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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All Male Fiction: The DILF Next Door (Part 1)

By: Ryan Michaels
The Morrison's had lived next door to us for longer than I'd been alive. Both they and my parents bought their houses from the builder of the development before they were even built. At the time both were young couples in their twenties, recently married, and purchasing a home suitable for starting a family. That was just over twenty years ago, and today the Morrison's have two children, a twenty-one year old daughter named Melissa, who was away at University, and an eighteen year old son named Tyler. I was an only child, and, like Tyler, I was eighteen as well.

Given that we lived next door to each other, were the same age, and were in all the same classes during public school and some in high school as well, it was only natural that Tyler and I would end up being friends. Growing up, we played together a lot… and when we hit our teenage years, we started playing together in a totally different way.

Young, curious about sex, and always horny, Tyler and I started jerking off together. That eventually led to playing with each other's dicks, and then, eventually, blowjobs. Well, I gave him blowjobs. Tyler never once gave me one.

Of course, I tried to convince him to try it. After all, I had never had one before at that point and wanted to know what it felt like, too. But after a while I stopped trying to get him to return the favor, for it quickly became clear that Tyler was straight and, to him, what we were doing was just a way to try sex, a way to get off.

I on the other hand knew I liked boys, and only boys, and was just happy to be playing with and sucking a dick. I liked playing with Tyler like that, and I liked that he believed that we were both just playing around, helping each other out, and didn't suspect that I was actually gay, but there was someone else I wanted to play with even more… his dad!

Tyler's dad was forty-four, totally hot, and most definitely a DILF! He worked out and it showed. He often worked outside, cutting the grass and doing gardening without a shirt on, and usually wearing just a pair of shorts. His body was cut, and he was strong and muscular. A real Alpha male.

When I wasn't servicing his son's cock, I spent a lot of time stroking my own, thinking about him. Sometimes I even jerked off while peering out my window at him as he worked outside, bare-chested and sweaty, muscles bulging, and that very nice sized bulge that always showed in the front of his shorts bouncing about as he moved.

The more I sucked Tyler's cock, the more I found myself thinking about his dad, pretending it was his cock I was sucking. And then, one day after school when I was over at Tyler's house, something happened. We were in the basement and I was sucking his cock. No one was home, but his dad ended up coming home early from work. Neither Tyler nor I even realized he'd arrived home until I saw him on the basement stairs from the corner of my eye. Tyler had his head back and his eyes closed, so he didn't see him. The strange thing was, his dad just stood there for a moment, taking in what he had walked in on, and then just turned and quietly went back upstairs.

I quickly figured that he stood for a moment, shocked by what he was seeing, and then just didn't want to embarrass his son or himself and chose to leave instead. I tried to stop sucking off Tyler, but he, not knowing his dad had come home, and me not wanting to tell him his dad had just seen me sucking on his cock, insisted that I continued to blow him until he came. And so I did.

After I got Tyler off with my mouth, he offered to give me a hand job so I could get off, too, but, knowing his dad was home, I made the excuse that I had to get home and would do it myself later. We then headed upstairs for me to leave.

As Tyler opened the front door and I stepped outside, Tyler's dad was by his car in the driveway, making like he had just gotten home. I felt really awkward and looked down at the ground as I veered across the lawn over to my house and then quickly ducked inside.

As soon as I had closed the door, I took the steps two at a time up to my bedroom and immediately shoved my pants and underwear down and started taking care of my horny prick. Despite feeling embarrassed and awkward after being caught by Mr. Morrison, now, with my hard cock in my hand, I found myself thinking about Tyler's dad seeing me sucking cock, sucking his son's cock, and I came fast, and hard.

Once I came down from the joy of an ejaculation, I began to worry that Mr. Morrison might say something to Tyler about what he had walked in on. If that happened, not only would I feel for Tyler having to deal with the knowledge that his dad saw him getting his dick sucked by another guy, but it could also mean that he'd no longer let me suck his cock. And with his dick being the only dick I got to suck, that would mean no more dick for me, and that would, well, suck!

