"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

All Male Fiction: Prep School Retreat

By: A.J.

It was our final year of prep school, and we were all eighteen-year-olds who were happy, healthy, and — at least some of us — quite horny. Being our final year, it was compulsory to attend the camp retreat. The camp setting was beside a back-beach of sun and surf, and there were tennis and basketball courts at the campsite itself.

Upon arrival, we poured off the bus and rushed for the log cabins. There were about eight cabins on the grounds, each capable of housing about eight guys in the double bunks, as well as a small function hall, kitchen and mess room, and a toilet block with showers. I somehow found myself in the same cabin with Scott, Adam, Brian and Kevin, all of with whom I was good friends. I'd had the hots for all of them for a while. They were all pretty nice looking. The only problem was, none of them, well, no one, in fact, knew I was gay, and I knew it wasn't something I could ever tell my friends.

Even though we were good friends, I'd never seen any of them naked before. We did take gym in school, but after gym class we simply changed and had to get to our next class. There was no time for showers, and no one ever took off their underwear when changing in and out of their gym clothes. The showers were there for the guys who were on the various school sports teams. Now, having the chance to share a cabin with them, as well as a communal shower, I was sure to get to see them naked, and that thought was pure bliss.

As for the other three that made up the eight of us, I knew them well enough, but just in passing; we weren't friends or anything. But, I guess that was precisely why we were assigned to the same cabin. The brothers who ran the school considered the retreat a place where we would all, whether we were already friends or not, get to know one another spiritually.

We had an itinerary to follow, including workshops, talk sessions, discussions, and group gigs over a variety of topics designed to "bring us close to God," as the brothers would say. We were also allotted some free time each day to do with what we wanted.

There was, however, one very strict rule put in place for us boys. An all-male nudist group had decided to use the somewhat secluded beach during our week's stay there, and because of this unfortunate (from the brothers' viewpoint) situation, that area of the beach was off limits to us. However, when Kevin decided, during our first free period on the very first day, that he wanted to go swimming, against all warnings of the brothers to stay away from that area of the beach, the five of us ended up stumbling upon the sights. And what sights they were!

Taking in the sights began to stir feelings in my crotch, and my semi-hard cock was making the moderate bulge in my clingy swim trunks obviously larger.

"Shit, we must have gone the wrong way," Brian cursed when he saw all the naked men lying about in the sand. "Let's get the fuck out of here, quick!"

"Yeah, let's!" Adam agreed as they both started to turn.

"Wait," Kevin said. "Are you afraid of the brothers? How are they even going to know we were ever here? It's not like we came here on purpose."

"I'm not afraid of the brothers," Brian said. "I just don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of naked homos."

"Me neither," Adam chimed in.

"How the fuck do you know they're homos?" Scott asked.

"Because, any guy that would join a nudist group that is for men only has to be a homo, and all of them joined, so they all must be homos," Brian replied.

"Yeah," Adam agreed.

"Yeah? So why don't you go over there and ask them and find out for sure?" Scott laughed.

"Fuck that," Brian replied. "I don't want to be that close to a bunch of naked guys!"

"Hate to break it to you, but you're gonna be that close to a bunch of naked guys every single day… when we all have to shower together in the mornings," I laughed, my cock lengthening a bit as I pictured that.

"Yeah, well, being naked with your buddies in the showers is a lot different than hanging out next to a bunch of naked guys on the beach, who you're pretty sure are fags."

"Yeah, but being naked in a communal shower is also different than being naked outside. Haven't you guys always wondered what it would be like to go skinny-dipping before?" Kevin asked.

"I go skinny-dipping all the time," Scott said.

"You do?" the rest of us all responded at the same time.

"Yeah, every day… in the shower," he laughed.

"I'm serious guys; have any of you ever?" Kevin asked again.

"Hmm, have I ever wondered what it would be like to go skinny-dipping with other guys? Uh, no," Brian replied.

"Okay, but being here, and seeing how private it is, and how you can just get naked, outside, in public, and no one cares, kind of makes you want to do it, doesn't it?" Kevin said staring out at the water.
"Uh, nope, not really," Brian said.

