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Friday, February 28, 2014

All Male Fiction: The Lifeguard

By: agtcuk
What really fascinated me about the lifeguard was his small dick. Not that I'd seen it, at least not then, but every afternoon I went to the pool, and I did my lengths while carefully scrutinizing him. Why? Because he was gorgeous, about 6' tall, broad-shouldered, with a swimmer's build, lean and almost hairless, with short, spiky black hair and a cute broad nose. I couldn't take my eyes off him. In my life I haven't always been as dutiful as I should be about keeping up with exercise, but while he was a lifeguard at the pool I never missed a single day.

Now most pools make their lifeguards wear swim trunks, which spoils a lot of the fun. After ogling someone in trunks for a while you kind of lose interest, because of course you want to get a sense of their dick and balls like everything else. My pool was no exception, and I'd noticed this guy in his blue swim trunks, thought he was cute, and then thought no more about it.

But I found out one day, when I changed my schedule and started going for my daily swim in the morning instead, that every morning they had classes in a sectioned off part of the pool, and for that, I was happy to find, they stripped off their shorts, revealing the skimpy Speedos they wore beneath.

The first time I saw my lifeguard in his Speedo I was immediately fascinated by the size of what was on display. Most of the other lifeguards had the usual average bulge, dick poking out to the side, or resting on top of their balls, but this guy was different.

In contrast to his big build and tall frame, the bulge in his Speedos was tiny. Oh, ordinary size balls, but above them was just a bump; the kind of protrusion that a lot of guys show once they've been in the water for a while, only this guy had it dry. It looked kind of incongruous given the guy's actual size, and I found I couldn't keep my eyes off it as I did my lengths up and down the pool.

And the weird thing was, he was totally unselfconscious about it. Actually this is pretty typical for swimmers I've discovered: they spend so much time near naked that, like dancers or models, they become kind of indifferent to their own bodies.

This guy stood chatting to male and female lifeguards, little dick barely making a show in those regulation red and black striped Speedos, not bothered about it at all. I'm sure they must have noticed there was nothing much inside those Speedos, because even straight guys always check that kind of thing out.

He noticed me looking, though. I think he realized early on that I was checking him out with more interest than anyone else, and I could tell he was a little flattered and also a little embarrassed. I let him get a look at me as I got out of the pool. I have a good sized dick and big balls that make a pretty good sized bulge in my blue Speedos, and I could tell he liked what he saw.

Actually he liked it enough to get a hard-on a couple of times. He would see me watching him as I swam, and he'd look away, flushed, and I'd noticed that little bulge starting to poke out some. At that point he would always find some excuse to jump into the pool and cover his embarrassment, but not before I'd got a glimpse of the start of his erection. It didn't seem a whole lot longer than his dick was when it was limp, but seemed to thicken up a bit in the few seconds I got to see it before he jumped in.

Anyway, this went on for a couple of weeks, until one day I was in a changing cubicle when there was a knock on the wall. I jumped, and the knock came again. Examining the wall, I saw that a small hole had been drilled through it and I bent to look through this, as the knock came once again.

Sure enough, my lifeguard was in the next cubicle. I could tell it was him by the tanned color of his skin and the glimpse of red and black striped Speedos as he stood back from the wall. I couldn't see much, just his flat, muscled stomach, his well-developed swimmer's thighs, and that little bump I'd watched so often.

Then he slipped his hands inside the waistband, pulling them out slightly, giving me a glimpse of dark pubic hair, but no more than that. Then he went out of focus as he moved forward, bent down and put his eye to the hole, obviously wanting to see me do something similar.

Glad to oblige, I leaned back against the far wall of my cubicle and seductively ran my hands up and down my bulge, jumbling up the outline of my cock and balls. Then, wanting to move things on a bit, I dipped my hand into the front of my Speedos and flashed my cock for a moment to give him a thrill. I reckoned it would make a fair sight, half-hard and uncircumcised. Then I bent down to the hole again.

He quickly moved back against the opposite wall, and I held my breath as he grabbed the sides of his Speedos and pulled them down. For a moment everything was confusion and movement as he bent down to take them off, then he was standing again with all revealed, the thick head of his circumcised dick like a little mushroom, bobbing above his balls, with no shaft visible at all.

He turned to the side and I realized what a truly great ass he had. Also from the side I could see that there was a short length of shaft behind that bulbous head, but not enough for it to dangle, like mine did, just enough to bob about. Then, to my disappointment, he started to get dressed, stepping into a pair of shorts, then a t-shirt and chinos.

I carried on watching, not able to believe that that was all he was going to show me, until I heard his cubicle door swing open and I heard him leave. It was a while before my raging hard-on went down enough for me to comfortably get dressed and leave as well.