I had an even bigger worry, though. Mr. Morrison and my dad had become friends over the twenty-some years they had been neighbors. They would shoot the shit together when both were outside at the same time, watch sports together (usually at his house), once and a while go out for a beer together, and my dad would sometimes work out with Mr. Morrison in the Morrison's home gym in their basement. So there was a distinct possibility that he could tell my dad that he'd caught me performing oral sex on his son. I wasn't ready to come out to my family just yet, or to anyone for that matter, and I wasn't sure if I could handle my dad finding out I was gay at that point and time, especially like that.

The very next day, though, Tyler wanted to get sucked off, and he never said anything about his dad coming home early the day before and seeing us. That gave me a great sense of relief. I felt even more relieved, when, after my dad came home from working out with Mr. Morrison the day after that, it became clear that Tyler's dad was not going to blab about what he'd walked in on, because my dad never said anything to me and never gave me any kind of look that would indicate he knew.

I was overjoyed that Tyler's dad was going to keep this little bit of knowledge to himself and that no one would find out. I was also kind of turned on by the fact that Mr. Morrison now knew that I liked to suck dick. Not that it changed anything. He was still straight, still married, and still just a hot fantasy that would never become a reality.
But just a couple of weeks later, all of that went out the window when I found myself in the Morrison's backyard, standing in front of the sliding glass door to the basement, mouth agape, and frozen to the spot as I looked through it. Just as I had assumed Tyler's dad had been shocked at seeing his son getting his cock sucked by the boy next door, now I was the one who stood shocked at what I was seeing: there, on his knees, was my dad, sucking off Mr. Morrison!

My dad's back was to me. He was fully clothed, but Mr. Morrison was shirtless and I could see his shorts around his ankles, and my dad's head bobbing between his legs. As much as I wanted to just avert my eyes and run away, I couldn't make myself move. I was absolutely mesmerized by the sight of Mr. Morrison getting a blowjob, despite the fact and the shock that my dad was the one performing the suck job.

Just moments later, I witnessed Mr. Morrison pull his cock out of my dad's mouth, give it a few tugs and then he started to blow his load all over my dad's tongue. When he finished cumming, I saw my dad wipe his fingers on his face, then lick them, then he put his mouth back on Mr. Morrison's cock and sucked it some more, cleaning it off for him. I actually didn't really see Mr. Morrison's cock or see his cum shooting out, as my dad's head and body were blocking Mr. Morrison's lower half from my view, but I could still tell what was happening.

When my dad got up from his knees, I was finally able to make myself move, and I scurried up the side of the house to the front yard. The reason I had gone over there in the first place was because my mom had sent me to fetch my dad to come home to shower before dinner was ready. I knew they were working out in the basement, which is why I had gone down the back.

After waiting a few minutes, I went to the Morrison's front door and rang the doorbell. A minute or so went by before the door opened.

"Hi Ryan. Tyler's not home right now," Mr. Morrison said as he saw me standing there.

"Uh, I wasn't looking for Tyler. My mom sent me to get my dad for dinner," I replied, inadvertently taking glances at Mr. Morrison's crotch as I spoke. I could tell that he was still semi-erect.

Mr. Morrison must have seen me looking, either that or he did what he did unconsciously, because when he looked over his shoulder and called out to my dad, he groped his crotch and adjusted himself. When he turned to face me again, he casually brushed his hand off his crotch and smiled at me.

There was no time for awkward silences, for just then my dad came into view. "Hey, son, your mom send you to get me?"


"Thanks for the workout, Mike," my dad said, smiling and briefly putting his hand on Mr. Morrison's shoulder.

"Always a pleasure," Mr. Morrison replied with a wide smile, and then my dad stepped out and we headed over to our house.

At the dinner table, I was quiet. It wasn't liked I chattered on non-stop, but I did usually engage in some sort of conversation with my parents at meal time, and my silence was noticed.

"What's wrong son, why so quiet?" my dad asked.

I glanced up at him and then looked back down and mumbled, "I just have a bit of a headache."

"I'll go get you some aspirin," my mom said.