"It does me," Kevin said.

"Okay, then do it. Go on, I dare you!" Brian taunted.

"Yeah," Adam said. "Go on… or are you all talk?"

"Okay, I will," Kevin replied.

"Yeah, sure," Brian laughed. "Like you'd actually get naked outside, and in front of all those naked homos."

"I would, I will. I've always wanted to do it," Kevin said, and before any of us could say any more, he walked right over to the shore's edge.

I was having trouble keeping my meat from tenting my swim trunks just thinking about seeing Kevin naked, but just as he was about to take off his swim trunks, he instead jumped into the water. When he was waist-deep, he pulled his trunks off and waved them in the air.

As we walked along, encouraging him on, he swam parallel to us. But unbeknownst to him, Adam had sneaked into the water and scooped up the trunks that Kevin had left floating, brought them ashore, and placed them halfway up the beach. When he got tired of playing around, Kevin looked for his trunks, but couldn't find them.

"Hey! Who pinched my trunks?" he shouted when he realized they were gone.

"They're up there," replied Adam, pointing to them.

"Throw them here, will you?"

"You'll just have to come and get them if you want them," Brian said with a grin. "I just hope none of those guys over there," he said pointing at the nudists, "come running over and try to grab your junk before you can get to them," he laughed.

Kevin gave Brian the finger, and then he swam out of the surf and boldly and unashamedly walked up the beach to retrieve his swim suit. Not only did I get a close look at those well-developed shoulders and powerful pecs, that taut stomach and trim waist, but I also got to see a gorgeous blond bush surrounding a fairly long looking soft cock hanging above two huge orbs, the sight of which I engraved in my mind forever.

So, as it turned out, I didn't have to wait until our first morning shower together to see at least one of my buddies naked. But, if I thought that treat was wonderful enough, then what I was to see that night was even better.

It was well after midnight when we scrambled into the bunks and got all snug in our sleeping bags, and then proceeded to shoot the shit together. I, however, couldn't seem to get my thoughts off the sights from earlier that day, and I wanted to jerk off over it. But everyone else wanted to talk on, so I discreetly fondled my hardened meat in my sleeping bag while everyone else chattered.

As the sensations of my caresses increased, I closed my eyes to relive that skinny-dip and what I had felt like doing to Kevin when he got out of the water, and I was soon completely tuned out of anything else. As I heard my name mentioned in the conversation, I brought my senses back to reality, with eyes still closed.

"Hey, it looks like A.J.'s fallen asleep on us," Scott said.

"Simon's asleep, too. Must be that bunk. He crashed awhile back," replied Brian. Simon was one of the three guys I didn't really know, and he was sharing the bunk bed with me, with him on the top bunk.

"I think A.J.'s just faking it," Scott answered.

"I know how to wake him up," offered Kevin.

Opening my eyes slightly, I had this vision of a red caterpillar walking towards me. Kevin was still in his sleeping bag. Arriving at my bunk, he turned his back to me and leaned forward slightly as he began to lower his sleeping bag, with his ass pointing in the direction of my face.

Knowing he was about to pull the adolescent prank of farting in a sleeping guy's face, I sat up quickly and pulled my head towards the back of the bunk, put my hand out in front of my face and said, "Fuck off, I'm awake."

"Told you it would work," Kevin giggled, but what the other guys didn't know, and Kevin probably didn't either, was that when he had slid his sleeping bag down, his jockey shorts had slid down his ass a bit, revealing to me the upper part of his ass cheeks and a bit of his ass crack. That made my already throbbing cock throb some more.

After some laughter from the other guys, Kevin began waddling back to his bunk, but, in his haste, he slipped on the floor and came down with a thud.

"Are you all right Kevin?" I asked as the other guys laughed.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he said, joining in the laughter.

Picking himself up off the floor, he managed to waddle back to his bunk the rest of the way without falling. Conversation died down, Adam reached out and turned off the light switch located near to his bunk, and sleep settled in.

