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Friday, July 31, 2015

All Male Fiction: Alex's Game (Part 1)

By: sebastian_wallace & Ryan Michaels

Revised: February, 2016

About half an hour into the exam, Alex raised his hand to attract someone's attention. Since I happened to be standing closest to him, I walked over to his desk.

As soon as the exam had started I'd been suspicious of him. The way he'd glanced around the exam room and leered over at me when he saw that I was one of the invigilators. I just knew he was going to try to disrupt things by asking dumb-ass questions or making pointless requests for unnecessary stationery or something.

One of his friend's was in the seat in front of him; another was a couple of feet to his side. He was bound to start pissing around. Who the fuck designed these seating plans anyway? Where were their brains?

"Yes, Alex?"

He grinned up at me. "May I go to the bathroom, Mr. Hargreaves, sir?"

Mr. Hargreaves, sir? Since when has he shown any respect for me? Smarmy little punk.

His friend to the left snickered.

I glared at Alex and then feigned an unpleasant smile, "Of course." So this was going to be his game - asking to go to the bathroom every ten minutes.

He stood up, his shirt hanging out from his school trousers, which were halfway down his backside. His school tie was yanked down so that the knot was level with his chest. I could easily have made a fuss about correct school uniform - make him publicly smarten himself up - but I thought I'd leave it. Keep it in the bag to give me something to use later on if I needed it.

He swaggered out of the classroom and I followed him, nodding to one of my colleagues to confirm I'd be supervising Alex while he was out of the room.

I felt pretty certain that this was just a ruse; a time-wasting activity designed to prove to Alex's buddies how unconcerned about the exam he was and to distract the more serious students from focusing on their papers.

This was the second paper for Physics. Alex didn't have a hope in hell of passing it; at least not if his performance in Math - the subject I taught him - was anything to go by.

He walked into the boy's room located just down the hall and I followed him in. Striding up to the nearest urinal, positioning himself in front of it so that he was side-on to me, he pulled out his cock. Then he looked over at me, smirking, clearly feeling pretty smart with himself, "Nice job for you, huh?"

I didn't rise to the bait. "You know the regulations by now Alex. You've got to be accompanied until you submit your paper."

He shrugged derisively, "Whatever." Then he looked down at his cock.

I noticed that, despite clearly being soft and floppy, his cock looked thick and large as he peeled back his foreskin to expose its fat, pink head. He wasn't urinating. He looked back over at me, "I can never go when someone's there."

"Do you want me to turn on a tap?" Why I was offering to do anything for him - the number of my classes which he'd deliberately and systematically ruined over the last four years - I don't know.

He shrugged. "It won't help."

Jesus, his cock was big. It must have been about six inches long and at least twice as thick as mine is even when I'm hard. Why was it always the pricks that got all the lucky breaks?

"What do you think of the paper?" he asked me. He wasn't even vaguely interested in my opinion of it. He was just trying to get me to comment on it so that he could claim he was unfairly influenced or something.

I smiled, "You know I can't discuss the paper with you... not now."

He grinned. "Like I'd tell anyone."

"Yeah, soul of discretion, aren't you?"

He looked a little irritated, or perhaps a little wounded. After a few seconds he said, "I'm smart enough to know when to keep my mouth shut."

I considered that and nodded slowly. Then I said, "Perhaps... but even if I wanted to discuss the paper, I haven't seen it for long enough to have formed an opinion on it."

He nodded and looked back down at his cock. He played with it idly while he waited for his bladder to relax. He jerked the foreskin across the broad head a couple of times. "Do you always have this much trouble going when you need to visit the boys' room?" I asked him.

He shook his head. "No, but then I don't usually have some old guy perving on me, do I?" Before I could challenge him on that, he looked up at me and grinned again. "I know... I know... it's the regulations."

I smiled back. "It was the 'old' bit which I objected to, actually. I'm only thirty."