"No, that's ok. It's not too bad. After dinner, I’ll just go lie down in bed for a bit and rest my eyes."

"Ok," my mom said and then my mom and dad started talking back and forth about this and that.

I finished my dinner quickly and then headed up to my room.

As I flopped down on my back on my bed, all I could think about was what I had seen next door. I probably should have been freaked out by the very discovery that my dad liked dick, and that he was cheating on my mother, with another man nonetheless, but I wasn't. Instead I was angry at him for sucking the cock of the man that I had wanted for longer than I could remember, a man I thought I could never have because he was married and presumably straight. Even though my dad had no idea that I liked dick, too, or that I wanted Mr. Morrison's dick, as ridiculous as it sounds, in that moment, I almost felt betrayed by him, as if he had purposely gone after the one man I desired more than anything and stolen him away from me. I was also quite envious of him, envious that he got to have that cock and I didn't.

As I thought more and more about seeing Mr. Morrison getting his cock sucked, and how much I wanted to be the one doing that to him, I started to get hard. In no time at all my cock was solid and I let my hand slide down and grope my crotch, and then I shoved my shorts down, wrapped my fist around my boner and began to beat off. The more I pictured the look on Mr. Morrison's face as he got sucked off, the faster I pumped my cock, and then, when I pictured his face as he blew his wad, my hand became a blur on my dick, as my other hand pulled up my t-shirt, and then I was spraying my stomach with cum.

As a horny teenager that likes cock, and cum, I never like to let a good load of cum go to waste, even my own, and just as I was wiping up the last bit of cum from my stomach, my cell phone rang. As I reached over to pick it up with my free hand, I stuck my fingers in my mouth and licked them clean as I looked at the phone screen. It was Tyler calling.

"Hey, what's up?" I said.

"Not much. Just feeling pretty horny. You wanna come over and help me out?"

"I can't. I literally just came when you called."

Tyler laughed. "So, I haven't. Come on, come over and take care of my dick now. Please."

"Well, what about your parents?" I asked.

"They're in the family room watching TV. They're not gonna bother us if they know I have a friend over. C'mon, come over."

I definitely didn't want to be sucking off Tyler with his parents around, especially knowing his dad now knew we did that kind of stuff together. Not to mention how awkward I'd feel seeing him right after witnessing what I witnessed with him and my dad. "Too risky," I replied.

"Oh, come on, they're not gonna know what we are doing."

"Yeah? And how would you feel if your mom or your dad did come upstairs and heard us, or even walked in on us?"

"Fuck! I don't know how I'd handle that! Maybe you're right. Can I come over to your place instead?"

"Nah, my parents are around, too, and my dad is the type to knock and then open the door right after he does."

"Shit! I really need a blowjob, man. I need to fuckin' cum and I don't want to use my hand like you have to."

"I don't have to use my hand."

"Oh really?" Tyler chuckled. "What are you gonna do, fuck your bed or something. It's not like you've ever had a blowjob yet or could get one."

"Sure I could."

"Oh yeah, from who?"

"From you, if you'd just try it."

"Fuck that shit, man. I know you're cool with experimenting like that, but I don't ever want to try it, you know that."

"Yeah, I know."

"Yeah… Hey, you're pretty good at it, though, you know."

"I am? How would you know, you've never been sucked off by anyone but me."

"Actually, I got sucked off by that girl Lisa in our English class the other day."

"You did?!"

"Yeah, and she wasn't anywhere near as good at it as you."

"Maybe it was her first time."

Tyler laughed. "Uh, no, lots of guys have had their dicks in her mouth before. She wasn't bad at it, but you're better at it, a lot better!"

"Oh. So why don't you call her up and see if she'll hook up with you tonight and suck your cock?"

"Nah. I mean she probably would suck me off, but like I said, you're a lot better," he replied. "And a lot more convenient," he finished with a laugh.

By now my cock was hard again, despite the fact that I had just shot a load. Getting hard again so quickly was not unusual for guys my age, but what had gotten me hard again was the thought of sucking some dick. "Hey, I have an idea," I said.

"What is it?"