But I couldn't sleep; my hard-on wouldn't let me. I wanted to jerk off right then and there, but I was afraid that if someone was awake they'd hear me, and I knew if that happened I'd be teased for the rest of the trip.

I waited a bit, but my hard-on wasn't going away, so I quietly crept out of the bunk, having decided to go to the toilet block to take care of my problem. Just as I reached the door, I jumped a bit when Brian whispered out in the darkness, "Where you going, A.J.?"

"I have to take a piss," I whispered over my shoulder. Brian didn't respond and just lay back down. I opened the door, exited the cabin, and headed towards the toilet block.

When I got there, the only light was the one above the doorway that led inside. It was kind of creepy when I stepped inside, and I couldn't find any light switch. But, there was this kind of metal mesh along the top of the walls (for ventilation and to let the shower steam escape, I guessed), and the moonlight was shining through it, illuminating the room in areas just enough to see where I was going. That was probably better anyway, than if all the lights had been on; more private for what I was planning to do.

I made my way through, past the urinals and toilet stalls, back towards the shower area. I wanted to be away from the toilet area in case someone else came along to use the washroom.

There was a long bench along a wall by the shower area where people got changed; it was perfect. Pulling my underwear down, I sighed out loud as my hand was finally able to make contact with my horny cock. After a few minutes, I pulled my t-shirt off, as I liked to be completely naked when I jerked off, whenever possible. I didn't consider it too risky; I mean, I was already naked below the waist pumping my raging hard-on, so did it really matter at this point if I had my t-shirt off, too?

Now totally naked and boned, I lay down on the bench and began pumping away furiously on my own meat, imagining myself walking up to Kevin on that beach as he came out of the water naked, dropping to my knees and giving him a blowjob.

So engrossed was I in my own little fantasy that I failed to hear the toilet door creak open and close. "What's going on here?" a deep, stern sounding voice said in the darkness.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Straight Fiction: Fire in the Hole!

By: English Bob & Ryan Michaels

While my wife and I were indulging in our favorite pastime, it was Janet that first caught scent of the smoke, while my head was buried between her thighs. At first I told her it was probably just a neighbor with a fire going in their fireplace, and the smell of smoke from the chimney was just coming through the open window. But, when I went back to eating her pussy, the smell of smoke soon became stronger, and it became quite obvious that the smoke was coming from inside our house, and quickly apparent that Janet's orgasm would have to be postponed!

Upon making our way downstairs to investigate, we found there was a fire in our kitchen. Foolishly, we didn't have a fire extinguisher, or even a hose that would reach the kitchen, and after trying unsuccessfully to put it out with pots of water, we made a call to 911. Both my wife and I then exited the house and were waiting on the front lawn in our night-clothes when the fire department arrived.

We watched the firefighters work quickly, and heard the occasional snigger and giggle when they saw my wife in her almost see-through nightie. The reason for their mirth was that Janet is not a petite woman. She's not fat, but just tall and well built, and the flimsy nightie strained to hold her 38 Double-D breasts in check. Obviously, since we were having sex at the time, we had been naked, and it was the first item of clothing that came to hand when we realized that there was a problem in the house.

I felt Janet shiver as the fire chief walked past us and threw her a sly grin. The man was big, and black, the muscles in his forearms bulging with rippling sinew. I guessed that it wasn't the night air that caused Janet's shiver, and that suspicion was confirmed as she whispered, "Damn! Now that's one hot looking man!"

I laughed. My wife is a hot little number herself at the best of times, but dragged away from having her pussy eaten moments before climax, her cunt must have been burning hotter than our kitchen! "I'll bet he's not exactly small either," I teased as I put my arm around her shoulder. "And, it looks to me like he got a bit aroused below the belt when he was checking out your tits," I added.

"Oh, John, don't! I'm still so horny! Do you think we'll be able to go back in soon? I need to resume where we left off!"

I looked over towards the door. The small fire was obviously out now, and what little smoke was left drifted in lazy curls and hung in the still night air. "I don't think it will be too long now, honey," I said. "But I'm not sure we will be able to sleep here tonight."

