dead in his tracks when I continued on to finish what I had wanted to say. "Oh, that's good to know, but what I was going to say was, it's too bad your regulations don't allow people to show their appreciation because, seeing as how it looks like it was my wife's cigarette that caused you all this work, I just thought it should be her that thanks you properly, by, I don't know, giving you some head or something? It wouldn't really be a gift, just a big thank you, but if that's against the rules…"

"You're pulling my leg, right?" he said interrupting as he turned around to face us.

"Not at all," I grinned. "I told you, my wife was left so horny when we had to stop what we were doing, and she's even hornier now, because, well, she really has a thing for black guys."

"Black guys," he said, obviously in a bit of shock over all that was being said to him.

"Yes," I smiled. "To be blunt, once again, chief, she really has a thing for black cock."

"You're really being serious, I mean, about what you said she'd do for me?" he asked in disbelief.

"Totally serious," I said. "I noticed before I asked that you seemed aroused when looking at my wife, and that you aren't wearing a wedding ring, but if you have a girlfriend, or it goes against the regulations, we understand."

"No girlfriend," he said still sounding like he was in total disbelief.

"Great, so how about it? Just say the word and my beautiful wife will thank the hell out of you!"

The question hung in the air like a thick smog. For a moment there was only silence while the chief seemed to try to gather his thoughts. Suddenly his face seemed to relax and he said, "Well, I have to admit, seeing your old lady dressed like that did cause a stir or two in my pants, and regulations only state we can't accept money or gifts. Thank yous are not only allowed, but appreciated, so I don't think a 'thank you' from your wife breaks any official rules." His face broke out into a grin and then he continued, "So, if you are being serious, I'd love to have her suck my dick! It'd have to be quick though, with my men outside, but I don't mind quick as long as I can play with those big tits of hers while she does it!"

I looked over at Janet for her reaction. Her brown eyes smoldered with barely suppressed excitement, and she nodded her agreement. "Okay then, honey, you heard what the man said, get your tits out!"

Janet smiled coyly at me and then began slipping her nightie from her shoulders. She worked slowly as both the chief and I watched her intently, allowing her fingers to lightly touch the flesh of her tits as eventually the nightie fell below her breasts.

"Jeez, man," the chief whistled appreciatively. "That's one fine pair of tits! Come here baby, let's have a feel!"

I watched my wife's heavy orbs sway back and forth as she padded her way towards the chief. Her eyes closed in an expression of pure lust as his large hands reached out and cupped her tits, the black of his skin contrasting acutely with Janet's pale complexion. She moaned out loud as his fingers closed on her hardening nipples and he squeezed them, gently at first, and then a little more urgently.

Seeing that Janet was getting into having her tits played with, and seeing that the chief was getting into it as well, I spoke up and said to Janet, "Don't forget, you still have a thank you to give."

Janet's eyes opened immediately, she grinned at me, and then her hand dropped to the crotch of the chief's pants. He moaned slightly as she squeezed the impressive bulge that was outlined there. Slowly, she manipulated the stiff zipper and eventually lowered it.

"Mmm, no underwear," she murmured as her hand found its way inside, speaking for the first time since this all began.

"No, too hot for underwear in this job," the chief moaned as Janet moved her hand around inside his pants while he continued to caress her pendulous breasts.

And then I saw it. Janet had eased the chief's thick tool from the confines of his pants and was gently stroking the length of his shaft while he groaned happily. It was an impressive sight: at least nine inches of fat, throbbing black meat. Having watched her on several occasions with a black guy, I can say that not all black men are hugely endowed, but the chief certainly fit the stereotype! The wide purple head glistened with beads of pre-cum as Janet's finger gently massaged the clear fluid all around his cockhead.

The chief's hands fell from my wife's breasts as Janet moved herself onto her knees and undid the button on his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. She then quickly guided his large weapon towards her mouth. Inch by inch, his length slipped into it until I could see the outline of his cockhead bulging at the entrance to her throat. With a slight movement of her head, Janet took a deep breath and literally forced herself down onto him. The chief moaned loudly, bucking his hips up and sending the final inches of his tool into my wife's throat.

It was a wonderfully exciting sight for me, and I could feel my own cock throbbing under my robe. However, rather than opening my robe and going to town on my own dick, I had other ideas.

Tearing myself away from the deep-throat action that was being displayed in front of me, I quickly walked to the front door, stepped outside and headed towards the two firemen who were dealing with putting away the fire hose and such. I figured they did as much work as the chief and deserved a proper thank you as well, not to mention the fact that I really wanted to see all three of them thanking her. So, when I had reached the fire truck, I said, "Hey guys, the chief asked me to come out and send you two inside."

There was some inaudible grumblings from both, followed by a sigh, but no questions, just compliance to the supposed order from the chief as the two young firemen started to head up the walkway to the house, with me following behind them.