"Well, since it's too risky for either of us to go to the others house with our parents being around, why don't we meet up in your backyard. We can go behind that big tree at the back of your yard, and you can just lean up against it while I help you out like you want. It's dark out, and with the wide trunk of the tree between your house and your body, no one will see what we are doing."

"I dunno. What if there are mosquitos out there? I don't want to get mosquito bites on my balls or my dick," he laughed.

"If there are mosquitos out there and they are buzzing around your balls, they'll be by my face, too, and I'll swat them away. Your balls will be safe," I laughed. "So do you want to get off or not?"

"Yeah, ok. Meet you in my backyard in five?"

"Sure. See you in five."

A few minutes later I headed downstairs, telling my parents I was going for a walk around the block to get some fresh air to help with the headache I supposedly had. I was eighteen so didn't need permission to go out in the evening, and my parents just acknowledged they'd heard me and then I was out the door.

As I made my way into Tyler's backyard and approached the side of the tree, Tyler was already standing behind it, leaning against it. When he saw me, he immediately began to undo his pants and shove them down. His cock was already at half-mast.

"C'mon man, get me off," Tyler said anxiously as I came to stand in front of him, his cock having risen to full hardness in just that short amount of time.

I dropped to my knees and took his hard cock in my hand and stroked it.

"Don't hand job it, I can do that myself. Suck it for me, dude!"

I put my mouth over the head of his cock and Tyler let out a soft moan. Then I slid my mouth onto a bit of his shaft and flicked my tongue on the underside. Tyler moaned some more, and then moaned a little more loudly as I slid my mouth forward, slowly taking more and more of his cock into my mouth. Tyler's cock was about seven inches, and, in the time that I had been sucking him, I had learned to take it all. The fact that I had discovered I didn't have much of a gag reflex helped a lot to accomplish that feat.

As my head neared his pubes, I started to lose my balance and instinctively reached out to support myself, and my hands went to the nearest support, Tyler's naked ass cheeks.

Tyler immediately pushed my hands off his ass. "Hey, what are you doing, dude? That's a little too weird for me, having another guy prying open my ass crack and his fingers that close to my asshole."

"Sorry," I said pulling off of his cock to answer him. "I was just trying to balance myself."

"Well, balance yourself on my cock," Tyler replied with a grin while at the same time putting his hand to the back of my head and guiding it back to his hard dick.

"Yeah, suck that dick, buddy!" Tyler moaned as my mouth slid down onto his cock.

I held his length in my throat for a moment and then started to pump my mouth up and down on about half his length.

"Suck it all! Deep-throat that dick!" Tyler said, putting his hand on my head and gently pushing his cock into my mouth until my nose was in his pubes. "Oh, fuck yeah!" he groaned as he held his cock in my throat for a moment and then released his grip.

I began to bob up and down on his cock, every so often going right down to the base, and then, I saw movement.

Looking past the tree, I saw Tyler's dad standing in front of the glass sliding door in the basement. The basement was dimly lit, but it was quite clear that it was him and that he was looking straight ahead out into the yard.

I panicked a bit, on the inside, and wanted to stop sucking off Tyler, but I didn't want to freak him out, either. In fact, with the distance and it being dark, I wasn't even sure his dad could see me. I definitely knew that he couldn't tell that my eyes were looking right at him. That relaxed me a bit, and then the panic I had felt turned to arousal as I sucked off Tyler while staring at his dad, imagining it was his cock I was sucking.

I became even more aroused when I saw Mr. Morrison reach down and grope that large bulge of his. Then my arousal turned to shock as I saw him pull his cock out of his pants. I could see it, but still couldn't see it too well to get an idea of what it looked like or how big it was, but just seeing it was more than I had ever dreamed of.

Arousal once again took over as Tyler's dad began to stroke his cock, an action that made it quite evident that he could in fact see me out there on my knees and what I was doing, and to whom. I wanted to suck Tyler faster, harder as I watched his dad watching me blow his son and fisting his cock, but I also didn't want Tyler to cum right away, which he surely would if I sucked him like that.

"Oh, man, I'm getting close," Tyler panted just a few moments later anyway.

