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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

All Male Fiction: Private Lessons (Part 3)

By: Ryan Michaels

I stopped dead as I heard Mr. Johnson's voice. My heart began beating faster and my shoulders stiffened and rose slightly. I was frozen in place momentarily, and then I slowly turned around, full of trepidation.

As I came to face him, however, despite my fear and anxiety, my eyes automatically fell to my teacher's long dong. It was soft now, well almost. Rather than hanging down long and straight as it always had when I had seen it those other times, now it was pointing out from his body very slightly. The head of his giant cock was red, and I could see the shine of wetness on the tip. I knew why, and so did Mr. Johnson! Now the only question was, did he know that I knew, and, if he did, what was he going to do about it?

After realizing where my eyes were, I raised them up Mr. Johnson's body to meet his eyes. He must have known I was looking, because he had stood silently for those few moments that I had been mesmerized by his big penis.

Once eye contact had been made, Mr. Johnson spoke. "Where do you think you're going, Ryan?"

"I-I'm going back to my dorm room, sir."

"Not yet you're not," Mr. Johnson said and started to approach me.

I felt myself start to tremble slightly. Then Mr. Johnson, standing right in front of me now, reached out and took my jockstrap, which was dangling below my books, the one strap of which had been held by one of my fingers. In my haste to get in and out of there as quickly as possible I hadn't even realized that I had snagged it when grabbing my books.

"You know that you're not allowed to take your jock back to your dorm, Ryan," Mr. Johnson said. The jockstraps were provided by the school, each student's first name and the first initial of their last name written on the front of the wide waistband with permanent marker. After they had been worn (we didn't wear them for every gym class) they were to be tossed in a bin for laundering, and never allowed to be removed from the locker room.

"I-I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson. I didn't even know I had hooked it with my books. I guess I just forgot to toss it in the bin after I got dressed."

"Ok, Ryan," Mr. Johnson said. "Now you'd better get back to your dorm. Looks like you have quite a bit of homework you should be doing," he said nodding at the pile of books in my hands.

"Yes, Mr. Johnson. Good bye Mr. Johnson," I blurted nervously, and then I quickly turned on my heels and made for the door.

Once outside, I fell back against the locker room doors and let out a big sigh, relieved that Mr. Johnson hadn't confronted me about peeping on him. Obviously he had no idea that I had witnessed his private moment in the showers or he surely would have said something.

A moment later, I found myself turning around and pressing my eye to the thin crack that appeared between the double steel doors of the locker room. My line of sight was filled with a rear view of my naked teacher walking away. I looked at his ass, and then below it and saw what I, for some reason, longed to see, part of his large cock hanging down between his legs, swinging and bouncing around as he padded across the locker room floor. My attention was diverted from my teacher's oversized penis when he neared the bin where the jockstraps got deposited, and kept on walking without dropping mine into it, still holding it in his hand as he turned and headed in the direction of his office.

I didn't know what to make of all that I had seen, but I knew one thing for sure: I needed to get back to the dorms and jerk off right away!

After I got off, homework, sleep and the next day's classes had kept my mind otherwise engaged and off thoughts of the previous afternoon. But now it was time for gym class again, and I was dreading it. During the hours between classes I had somehow managed to convince myself that Mr. Johnson was fully aware that I had spied on him in the showers, and was fearful of the repercussions I might face now that he had had a day to think over exactly what it was he was going to do about it.

When gym class ended, Mr. Johnson, as expected, put me in the last shower rotation to shower with him and one other student. At least it wouldn't be just me and Mr. Johnson this time. That would assure that he wouldn't bring anything up in the showers, and I planned to make sure I was dressed and out of there before my other shower mate.

But, Mr. Johnson didn't take his shower with the last two as he almost always did. It was just me and Tommy Mitchell, a classmate I didn't really associate with.

This just convinced me even more that he knew I knew what he had done in the showers, because he was making a point not to shower with me. The fact that he had chosen not to settled my nerves. Now I knew I could shower and dress and get out of there without seeing him again for sure. Despite this, though, I still found myself kind of wishing he would come and take a shower with us so I could get a look at his cock again… and it was with those thoughts of my teacher's large penis that my own started to get hard!

I couldn't believe it! I had never once sprung a boner in the showers in front of my classmates, only Mr. Johnson. And now here I was getting one in front of Tommy Mitchell!

I tried my best to hide my erection from Tommy, but there really was no way, or no time to do so, and Tommy noticed right away. He snickered and then said, "I never knew you liked me that much, Ryan," and then he laughed as he pointed at my boner.