As the firemen stepped through the kitchen doorway, both came to a sudden stop, mouths agape. Janet was now well into her stride. The chief's big, black cock was buried to the hilt in her throat, and her nose was pressed into his thatch of dark pubes as she gently tickled the underside of his balls, and then slowly began to move her head up and down his shaft.

The chief, fully engrossed in the blowjob he was getting, didn't respond with any kind of surprise at seeing them there. Instead, he simply grinned and said, "This nice couple wants to show us how much they appreciate us saving their home from burning down, so come on over and be appreciated, boys!"

Being that both these firemen appeared to be in their early twenties, as surprised as they were to walk in on such a scene, they didn't hesitate to move across the room. That they did, wasn't surprising to me at all. What horny young guy could resist a half-naked beautiful woman bent over and offering herself?

The one fireman moved in behind my wife and lifted her ass up, and then lifted her nightie up onto her back. He then stuck his hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy, which made my wife moan around the big cock in her mouth. The other moved by her head, knelt down on his knees, and then put his head under her and began to suck on one of her big tits.

Within moments, the young fireman positioned behind my wife had his pants around his ankles and was massaging a long (but nowhere near as big as the chief's), thin cock into action. Taking up a position beside her bent body, I watched him caress and part my wife's ass cheeks with his other hand, and she sighed contentedly as he slipped two fingers into her soaked snatch.

A few moments later he looked at me and I answered his wordless question with a nod of my head. With a huge thrust, the young fireman buried his prick inside Janet's pussy and held it there for a few moments.

Janet pulled off the chief's cock and panted, "Oh, god, give it to me," and then swallowed the chief's cock again. The fireman pulled his cock out to the head and then rammed it back inside her all the way, and then began to fuck her like she wanted. She loved it and began sucking the chief's cock more rapidly to match the fireman's thrusts.

The chief could obviously not hold out any longer with her increased sucking tempo, because he bucked his hips one final time and moaned deeply. I watched his muscular legs twitch and tremble as he emptied his load into my wife's mouth and throat as she continued to get fucked hard and fast from behind. She tried to swallow as much of his jism as possible but, inevitably, the thick white fluid began to leak from the corners of her mouth.

By this time, the other guy had long since removed his pants completely, and I could see him playing with a large, thick dick (although still not as big or as thick as the chief's) while he sucked her tits. And, as the chief extricated himself, now well satisfied from my wife's mouth, his colleague immediately dropped her tits from his mouth and took the chief's place. With his hands in Janet's hair, he pulled her down towards his dick. My wife was happy to oblige, but not before gasping and moaning her way through a long awaited orgasm caused by the lightening speed of the fuck she was receiving from behind.

The chief kicked his pants free of his feet and moved over to stand next to me, and the two of us watched, fascinated, as the one hard bodied fireman, still stuck deeply inside my wife's pussy, fucked her for all he was worth, while the other hard bodied one pumped his cock in and out of her hungry mouth.

It wasn't too long before, with a sudden cry of satisfaction, the one behind pulled out of her wet pussy and began spraying his cum all over her lower back and ass cheeks. Janet moaned again as the hot cum scorched her white flesh, and shuddered as another, smaller orgasm rippled through her body.

My wife pulled off the cock that was in her mouth and wrapped her fist around it. "Your turn," she said. "I want to feel this cock in my pussy now!"

The fireman quickly moved behind her and inserted his thick cock into her well-used pussy, as the other one kicked his pants off and moved to stand beside the chief and me, his cock all wet and dripping, slowly beginning to go limp. The chief's was rock hard again, and mine had been the entire time, although it was still inside my boxers under my robe.

As the second young fireman began to fuck her, he was going rather slow and methodical, likely to keep from cumming too fast after my wife had sucked him. The chief moved over in front of my wife moments later, sticking his big black cock in her mouth for another hot blowjob. I watched for a few minutes and then slipped out of the room to head to the washroom for a minute.

When I returned, the chief and his colleague were still going at my wife in the same positions, but the other one was now hard again and slowly stroking himself as he watched the action.

Soon the fireman fucking her began to thrust faster, and moments later he let out a groan, pulled out and shot his load all over her ass. Once he was finished, he moved over to stand beside us.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, the chief said, "Now that you've had a couple of white boys in you, it's time to make your dreams come true and get that sweet pussy fucked by this big piece of black meat!" With that he moved behind her and guided his fat prick to her pussy and slowly pushed it in until his entire nine inches were buried inside her.

"Oh, god, it's so big, but it feels so good!" my wife practically screamed once he had stuffed her full of his meat. "Fuck me with that big black cock, please!" she begged.

