"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Friday, August 29, 2014

All Male Fiction: Chris' Sex Adventures (Part 4)

"The Boy Next Door"
By: samboi91
The sun was shining in my eyes as I awoke the next morning. It was a pretty warm day, so I was just lying in a pair of boxers with the covers off. As was my usual routine, I shoved my boxers down and started pulling on my cock. I closed my eyes and ran my hand down my toned body, thinking of how my step-brother had made me suck his dick, stroking my cock faster before feeling movement on my bed.

As I opened my eyes, Jeff jumped onto my chest, pulling my hand from my cock and pinning both my arms above my head.

"I know you were thinking about me, about sucking on my cock like you did yesterday. You were, weren't you?"

I nodded and grinned.

"Yeah, and that got you all hard and you had to jerk it off, right?"


"Man, it must suck having to use your hand," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Don't you remember what I said yesterday about your mouth replacing my hand on my dick?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"Good," he said as I felt his hand on the back of my head. "Then why don't you get busy sucking it for me, bro," he demanded as he moved forward, while shoving his underwear down and placing his cock just inches away from my mouth.

All I could do was open my mouth, and he started sliding his big dick in. He had no mercy as he kept sliding it down my throat, and then he began to thrust over and over again, moaning loudly. My eyes travelled over his ripped abs, up to his bulging pecs, and then settled on his face, looking up into up into his eyes as I sucked his cock.

"I've got another big load for you to swallow this morning," he moaned a couple of minutes later.

I grabbed my dick and jerked it quickly until I could feel myself about to blow, too. He flicked his head back and moaned loudly while releasing stream after stream of warm cum down my throat. I struggled to swallow it all as my own cock blasted cum all over his back and ass.

"Hope you liked that load, bro. Now I gotta go shower and wash yours off my back," he said hopping off the bed. He stopped when he got near the door, looked over at me and added, "Oh, I bumped into Brad last night, and he said to remind you that you are supposed to go over to his place and help him out today."

"I remember," I replied.

Brad was our next door neighbor. Once in a while I would help him work on his car. I didn't know a lot about cars, just enough to assist him, which I loved doing because Brad always walked around shirtless whenever he could. He had a nice body. He didn't really have abs like me or Jeff, but had a developed, muscular chest and a flat stomach. At twenty-five, he wasn't much older than my brother, and we got along well.

After Jeff left my room, I lay there lazily playing with my limp cock while I waited for him to finish his shower. Once he was done, I headed to the bathroom to take mine, and then I got dressed and went over to Brad's house.

We were working on his car in his driveway, and once the day got a bit hotter, Brad took his shirt off. I couldn't help but stare when he wasn't looking and had to casually adjust myself a few times so he wouldn't notice my hard-on.

After a bit we stopped to enjoy a couple of ice cold beers that Brad kept in a fridge in his garage. As we sat on the front steps, Brad looked at me and said, "Man, you're so hot."

I almost choked on my mouthful of beer. "What?" I uttered in shocked response.

"I said you look really hot. Why don't you take your shirt off? You'll be a lot cooler in this heat."

"Oh… yeah, you're probably right," I said and then put my beer down, stood, and pulled my shirt over my head and tucked it into the back of my shorts.

"Shit man, you're so toned. You must work out all the time," Brad commented, scanning my upper body as I stood before him.

"Well, not all the time," I said running my hand over my left pec. "I used to work out with a buddy of mine for a while and, of course, since Jeff's a personal trainer, he keeps me in shape."

"Yeah, your brother is ripped, man. Shit, he must pick up a lot of chicks with a body like his," he said and then he leaned in close to me and said quietly, "I've actually heard him with a chick before." He was grinning.

I wasn't surprised Brad had heard things. We lived in a semi-detached house with thin walls. But, I knew that Jeff hadn't had a chick over in ages, but I played along.

"Yeah he has them over every now and then. But with a dick that big, I thought there would be more."

I knew what I said after it left my mouth. Brad looked at me as if he was trying to figure out how I'd know how big my brother's hard cock was.

"Ah… yeah. Anyway, we should get back to the car."

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes but then we were back to shooting the shit as before.

Once the car was fixed, it was already dark and getting late. But Brad decided to take it for a drive to make sure it was working fine and asked me to tag along.