I pulled off his cock.

"Why'd you stop? I told you I was getting close."

"Sorry, my jaw was getting a bit sore." It was a lie. I just wanted to watch his dad working his cock in his hand for a while longer, and Tyler cumming just then would have put an end to the show I was getting.

"You can handle it. C'mon put it back in your mouth, make me cum."

I slipped my mouth back on his cock and started to bob up and down on it as my eyes zoned in on Tyler's dad beating his meat.

"Faster. C'mon, get me there. I need to cum so bad!" Tyler groaned, pushing on my head.

I went a bit faster, but not much.

"C'mon, faster! Suck me like you usually do, buddy."

I went a bit faster, but still not fast enough for Tyler, as he then held my head and began to thrust in and out of my mouth.

Oh, yeah, that's better. You like that? Like that big cock?"

"Mmmhmm," I moaned around his cock as I stared at his dad's cock.

Tyler, still holding my head, pulled his cock out. "Look at my dick, man. You want to suck that cock?"

"Yeah! Oh yeah!" I replied, shifting my eyes back to his dad's cock as I answered his question.

"Yeah, suck it, cocksucker!" Tyler said and slammed his cock into my mouth.

When he released his grip, I slid my mouth back and then started working it up and down his length at a good pace.

"Yeah, that's it buddy, that's the way to suck it!"

All of a sudden Mr. Morrison thrust his hips forward, and the next thing I saw was his hot load of cum shooting out of his cock and splattering all over the glass of the sliding door.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned around Tyler's cock.

"Yeah, you know it's coming, and you want it, don't you?"

"Yeah!" I said around his cock.

"Well keep sucking, I'm almost there."

I kept sucking, still watching Mr. Morrison, and then my eyes widened as I took in what I was now seeing. Tyler's dad had gotten down on his knees in front of the door and was now licking his cum off the glass, his tongue pressed down at the bottom and licking up in long strokes and then repeating it.

"Oh shit!" I groaned around Tyler's cock, and then, "Unhhh, unhhh, unghhhhhhhhhhh!" I came! Hands free! In my pants! I had never cum in my pants before, not even when I was a young teen.

"Shit man, you must really want my load tonight," Tyler said, and then began to fuck my face again. Then he grabbed my head and said, "Ok, here it comes, buddy, drink up," thrusted a couple of more times and then, "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and my mouth was being filled with his hot teenage spunk.

As I swallowed it down, I watched as Tyler's dad, having cleaned his load off the glass with his tongue, tucked his dick back in his pants and then turned and disappeared from view. Moments later, the basement was plunged into darkness.

"Hey, sorry man, I didn't mean to get all verbal with you or call you a cocksucker," Tyler said as he withdrew his cock from my mouth. "I was just really horny and I guess I just got caught up in the moment."

"It's ok," I replied.

"Actually, when you think about it," Tyler chuckled, "it's kind of true. I mean, you're a guy and you suck my cock all the time, so that does make you a cocksucker," he said as he worked at tucking his still mostly erect dick back through his fly.

"Yeah, I guess, at least for you anyway."

"Yeah. And I appreciate it. And don't worry, I know when you start getting some from a girl this stuff between us will end. And the same when I meet a girl."

"Yeah, for sure."

"Yeah, we're just a couple of buddies helping each other out until we get some real sex. So, you wanna get off now? I'll give you a hand job if you want or I can just watch if you want to do it yourself."

"Nah, that's ok," I said standing up, and Tyler broke out into laughter as he pointed at my wet pants.

"Holy shit, buddy, you came in your fuckin' pants! You creamed your jeans!"

I didn't think he'd be able to see the wetness in the dark, but obviously he had. "That's never happened before, I swear! You gotta promise you won't tell anyone, please!"

"I won't, I promise," Tyler said still laughing quietly.


"You must have been really turned on. I mean you said you came right before you came out here to suck me, but you were cursing and moaning up a storm around my dick, and then you came again, without even touching yourself. Came in your fuckin' pants while sucking on a dick. Hey! Wait a minute… do you like sucking dick?"