"You want it, honey, well here it comes," the chief almost snarled at her, and then he pulled his cock almost all the way out and slammed it back into her, hard. Janet cried out in lust at the ferocity of his penetration and her whole body jerked forward.

As the chief pounded my wife's pussy, the two other firemen stood leisurely stroking their cocks as they watched. I was surprised, or perhaps impressed, that the one who had just fucked her and cum had never gone the slightest bit soft!

With a hand in the pocket of my robe, I walked over next to my wife and pulled a bottle of lube from it, which is what I had gone to the washroom to get. "She doesn't mind a finger or two in her ass while she's getting fucked," I said as I handed the chief the lube with a smile. "She doesn't mind a cock in there sometimes, either," I added with a wink and then returned to stand with the other guys.

He quickly opened the lube and poured some on my wife's asshole, and then wasted no time in working his finger into her hole as he fucked her. Soon enough he had two fingers inside her ass, and then three. My wife was moaning like crazy, and the other two were stroking faster now.

After a few minutes, the chief pulled out of her pussy. Spitting on the tip of his dick and smearing it around for a little lubrication to add to the lube in her ass, the chief pointed his cock directly at the impossibly small looking hole and began to push it in. Janet cried out as his tool speared her asshole.

"Does that hurt," he asked sounding concerned, but after my wife said that it did, his tone changed. "But you want me to punish you for starting that fire, don't you? You deserve to be punished, and you want me to punish your tight ass with this big black cock, and punish you hard, don't you, slut?" he taunted her as he pushed some more in.

"Yes! Yes! Oh yes! I need to be punished! Fuck my ass with your huge black cock! Fuck my ass, chief!"

I'd been more than content up until this point to just watch my wife get taken by these muscular firemen, but after hearing my wife say that, and knowing I was about to see that huge black cock take her in the ass was just too much for me. Now my cock ached almost painfully, and I needed to do something about it, so I opened my robe, shucked off my boxers and exposed my own much more modest five-incher. I noticed the other two young firemen casually check out my equipment.

With a lunge, the chief sent the remaining length of his extra large cock straight into my wife's asshole. She whimpered again at the strength of the penetration, but after a few moments of adjustment she began to moan.

"You like that big dick up your ass, don't you?" the chief said.

"Oh, god, yes!" my wife moaned.

"I bet you do," the chief said as he looked over at me playing with myself as I watched. "My black cock is so much bigger than your husband's white dick, isn't it?"

"Yes," Janet panted.

"Tell him," the chief said. "Look at your husband while you've got my big black cock up your ass, and tell him!"

Janet looked at me and said, "Uhhh, the chief's black cock is so big! It fills me up so much because it is so much bigger than yours."

I knew that what she was saying was all a part of the scene, so I didn't take any offence to it. In fact, seeing the look of extreme pleasure on her face from having the chief's large cock inside her, as she told me how big his was while looking at my much smaller dick, turned me on so much.

"Tell the other guys," he said, and Janet quickly began telling the other two buff, young, good-looking firemen how much bigger their cocks were than mine, too, which ended up turning me on even more, for some reason, if that was even possible.

As soon as she finished saying it, the chief said, "You don't mind if all three of us have a go at her at once, do you?" asking me instead of my wife.

"Not at all," I answered, knowing full well that my wife would not mind in the least.

"I didn't think you would," he said. "I don't think she will, either," he added as he glanced down at my lesser endowment and smirked. The chief then maneuvered my wife's body with his, taking them both from the doggy style position to him lying on the floor on his back, with her sitting on top of him, cock still in her ass. "You take her mouth," he instructed the one. "And you take her cunt," he instructed the other as he pulled my wife back so that she was lying on top of him.

Straddling both their bodies, the thick average cock slipped into my wife's mouth, while the other guy positioned himself between the chief's outstretched legs and slid his long, thin cock into my wife's soaked, now gaping pussy.

"Yeah suck that cock," the chief groaned as he looked past Janet's head. "You like tasting your pussy juice on that cock, don't you?"

"Mmmhmm," Janet answered around the cock in her mouth.

"Yeah, and you like having a cock in each one of your holes, don't you? Yeah, you're a little cock slut, aren't you?"

"Mmmhmm," Janet moaned again.

The chief then fell silent, and the room quickly filled with the sounds of moans and squishing sounds as the three firemen fucked each one of my wife's holes at the same time, right in front of me. I was more turned on watching that than I think I had ever been before in my life!

With several grunts, the cock in my wife's mouth began to unload and she moaned quietly as she gobbled down every last spurt. Thirty seconds later, there were more grunts as the cock in her pussy was yanked out and began spurting jism all over my wife's stomach. She moaned softly as she felt the hot liquid splash against her skin.

With both firemen done with two of her holes, the chief pushed her up on her knees and began to fuck her ass mercilessly. "You like that big black cock in your ass, baby?" the chief asked.

