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Sunday, November 30, 2014

All Male Fiction: My Best Friend (Part 4)

By: Lucas Miller

I woke up to the smell of chicken. The room was dark. I was in Josh's bed with the covers over me. I was naked underneath. Looking around, I found the small LED alarm clock. It was shortly after nine o'clock in the evening. I had been asleep for about six hours.

What another incredible day. First spending most of the morning with Josh, then sucking the dick of a faceless stranger in the library restroom, and finally a much needed jerk off while reading Marc's journal.

Now, just a few short hours before my time visiting Josh was to end, I smelled chicken. It was so strong that it had to have been coming from somewhere in the small dorm room. Then the door opened and I saw Josh's silhouette. He quickly shut the door and kept the lights off. When I stirred in the bed he stopped in his tracks.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," he said walking over to his bed and sitting down beside me.

I rubbed my eyes. "It's okay. Why did you let me sleep the day away?"

"I actually came in and tried to wake you, but you were knocked out. So I covered you up and let you sleep."

I sat up and pulled the covers off of me, revealing my hard dick. Josh smiled, but stood up and moved to the other side of the room. "There's plenty of time for that later," he said. "For now, you need to eat. A couple of hours ago I went out and got us some roasted chicken. I was also got us some beer to go with it." He turned a lamp on and I could see that he had a nice feast waiting for us.

I got out of bed and slipped on my underwear. I was a little disappointed that he didn't respond to my obvious gesture of sexual interest, but I was also very hungry. He was right, sex could wait.

Josh was opening the beers as I sat down. He was dressed in just a t-shirt and boxers. He looked as if he was going to eat and go to bed. I was hoping that this wasn't the case. I wanted to have a memorable night before heading off in the morning.

As we ate, Josh couldn't stop looking into my eyes. There was a look of intense love with a glimmer of sadness. He talked about the times we had while I visited. We had definitely taken our friendship to another level and leaving was going to be more difficult than I anticipated. Thoughts of dropping out of school and moving closer to Josh fluttered through my mind, but I dismissed them. I had to go back to school. I needed space to determine if my feelings were real or figments of my lustful imagination. That wasn't to say that I wouldn't visit as much as possible.

After finishing our meal, Josh talked about how he wanted to end my visit just as it had started. I was a little confused, but he asked me to follow him. He was at the door before I had a chance to question. I got up and followed him into the hallway. It was very quiet in the dormitory. He led me to the showers and I held back.

"You want to do it in the shower room?" I whispered.

He nodded with a devilish grin.

"We got caught last time by Marc; what if someone else discovers us?"

He spoke in a normal tone. "No one will find us. There's a homecoming celebration at the football field. Everyone is there. The place is empty." With that he went inside, and I followed, my cock rising in my underwear.

Once inside he immediately grabbed a hold of me and started kissing me. His hands explored my back, then moved over my butt. Our tongues darted between our mouths. My dick tented my underwear and poked at his waist.

When we broke our kiss, he took off his t-shirt and quickly slipped off his underwear, and then dropped to his knees. His lips brushed against the tip of my waiting, covered cock, but he didn't remain there. Instead he began kissing my thigh and running his tongue toward the leg hole of my briefs. As he moved closer and closer to my balls I was afraid that I wouldn't last much longer.

But he stopped and stood back up. "That is how much you turned me on the first time I saw you naked," he said. "I thought I was going to lose my mind when I saw you in the shower and then afterward."

"Afterward was the greatest I have ever felt," I interjected. "You really are my best friend."

"Yes I am, but you made a new friend too. Remember?" Upon saying that Marc came from out of the shadows. He was naked and stroking his hard dick.

This was turning into a very satisfying last night. "Hi Marc," I said with a grin. "It's good to see you, all of you."

Marc walked over to us and stood next to Josh. Both were completely naked, there cocks starting to drip a little pre-cum. I couldn't wait any longer. I dropped to my knees and took a cock in each hand. I took some time to give each of them a few gentle strokes, then opened my mouth and took the tip of Josh's cock inside. Marc moved closer so that his own cock was near my lips. I opened my mouth a little wider and took the head of his dick inside also. My tongue danced around each of their mushroom-like heads, tasting their pre-cum.

