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Thursday, September 5, 2013

All Male Fiction: Workout Buddies

By: Unknown Author
Tim had been going to the gym for several months now. He went every weekday morning at 6:30, worked out for an hour, and then went directly to work. He had gotten in decent shape, and was now starting to define some individual muscle groups so he could really get buff. However, he also had another motive for going so religiously; he got off on seeing other guys naked.

Fortunately at his gym, everyone went bare once they were in the locker room, so he got to satisfy his inner need daily. Today, as he walked to the showers, he covertly glanced at a couple of nice butts. He'd never picked up anyone at the gym, and decided it probably wasn't a good idea.

As he rounded the corner into the communal shower stall, he stopped abruptly. Standing at the four-person shower pole was a really hot guy that had just joined the gym. Tim had noticed him when he first joined, but each time the guy was always on his way out. Tim couldn't believe he was finally getting to see him naked.

The guy was probably 6' 6", and had a perfect body. Tim caught his hesitation and quickly moved up to take the open showerhead next to the giant. Although Tim was 6' himself, he felt little next to the big guy. He was able to get in a few hidden glances as he showered, and really liked what he saw.

The guy was really built - massive pecs, rigid, muscled abs, his arms and legs were like tree trunks. He was also very good-looking. His dick didn't hang down much, but Tim knew you couldn't judge the size of a guy's cock when it was soft, and knew that this guy's probably grew to some thick massive piece of meat to match the rest of his large muscled frame. Tim had to really concentrate to keep his cock from stiffening as he took in the stud's nakedness.

When the big guy finished showering and proceeded to towel off, Tim covertly glanced around at the other two guys showering, and they were watching this guy as much as he was. Of course Tim knew they were just envious of his body and weren't looking for the same reason as him.

Tim decided to start going to the gym an hour earlier from now on, in hopes of seeing this hot stud in the showers again, and it worked out well, as the guy usually ended up arriving at the gym just a few minutes after Tim. He decided to forgo his thoughts about it not being a wise idea to try to pick up a guy at the gym, and said hello when the guy wandered over to the weights where Tim was working out. The guy returned his greeting and introduced himself as Greg.

Tim would time it perfectly so that he would always end up in the showers around the same time as Greg, and within a few days the two had struck up small talk as they showered. The small talk was mainly about body building and Tim was elated when Greg asked, since he was new at the gym and Tim worked out at the same time, if he would be his workout buddy. Of course Tim agreed, and the very next day they began working out together.

On Friday morning, as they were leaving to go to their respective jobs, Greg asked Tim if he was working out Saturday morning. Tim usually slept in, but readily said yes.

The next day, at that early hour on a Saturday, the gym was pretty empty, and with no one else waiting to use the various exercise equipment, they were both able to have a good long workout. Since neither had to rush off to work, Greg said he was going to take a soak in the hot tub and invited Tim to join him.

As they soaked together in the hot tub, naked, Greg asked Tim if he had had breakfast before coming to the gym. Tim had not and thought Greg was going to suggest grabbing a bite to eat after the gym. His cock twitched under the foamy water when Greg asked if he would like to go back to his apartment to have breakfast, explaining that he always liked to make big breakfasts on Saturdays after working out, but ended up throwing half of it away because he couldn't eat it all.

Tim accepted Greg's invitation, although he was hungry for something other than breakfast. He had started to get the vibe that Greg might like men, too, and hoped that the invite to Greg's apartment for breakfast was leading up to something else.

After they showered, Greg pulled on a pair of very short fleece shorts, without any underwear, and picked up his bag and keys and the two headed out.

Greg's apartment was only a few blocks away, and when they arrived Greg motioned for Tim to follow as he headed to the kitchen, telling Tim his specialty was making pancakes. With a rear view, Tim was half-hard watching Greg prepare the breakfast in his skimpy shorts.

When they both had big stacks on their plates, Greg suggested they sit down on the small couch and watch some TV. Tim expected the athletic Greg would switch on ESPN; he was surprised when Greg squatted down in front of the entertainment center and opened a door, revealing numerous porn videos.

While Greg remained crouched searching for a particular video, Tim noticed Greg's that balls had slipped and were hanging out one leg of the tiny shorts, which were tight across his muscular, melon-shaped ass cheeks.

Greg inserted a video and sprawled on the couch next to Tim. He spread his long, bare legs, touching Tim's leg with his knee. He made no move to stop the contact, and Tim did not draw back from the touch, either.

"Hope you like some good porn. As you can tell, I have a good collection."

Tim was expecting to see straight porn, and was surprised as the video progressed to see one of the two men, who were both doing things to the woman, take the other guy's cock in his mouth.

"Oh sorry," Greg said, as he finished off his breakfast, "A buddy lent this one to me. I had no idea it was this type of video, I'll switch to one of my own, which are all straight shit."

"That's okay, I've never seen a porn where everyone does everyone, might be kind of cool to watch, if watching it won't bother you," Tim said, trying to subtly give the hint that he was interested in men, plus he suspected that this porn didn't accidentally end up in the player, or that it really belonged to a friend of Greg's.

"Shit no, doesn't bother me in the least. It's just sex right?" Greg said with a chuckle.