"Who said anything about sleeping," Janet replied with a grin.

I smiled to myself. A plan was beginning to formulate in my head.

It needs to be mentioned at this point that Janet has never exactly been the faithful type. Over the years of our marriage - and of course before - she had seen more cock than I care to remember, and I loved watching her nearly as much as she enjoyed doing it! She was a complete slut, and she'd done it all - sometimes with more than one man at a time. But the one thing that she absolutely adored, craved really, was black cock, especially big, thick black cock!

I looked back up to the house; two young firefighters were walking out with smiles indicating a job well done. The fire chief followed behind them, and then crossed the lawn towards us.

"All done now, Mr. McDowell," his voice drawled in the local dialect. "Follow me and I'll show you where it started."

Janet and I obediently followed the large man into our house. From the back he looked even bigger, and I could see the expression of lust on Janet's face as she stared at his muscular looking butt.

"You folks were lucky," the chief said once we were inside the kitchen. "Fortunately, there wasn't too much damage, and the fire didn't spread to the rest of the house. It started down here in the garbage," he said pointing. "Probably a cigarette or something; don't think there's any real need to call in the investigation team."

The chief was doing his job, but his eyes seemed to be preoccupied staring at Janet's chest, and his crotch seemed to be expanding even more than when I'd noticed his arousal around my wife, earlier.

"Thanks chief," I said, breaking a moment of awkward silence. "It could have been much worse if you guys hadn't gotten here so quickly and put it out so fast. Is there any way we can repay you for saving our home?"

"Thanks Mr. McDowell, but we're just doing our job. We're not allowed to take any kind of financial reward or gifts. It's against regulations."

"Oh, well that's too bad," I said. "May I ask you a question?"

The chief nodded.

"Well, to be blunt, when the fire broke out, my wife and I were having sex, and, well, being interrupted left her pretty horny, so we were just wondering if..."

"Oh, no worries," the chief said, smiling and trying to hold back a chuckle. "The smell might bother you a bit, but your house is safe for you to stay here, so I'll just be on my way and let you two get back to what you were doing," the chief concluded, misunderstanding what I was getting at, and then started to walk away to leave.

But, he stopped dead in his tracks when I continued on to finish what I had wanted to say. "Oh, that's good to know, but what I was going to say was, it's too bad your regulations don't allow people to show their appreciation because, seeing as how it looks like it was my wife's cigarette that caused you all this work, I just thought it should be her that thanks you properly, by, I don't know, giving you some head or something? It wouldn't really be a gift, just a big thank you, but if that's against the rules…"

"You're pulling my leg, right?" he said interrupting as he turned around to face us.

"Not at all," I grinned. "I told you, my wife was left so horny when we had to stop what we were doing, and she's even hornier now, because, well, she really has a thing for black guys."

"Black guys," he said, obviously in a bit of shock over all that was being said to him.

"Yes," I smiled. "To be blunt, once again, chief, she really has a thing for black cock."

"You're really being serious, I mean, about what you said she'd do for me?" he asked in disbelief.

"Totally serious," I said. "I noticed before I asked that you seemed aroused when looking at my wife, and that you aren't wearing a wedding ring, but if you have a girlfriend, or it goes against the regulations, we understand."

"No girlfriend," he said still sounding like he was in total disbelief.

"Great, so how about it? Just say the word and my beautiful wife will thank the hell out of you!"

The question hung in the air like a thick smog. For a moment there was only silence while the chief seemed to try to gather his thoughts. Suddenly his face seemed to relax and he said, "Well, I have to admit, seeing your old lady dressed like that did cause a stir or two in my pants, and regulations only state we can't accept money or gifts. Thank yous are not only allowed, but appreciated, so I don't think a 'thank you' from your wife breaks any official rules." His face broke out into a grin and then he continued, "So, if you are being serious, I'd love to have her suck my dick! It'd have to be quick though, with my men outside, but I don't mind quick as long as I can play with those big tits of hers while she does it!"

I looked over at Janet for her reaction. Her brown eyes smoldered with barely suppressed excitement, and she nodded her agreement. "Okay then, honey, you heard what the man said, get your tits out!"

