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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bisexual True Experience: Mum-bi

By: pussnboots300
My husband and I are Americans, very much in love, and, due to a work assignment of my husband’s, were living in Mumbai for a couple of years when this happened.

It was my fortieth birthday and we were having a celebration at a nice restaurant with a few good friends we had made in Mumbai. I had been drinking all evening and was slightly tipsy. My husband looked so handsome that all I wanted to do was fuck him that night. Actually I enjoy fucking my husband. He is the sweetest and most handsome thing I have ever set my eyes on, and I love him dearly.

We have a great sex life and love to spice it up with different things. Like, I discovered that Brad (not his real name) enjoys having his asshole played with once in a while. We have great sex, with me putting a finger into his butt and making him squirm with sexual joy. Once, I purchased a thin vibrator and, after playing with Brad’s butt with my fingers, put the vibrator inside him. What a wonderful time we had! Tonight I was going to fuck him all night!

Party over and on the way home, I was caressing his cock in the car practically the entire time. We reached home and had hardly closed the door before I had my skirt up and his cock inside my hot, wet, and very willing cunt. Needless to say he came very fast and I was feeling frustrated. Just to tease him I said that maybe I should take on a lover to satisfy me at times like these.

Instead of getting mad, Brad actually laughed and said that perhaps I should. I wasn’t sure if he was joking around or would actually be into doing something like that, so, to test the waters, I started to tell him what all I could do with another man, and soon Brad was rock hard and pumping me again. He lasted much longer this time and I had a good orgasm!

Soon we found ourselves enjoying this fantasy of me having sex with two men. I always got quite turned on whenever we talked about it during sex, and one day confessed to Brad that I would like to actually try it for real. I was now past forty and past caring. While I still looked good, now, I knew if I waited too long this fantasy may not happen. I really loved my husband and was unable to look past him, but was willing to have a short term sexual relationship with a man to try out these new found desires.

Brad thought the idea of doing it for real was really hot, but wondered how we were going to go about finding a decent, good looking guy to have sex with. We thought about that over the next while, but came up blank. It wasn’t like we had ever done anything like this before, so we were a bit clueless.

It wasn’t until I got a junk email that we figured out what to do. It was one of many adult junk emails that always seemed to fill my junk mail folder, which I usually just deleted, but, given our dilemma, I took a look through them. There was one from a website called Adult Friend Finders. I read over the advert, and then visited the site, signed up and placed an ad.

After many attempts, I found a number of couples that seemed alright, but no single men. Brad by now had given up and the task was left to me. I thought that if I did not find a man, another couple might be an option instead, although I really just wanted my husband and another man in bed with me – that was my fantasy.

A few months passed and I too thought that this was an exercise in futility and virtually gave up the idea. As usual, life had other ideas.

That morning at my gym (yes I try and work out on a regular basis and keep my short but average frame quite fit), I dropped a small weight on the floor. A nice looking young man bent over to pick it up. His name was Tim (name changed), a white guy, who appeared to be American like us. As I would come to learn, he was actually Canadian, and just visiting, working out at this Gym during his stay. The guy was really young, perhaps not more than twenty-two or twenty-three. We exchanged pleasantries and went back to our workouts.

Over the next few days I would always see Tim at the Gym and we would talk. One evening he asked me out for a coffee. Brad was out of town and I decided to accept his invitation.

Tim was courteous and sweet as we drank our coffees, but I realized that he seemed less talkative, shy almost, which was not the case at the Gym, so I asked him what was on his mind. With a little prodding, he finally managed to say that he found me attractive. I was surprised. Not by the fact that he knew I was married, at least I assumed he did by the wedding ring on my finger, but that a man his age was interested in me, in a sexual way. I asked him how old he actually was and he told me he was twenty-one.

