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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Straight Fiction: Working Overtime

By: billy_strokes

I spent the majority of my day distracted from my work, in a state of constant arousal, and it was entirely her fault. She was a new girl at the office and it was her first day, and she was hot! Because of that distraction I was now stuck at the office working overtime.

I don't know if it was because I was exceptionally horny or what, but everything about this new employee made me want to cum. Every time she walked by I couldn't stop staring at her boots and thinking they screamed "Fuck Me!" When I walked by her desk at one point, she had dropped something while setting up her cubicle and she was kneeling beneath it, on her knees, with her ass in the air, and I thought I was going to bust a nut right then and there. I was practically crazy from lust.

I spent most of the day gently massaging myself through my pants between phone calls and assignments. Every time someone walked by I had to quickly move my hand away so I wouldn't get caught. Every time she walked by, even after removing my hand, I was still afraid that I would leave a huge cum stain on the front of my pants. Eventually, in the later part of the afternoon, I moved to the boardroom to hopefully keep me focused.

Moving to the boardroom did keep me more focused, slightly, but I was still extremely horny and thinking of her. Finally, the day was over for everyone else, and I waited to hear the outside door close after the last person left, and then I practically ripped my pants open to relieve my pent-up cravings. It wasn't like I had ever done that at work before, but I still had a couple of hours of work to catch up on, and I would never be able to concentrate if I did not take care of myself, I knew that.

Leaning back in my chair I got comfortable and began gently stroking myself. I was thinking back to the new girl on her knees beneath her desk. I imagined her gently sliding her lips up and down on my dick. My fingers gently caressed my shaft, sliding up and down, and occasionally circled around the edge of the head. The sensations raced throughout my entire pelvis, my balls swelled and I squeezed the muscles of my ass. My hips slid back and forth in my chair as I pretended I was pumping in and out of her luscious mouth. I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the tip of my cock, down onto my fingers, lubricating me further and making the sensations even greater.

It wasn't long before I felt myself getting close. I didn't want to cum on my dress shirt and tie, so I stood up to shoot on the boardroom table. Now standing, I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and pumped myself toward the orgasm that had been building all day. I could feel my dick twitch in my hand and feel my balls begin to tighten. I was about to spew a massive load of cum the table as I imagined it to be her face.

Suddenly I was yanked from my fantasy, hearing someone calling my name to see if I was still there. Before I could get my hand off of my dick, let alone put it away, she was standing in the doorway. She was in mid-sentence, saying something about forgetting her cell phone after an earlier orientation meeting, when she stopped dead in her tracks.

Her mouth dropped open as she stared openly at my engorged cock with my fingers wrapped around it. I felt almost paralyzed and couldn't seem to make myself move. It was like I was frozen in shock by her entrance to the room. We both shared an extremely awkward moment of silence, and after what seemed like minutes she apologized to me for barging in unannounced.

As I bent over to pull up my underwear and trousers to cover myself, I managed to speak as well, apologizing and quietly telling her that I had never done this type of thing at work before, but had been, for some reason, overwrought with horniness, and added that I thought everyone had left and that I was all alone in the office. The entire time I was speaking my mind was racing with thoughts of being fired for indecent exposure, and how I was going to explain this to the HR director.

With my underwear now pulled up, I bent again to pull up my trousers. As my hands grasped them she was suddenly moving, not out the door, but towards me. Before I could even begin to pull my trousers up her hand was on my crotch, the palm of her hand pressing against my still stiff cock. I straightened up and looked at her with wide eyes thinking I must be imagining the whole thing.

With a slight smile coming across her face she asked me what had made me overwrought with horniness, as she gave my hard-on a squeeze. With her hand on my fabric encased cock my mouth suddenly had no problem forming words and I found myself blabbering, inexplicably telling her how it was her that had caused it, seeing her on her knees under her desk, and I even told her how seeing her boots got me going even more. When I finished blurting it all out I again found myself in an awkward silence.

This time, instead of breaking the silence, she continued to smile as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and slowly lowered them, causing my cock to spring out, pointing straight ahead. She kept smiling and staring into my eyes. I stared back in amazement, unable to react, unable to figure out what the hell was going on.

As I stood dumbfounded, in a sultry tone she said, "Well, since it's my fault you are in this condition, it is only fair that I stay and help alleviate the problem."

Without another word she slipped to her knees and firmly grasped my dick with one hand. Her tongue reached out and began to lick the nearly purple head. Slowly, her tongue encircled the edge of my head as her hand firmly grasped the base. My breath was again ragged and I twitched against the touch of her tongue. Using her hand to point my cock into the air, she began to tongue and suck on my balls. The warmth of her mouth was incredible. She sucked one and then the other ball into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them as though tasting a fine wine. Her tongue glided up my dick, wagging back and forth as she hit every sensitive nerve on the underside. My legs felt weak. Her tongue flicked over the very tip, her mouth opened and her hand returned to the base.

Suddenly her mouth covered my entire dick and her lips met her hand. I let out an audible sigh. As she worked her lips up and down her hand followed her lips, stroking while she sucked. Between the all-day teasing by my imagination, the near-orgasm jerk off I had just had, and now her hand, along with her cock sucking ability working me over, it wasn't long before I could feel the cum welling up inside my balls. A few more strokes of her hand and lips would be enough to set me off. Then, I was there. Long strands of thick cum launched deep into her mouth, and she kept sucking. Each time I spewed another load of cum she swallowed and continued sucking. The sensations ripping through my body were almost excruciating.