My cheeks were burning red as I blurted, "Fuck you, Tommy!"

"Yeah, you'd probably like that, but this," he said patting his bare ass, "is out only." And he laughed some more.

"Fuck you!" I said again. "I'm not a fag! I just haven't… you know… since yesterday." I wanted to make an excuse for my hard-on, but my voice trailed off when I realized that I was also admitting to another guy my age that I jerked off every day.
But it was too late.

"Jerked off, beat your meat, spanked the monkey?" Tommy giggled.

I didn't respond and just reached for the shower valve to turn it off to get the hell out of there.

"Wait," Tommy said grabbing my arm to stop me. "You don't have to leave without finishing your shower. It's cool, it happens to all guys. I'm not gonna tell anyone, don't worry."

I didn't believe that Tommy wouldn't tell some of the other guys, and I thought that what he would say would be made that much worse if I opted to stay in the shower with him while sporting a hard-on.

But then he went on and said, "It's happened to me before, too… in front of Mr. Johnson of all people! Can you believe that? Getting a stiffy in front of your teacher, now that's embarrassing!"

Hearing that made me feel better, for now I knew that I wasn't the only one that sprung a boner while showering naked next to my well-hung teacher. It just reaffirmed to me that my interest in my teacher's cock, and my own cock's reaction to it, was simple fascination over its size. But I still wasn't about to stand there next to Tommy Mitchell with a fuckin' hard-on!

"Hey, you wanna know how to stop your dick from sticking up like that?" Tommy asked.

I did want to know, desperately, and if Tommy knew of a way to prevent me from getting erections in the showers I wanted to hear it, and I nodded my head as I pulled my arm away from the shower valve.

"It's easy," Tommy said, and then a grin came over his face and he continued, "Just wrap your fist around it and jerk it until you blow your load. Trust me, it will go down after that… at least for a little while," he laughed.

I felt like hitting him. I had seriously thought he knew of a way to prevent it from happening, not just making a joke of how to get rid of it after the fact.

There was a brief moment of quiet, and then Tommy said, "Hey, they say if you use your other hand to beat off it feels like someone else is doing it. Ever tried that?"

I shook my head.

"Well go ahead, try it."

"What!? I'm not doing that! Not in here, in front of you!"

"Why not? It's cool, don't worry about it."

"Yeah, sure. You're just trying to get me to do it so you can tell all the guys that I got a boner in the showers and started jerking off right in front of you!"

"No, I told you, I'm not gonna tell anyone, I promise."

"Right," I said not believing him at all.

"Ok, look, you know how I told you I got a boner in front of Mr. Johnson once?"


"Well, the truth is I got it before he came to take his shower. I was alone in the showers until then and when he walked in I was actually beating off. He caught me fuckin' beating my meat!"



"What did he do?"

"Nothin'. He pretended like he didn't see what I was doing, and I left pretty quickly. I've never told anyone that before. But I told you so you would know that I would never tell anyone about this. If I did you could tell them what I just told you."

"Ok, but why do you want me to beat off in front of you, anyway?"

"I don't, but I just figured you wouldn't want Mr. Johnson to catch you with a boner. I mean when he caught me at least I was alone. If he catches you with a hard-on while you're showering with another guy, what's he gonna think? Just go for it, pull on it and make it spit so it will go down before he sees."

"I-I can't!"

"Sure you can. We're both guys. We all do it. It's no big deal. He could be coming to shower any minute now… but if you'd rather just keep standing there sporting a boner and have Mr. Johnson come in and see it, then go right ahead."

I did desperately want my dick to go down. Getting off would certainly accomplish that, and, after telling me his embarrassing secret, Tommy did seem sincere in his promise not to tell anyone. Most importantly, though, I definitely didn't want Mr. Johnson to see that I had gotten an erection in the showers in front of my classmate.… and the next thing I knew I was moving my right hand to my dick.

"No! Try it with your left one!" Tommy said.

I moved my left hand to my dick and began to stroke it, slowly.

"So, does it feel like someone else is doing it?" Tommy asked looking at my hand moving on my cock.

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? Either it does or it doesn't."

"I don't have anything to compare it to," I said, immediately realizing my words.

"Wait a minute, you mean you've never had a hand job before?"

I shook my head, my cheeks reddening again, and I removed my hand from my dick.

"If you've never had a hand job before, then it's safe to assume you've never had a blowjob before either. And, if you've never even had a blowjob before, then you've probably never fucked before either. You're a virgin?"