Janet smiled coyly at me and then began slipping her nightie from her shoulders. She worked slowly as both the chief and I watched her intently, allowing her fingers to lightly touch the flesh of her tits as eventually the nightie fell below her breasts.

"Jeez, man," the chief whistled appreciatively. "That's one fine pair of tits! Come here baby, let's have a feel!"

I watched my wife's heavy orbs sway back and forth as she padded her way towards the chief. Her eyes closed in an expression of pure lust as his large hands reached out and cupped her tits, the black of his skin contrasting acutely with Janet's pale complexion. She moaned out loud as his fingers closed on her hardening nipples and he squeezed them, gently at first, and then a little more urgently.

Seeing that Janet was getting into having her tits played with, and seeing that the chief was getting into it as well, I spoke up and said to Janet, "Don't forget, you still have a thank you to give."

Janet's eyes opened immediately, she grinned at me, and then her hand dropped to the crotch of the chief's pants. He moaned slightly as she squeezed the impressive bulge that was outlined there. Slowly, she manipulated the stiff zipper and eventually lowered it.

"Mmm, no underwear," she murmured as her hand found its way inside, speaking for the first time since this all began.

"No, too hot for underwear in this job," the chief moaned as Janet moved her hand around inside his pants while he continued to caress her pendulous breasts.

And then I saw it. Janet had eased the chief's thick tool from the confines of his pants and was gently stroking the length of his shaft while he groaned happily. It was an impressive sight: at least nine inches of fat, throbbing black meat. Having watched her on several occasions with a black guy, I can say that not all black men are hugely endowed, but the chief certainly fit the stereotype! The wide purple head glistened with beads of pre-cum as Janet's finger gently massaged the clear fluid all around his cockhead.

The chief's hands fell from my wife's breasts as Janet moved herself onto her knees and undid the button on his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. She then quickly guided his large weapon towards her mouth. Inch by inch, his length slipped into it until I could see the outline of his cockhead bulging at the entrance to her throat. With a slight movement of her head, Janet took a deep breath and literally forced herself down onto him. The chief moaned loudly, bucking his hips up and sending the final inches of his tool into my wife's throat.

It was a wonderfully exciting sight for me, and I could feel my own cock throbbing under my robe. However, rather than opening my robe and going to town on my own dick, I had other ideas.

Tearing myself away from the deep-throat action that was being displayed in front of me, I quickly walked to the front door, stepped outside and headed towards the two firemen who were dealing with putting away the fire hose and such. I figured they did as much work as the chief and deserved a proper thank you as well, not to mention the fact that I really wanted to see all three of them thanking her. So, when I had reached the fire truck, I said, "Hey guys, the chief asked me to come out and send you two inside."

There was some inaudible grumblings from both, followed by a sigh, but no questions, just compliance to the supposed order from the chief as the two young firemen started to head up the walkway to the house, with me following behind them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All Male Fiction: The J.O.C.K. Club (Part 8)

By: MrCreamJeans

As the week went on, things got back to pretty much normal for Kenny. He saw Michelle in class and passed her in the halls a couple of times, and didn't even acknowledge her. Suzie, on the other hand, seemed to be ignoring Kenny. Kenny finally figured out that she just wanted a quick conquest and nothing long term. Oh well, he thought. At least I got a blowjob.

Kenny was kind of torn between the great sensation of getting his cock sucked and the intensity of the orgasms that happened inside his pants. He even experimented at home – one day jacking off like he always did and letting his sperm land all over his chest and stomach, then the next day rubbing his jeans until his cock squirted in his shorts. He came to the conclusion that while the sensations leading up to orgasm were better when his cock was naked, the orgasm he experienced was more intense inside his pants. Part of that was the "naughty" feeling of letting wetness out inside his pants and underwear.

That Saturday, Kenny's parents left him alone for a while. He was contemplating jacking off, this time stroking it out of his pants then putting it back inside when he was about to cum, when the doorbell rang.