Until that point I had never even considered that Tim might be a possible candidate for me and my husband, what with his young age and all. Who would have thought a young guy like him would be interested in someone my age? But, by his own admission, he was, and that changed everything. I decided to take matters further; maybe if I took the lead I might have my fantasy. I suggested that we ditch the coffee house and go out for a real drink instead. Tim accepted my invitation.

At the pub, and after a few drinks, soon Tim was sitting really close to me and I was enjoying the attention. The pub was dimly lit but I could see that he had an erection. Obviously I knew what he wanted, but since it didn’t seem like he would ever make a move on me, not wanting this opportunity to pass me by, I just went for it and asked him point blank if he would like to have a purely sexual relationship with me. His response was immediate and positive.
With things now in motion, it was then that I went over some conditions with him. The first was that my husband would be a part of it. That raised some questions with him, the first being, would my husband just be watching or taking part? I told him that my husband would be taking part, it would be a threesome. Next he wanted to know if by threesome, I meant I would expect him and my husband to do things to each other, too. I assured him that my husband was straight, although he did enjoy me using my finger and even a vibrator in his butt. Tim’s face didn’t really show what he thought about that, nor did he ask if I would want to do that to him.

I went on to name the next condition, which was, if we did this, he could not tell anyone about it. My third and final condition was that he had to fully understand that it would just be sex and nothing more, that I was in love with my husband, and I could have sex with Tim without loving him, yet knowing him to be a decent guy. Tim agreed to all of my conditions, and was very excited by the whole thing, as was I. He then wrote down the phone number of where he was staying on a napkin so that I could contact him when things had been arranged with my husband.

We soon left the pub and, after telling him I would give him a call the minute things were set, we said our goodnights and parted ways. As I drove home, I was smiling the entire way. Brad would be shocked when he heard what I had managed to do, but also very excited!


After nearly a week away, Brad was due back that evening, around seven, and I knew that he would be sexually charged, so I gave Tim a call to tell him it was on for that night, if he was available. He was, and I told him I would call him back shortly with the time and place.

After hanging up from Tim, I called and rented a suite at a very nice hotel. I then called Tim back and gave him the name of the hotel, the room number, and told him to be there at 8:45pm, sharp.

After that, I spent some time at the beauty parlor and really did myself up. If I was going to have my fantasy then I was going to look and feel sexy. I then purchased some new sexy lingerie. When I got home, I got in the bath, bathed and shaved my legs, as well as my pussy. Later I slipped on the lingerie.

Before I left for the hotel, I laid out some nice, but loose fitting clothes for Brad to wear, and then left him a note saying: “Come to Room 1011 at the (name of hotel) for sex, sex and more sex with your horny wife. There will be a second key to the room waiting for you at the front desk. Enter without knocking and quietly come to the bedroom. Be there at 9pm sharp, not earlier please.” I stuck the note on the back of the front door, where I knew he would see it right away, and then left for the hotel.

At the hotel, I went about setting the mood for the evening’s event, soft music, dim lights and aromatic candles in the bedroom, while I awaited Tim’s arrival.
Tim arrived at about 8:55pm, ten minutes later than I had said, but that was ok, we still had a bit of time before my husband’s arrival. I had answered the door in just my lingerie, and Tim’s eyes bugged out as he took in my nearly naked body. I noticed the front of his pants moving.

However, along with his arousal, I could also sense his confusion because Brad wasn’t there. I explained that I had arrived earlier and that Brad would be along in just a few minutes. This relaxed him and I moved to him and pulled his shirt over his head. Tim then removed his shoes and socks and then his pants. He had a body to die for. Then again he was just twenty-one and a regular at the gym. I then took his hand and led him to the bedroom.
As Tim stood there in just his underwear, Brad appeared in the doorway to the bedroom, having arrived a minute or two before nine. The moment he saw Tim, he was surprised and then gave me a big naughty smile. Tim had his back to Brad and had no idea what was happening behind him. Brad always confessed that he wanted to watch how I would start my seduction and here was my chance to prove it to him.

