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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Straight True Experience: The Blind Date

By: Unknown Author
It was a blind date, a date set up by my best friend. I had been expecting the worst of course, some sleazy loser, or that kind of thing; however, Dean was anything but. He was handsome and charming and every bit my type. He was wonderfully romantic, bringing me flowers when he picked me up for the date, and then taking me out for a candlelit dinner at a romantic restaurant.

After dinner we strolled through the park. There was a 'music in the park' event going on, and as we sat in the grass listening to the music, I snuggled into Dean. Not once did he try to cop a feel, a true gentleman.

After the concert ended, we took a drive to the beach. It was quite late and the beach was deserted, with the moon the only source of light. I was terribly attracted to Dean, and in that moment, in that romantic setting, I wanted him. I wasn't a slut, but I also wasn't a prude, either. While I normally didn't sleep with guys on the first date, I had never met someone like Dean before, someone I was so very attracted to in every way.

However, I knew that Dean was too much of a gentleman to make a move on me, so I moved out from his side and stepped in front of him, and then leaned in and kissed him. Soon our tongues met, gently at first and then they became entwined, rougher, harder as we became more passionate. He knew now that I had given him permission to go ahead, and he gently lay me down on the soft sand.

With his knees straddling my body and his arms on either side of my head, he moved his mouth to mine again, and then down to my neck, and then worked his way from my neck down to my breasts. After nuzzling them for a moment, he began to unfasten my blouse and then reached under me and unclasped my bra. My breasts burst out into view and he immediately lowered his mouth to them and began licking and sucking on my nipples, bringing them to attention.

As he continued to suck on my nipples, I reached under him and undid the fly of his pants, pulling out his erect cock. He moaned as I began to gently stroke it. I couldn't see it, but from what I could feel Dean had a rather thick and large cock. I could feel myself getting wet as I felt it and imagined how it would feel stretching my pussy wide.

As I thought that, it was almost as if he could read my mind as he suddenly reached down and lifted up my skirt. His hand came down and grasped the waist of my panties and I felt the cool night air flow over my exposed pussy as he yanked them down. His finger immediately began rubbing my clit. It felt so good and I began squeezing his cock harder, and the faster I stroked him, the harder he rubbed my swollen clit.

My back arched and a loud moan escaped my lips as he lowered his finger from my clit and shoved it in my pussy. He looked into my eyes as he finger-fucked my cunt, watching the pleasure on my face that he knew he was providing for me. I arched my back again when he jammed another finger inside of my dripping box. Soon a third followed. I was writhing beneath him as he pulverized my pussy with his three fingers.

His fingers slowly slid out and then, rather than being concerned only with getting his cock off, like most guys, he lowered himself to his knees and buried his face in my juicy snatch. His tongue began working over my clit and it was driving me wild. I can honestly say it was by far the best pussy licking I had ever had.

After working my clit for a while, he then stuck his tongue deep inside my cunt and began fucking me with it. Now I know that most guys know or have been told that when you eat a girl out you need to concentrate on the clit to bring her pleasure and get her off, but there is nothing like having a tongue stuck deep inside your pussy either. In and out he went, and then as he withdrew, he did something that made me shudder. As he pulled his tongue out, he curled the tip and it slid across my clit.

Dean rose upright onto his knees, and then stretched his legs out behind him and maneuvered himself over me. Without holding his cock in his hand, he lowered his hips and plunged into me as he gazed into my eyes. He began to slowly pump in and out and then leaned his head down and began to lightly bite on my hard nipples.

Dean started fucking me harder, and I reached behind him and held on to his firm ass, almost screaming as I moaned from the pleasure his long thick cock was providing me.

Soon both of us were moaning, getting louder and louder, and then Dean suddenly pulled out, ready to cum. He didn't have to ask where he should cum, as I sat up and got onto my knees in the sand and opened my mouth. Seconds later I felt his hot cum shooting onto my tongue.

Ever the gentleman, when Dean finished cumming, he lay me back and started to eat me out again, because he knew even though he had gotten off, I had not yet. Soon I was having an orgasm, all over Dean's face.

Now both satisfied, we fixed our clothes and then Dean took me home, giving me a goodnight kiss after he walked me to my door.

That was the best blind date I had ever had, the best date period, and we are getting together again tonight. Only this time, we are not going out. I am cooking Dean a romantic dinner at my place, and for desert… well… I plan to serve that in the bedroom!
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