"Oh yes, yes, I love it, I love it so much! Fuck me!" she panted as she played with her clit, and the chief pulled out and slammed it back into her a few times, and then pounded her fast and hard. She moaned and shivered as she had another orgasm.

"Oh, yeah, gonna cum!" the chief moaned a few minutes later. "Gonna soak your white ass with a big load of black cock juice!"

After a few more hard thrusts, the chief pulled out and sprayed his spunk all over my wife's ass, and she moaned louder than she did when the other two had cum on her. As he finished his orgasm, everybody seemed to exhale at the same time.

It had been one hell of a show, and seeing the cum of three well-built, well-hung firemen trickling in rivulets down my wife's chin and down over her ass and pussy, I felt the surge of cum from my balls within a few short minutes. Janet must have seen that my face was a picture of lust and also knew that I was about to cum, because she smiled and motioned for me to come over to her.

In a second, I was standing in front of her. Immediately, I tensed up, ready to blow, and for a brief second I held my breath, and then cried out in pleasure as I began spurting all over my wife's lips and into her open mouth. The three firemen, although spent, had stood and watched the whole thing, moving around as I arrived in front of my wife's face so that they could each get a good view. The younger two had even gotten somewhat erect again, and had casually played with their cocks as they watched.

As the last of my load dribbled out, the chief and his boys moved away and started to put their pants back on. Still panting, I looked at my wife and smiled, and she smiled back, both of us satisfied with the experience we had just shared.

"Thanks again for all your help," I said when the firemen were all fully dressed and ready to leave, indicating not only their help in putting out the fire, but for fucking my wife.

"No problem, and thank you for the appreciation," the chief winked, understanding my meaning, and then continued, "I guess we best be getting back to the station." The two firemen moved towards the door with the chief following, and my wife and me right behind them.

When we reached the front door, the firemen headed out and the chief turned and said, "Let's try to make sure any cigarettes are extinguished before putting them in the garbage from now on. Or, better yet, wash them down the drain or flush them, ok?"

"I promise," Janet smiled. "And, thanks again for putting out the fire."

Like a forest fire, though, just when you think you have it under control, the fire deep inside flares up again. My wife's pussy was like that, a fire deep inside her cunt that constantly flared up, and when the chief grinned and replied to my wife with, "Honey, I would happily put out your fire anytime," then gave a nod and left, I got another idea.

"I'll be right back, honey. I want to ask the chief something before he goes," I said to my wife, and then opened the door and jogged outside to catch up to him.

After a brief conversation, I returned to the house and told my wife that after a discussion with the chief, it would be best if we checked into a hotel for the night.

Grabbing a few things from the house, Janet and I drove to a local hotel and checked ourselves in. My wife never asked any questions, assuming, I guessed, that I had been concerned about the safety of the house with all the fumes, and the chief had suggested the hotel. What she didn't know was that I had made it quite plain to the chief that he and his men were more than welcome to join us when they got off work. I had taken his business card so that I could call him and tell him where we were staying and in what room, in case he wanted to take me up on my offer.

I filled Janet in on those details when it came time to give the chief a call, wanting to make sure she approved, and could handle it again, so soon. She assured me that she could and was quite ecstatic that I had arranged for it to happen again, urging me to call him right away.

I did call him, and, remembering that a fire department is made up out of many more than three men, I suggested that the chief call in all the extra manpower he could get, just to keep the sexual fire within my wife at bay! The chief thought that was a great idea, and, just a few short hours later, we were joined in our hotel room by our three new friends, along with a couple of new ones.

That night, I stood on the sidelines as a steady stream of well built, muscled men of all races and all cock sizes filed through our hotel room, happily watching as the local fire department fucked my wife in the pussy, the mouth and the ass. My wife loved taking each and every one of those cocks, too, but her favorite one to suck or ride was, of course, the chief's fat nine inch black cock!

It was definitely a night that we would never forget, and one that we definitely wanted to repeat. To try to make that happen, I suggested to the chief that he start an "unofficial" volunteer fire department, with my wife and me being the only volunteers. The chief knew what I was really suggesting and agreed right away.

Now, my wife and I make regular visits to the firehouse for training exercises, which consist of me, as per the chief's instructions, "utilizing my training sized equipment to practice keeping a firm grip on a fire hose," as I observe him and his men demonstrating to my wife how they use their "regulation" size hoses to take care of an insatiable fire.

Well, that's our story, and, if you'll please excuse me, I have to go now. I'm writing this at the firehouse, and the chief just yelled out "Fire in the hole!" and that means he and his men are about to do some more fire hose exercises with my wife. My volunteer position is, and always will be, as an official observer to these exercises only, and my presence is not only mandatory, it's been made a regulation! Hail to the Chief!

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