As the cum drained from me I could feel the post-orgasm glow wash over me. Looking down, I let her know how incredible it had felt. Instead of stopping and accepting my thanks, she continued to suck and stroke with her hands. Amazingly I was already getting hard again. Her swirling tongue and the tightening grip of her hand continued to make me harder and harder. Suddenly she released my cock from her mouth and stood up.

Before I could utter a word she turned away and leaned over the table. She pulled her skirt over her hips, and then looked over her shoulder and demanded, "Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

Acknowledging her intense need, and realizing why she'd made me cum (so I would last longer for her), and then continued sucking me after (to get me hard again), I aimed the head of my rejuvenated dick at her panty-clad pussy. Feeling the dampness that had seeped through the thin material, I pulled her panties aside. I could smell the scent of her arousal filling the room. I revealed her swollen and distended pussy lips, spread to reveal her throbbing clit, and that made me want to get a taste of her juices before I fucked her.

I lowered myself behind her and, again, she looked over her shoulder and groaned, "My pussy is so wet. Seeing you stroke your dick got my juices flowing. I want you to just fuck it, fuck it now!"

I stood up, and with my head at the entrance to her cunt, she suddenly pushed back, impaling herself balls deep, and she let out a deep groan. I did too! Looking ahead again, she ground her hips against mine, insisting that I fuck her and fuck her hard. She grasped the edge of the table. I clutched her hips. Sliding back slowly, I felt her cunt lips clinging to my retreating dick, not wanting to let go. As my head was about to pop out of her dripping pussy, I reversed direction and thrust all the way into her, pinning her hips against the table. She let out a groan and gyrated against me. Again, I pulled back until I was almost out of her, and then I thrust into her again, hard, holding myself deep inside. I felt the walls of her pussy squeezing me, begging me not to leave them empty. Our rhythm began to build. Her grunting was almost animal-like.

Between grunts she blurted out several obscene commands, and each filthy command made me swell and fuck her pussy even harder. With each thrust I felt my balls swinging and slapping against her exposed clit. Pens on the table began to roll and fall as we continued to slam against it.

As I rammed into her and her breathing became ragged, her words turned into indecipherable groans and she reached down and began rubbing her clit. I felt her pussy gripping me. Every vein visibly throbbed on my engorged shaft as it stretched her pussy.

I reached back with one hand to slap her ass. Her moans increased. Another slap brought forth a red mark on her ass cheek. As my hand landed a third time she screamed in orgasm. I could feel her spraying her juices out of her pussy onto my balls and the floor. For several moments she shook and convulsed in the throes of orgasm. I stayed buried deep inside of her, feeling all the joys of her orgasm as it shuddered through her.

When she had caught her breath I started to thrust into her again so that I could shoot that second load, but she suddenly thrust her ass back against me, hard, making me stumble backwards slightly, and then she pulled herself forward, causing my cock to slide out of her.

She turned around and had a strange smirk on her face. "That was one of the better fucks I've had lately," she panted. "Now, I suppose you expect to cum again, huh?"

I nodded and said, "Well, I don't expect to, but I'd like to."

She smiled and said, "Well then, I guess we still have some unfinished business." This time, once again, her tone was sultry, commanding. She was completely in control.
"You mentioned how hot my boots got you. Well, I want to see it."

With that said she dropped down into a chair and threw her boots up onto the boardroom table. Leaning back with her feet up, I could see her swollen red pussy gaping wide and I couldn't turn my eyes away.

"If you want to cum again, I want to see you cum on my boots. Now start stroking it and aim well. If you don't hit my boots, I might have to report you for what I caught you doing."

I would have much rather used her pussy to get me there and then pull out and shoot on her boots instead of using my own hand, but, seeing as though I didn't have much choice, I took my dick in my hand and began stroking.

"Faster! I want to see cum flying out of that dick of yours!"

Her commands got me even hotter and I could feel cum building and pressing forward.

"That's it, show me how aroused my boots make you! Show me what I want to see!"

My hand became a blur, my eyes darted between her swollen pussy and her boots, the very object that had led to my current situation. As I breathed deeply I could smell the mixture of our cum and sweat permeate the office. After a few more strokes the first string of cum exploded form my cock. I aimed at her boots and looked to her for approval. As strand after strand draped across her boots she simply smiled back at me.

As the last bit of cum dripped from my softening dick, I sensed the rising tension of another awkward moment. Our lust had been satisfied and, again, I would now have to deal with reality. My mind raced again as I considered my circumstances.

Again, she was the one to break the silence. "Well, it looks like we both got what we wanted. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, by the way, I have quite a collection of boots. I'll wear another pair tomorrow… just for you."

Devilishly grinning she then stood up, smoothed her clothes, and then turned and walked towards the door.

"Hey, don't forget about your cell phone," I said, almost as an afterthought.

She stopped, turned to me and chuckled, "My cell phone is in my car."

"What? I, uh, I don't understand," I said confused.

She giggled. "I saw you looking at me all day, which at first I thought was just because I was new and you were checking me out, but then I saw you pull your hand from your dick a few times today and figured it was more than that. I noticed that you were quite attractive as well, and the idea that I was making you hard just by my very presence made my pussy get wet. I knew you were staying late and would be here all alone, and I had a feeling you would be relieving yourself the moment you were alone. I figured it might be worth a shot to come back to find out if I was correct, surprise you, and have a little fun. Guess I was right. See you tomorrow."

I stood there for a few seconds after she closed the door and then flopped down in a chair, shaking my head at everything that had just happened.

As I got back to work a smile crept over my face as I wondered what kind of boots she would be wearing tomorrow. Unbelievably, my cock began to get hard again. It was obvious that I still had the same problem as before, and it was still because of her. It was even more obvious that I wasn't going to be getting out of the office until much, much later than I had thought!

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