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Monday, March 23, 2015

All Male Fiction: My Best Friend (Part 6)

By: Lucas Miller

"So, what did you think?" Russell asked when I returned to our dorm room.

I assumed he was referring to his performance in the showers. "You are a new man, Russell. I don't think anyone knew what to say." The image of Russell strutting through the shower room with his large dick swaying back in forth brought a smile to my face. "You definitely left some of those guys with something to think about."

"Really?" He tried to mask his enthusiasm by reading something at his desk.

"Let's just say, a few guys in particular had problems looking away."

"Well, I don't want them to attack me," he said continuing to read. "It's not like I want to have sex with them."

I knew what he wanted. He wanted others to take notice of him and to treat him respectfully. Russell thought the size of his dick would help him with that. It was possible that he was right. It was also possible that there were some jealous guys who watched his dramatic display. It was possible that these guys may attack him in other ways.

He changed the subject. "I think Mr. Morgan is the English prof." He didn't look up, but continued to read from the stack of papers on the desk.

The name sounded familiar. "Who's Mr. Morgan?" I walked over to him and realized he was reading from Marc's journal. I hadn't even realized that it was sitting on the very top of the pile of papers I had earlier pulled out of my knapsack.

"This guy." He pointed to the journal. "I think he's my English professor. I mean, it may just be a coincidence, but this Mr. Morgan is an English teacher and my teacher is also named Mr. Morgan."

"That would be too crazy if they were the same person," I replied, thinking the odds of Marc's Mr. Morgan being the same guy were preposterous.

"Well, he fits the description. He's in his late thirties, has brown hair and brown eyes. There's a rumor that he's gay, but he looks straight if you ask me." He turned and looked into my eyes. "But I thought you were straight, too."

I froze wondering how he felt about it.

"Yeah, I know you're gay." He turned back to the journal. "I saw you go into that stall with Trey."

My heart stopped. I thought I had been so careful. I wondered who else saw me go in.

"Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me. Just don't try anything with me."

Don't try anything with you? I thought. Didn't I jerk you off last night?

"Do you want to see if it's the same Mr. Morgan?"

I considered letting it drop, but my curiosity was getting the best of me. "I guess it wouldn't hurt, but how do we find out for sure?"

"Do you have any photos of him?"

"No, but I might be able to get one through Marc, the guy in the story." I noticed that when I printed the journal from Marc's web site that his e-mail address was included several times. It was possible that Marc had an old yearbook that he could scan a picture from and e-mail it to me. My cock stiffened slightly at the possibility of getting closer to the man who awoke Marc's sexuality.

Russell handed me the journal. "Sinful stuff," he said sarcastically. "For a second I thought it was you who lusted after this teacher." He grabbed a few books and headed out the door.

I took the journal and sat down on my bed. I knew it wasn't a good idea to open it up to where I had left off; in less than an hour I had my first class, and missing it would be a bad idea. Still, I opened it up and found where Mr. Morgan had either intentionally or accidentally made Marc ejaculate in his jeans right in the middle of class. I continued to read:

It was so embarrassing; I sat in my own cum. My jeans were wet, and my underwear was starting to stick to me. I asked Mr. Morgan to be excused to use the bathroom a few minutes after he had touched my cock. He just grinned and nodded.

In the bathroom, I did my damnedest to clean myself up. As I sopped up my cum, I couldn't help but think about Mr. Morgan and his hand on my thigh, and, for a brief moment, on my dick. I don't think he meant to get me going the way he did, but secretly I wanted to return the favor. But that could never happen; he was a teacher and I was a student. If we did anything, I would get kicked out of school, and he would be fired.

My dick got hard remembering how he was jerking off to those magazines that I had taken from him, his seven-inch cock sticking out from his body, and how much thicker it was than mine. The sight of him stroking that dick while pulling on his balls was burned into my mind.

I found myself copying his style. The bathroom was empty and class wouldn't be over for at least twenty minutes. I had plenty of time to get off before the bathroom was filled with students. I pulled off my shirt and stripped off my jeans and underwear.

The notion of being naked and jerking off during school made me nervous and excited. In fact, it seemed to make me even hornier. I held my balls in my hands and pulled at them while I pumped my hard dick. I pictured Mr. Morgan coming in, wondering why I was taking so long. He would then discover me in the stall naked and jerking off. He would insist that I open the stall door, I would open it, and he would also be naked, his hard dick pointing right at me.

I was lost in my fantasy and didn't care if anyone walked in. I was grunting and letting out some moans as I jerked off. Maybe I hoped that someone would come in. I certainly wished that it were Mr. Morgan. I would ask him if I could touch his large dick and pull at his balls the way I had seen him do it to himself. And, maybe, he would take my dick in his hand and we would jerk each other off in silence.

I felt myself getting ready to cum. I shut my eyes tightly, imagining Mr. Morgan's face as he prepared to shoot his load. I pictured how he had tensed up right before he had cum. My body was reacting in the same way. Then, as I envisioned that moment when he had ejaculated, I came. It was a small load, but it was as powerful as the one that I had had outside his office door.

With my eyes still closed, I did a strange thing: I brought my hand to my nose and sniffed the juices that were still there. It smelled sweet. I then lowered my hand a little and brought my lips to it. My juices lingered on my lips for a moment, then I licked them and tasted my own cum. As I licked my lips clean, I imagined that the liquid was Mr. Morgan's.

I couldn't believe Marc had such an intense crush on the guy. I definitely had to meet him. I put the journal aside, went to my computer, and e-mailed Marc. One way or another, I was going to find out if his Mr. Morgan was the same as Russell's.


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