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Friday, February 21, 2014

All Male True Experience: Of (Golf) Balls and Asses

By: JohnnyX
Last summer, when I was nineteen, my parents had decided to take a summer trip around Europe, and I was not invited. Even though I was nineteen, my parents let me know that they were not comfortable letting me spend the whole summer living alone - undoubtedly visions of wild teenage parties going through their heads - and that they had arranged for me to stay with my aunt, a widow who lived in a Southern California retirement community built literally around a golf course.

My dad went on to inform me that he had arranged for me to become one of a small army of caddies at The Golf Club, as it was known, as a way to keep me out of trouble and earn myself spending money. The idea of spending the summer with a bunch of elderly people didn't really thrill me, but I didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

It began as a pretty dull summer, and I spent most nights at the small cinema in the community center; ironically, it was having a Rock Hudson retrospective. Even the few guys in their forties in the community seemed old to me. In my second month, though, this young hunk showed up, a blond with a gleaming smile, not much older than myself. He seemed nice, and he sure caught looks of envy, or dislike, from the older men. He always had the same caddy, a thirtyish Cuban.

About a week later, I was pruning in my aunt's backyard when I heard a voice say, "Hi, stranger!"

I looked up. It was him.

"I've seen you at The Golf Club," he said mock-reverently. We laughed. "One guy tells me you never flinch when you have to ask members afterward, 'Do you want me to wash your balls, sir?'"

"Members are apt to say anything," I replied.

"Members," he laughed.

I got the joke after a few seconds.

It turned out he was brand-new at male modeling, was visiting and staying next door for a month with his grandparents, and was named Derek.

"Call me John," I said.

"I wish I could call you caddy," he smiled.

Days later, I was his caddy, and thenceforth I got dirty looks from the Cuban.

Derek was pretty good at golf, but after a month in a community of golf fanatics the sport no longer fascinated me as a topic of conversation. But Derek fascinated me.

Our second morning on the links, by a secluded gardener's shed near a pond, he asked me, without grinning, "Do you want to wash my balls?"

I could tell by the way he said it and by the way that he was looking at me that he wasn't talking about his golf balls, nor was he making a joke. So, I took a deep breath and went for it. "Which balls?" I grinned.

That was all it took for him to confirm that we were both on the same wavelength. He smiled in response to my comment, motioned his head and led me behind the shed on the water side. He leaned against the building and deftly unzipped, hauling out his half-hard cock and a pair of balls wreathed with dark golden hair.

Dropping to my knees, I immediately sniffed at his nut sac.

"Lick," he ordered.

I was struck by the thought that being a caddy is like being a servant, and if anyone saw us, I could lose my job. Oh well, big deal. I hadn't had sex in ages, and right then that was far more important to me.

I took one ball into my mouth and sucked on it as if it were a fat, short cock. I did it rough, and Derek seemed to like it. "Oh fuck yeah, take both of them in your mouth, and work those balls," he moaned.

I tried, easing one big lump into the side of my mouth, cuddling it next to its brother. But they were too big for cohabitation. Suddenly I was ravenous. Is this a one-time thing? I wondered to myself. Make the most of it now.

"Lean back and slouch toward me," I said in the same ordering tone he had used on me. I wanted to get some licks on the area between his balls and his asshole.

As a blond, he was so smooth there, the skin so satiny. I pushed his thighs up and away from me, then ducked under his widespread legs. I chewed royally on that narrow, silky strip of flesh, darting my tongue as close as possible to the hidden entrance surrounded by glistening smoothness.

Then I took a mouthful of his inner thigh and pressed it between my teeth. He winced or moaned, but I was too busy devouring him to find out which. My tongue flicked at his butthole, which I couldn't see but he made available to me, muttering, "Yeah! Lick my ass! Lick that hole!"

There was always the possibility that we could be caught at any minute, so I tried to pack each moment. God, the joy and ecstasy of a man in one's mouth, of a young, firm, handsome male at one's face.

I switched to the meat of his matter, grabbing a rough hold of his uncut cock. Sucking on just the foreskin, I nearly turned it inside out, and then stuck my tongue between foreskin and shaft.