Alex kept smiling, "Yeah, it was just a figure of speech." He looked back down at his cock. Unless I was mistaken, it seemed to be getting bigger. It looked distinctly less flaccid than it had been a few moments earlier. "Anyway," he said, "In public washrooms and stuff, you usually have other guys next to you pissing. Kind of relaxes you a little. Know what I mean?"

"Well, I offered to turn on the tap - the sound of running water…"

"It wouldn't help. It's different. I dunno."

I thought about suggesting that he return to the exam until the urge to pee grew stronger. But then I realized that would be playing into his hands; giving him the opportunity to distract everyone every few minutes on the pretext of having a nervous bladder.

"Well, if you can't go here and now, you're gonna have to wait an hour before you're allowed out again," I said. "So you better start thinking of waterfalls or something."

He looked over at me. "An hour?"

I nodded. "It's in the regulations." It wasn't but I wanted to nip things in the bud.

"No one's ever said that before."

"I can show you where it's written in the booklet, if you wanna stay back after the exam is finished?" I knew that Alex wasn't the type of guy to stay back in school a second longer than he had to.

He shrugged. "Look, I wanna go but I can't. It's just not happening even though it feels like I really need to go." He seemed surprisingly genuine. Perhaps he really was feeling nervous by having me standing there staring at him.

"I can't leave the room, Alex. You know that."

"Yeah, I know that…" He hesitated, staring ahead at the tiled wall in front of him. Then he went on, "I don't suppose you wanna take a piss, do you?"

I wasn't sure I understood. "Sorry?"

He looked back over at me. "Like I said, I'm okay if other people are pissing. It's just having you standing there - it's freaking me out."

I thought about what he was suggesting. I didn't really need to urinate, but I supposed that I might be able to if I tried. And if it caused Alex to loosen up enough to let his piss out, it might help to avoid further distractions to the exam. "I'll give it a try," I said. I walked to the urinal next to his and unzipped my fly. It felt a little odd to be urinating with a student, but I'd occasionally found myself doing it before - on school trips and so on - so it wasn't entirely unknown.

Alex stared down at the front of my trousers as I fumbled inside my briefs and pulled out my dick. Next to his, mine looked pretty unsubstantial. It was only about as thick as my middle finger, pretty much as thick as it got, and my foreskin covered the head of it, making a puckered nozzle like an outstretched mouth. It was just around an inch long in its soft state and didn't get a whole hell of a lot bigger when erect. I'd spent most of my teenage years waiting for it to develop into something impressive, but it never did. I guess it was just a case of 'that's life' and the way things always seemed to go: jerks like Alex turning out to be horse-hung studs, while nice guys like me end up with wee little pencil dicks.

Alex kept looking down at my exposed penis, making me struggle not to blush, and then he looked up at my face, grinned and said, "Nice dick, Mr. Hargreaves." He then giggled and added, "If you can call that a dick."

I threw him a look of irritation. "Okay. So yours is bigger. Pat yourself on the back and then shut up about it."

"Based on what I'm looking at, I'm pretty sure everyone's is bigger than yours," he went on. "I bet it doesn't get much bigger, either," he finished and let out a burst of laughter.

Oh great! I thought. Just what I needed, for Alex Edison, of all people, to find out that I have a small dick! Why the hell had I agreed to try to take a piss with him?  

"Just concentrate on what you came in here to do, so we can get back to the exam," I snapped as I turned my head forward and aimed my penis at the urinal. The quicker we could get this over and done with, the better.   

Staring at the tiles in front of me, I tried to will myself to pee. I tried to visualize a stream of running water, but that didn't seem to help. I tried to imagine how it would feel to drink a big bottle of water, but my bladder still refused to play ball. 

I looked back over at Alex's cock, hoping that he would be having more success. I was surprised to see that his cock was continuing to develop as he gently played with it. It must have been about seven inches long by now, and looked about as thick as my wrist. This eighteen-year-old kid had one of the largest cocks I'd seen first-hand, and it wasn't even hard!