"Actually it's not that bad, watching this shit," Greg said after a few minutes.

I glanced and nodded and saw that Greg had a small tent in his crotch, not much of one, but Tim figured Greg's cock was just starting to rise.

Greg saw Tim looking.

"I guess you can see why I like these shorts. They're nice and loose, with lots of room, and are very soft, and they let me be more comfortable."

Tim just nodded again and smiled.

"Feels like you are getting a little crowded." Greg noted, as he confirmed Tim's suspicions about Greg's interest in men by casually reaching over and patting Tim's crotch.

Tim's cock, confined in his briefs and shorts, was already getting hard and almost jumped from Greg's touch.

"Yeah, I had better give it some breathing room. Looks like you won't mind," Tim said, now starting to breathe a little heavily.

"No, not all at, make yourself comfortable," Greg said watching the porn.

Tim stood and slid his shorts down and then sat back on the couch.

Greg glanced at Tim's crotch.

"Go ahead, take the undies off, too, if you want. No sense in being uncomfortable."

Tim stood again and slipped off his underwear, not the least bit embarrassed at Greg seeing his semi-hard cock, in fact he wanted him to see it. Tim's cock was already dripping pre-cum, and immediately sprang to its fully erect seven inches when it became exposed.

"I'm starting to get a little wet," Tim said purposely.

Greg stood, grabbed a tissue and handed it to Tim and, before sitting back down, slid his shorts down and pulled his shirt over his head.

Tim did a double take when he saw Greg's dick. At first he thought that it wasn't fully hard yet, but it was pointing skyward, and it was small. Tim had never been with a guy with a small dick, nor had he ever even seen one before. It wasn't what he was expecting on this tall muscular stud.

"How big is that thing?" Tim blurted.

Greg laughed. "Don't you mean how small is it?"

"No… I… um… I..."

Greg laughed again. "It's okay. A lot of people are shocked to find such a small dick on a big muscular guy like me… and to answer your question, its three inches."

"I-I'm sorry, I don't mean to stare, it's just that I've never seen one that small before."

Greg laughed, appearing very at ease with his small endowment. "Sometimes it can be a handicap, but, apparently being considered good-looking by most, I've never had anyone turn me down for sex. Although, some of the girls I've been with weren't into letting me fuck them once they saw it, and would only give me head."

While Tim had never seen such a small dick before and had been expecting something bigger, he was still very turned on. Tim stared at it and began to think how it was expected for such a tall muscular jock type like Greg to have a huge cock, and somehow seeing such a small dick on such a big guy looked really hot. Tim was now almost salivating as he looked at it, wanting to put it in his mouth just as much as he had wanted to before he saw it, when he thought it was big, perhaps even more so now.

Tim was dripping a steady stream of clear fluid down his own shaft by this time. His balls had also tightened up fully, and he wondered if he was going to cum without even touching his cock.

"Looks like you're about to explode," Greg said as he leaned over a little, as if to examine Tim's dick. "Fuck man, you're so lucky to be so big."

Seven inches never seemed overly big to Tim, but I guess compared to what Greg had between his legs he could see how it looked really big to him.

Still staring at Tim's cock with envy, Greg suddenly moved to his knees and shoved his mouth fully down on Tim's throbbing cock, while at the same time grabbing hold of Tim's balls.

Tim exploded in only a few seconds, more from the thought of being with Greg than Greg's mouth sucking his cock. Greg, obviously experienced at giving head, did not allow any cum to escape his mouth.

After the final waves of orgasm subsided, Tim realized that Greg had pulled back and was resting on his heels in front of him on the floor, his little dick dripping pre-cum on the carpet. Tim, now getting his breath back, was eager to get Greg off as well, but waited for Greg to make the next move.

"That was great," Tim told Greg.

Greg arose, and with his powerful arms easily moved Tim onto his back on the couch. "I really want to fuck your dick!" Greg said. "It really turns me on, feeling another guy's big cock against my small one."

He mounted Tim, and placed his little dick against Tim's still hard shaft and began sliding it up and down. His considerable pre-cum soon had Tim's cock all wet, and he began to hump Tim's cock, fucking it, while at the same time fondling Tim's balls. Soon he brought his hand to his face and sucked his finger, and then moved it down beneath Tim's balls and gradually worked it into Tim's ass.

Meanwhile, Tim, with Greg's enormous pecs in his face, began sucking his nipples. He used both hands to reach down and caress Greg's wonderful ass, and managed to reach Greg's balls as well. He was amazed how huge Greg's balls were compared to how small his dick was.

Greg began pumping faster and faster, and used his strength and mass to push not only his mini tool, but his entire torso hard into Tim. Tim looked up at Greg, and saw that he was really into the act, fully concentrating on the cock-fuck. He felt Greg tense, harder and harder, and then Greg moaned loudly, and suddenly had a powerful climax. Hot, thick cum flowed over Tim's much larger cock. Greg continued to pound his stiff little penis against Tim's, releasing every last drop of cum onto Tim's cock. Finally, he relaxed and laid, spent, against Tim's wet skin.