I drew Tim close to me and started to kiss his lips. I closed my eyes as our tongues met and we kissed for what seemed like a long time. Tim’s hands were first rubbing my back but soon changed to softly caressing my bra-encased breasts. I started to grope his body, my eyes still shut. My first man outside my marriage and just for sex, with my husband’s permission… my pussy was practically dripping!

My hands moved to his hard chest and erect nipples. Tim unfastened my bra and, cupping a breast in one hand, he started to lick my nipples. I have very sensitive nipples and have fantasized about having both sucked on, so I took this opportunity to tell Tim that Brad was there and watching. I was surprised when Tim said he knew that, until I realized that he must have seen Brad standing there in the mirror. Brad took that as his cue, and came over to us. First he kissed me, and then Brad and Tim were soon sucking my nipples.

Brad soon removed his mouth from my nipple, crouched down and removed my panties. He then picked me up and placed me on the bed on my back and spread my legs wide apart. He then quickly stripped and got down between my legs and started licking my pussy.

As Tim saw this, he groped his crotch and then moved over to suck my tits again, all the while looking down at my husband eating my pussy. When my husband slipped a finger in me, both Tim and I groaned in delight.

Pulling away from my cunt, my husband got off the bed, his hard cock jutting out. Both Tim and I looked at it and then my husband motioned to my wet cunt and told Tim that he had gotten me all ready for him.

Tim wasted no time in yanking down his underwear, which revealed a hard, thin cock that was a bit bigger than my husband’s six and a half inches (maybe seven and half inches?) My husband may have been about an inch smaller, but he was a lot thicker. Still, I wasn’t complaining and I licked my lips, wanting to suck it, to suck another man’s cock, and in front of my husband. But before I knew it, Tim had gotten himself between my legs and had entered my cunt with his hard cock. I was so wet that he had absolutely no trouble in entering me. What a feeling! There was a sense of the forbidden fruit attached to the pure sexual pleasure of having another man's cock inside me for the first time since I was married… and with my husband right there, watching, approvingly. I almost came instantly!

Soon he was fucking me hard and I was orgasmic. I had no idea what Brad was doing at this point in time, although I suspect he was just watching, masturbating, and allowing us to have our first fuck without his interference. In any event, I was so over awed by the moment, my eyes were shut and my hands were groping Tim’s tight butt.

Soon enough I could feel Tim tense. Tim came with a loud sigh, his hot fluids emptying inside my cunt, making me feel so nice and warm all over, and then he pulled out of me.

Brad looked at my face and asked me how I felt. I panted out that I felt so good, and he put a finger inside me, feeling my wetness mixed with another man’s fluids inside my body, and he moaned. All I could do was writhe in sexual anxiety as he touched my clit, and I started to orgasm. As I did so, my husband pulled his finger away and entered me with a groan and soon was fucking me with all his energy. You could hear the sounds of my juices and Tim’s cum sloshing around in my cunt as he pounded in and out of me, and it was so hot… for Brad, too, I could tell.

Tim kept licking my nipples all through Brad’s fucking. Sometimes he would tongue kiss me and I liked the sensation of having another man kiss me while my husband was fucking me. I too was rocking my body, enjoying these sensations, until Brad came and collapsed in a heap on top of me, his dick still inside my twice-filled cunt.

I was still so completely turned on even though I had been fucked twice already, by two different cocks, and as Brad pulled his now soft cock out of me, I still wanted more. The best part was that Tim was hard again. I remembered how Brad used to be this way when he was Tim's age. I now turned my attention to Tim’s cock and started to give him a blowjob. My husband had always wanted to watch me suck a cock and was enjoying watching me, but being that he just came (and his age), he was still soft.

I wanted Brad to be erect too, so I reached over and started stroking his cock while I continued to blow Tim. Brad, however, pulled his cock from my hand after a few seconds and repositioned himself between my legs and started to lick my wet and cum filled cunt. That kind of surprised me, not only because his cum was inside me, but the cum of another man was, too, but I went into ecstasy when I felt his tongue there.