I didn't reply.

"Hey, it's cool. Lots of guys our age haven't done it yet."

His statement didn't make me feel any better. Being eighteen and having another guy your age find out you're still a virgin was embarrassing. Even if you were one, you lied and made like you had done it lots of times already.

"Here man, how does that feel?" Tommy asked, suddenly wrapping his hand around my dick and stroking it.

All I could do was gasp and jump from the shock of his actions. I should have immediately pushed his hand off my dick and asked him what the hell he was doing, but I couldn't find my voice. I wanted him to stop, at least that's what I was telling myself, but in that moment I also wasn't all that sure that I did, either. It felt really good!

"Does it feel different than when you do it to yourself?"

All I could do was nod.

"Now try your left hand again," Tommy said as he removed his hand from my cock.

I put my left hand on my dick and started stroking it.

"So, now that you have something to compare it to?"

"I don't know. It doesn't really feel any different to me than my right hand."

"But mine felt different, right?"

"Yeah," I replied and then Tommy moved his hand over to me, pushed my hand off my dick and started stroking it for me again, and again I just let him.

The only sound was the echo of the water splashing against the floor from the two running showers as he jerked me off. Then, a few moments later, Tommy grabbed my wrist with his other hand and said, "Do me, too," as he drew my hand towards his hard dick.

When my fingertips grazed his cock, I yanked my hand free of his and pulled it back slightly. But then, with a sudden overwhelming sense of curiosity to know what another guy's dick felt like, I slowly moved my hand to his cock and let my fingers wrap around it, and I began to stroke it.

We both stood in silence, both of us gazing down at the other's dick as we jerked each other off.

After a few moments it suddenly hit me what I was doing, and I became worried. "You swear you're not gonna tell anyone about this?"

"I swear," Tommy said, paused and then continued, "Not that anyone would care anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"Just that we're not the only ones at this school who have done this kind of thing."

"You mean you've done this with other guys, too?"

"Yeah, lots."


"Yeah. Remember when I told you that a lot of guys our age are still virgins?"


"Well, I meant a lot of guys here, at school, are still virgins."

"They are? Are you?"

"Yeah, most of them, actually. And, yeah, I am too. You're new this year, but almost everyone else has been here from the start. And, when you go to an all-boys school, and live at the school, too, you don't exactly have access to girls. So… being horny young guys cooped up with other guys 24/7 and no girls around, it's only natural that we'd end up helping each other out, you know."

"So, you're telling me that you and the other guys at school give each other hand jobs?"


"So you're… gay?"

Tommy laughed. "Hell no. It's like I said, just guys helping each other out."
"How come I never knew about this?"

"Like I said most of the guys have been here from the start and you're new. It's not like we were just gonna ask you right away. But when you got a boner I knew how horny you must be and figured I'd try to see if you were open to the idea of guys helping each other out. Obviously you are," he chuckled as he pumped my hard dick.

"Well, I don't know if I'd say that… it does feel good, though."

"Yeah, it does. Feels good on your dick, and feels good to help another guy out like this, giving him a break from his hand. But it still is just a hand, so sometimes we help each other out like this," Tommy said as he slid his hand down to the base of my cock, and then, before I even knew what was happening, bent forward and put his mouth over the head of my cock!

"Oh my god!" I gasped, both in shock at what Tommy was doing and from the unbelievable, new sensation that was surging through my penis, and then I spurted into his mouth.

Tommy pulled his mouth off the head of my penis and then turned his head and spit my semen at the shower drain. "Ok, do me now," Tommy said.

"I can't do that! I don't want to."

"Ok, well at least finish giving me a hand job and make me cum, too."

Having just shot my load and getting a clearer head as to all that I had just allowed to happen, I wasn't sure if I wanted to even do that. But, at the same time, I was kind of curious to see another guy cum, and I almost felt obligated to help him get off, too. So, I reached out and began to stroke Tommy's dick some more.

"Faster," Tommy moaned quietly.

I increased the speed of my pumping a little more.

"Faster, faster!" Tommy urged, and I went faster. "Yeah, that's good, just like that! Uh, yeah, I'm gonna cum!" and then he grunted and I watched mesmerized as he thrust his hips forward, causing his cock to thrust through my fist, and a long jet of cum shot out of his dick all the way to the shower wall. That was followed by three shorter jets and then a couple of spurts.