Pushing his cock up against his shirted stomach, I licked up his balls, and then fastened the juncture of balls-and-cock between my clenched teeth, sliding up and down. He shivered, and I practically came in my pants. I quickly got my own pulsating cock out and began jerking myself.

Within minutes he was moaning and shooting his load in my mouth, pumping his cock in and out while he shot. I reveled in the flow of thick cum and its salty flavor. I literally licked my lips when the last dribble had joined the rest of his tasty load in my mouth.

There was a man-made sand dune on the other side of the pond, usually deserted. As he tucked his cock away, I asked, "Want to go behind the sand dune?"

"I guess," he said tentatively. "Only, I don't suck cock."

I could really use a blowjob, I thought as I led him to the other side. But at least sucking cock was something, better than nothing at all.

As I began to lower to my knees in the dune, Derek put his hand on my shoulder, stopping me, and asked softly, directly, "Will you fuck me," as he pulled a packet of lube from his pants pocket and offered it to me.

Wait a minute, he doesn't suck but he likes to take cock up the ass? That made no sense to me, but I wasn't about to debate the issue, that's for sure!

I took off my windbreaker and shirt and spread them out on the dune so, except for  his legs, he wouldn't be right on the sand, and then answered his question by saying, "Take your pants and underwear off and lay face-down on the slope of the dune."

He did as I asked and as I stared at his ass cheeks that were raised and spread before me like a touchable feast, I yanked down my own jeans and underwear and lubed my very-ready cock.

If we'd had more time I'd have licked him ready, but since we didn't I squirted some lube against his hole and penetrated it with my finger. He was so warm, and so tight. I worked my finger in and out a bit and then worked a second one in. Once I felt he was loosened up enough I pulled my fingers out and grabbed hold of my cock, ready to fuck some ass for the first time in a long time.

As I started moving my cock towards the target, that ass came toward me and I grabbed Derek's hips and pulled him towards my cock until his butthole skinned itself up my length with an audible slurp, and we commenced fucking.

It was a joint effort, Derek grunting all the way - he'd been mostly silent during the blowjob. I strained my toes to plug my cock all the way into him and gritted my teeth with concentration.

Derek's tight hole tried to expel my cock every time I pulled back, frustrating for me at first, but then it would yield with the smoothest, sweetest release on every stroke back inside.

"Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck my ass," he started saying over and over. It sounded like a chant. A chant that got faster and faster. His ass felt like it was spasming around my cock.

Though twice self-drained earlier that day, I still had to make an effort to keep from cumming right away. It had been so long since I had felt a hot ass slithering on my cock, and I wanted to make it last as long as possible.

Derek kept chanting and working his ass-muscle around me while I plugged him relentlessly, my mind on the long-missed pleasures I was feeling. Some of the sensations I was feeling were quite new, thanks to Derek's intricate moves; I guess when you focus on the ass, you can plumb new depths. Anyway, it was, I later realized, the best fuck I'd ever had and I came and came as if for the first time.

Derek was noisily busy too, and while I was in the after-haze of sensation and emotion that follows such an orgasmic experience, he started burrowing into the sand dune, asking me to take it out of his butt. (I was still mostly hard.)

Once I did, we both quickly got dressed and Derek told me to grab his equipment - his golf equipment that is - and started to walk off. Off I followed behind him, lugging his golf equipment, just a caddy again.

Although Derek was supposed to be there for another few weeks after our encounter, the next day he was gone. According to his grandmother, Derek had been called off on a modeling assignment. They didn't know if he would be coming back or not, but doubted that he would be.

With Derek gone, and feeling a bit depressed by his sudden departure, I took a week off from my caddy duties to go to the nearby city.

When I got back to my aunt's she told me that the blond neighbor boy had returned from L.A. and had asked after me. He'd left two days before I had returned, wasn't coming back… until the next summer that is.

It is now that next summer, and I am sitting writing this at my aunt's place, hoping to see him again, but so far I haven't.

After inquiring with his grandparents today, they said he was still planning to come for a visit if he could. There's only three weeks left before I leave… and I've got my fingers crossed that he'll still make it!
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