I continued watching the guy, more fascinated than ever now that I'd seen what he had, but there were no further knocks on my cubicle while I changed. After a few days I kind of gave up hoping, but I gave up too soon, because, a few days later, as I was heading out of the pool, I noticed that he was heading out too.

Careful to act nonchalant, I grabbed my clothes and a towel and headed to a cubicle. I stepped inside and was getting ready to close the door when, quick as you like, the guy suddenly stepped in behind me, and locked the door behind him.

For a moment we both stood there, bundles of clothes and towels in front of us, and then he motioned over to the bench with his ice-blue eyes and we both dumped our bundles. He moved first, reaching forward and grabbing my wrist, and then bringing my hand up to the front of his Speedos. I needed no further prompting and gently rubbed a knuckle over the sticky-out head of his dick, its button shape clearly visible through the fabric.

He stood and watched as I did this for a few moments and then, he whispered, "Take it out."

Well, again, I didn't need any further instructions. I moved my hands to the waistband, just below his hips, and yanked his Speedos down to his knees. He stepped out of the them, the head of his dick bobbing about as he did so, and then he stood in front of me with his big hands on his hips again, and whispered, "Well, go on, play with it; you know you want to."

I reached forward again, and put a finger under his dick, lifting it slightly, and stroking under that round, thick head to feel that short shaft, barely visible. With my other hand, I stroked under his balls. That did the trick pretty quickly. That short shaft thickened a lot and lengthened a little until he was fully hard and poking out at me. As I'd guessed he was still small even when he was hard, perhaps three inches long, but really thick.

While I stroked his short dick, he reached out and planted his hand in my crotch, inspecting what I had. Taking care not to interfere with the action his own dick was getting, he maneuvered his big arms around mine and lowered my Speedos and started stroking along the shaft of my cock. I looked down for a moment to see my much bigger cock and balls, and watch as my cock began to lengthen slightly.

Now I'm not a porn star; my cock is reasonably long, about seven inches or so, and fairly slim, but across from his it looked enormous, and I could tell he was fascinated by it. He stroked along its length, gripping it in his hand more determinedly, the head of my cock exposed at the end of his fist, just a button, like his dick looked when it was soft.

Meanwhile, I was tugging at the thick shaft of his little dick. Actually he wasn't much thicker than me, but he looked it, as his dick was so much shorter. As I pulled at it I admired how short it was, and what a contrast that was to his big rangy body towering over me.

After a few tugs he caught my wrist once more. I looked up and he grinned as he let go of my cock. I watched as he stepped over to the bench and sat on it, that little dick pointing up between his legs.

He looked up at me appraisingly, taking in my shorter, hairier body, and my longer cock, and then with a gesture he ordered me down to his little erection. Well I like a guy that takes charge, so I willingly knelt in front of him, angling my head to easily take in his dick.

It was different from giving a blowjob to an average or larger sized dick. Usually I take a guy in really slowly, first the head, then work my way down so that I don't end up gagging on it. That obviously wasn't a concern with this guy's dick, and I ended up unexpectedly swallowing him whole, and even then it only reached a short way in, then working back up again so I only had the head in my mouth.

Despite the
need for silence, he groaned at this, so I repeated the maneuver a few more times, going up and down on that little dick until, with a final moan, I felt him spurt into my mouth.

He spent a few moments getting his breath back, and then he lifted my head off his dick, which was already diminishing back to not much more than just a mushroom head nestles in his balls, and gestured for me to get up. I did this and stood in front of him, my long cock sticking out by his shoulder.

He reached up to it and started to massage the shaft of it once more, taking it in one of his big hands and gripping it. I realized that he was enjoying the novelty of getting his whole hand around a cock, since he could only use one or two fingers with his own dick, and went with it, as did I, enjoying the hand job from this gorgeous guy.

Having him in front of me like that was like porno; that big muscular swimmers build, the big arms and chest, small waist, and that tiny dick just visible in his pubic hair. Looking at that did it for me, and I came, spurting over his shoulders and chest.

He smiled to himself as he took my towel and wiped himself off, and then he got to his feet and started to get dressed. I tried to say something, suggesting we meet up some other time or something, but he motioned for me to be quiet and I realized he could get into a lot of trouble for what he just did, so we both dressed in silence.

Once he was fully dressed he cracked open the door to the cubicle, looked around, saw the coast was clear and stepped out, gesturing at his watch to indicate I should let some time pass before I followed him.

The last I saw of him was when he closed the cubicle door behind him. I later found out that that had been the last day of his summer job, and that he was now at some far off college for another year of study. Obviously he'd chosen that particular day for our bit of fun as there could be no further consequences from it.

Except for one, that is: I've found that ever since him, I've had a real thing for guys with small dicks!

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