We drove around for a while and the car seemed to be working ok, but then Brad pulled over and cut the engine.

"Why'd you stop?" I asked. We were in the middle of nowhere, on some dirt road. It was pitch black.

"I gotta take a leak," Brad said and then got out of the car, armed with a pocket flashlight, and proceeded to the side of the road, his back to me.

When he got back, the engine wouldn't turn over. He kept trying to no avail. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Don't know. I think I just flooded it. It should start if we let it sit for a bit."

"Or I could call a tow truck," I said reaching for my cell phone. "Shit, I left my phone in your garage! Do you have yours?"

No, I don't have mine, either. But we have another problem."

"We do? What is it?"

"This," he said turning on the flashlight as he spoke the words. The light was pointed down at his crotch. His cock was sticking out of the fly of his jeans, and it was rock hard! And big, too.

Without another word, he grabbed my head and pulled it down towards his cock. I had questions, like how did he know I was into sucking dick, and didn't he have a girlfriend, and wasn't he straight? But right then just sucking his cock was all that really mattered. Without hesitation, I opened my mouth and began to bob up and down on his meat.

"Mmm, yeah, suck my cock. That feels so good!"

I worked his cock until he pulled my head off and pushed my mouth onto his balls. I sucked them and rolled them into my mouth until my head was directed back to the task of sucking his throbbing cock once again.

"Ok, stop, stop," he panted a couple of minutes later, pushing at me. "I'm getting close and I don't want to cum yet. I wanna fuck you hard and cum deep in your ass."

"Here? It's kinda cramped up here, don't you think? And you've got all that crap in the back seat."

In response he opened his door, said, "Follow me," and got out of the car.

I followed and he led us around in front, where he immediately grabbed me and pushed me down onto the hood of the car on my stomach. In a flash he pulled both my shorts and boxers to my ankles. Pulling a bottle of lube from his pocket, he lubed up his big dick and then he squirted some in my hole and then roughly shoved a finger up me. It hurt a bit and I cried out.

Then, without warning, he grabbed my hips and started pushing his cock into my ass. I moaned through gritted teeth as his hard tool stretched me.

"Fuck, you're tighter than I thought you would be," he groaned. "I thought your brother's big dick would have loosened you up a lot."

My head shot up off the hood of the car. "Wha… how did you…"

"Remember when I said I had heard your brother with a chick before? Well, it was last night. And you were the chick," he laughed. "I was sitting in my living room sending some emails on my laptop and heard you sucking your brother's cock and heard him fucking your ass."

"So you planned this?"

"Yup! What, do you think I just happen to walk around with a bottle of lube in my pocket?" he laughed.

"Well, I kinda wondered. There's nothing wrong with the car either, is there?"

"Nope," he laughed, and then he pulled his cock out, flipped me over and said, "Looks like I went to a whole lot of trouble for nothing, though. It's obvious you're a whore for any old cock," he said as he slammed his dick back into me.

I yelped before moaning, "Not any cock, just the big ones like yours… and Jeff's."

"Yeah? You like them big, do you? Well take every inch of my big cock," he moaned as he thrusted faster and harder, holding my legs up to get deeper.

Before I knew it, my cock was shooting cum all over me. Brad moaned to the feeling of my ass tightening around his cock. He thrust one last time as deep as he could while cumming inside me.

When he pulled out, I straightened up from my position bent over the hood and pulled up my boxers and shorts, as he put his dick away. Then we got back in the car.

"That was hot, Chris," Brad said as he started to drive.

"Yeah, it was," I concurred.

"But you know I got a girlfriend, so you can't tell anyone what we did, ok? Not even your brother."

"Yeah, no problem," I said.

Once I got home, I could feel Brad's cum leaking out of my ass as I walked to my front door. A quick feel told me the seat of my pants had a wet spot. Despite what my brother and I had done together, I planned to keep my word with Brad, so now all I had to do was get from the front door to my bedroom without being seen.

Luckily the house was dark when I opened the door and stepped inside. Without turning on any lights I removed my shoes and then tiptoed towards the hallway, avoiding all the known squeaks in the floor.

As I approached my bedroom door, relieved that I had made it unseen, the floorboard squeaked behind me… and then the hallway was suddenly bathed in light.

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