Tim watched this and then he too pulled his cock away from me. I watched in complete amazement as he moved behind Brad, licked and then brought his finger to my husband’s ass. I had just assumed, when he had asked if we expected him to do stuff with my husband, he was praying that we didn’t want him too, not that he was hoping we did.

Brad was not ready for this, however. He had been straight all his life, and his head shot up out of my cunt as he pulled his butt forward to protect it. I told him to relax, reminded him that he liked when I did that, and asked him to do it for me. He relented and hesitantly let his butt move back out and allowed Tim to gently work a finger into his ass. He groaned like it was unpleasant, but eventually lowered his head and began to lick my cunt again.

Soon I was watching Tim licking my husband’s ass. Brad didn’t object this time, but rather moaned loudly into my cunt. I had never done that to Brad before, or him to me. I guess it felt so good that he couldn’t resist the feeling even if he wanted to. However, minutes later, when Tim stopped licking his ass and positioned his cock at my husband’s ass, Brad immediately protested and flipped over to sit on his butt.

Although the thought of the two men together had never entered my mind as part of my fantasy, after seeing Tim finger and lick Brad’s ass, I found that I really wanted to see Tim enter my husband. I made my desires known to Brad, adding that I had put a vibrator in his ass many times, and how much he loved it, and then told him that a cock would feel just as good, better, because there would be the warmth, too. I could see the trepidation in his eyes, but when I said how much I wanted to see it, and again asked him to do it for me, he slowly nodded his head and said he'd try, for me, but wasn't making any promises. I guess he was so horny that night, and loved me enough, that he was open enough to at least try things. This was turning out even better than I had expected!

With Brad’s approval in place, I had him lie down on his stomach and then grabbed the tube of KY off the side table, which I had placed there prior to Tim’s arrival in case we needed it, which, up until this point, we hadn’t. Spreading his legs, I put lots of KY all over my finger and started to push the lube into his butt. Then I squirted some into Tim’s hand so he could prepare himself, too. Knowing Brad had taken the vibrator, which was wider than my one finger, and now was going to take Tim’s cock, I went about getting a second finger up him, and then, eventually, a third, all the while, Tim watching and leisurely stroking and lubing his cock in anticipation.

Determining that my husband was ready for Tim, I slipped my fingers out and then Tim quickly moved in behind him. With his body over my husband in the pushup position, Tim grabbed his cock and began to lower his body down. As Tim’s cockhead touched Brad’s ass, he flinched and almost whimpered, but didn’t say anything. Tim then pushed through the crevice and slowly, gently began to push inside my darling husband’s virgin butt. This was a sight to watch. Nothing in the world looked better to my eyes. My husband groaned, gritted his teeth and grabbed fistfuls of the bed sheets with both hands, but lay there and took it like the man I knew he was.

Tim eventually managed to get all the way in, and began a slow and gentle thrusting. He went from slow to medium, never going too fast or too hard, and soon my husband’s hands unclenched and his moans changed in tone.

I was so turned on watching but I wanted to be a part of it, too, so I kissed my husband on the cheek and told him to rise up onto his hands and knees. As he moved, Tim adjusted his stance as well, and then I twisted around so that my back and ass were on the bed, my feet were over the side, and my head was positioned under Brad. Grabbing his cock and gently pulling on it, my husband lowered himself slightly until his cock went into my open mouth. As I began sucking him, Tim reached over and began to finger my pussy while he pumped my husband’s ass with his cock.

We were all moaning as we each got pleasured, and it wasn’t long before Brad’s moans turned into an almost animal-like groan and then I felt his hot seed filling my mouth. Tim started to finger-fuck me faster when he heard my husband cumming down my throat, and I began to moan more loudly around Brad’s cock and started to shake as my orgasm hit me. Tim kept fingering me while I was orgasming and then with a loud grunt, came himself, right up my husband’s butt.