It was ironic that I was the more mature of us and yet I had a penis that looked like it belonged on a boy. "Too fucking thin and too fucking short; a three inch wonder," as one ex-lover had spat at me on his angry departure from my life.

Alex's laughter-filled remarks about the size of my penis had angered me somewhat, but that anger seemed to quickly dissipate as my eyes became mesmerized by his member. "You must be pretty proud of that thing," I suddenly heard myself saying. "I guess you're the most well equipped guy in the school," I went on without really taking the time to think before I spoke such words to a student.

Alex, however, just shrugged and casually replied, "Yeah, it's pretty big I guess. Adam Sanders has a big one, too; not quite as big as mine, though."

Adam was the friend that always snickered when Alex was being smart.

"Really, and just how would you know something like that?"

He laughed. "Come on, sir. There's more going on outside school than homework and watching TV, you know."

"Oh right," I blushed, feeling ancient. "You guys had a bit of a... uh... party with some girls, I suppose?" I stammered, pretending that I had any idea what went on.

He laughed again. "Come on! It's the twenty first century... guys don't need girls around to have a party, Mr. Hargreaves!"

"Oh." I blushed again, wondering if I was understanding correctly what he was implying. I tried to think of a way to get him to clarify what he was saying without making it look obvious that I needed to. After a few seconds, I tried, "So you've seen it… in the flesh?"

Alex chuckled. "Seen it, touched it... tasted it." He winked at me.

Christ - young people's attitudes had moved on a lot since I was a teenager. If only I'd been born fifteen years later. I smiled feebly. "I had no idea…"

He went on, "Matt Davies' cock isn't as big as mine and Adam's, but it's a lot thicker than ours. Not too thick to get your mouth around, but too thick to... you know."

I nodded. I knew exactly what he meant from painful experience. 

"But that's okay..." Alex then glanced down at my dick and, rather than continuing with what he was going to say, he chuckled instead. I looked down at my dick then too, and that's when I realized that it had begun to stir slightly - enough that Alex could tell; not by any visible difference in length, but by how my foreskin had retracted slightly, exposing a bit of my dickhead, looking like the pink rubber on the end of a pencil. 

When I looked back up, Alex met my eyes and continued on: "Anyway, as I was saying, I don't do that anyway; take it up the butt, I mean. I only..." He then darted his eyes back down to my penis, smirked at my arousal, then looked back up to my face, his smile transforming into a grin and finished, "give it."

"And you like that kind of stuff?" I asked looking down to his cock. He didn't have an erection, but his cock was definitely more swollen than it had been.

He shrugged. "It's no big deal. I prefer girls - we all do - but there's nothing wrong with having a bit of fun with your buddies sometimes."

A case of 'I like gay sex, but I'm not gay'. That old chestnut.

He asked, "I'll get the time back for this, won't I?" I stared at him blankly. He clarified: "The time out from the exam. I'll get it back, won't I?"

I nodded. "Oh right. Yeah. You'll be able make up any lost time at the end of the exam."

"In that case, do you mind if we go in the stall? I think the privacy would help."

It seemed reasonable. We were rather exposed, standing at the urinals. The possibility of being caught like that, both in various states of arousal, was making urination almost impossible. I nodded, and then, at my instruction, the two of us went about stuffing our dicks back into our pants, a task that was quick and easy for me, but proved more difficult for Alex and required some extra effort on his part.

After managing to get his long snake tucked back in his pants, Alex made his way over to one of the stalls and gestured for me to follow him in. I knew that I shouldn't - even the exam regulations entitled students to a little privacy when it came to what goes on inside toilet stalls - but he seemed to have no hang-ups about me being in there with him, and I guess I was intrigued to watch the continued development of that huge cock of his. I could always claim that he was throwing up and I had to assist him, if anyone came looking for us.