I had never cum like Tommy Mitchell just did, shooting long, arcing jets like that, shooting that far, or even shooting that much cum, and I found it to be a fascinating sight.

"What's going on in here?" Mr. Johnson's voice echoed in the shower just seconds after I had removed my hand from Tommy's dick.

"Noth-nothing Mr. Johnson," Tommy said as we both turned, with guilty looks on our faces.

Mr. Johnson was naked, and of course, my eyes still went down to take a look at his big dick as he made his way over to take up at the only remaining showerhead between us.

"Well you two have been in here for far too long and have wasted enough hot water. I just hope you left enough for me," he said putting his hand on my shoulder, and then I felt his fingertips lightly brush along my back as he withdrew his hand, his fingers trailing off right where the curve of my ass began.

Tommy snickered.

"What's so funny Mr. Mitchell?" Mr. Johnson asked turning to look at the boy.

"Nothing, sir," Tommy answered.

"Go on then, go and get dried off and dressed, both of you."

"Yes Mr. Johnson," we both said in unison.

Tommy and I both scrambled out of the showers and quickly dried off before scrambling to our lockers. Tommy got dressed in a flash and literally ran out of there.

Once I was dressed, and made sure I had my books this time, I too bolted for the door, wanting to get out of there and avoid Mr. Johnson before he finished his shower.

When I stepped through it, a hand came out from my left and tapped my arm. It was Tommy Mitchell.

"C'mon," Tommy said grabbing my arm and moving himself in front of the door. He then looked over his shoulder and placed his finger to his lips, and then, still holding my arm, opened the door and started to creep inside, pulling me right along behind him.

"What are you doing?" I whispered, shaking my arm free.

"Shhh," Tommy said. "We gotta be quiet. We can't make a sound. Just follow me."

I stopped to place my books down on the bench and then followed behind him. He was leading us to the showers. The water was running and I knew, as he must have known too, that Mr. Johnson was in the shower.

When we got there, Tommy peeked around the wall, then pulled his head back.

"What are you doing?" I whispered.

Tommy put his mouth close to my ear and whispered, "Take a look and you'll see," and then pulled on my arm, moving me around him as he moved to where I had been standing. He then egged me on with his hands to look.

Putting the front of my body against the wall, I started to move my head around to peek into the showers. With the shower on, Mr. Johnson was playing with himself and had a hard-on.

I looked at Tommy and he was quietly giggling, and then he whispered, "Keep watching."

Not wanting to show my interest in my teacher's large cock I said, "Why would I want to watch that?"

"You'll see," Tommy said. "Just keep watching."

Again I peeked around the shower wall to see Mr. Johnson still stroking his dick while the hot water cascaded over his body. Then, mere seconds later, he turned the shower off. I felt my stomach drop. He was going to come out of the showers and see us! I turned to look at Tommy with a look of panic, but Tommy just motioned for me to keep looking.

Looking again, I saw Mr. Johnson getting down on his hands and knees. Oh my god he was going to jerk off again, in the way I had seen him do the day before! Tommy must have known, which meant I was not the only one who had seen. Maybe Mr. Johnson had no idea I had seen anything yesterday after all.

"Is he doing it?" Tommy whispered.

I nodded.

Tommy laughed. "I hear he likes to have his big dick milked like a cow," he whispered in my ear.

I ignored him, my attention now fully focused on my teacher's big, hard cock.

"Go for it, dude! Milk the cow!" Tommy whispered with a giggle, and then he shoved me out past the wall, and then he took off running for the exit.

I knew I was in shit now! I wanted to kill Tommy! I froze, but Mr. Johnson didn't seem to hear or see my presence, and I wasn't about to stick around until he did. I somehow managed to make myself move, quickly and quietly, back behind the wall, and then I darted over to the bench to grab my books.

Just then, Tommy reached the door, and whipped it open so wide making his hasty exit that when it closed it slammed against the door frame.

"Hello?" Mr. Johnson's voice echoed as he called out from within the showers. "Ryan?" he said, his voice much clearer now.

My stomach sank and I turned to face the showers and saw him there with his head sticking out. "Yes, Mr. Johnson?"

"What was that noise?"

"The door, sir. It banged shut when Tommy Mitchell left."

"I see. Well I'm glad we're alone," Mr. Johnson said.

"Y-you are?"

"Yes," he said and then stepped out from behind the privacy of the shower wall. "There's something we need to do… just the two of us, in private," he said, his half-raised cock pointed at me like a weapon as he began to move towards me.


 ©2014 by Ryan Michaels

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