Tim was surprised that he was still hard, and began pumping up against Greg. Well soaked, his cock slipped out of place on one down-thrust and slid up against the bottom of Greg's balls. Instead of adjusting it back in place, Tim arched his back slightly, and he found he could push the top of his cock against that magnificent spot under Greg's balls.

Greg seemed to enjoy the sensation, and moved slightly so that he could suck on Tim's ear. As Tim's tool rubbed against Greg, he felt it engorge even more and realized his head was pushing hard against Greg's crack. Greg used his free hand and reached down to rub Tim's cock quickly, lathering it with the ample supply of Greg's cum that covered it.

Tim was getting quite close to cumming again, and began the primordial tensing as he pushed against Greg's ass crack. Suddenly Greg raised up, causing Tim's well-lubed head to pop into his hole.
Surprised by what had happened, Tim looked down and could see only Greg's tiny dick pointed up towards him, as he realized his own cock was now fully imbedded up Greg's ass. After only a few pumps from Greg's ass, Tim had another tremendous climax.

Greg pulled off of Tim's cock once it had finished cumming, and as he stood, his hard dick dripped a clear stream of pre-cum down onto Tim's stomach. He got down on the floor beside Tim and licked the drop off Tim's body.

"That was awesome," Tim panted.

"Sure was," Greg concurred, and then grabbed for his shorts.

"What are you doing?" Tim asked.

"Getting dressed."

"Well what about you, don't you want your dick sucked?" Tim asked.

"Well of course, I love getting my dick sucked as much as the next guy, but you don't have to do it out of some sort of obligation or anything. I know you were expecting a nice big cock, and completely understand you not wanting to suck it now that you've seen how small it is."

"No, I want to suck it; I really wanna suck it, so badly!"

"Really?" Greg said, as if shocked by Tim's statement.

Tim laughed. "Yes. Is it really that hard to believe someone would actually want to suck your dick, just because it's small?"

Now Greg laughed. "Well yeah, kind of. No one has ever been excited about it when they saw how small it is, and no one ever really wanted to suck it. They just did it because they felt they had to, in order to get fucked, or in place of getting fucked. You really want to?"

"Damn right I do! I think your little dick looks so hot on your big muscular body, and I want it in my mouth!" Tim said as he rose up into a sitting position in front of Greg.

Greg grinned, dropped his shorts and moved so that his dick was in front of Tim's face now.

Tim moved forward and pushed his head between the hard, muscular thighs and took Greg's entire dick into his mouth in one gulp. His little dick barely reached the back of Tim's mouth. The salty pre-cum seemed to flow in a continuous stream. He began to massage Greg's balls, and after only about a minute or so he could feel Greg's balls rising up, and along with Greg's quick, short breaths, Tim knew he was going to cum soon. He didn't want him to cum just yet and pulled off his dick.

Tim moved his mouth down, and suckled on Greg's large balls in their tight wrapping. He edged down even farther, and twisted himself around and moved his head between Greg's legs until it was sticking out behind him. Using his hands, Tim spread Greg's ass cheeks apart and pulled his ass to his face.

As Tim began to invade Greg's hole with his tongue, he stuck one hand through Greg's legs and began stroking the big guy's little dick. Greg started to moan from the dual action and started to pump his hips, causing him to simultaneously thrust his dick in and out of Tim's hand and bounce his asshole on and off Tim's pointed tongue.

Soon Greg cried out that he was going to cum again and Tim quickly scooted back through Greg's legs and swallowed his dick. Greg bucked furiously as Tim tried valiantly to get Greg's load out. In a sudden, uncontrollable surge, one powerful thrust knocked Tim's head off its perch, and the now free little dick shot a thick wad of cum into Tim's face. Tim quickly seized the still surging dick in his mouth, and began swallowing the remainder of Greg's second cum load.

After Greg's ejaculation ceased, Tim proceeded to gently tongue-wash Greg's tiny member and big balls, while Greg stood there panting, enjoying the attention. Tim's cock was half-hard and flowing pre-cum again, and after one last lick, and a quick suck on Greg's right nipple, Greg moved, turned, and flopped back on to the couch beside Tim, both out of breath and completely spent.

Greg looked over at Tim. "So you really liked my little dick huh?"

Tim nodded.

"Liked sucking it?"

Tim nodded again.

"Like it enough to get fucked by it?"

"Well, I've never been fucked before, but I think yours is the perfect size for my first time."

"Is that a yes?" Greg asked.

"Yeah, that's definitely a yes, but not today, you've totally worn me out," Tim replied smiling.

"Oh, well you wanna come over for breakfast next Saturday, too?"

"I'd rather come over tonight for dinner and a movie," Tim retorted.

"I think that can be arranged, but maybe you'd better stay the night, too. I have a feeling you'll need to get some rest and regain your strength with a hearty breakfast before you make the drive home."

"Sounds like a plan," Tim replied.

Tim had always wanted to try getting fucked, but just the thought of even an average-sized cock, let alone a big one going in his tight virgin hole, and the pain he associated with it, had always scared him. But now he was suddenly excited about losing his cherry, and couldn't wait to get fucked for the first time by this big hot stud with the little pud.
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