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Thursday, December 4, 2014

All Male True Experience: Cruising for Cock

By: chicagobasil

One night after work I decided to stop off at the park for some fun. I knew for a fact that action took place at this park during the lunch hour, but I was not sure what the action was like at this time of the day, or if there would be any at all. I pulled into the lot of the park and all I saw were straight couples.

Sticking around to see if anyone interesting showed up, I sat in my car pretending to be deeply into my book, every now and again looking up to see who was pulling up. As I looked up this time, I saw a nice looking guy get out of his car and head down a path. Then to my right I saw a really hot guy enter the park on foot and do the same. The second guy made my cock stir just looking at him, so I put the book down, hopped out of my car and headed towards the path.

As I walked along I came to a fork in the road. I could either continue on straight ahead or turn left. Letting my hard-on be my guide I took the path ahead of me. It was paved and I figured it would be easy to get back to my truck. As I made my way along it I saw the second guy in the distance standing at the side of the path. He looked over at me and then continued down the path. The first guy was not too far ahead.

After walking a short way, again there was a cross road. This time guy number one headed into the woods and guy number two followed him. I decided to look for another way up, perhaps hoping to get a glimpse of the two of them in action.

Well, as I found my way around, the first guy was nowhere to be found. Somehow the second guy had found his way back to the trail and was just hanging around. I made sure he saw me and headed over to a secluded spot I had discovered a few moments before. Guy number two started to follow but kept walking when another guy came along. This third guy was not doing much for me, but he lingered close, casually checking me out.

I headed up a hill to try and lose guy number three, hoping guy number two would find me. I found a private spot that had two picnic tables. I sat down on the bench and unfortunately the third guy came up, sat down and started talking. I was polite and responded to his idle chatter and I could see that he had a major bone in his pants, but I wanted guy number two! Just then I saw him at the bottom of the hill sort of walking back and forth and my cock responded to the site of him and got hard in seconds.

By this point I had completely tuned out guy number three, oblivious to what he was saying. "Well?" I heard him say after he nudged my arm.

"Huh?" I replied coming back to reality, and seeing that he had freed his dick from his pants and was stroking it.

"I said can I rub your cock for you and maybe suck you off, too?" I kindly yet quickly said no thanks. He zipped up without saying anything more and moved on.

I quickly started looking about the area for guy number two, when suddenly I caught sight of him as he was starting to work his way towards me. My eyes scanned over his nice body and quickly diverted to and remained on the bulge in his pants.

As he got closer I could see that he was even hotter than he had looked from a distance. He stopped after spotting me and lingered for a bit. I knew that I had to get him, so I stretched my legs out in front of me a little and looked down at my crotch and gave it a long lingering squeeze.

As I looked up he had moved a bit closer now and his eyes were glued to the hard-on that was oh so obvious in my pants. He put his hand in the pocket of his shorts and started rubbing his cock. I spread my legs wider, closed my eyes and started massaging my cock through my pants more intensely. I opened my eyes ever so slightly and could see that he was slowly inching his way closer and closer. I closed my eyes tight again and a few seconds later I suddenly heard the bench squeak as he sat down.

I immediately felt his hand land in my crotch and he started rubbing over the outline of my hard cock. I moaned as he found the head of my dick and moved his hand from the head to the base of my shaft, trying to get an idea of my size through my pants. I opened my eyes and looked over at his crotch. From the tent in his shorts, I could tell that he liked what he had found, and I reached right over and put my hand in his lap. I could feel his hard, good-sized cock begging for attention and I started rubbing his meat through the fabric of his shorts. He pushed my hand away, though, then lowered his shorts below his balls and started to stroke his own dick. It was thick and long and his pubes were shaved off completely.

Following suit, I pulled my own dick out, too, He let out a soft "Oh yeah! Nice!" when he saw it. At nine inches long by six inches around, my cock is quite large, and I was hoping he wouldn't be able to resist just reaching over and getting a feel of one as big as mine and start stroking it for me. He did one better though and lunged forward and started sucking me off. I threw my head back and let out a few low moans.

After he had been sucking me for a few minutes, I licked my finger and reached over his back and worked my hand between the bench and his ass. He repositioned his body so that he was resting on his hip. I found his hole and worked my finger inside him. I finger-fucked his ass at a furious pace with his mouth hot and tight on my dick.

When he eventually sat up to take a breath, I took advantage of the opportunity and took his dick into my mouth. He started pumping his hips as I went to town on his hot cock!

When I sat back up, without even hesitating for a second, he got down on his knees in front of me and put my dick back in his mouth. He was an amazing cocksucker. His hot mouth motion was driving me over the edge. I gave him the warning that I was getting close and he started to suck faster and clamped his lips around my dick even tighter! I shot my hot load right into his hot mouth, and he swallowed every drop as he spilled his own seed into the grass below us.

Getting what I came for, I made my way back to my car and headed home.

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  1. That was so sizzling HOT and wow what a big dick