After stepping into the stall with him, Alex closed the stall door and stepped up to the bowl of the toilet, taking me by complete surprise when he then proceeded to undo his belt and button and hitch his school trousers down to his knees. He then did the same with his tightly-fitting white boxer-briefs. "I always find I go better when I give my cock a bit of breathing space," he said. "Know what I mean?"

I just shrugged again, staring at Alex's fattened cock which stood outwards from the bush of his pubes at an angle of ninety degrees. He went on, "Try it. It must be the cold air, or something. It really helps you to piss."

Alex Edison was one of the most disruptive guys I'd ever taught - he could be a real shit when the mood took him - but he seemed surprisingly comfortable about exposing himself to me and unexpectedly eager to see me in a similar state. I knew I was getting into this far, far deeper that I ought to, but I suppose by now I must have been enjoying it, evident by the fact that I didn't even hesitate to follow his suggestion. 

After undoing my belt and fumbling with the button, I hitched down my own trousers, and Alex smiled fondly as my blue briefs came into view, like that kind of underwear belonged quaintly to yesteryear. Much to my own surprise, I once again didn't hesitate at all before pulling those blue briefs of mine right down to my shins.

We both just stood there and looked at each other for a few seconds, drawing mental comparisons, leading me to discover that not only was I dwarfed by Alex's cock, but also by his generously-proportioned balls. They bulged outwards inside his tight ball bag, a couple of billiard balls held tightly in a sock, while mine hung down between my thighs, a couple of beans dangling inside a loose sack.

Seeing this vast contrast must have caused some sort of subconscious form of arousal, because my little penis immediately stiffened to its still very diminutive three-inches, giving Alex the satisfaction of knowing he'd been right that it didn't get much bigger. 

When he saw it, he snickered, and then wagged his cock above mine and said, "One thing about having a big cock, is that it's difficult to jerk it. It's kinda hard to get your hand around it. Know what I mean?" He then looked down at my small, erect penis again, chuckled and said, "No, of course you don't."

I didn't acknowledge his remark; it didn't even make me angry this time. In fact, my hard, little erection throbbed in response. I didn't know why the biggest trouble-making, pain in the ass male student in the entire school laughing at the underwhelming size of my penis was having such an effect on me. I didn't let on that it was, though, and just shrugged and said, "I suppose you get used to it."

He shook his head. "It's a bit awkward; difficult to find the right technique or something." He gestured for me to stand next to him in front of the toilet bowl. "Here," he said, "Have a try."

He grabbed my wrist and moved my hand to his cock. Without thinking, I wrapped my fingers around it, marveling at the contrast between the soft warmth of its skin and the firmness of the developing erection inside it. He held onto my wrist and pushed it back and forth so that my hand slid up and down his large organ.

Jesus - I was jerking him off! Realizing that things were getting so far out of hand that they were entering the realms of illegality, I tried to pull my hand away.

Alex held it firm, saying, "It's okay. You're just seeing how it feels. You see how awkward it is to jerk it?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I see," I said, still trying to pull my hand away him, but Alex kept holding my wrist with a surprisingly strong grip. His cock increased in size, the veins on its stem growing more pronounced and the head of it swelling to a dark shiny purple color as it became engorged with blood and reached full erection. It was easily nine inches long!

After a few more strokes, he released my wrist. I pulled my hand away, watching a small pearl of pre-cum forming at the narrow slit. I was struggling to stay in control. I desperately wanted to masturbate Alex's cock - as I knew he wanted me to - but was held back by the knowledge of the dire repercussions if I was caught or if he reported me.

A voice inside me was crying, "Do it! He doesn't know you're gay! He'll treat it as casually as he treats having sex with his buddies!" But a stronger, more authoritative voice held me firmly in check. I pulled my underwear up, muttering, "We'd better get back to the exam, Alex."

He stopped me by putting a hand on my shoulder, and said, "Yeah… in a minute. I've just got one more thing to show you. I mean, while we're in here you might as well take a look at it."

I hesitated. "What is it?"


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