After that we were all pretty much spent and just lay naked, sweaty and panting on the bed for several minutes. Then we had some refreshments to replenish our liquids, and then Tim went off to rinse off in the shower. While he was doing that, Brad and I just cuddled and I asked him if he liked his surprise. He said he did and asked how I found Tim and I explained all the details to him.

By then Tim came back, in just a towel, glistening from the water of his quick rinse. As he removed the towel, we both got horny again as we watched him drying off his wet, firm, young body, caressing each other’s naked bodies as we did so. We decided that, while we were too exhausted to go for another round that night, we would both like to do it again in the morning.

We extended the invitation to spend the night, which he declined, until we mentioned having sex with us again in the morning. He answered by grinning, and then pulling off the underwear he had just put on. Brad decided we should shower off, too, and we padded off to the bathroom as Tim wandered off to get another drink.

When we came out of the shower, Tim was in the bed, on the far side, still naked but under the sheet. I couldn't help but notice the sheet hugging the outline of his young meat. Brad and I climbed in the bed, with me in the middle. The three of us didn’t really talk, and soon we went to sleep.

The next morning we all had sex again, but it was far from the adventure of the night prior. This time Tim just rolled on top of me and fucked me in the missionary position, with the sheet still over us, while I stroked my husband’s cock under the sheet as he watched Tim's sheet-covered lower body going up and down. When Tim came inside me, he pulled out and my husband immediately rolled on top of me and stuck his cock in me. Tim lay there for just a few moments and then went off to the bathroom to urinate.

When he got back, his still almost hard cock (ah, how I bet my husband wished he could be that young again) bounced in front of him. He moved to angle a chair that sat by the bed so that it was more facing it, sat down, extended his legs and began to stroke himself while his watched my husband move up and down on top of me under the sheet. Seeing this, I pushed the sheet down, with my husband helping, so that our naked, sexually engaged bodies were exposed to him.

When my husband came inside me, he rolled off and both of us lay there watching Tim masturbate. Soon Tim started to groan and stroke himself faster, and then spewed another load of cum all over his stomach.

When he brought his head forward and saw us looking at him, he smiled, and I pulled a tissue from the box on the side table, extended my arm and handed it to him. He thanked me as he took it and then we both continued to watch as he wiped up his cum from his stomach. A few moments later he stood and left the room.

When he returned, he was dressed, told us how much he enjoyed everything, thanked us, and then said he had to be on his way as he bent down and snatched up his underwear and shoved it into his pants pocket. We returned the thanks and started to get up to see him out, but he insisted we stay put and he’d let himself out.

After he left, my husband asked me if I had any regrets. I had none and asked him the same. He said that he didn’t, either, that he enjoyed it all, including the experimental sex with another man, although he said it was not something that he thought he would ever do again, but was glad of the experience.

I was glad on two accounts. First, it really spiced up our sex life, and, secondly, and more importantly, I was really proud of my husband, who not only encouraged me to experiment, but joined me when it mattered most. I know he enjoyed it too, but I doubt I would have had this experience had it not been for his active participation.

Anytime I saw Tim at the Gym after that, he was just as friendly and talkative as he had always been, and keeping to my conditions, he never brought up what we had done. However, when we were working out anywhere near each other, there were looks exchanged that told us we were both thinking about that night.

A few weeks later, Tim told me it was his last day at the Gym, as he was heading back home to Canada the next day. He asked if he could have my email so he could keep in touch, and I happily gave it to him. Later, when he was leaving the Gym, he came and found me to say goodbye. I wished him a safe trip and then he was gone.

Tim kept in touch, and once Brad and I returned to the States, he told us how much he would love to fly down from Canada and be with us again. Brad and I however have decided that we have tried all that we wanted to, and are not seeking any more sex outside our marriage. Still, it was an experience we are both glad we had, and one we will never forget!
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