I steadied myself with one hand on the cold tile floor while the other played first with Josh's balls, then Marc's. My tongue continued to do a figure eight over the tips of their cocks. Above me they were kissing each other.

Then Marc came in a tremendous spurt that nearly choked me. Josh started to cum moments later and their juices filled my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it, but a few drops dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin.

Out of breath, they pulled away from me and sat down on the bench. Marc continued to play with Josh's nipples as they sat there. Josh had his head back with a smile of pure pleasure on his face.

I removed my pre-cum soaked underwear and went over to them. Josh looked up at me and gave me a look of gratitude. "I want you to fuck me," he said. Marc stood up and went to the sinks. He returned with some liquid soap to use as a lubricant.

Josh got off the bench, turned around and knelt down. Marc applied some of the makeshift lubricant around Josh's pink hole, then placed some on my hard cock. "Are you sure, Josh?" I asked, but I knew he wanted it.

"Of course! Give me something to remember you by."

I knelt down and parted his cheeks. Slowly I positioned the tip of my cock against his pulsating hole.

"Do it! Fuck me!"

With that, I pushed into him. He let out a grunt of pain and pleasure.

I was astonished by how tight he was. Fucking Marc was nice and my cock had fit into him nicely, but Josh was different. I realized I was the first person to ever fuck him. I took it slowly at first, not wanting to hurt him, and afraid that I would cum quickly. But as I found the stamina to hold off, I increased the speed and length of thrusts. Soon I was moving inside him smoothly, from the tip of my cock to its base. I got a kick out of hearing my balls slap against him when I was completely inside him.

Marc had moved behind me now, and with a lubed up finger he pressed it inside of me. He held his finger still and let me fuck it as I continued my rhythmic movement in and out of Josh. When I pushed back his finger went in deep, and the longer it remained inside me the more I longed for something larger to take its place. I imagined Josh slipping inside me and fucking me as I was fucking him at that moment.

The pleasure of Marc's finger in my ass and Josh's tightness over my cock had reached its climax, and with a final push inside Josh I came. Most of my juices were buried in his ass, but I wanted the feel of the finger deep inside me for the remainder. I pushed back against Marc's finger and shot another spurt of cum onto Josh's back.

Long after I had finished, Marc's finger remained inside me. I looked over my shoulder and saw that his cock was standing straight out. All I did was nod and he moved closer to me. I bent over slightly for him to get better access.

Josh turned around revealing his own erection. I leaned forward and took him in my mouth again. He held onto my head as he began fucking my mouth. Marc was pushing his own cock against my quivering hole.

Then it came… the pain. I nearly bit Josh's dick in half as Marc pushed the tip of his cock inside me. He slowly pushed farther inside, giving me a chance to get used to the enormous tool inside my narrow cavity. Gradually the pain was replaced with pleasure and the longing to feel more.

Marc was able to get his entire cock in my ass and I felt more comfortable with returning to Josh's dick. He again held my head as I took his dick in my mouth. He fucked my mouth as Marc fucked my ass and I couldn't have been happier.

"I'm going to miss you, buddy," Josh moaned above me. "I'll never forget this visit." With a grunt he came, shooting a smaller load in mouth.

Marc continued to fuck me and was picking up the pace. He was very close to cumming too. I tightened the muscles in my ass and he let out a loud moan. I released his cock from my grip and he came inside me. His cock stayed inside me as it softened, then he moved back and fell to the floor exhausted. I too laid down on the shower room floor taking in the pleasure and pain of what had just had occurred.

A few minutes later Josh helped us both up and we showered together. We washed each other from head to toe. We were too tired to be aroused by it, and when we were done we went back to their room. Josh suggested we push the beds next to each other and the three of us sleep together. With that done, we collapsed on the bed, our naked bodies entwined.

The next morning, Josh woke me with a nice blowjob. While he did it, I sucked on Marc's dick and he moved so that he could suck on Josh. It was an interesting symbol of our relationship.

A short while later they drove me to the bus station. I didn't want to leave, but deep down inside I knew it was best. I also knew I would be back, and soon.

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