"What? No! I'm just helping you out, like you said. I came because my dickhead was rubbing on my underwear when I was moving my head back and forth. Too much friction is all. I was moaning and cursing because I didn't want to cum in my pants like some kid."

"Yeah. I figured it had to be something like that. I mean I know you're not a fag… are you?"

"No! Are you?"

"Fuck no!"

"Alright then."

"Anyway dude, thanks for helping me out. I gotta get back inside now. See you later," he said and began to head towards his house.

"Later," I said as I followed behind and detoured up the side and then over to my house.

"How's your head?" my mom called out as I walked into the family room.

For some reason what I heard was, "How was the head?"

"W-what?" I said as I plopped down on the couch.

"I said, how is your head?"

"Oh… much better, thanks. The fresh air really helped."

"That's good, dear," she said and then went back to her TV viewing.

I spent the rest of the evening watching TV with my parents, and then I headed up to bed. Of course, sleep was not going to come easily, not with my head filled with images of Mr. Morrison stroking his cock, cumming on the glass and then licking it up, which, of course, had my young cock raging hard again. I grabbed it and pumped it as I relived the scene in my head. I came and came pretty quickly, despite the fact that I had cum twice already that evening, not to mention once that morning. I didn't have any problem falling asleep after that.

The next morning I awoke with my usual morning hard-on. I was on my stomach and started to grind it into the sheets. I then reached under the blankets and pushed my underwear down and continued to grind some more. My grinding soon turned to humping and then thrusting. I had done this many times before, but this time I recalled Tyler's comment on the phone the previous night, when he had said, "what are you gonna do, fuck your bed or something." and that made me hornier, and I began thrusting faster, harder, fucking my bed good!

As I got close, I flipped myself over, kicked my underwear off, threw my legs up and back, grabbed my cock, and yanked on it until my load was shooting out and right into my open mouth.

After squeezing all the cum out of my cock-tube, and licking it all off my fingers, I got out of bed, put my underwear back on and then headed for the shower.

When I arrived at the bathroom, the door was closed. I sighed in displeasure and was just about to turn to leave when the door opened. My dad was standing there, freshly showered, wearing just a towel, and it looked like he had a semi going on under it.

"Oh, hey, son. It's all yours," my dad said as he pushed past me, probably trying to get out of my line of sight to hide his state of semi-arousal.

I went in and closed the door. As I pulled my t-shirt over my head and slipped off my underwear, I wondered if my dad had been jerking off in the shower, and, if he had, was he thinking about Mr. Morrison's cock, just like I did?

As I reached to turn on the shower, I looked down at the floor of the tub, and suddenly the thought of stepping into it if my dad had just cum in there kind of grossed me out. The fact that my parents showered in there, too, was the very reason I never jerked off in the shower. Just the thought of my mom standing in the tub where I shot loads was enough of a deterrent. It never occurred to me that my dad might jerk off in the shower. I guess I just thought my dad didn't even jerk off anymore.
I lifted the hand-held shower head out of its holder, turned just the hot water on and thoroughly rinsed the tub first. Then I got in and took my shower.

Most of my day was uneventful. I just lazed around the house, unmotivated to do much of anything. Then, in the afternoon, my mom told me I needed to cut the grass. Reluctantly I got my ass up from the couch and headed outside to take care of it.

By the time I was done, I was dripping with sweat, which meant it was time to take another shower.

Not long after I finished showering, I was just coming down the stairs as my dad was going out the front door.

"Where's dad going?" I asked my mom.

"He's going over to the Morrison's."

"Oh, to watch sports?"

"No, he's going to have a workout with Mr. Morrison," my mom said and then headed off to the kitchen.

"Workout, huh?" I said under my breath.

"Hey, mom, I'm going over to Rob's for a bit," I called out.

"Ok," my mom called back.

Rob was another friend of mine who lived a few blocks over. But I wasn't really going to Rob's house.

Opening the front door, I exited quickly, and then darted across the front lawn and down the side of the house towards the Morrison's backyard.
 ©2014 by Ryan Michaels 

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