It was Jon and Rod. Kenny burst out laughing when he saw how they were dressed. They were both in jeans and regular shirts, which wasn't unusual, but they both had their shirts open showing their t-shirts tucked into their boxers.

"Sorry guys, you just surprised me," Kenny said after he regained his composure. "Come on in."

"We both thought it was really cool the way you and Travis showed your shorts on Tuesday, so we thought we'd try it, too," Jon said.

"Yeah, it's like sagging with your shirt off, but if it's not warm enough to take your shirt off, this lets you show off your boxers, too," Rod added.

"Well, I wasn't trying to start a fashion trend or anything," Kenny said. "I just wanted to try to turn Jon on."

"It worked," Jon said, grinning. Kenny noticed a slight swelling at Jon's crotch.

"Turned me on, too," Rod said. "I've been jacking off all week thinking about it. When we got together today, we started talking about it and just decided to do it. We were thinking about going to the mall later to see who notices."

"Well let me know how it goes," Kenny said.

"Hey, Kenny," Jon said. "It sounded like you really didn't want to be in the J.O.C.K. club anymore."

Kenny sighed. "I don't know guys. It's just that on Monday, a couple of guys who said they used to be in the club told me that it was really kid stuff, and that if I kept creaming my jeans, I wouldn't be able to control it when I wanted to. I mean, I got a real blowjob from a chick, and it felt really good and everything, but it happened real fast. It's like, well, it's fun to cum real quick in class, but I want to be able to hold back, too, you know, with a girl."

Rod and Jon couldn't really argue with that. After a few moments of silence, Jon asked, "But you think you might still do it in your pants sometimes?"

Kenny smiled. "Yeah, I have to admit it feels pretty good sometimes."

Both Rod and Jon looked at each other and smiled. Then Jon asked, "Hey, can we check out some porn on your computer?"

Kenny chuckled. "Sure," he said, and they all headed up to Kenny's bedroom.

Monday, April 6, 2015

All Male Fiction: My Best Friend (Part 7)

By: Lucas Miller

It had been a long three days. I had spent much of my time up to then engaging in various types of sexual activity, and that had consequences: There were two papers that needed to get done and a few tests I needed to study for as well. My quest to determine whether or not Marc's Mr. Morgan was the same as Russell's Mr. Morgan had to wait. Marc made this easier for me, as he hadn't responded to my e-mail requesting a picture of his teacher.

At the end of the three days of academic hell, I was ready to continue my mission. My final class of that day ended in the early afternoon, so I had the rest of the day to try to contact Marc and find Mr. Morgan.

I sent another e-mail to Marc, and then went back to his journal to see what happened next. Before I could begin, though, there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, Trey stood on the other side. "Hey," he said.

"Hey," I smiled and motioned an invitation for him to enter.

Trey looked nervous and had difficulties looking at me. His hands were in his pockets, and it looked as if he was trying to hold down his erection. "What's up?" I asked.

He sat down on my bed and fidgeted. "So, um, about what happened the other day…"

"You mean the blowjob?" I said with a huge grin. "Did you like it? I know I did. You have a great cock."

He looked like he was beginning to relax, but still didn't look at me. "I'm not gay, you know?"

"Yes you are, Trey."

He didn't protest.

"It's okay, though. I won't tell anyone, but you need to be honest with yourself." I sat down next to him. "I would never tell the other guys about what we did, but Russell does know. He saw us. He won't tell either."

Trey was now looking directly into my eyes. The nervousness or fear had almost disappeared. "I don't know what's happening," he whispered. "All I can think about was how you made me feel."

"Stand up," I said, and he got to his feet. He stood directly in front of me. I was at eye-level with his sternum. "Take your hands out of your pockets." He obeyed again, and I could see his straining cock pushing against the rough material of his jeans.

I slowly unzipped his jeans and his cock sprung out. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and this was a strange turn on for me. His dick stood straight out of the fly of his jeans. I considered pushing his jeans down, but the sight of that beautiful, hard cock sticking out was good enough for me. I took his stiff cock in my hands and gave it a few strokes. Then, without further hesitation, I put the tip of it in my mouth.