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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Straight Fiction: New Approaches (Part 1)

By: tonebone

Jenna and I had been together for a couple of years and to be honest, our sex life had become predictable and relatively dull. I longed for the days where we fucked like rabbits several nights a week.

I knew that Jenna had been fairly wild in her youth, having admitted to me she had cheated on prior lovers on more than one occasion. When I had inquired as to why, her answer had always been vague, but she had hinted that she had become bored in her relationships.

I often worried she might become bored with me and cheat, but she had reassured me those indiscretions had been abandoned alongside of her reckless days.

I spent long hours trying to figure out how I might reignite our sex life, even going so far as to discuss it with one of my best friends. "Relationships are bound to get boring," he said. "It's just the way it goes."

"Yeah, but there must be some way to re-inspire them," I said.

"Short of opening it up or trying new things, I don't see how."

"New things? What sort of new things?"

"You know, swinging, orgies, that kind of stuff."

"Yeah right."

"Hey, you asked," he deadpanned.

I had never thought about swinging or orgies, but when I did an Internet search I was alarmed by how common the practice was. I even came across a site on fetishes and was surprised by some of the things that got people off: bondage, watersports, cbt, rape scenes, strap-ons, even cuckolding.

As I read about these things I was shocked. I then came across a site called BateBook with erotic stories about such happenings. I started to read a couple, but those types of scenes just weren't for me, so I closed the site and left.

Over the next few days, though, I found myself thinking about certain things I had read. In particular, those stories involving group sex and voyeurism. I couldn't understand how people could find this a turn on. But, eventually, I found myself back on the BateBook site reading more of the stories. I was even more surprised when I found myself erect as I read about men watching other men fuck their girlfriends or wives.

The more I thought about these things the more I found they turned me on. I started thinking about them while I was fucking Jenna and it always led to more passionate sex.

One night after we had fucked for over an hour, Jenna asked me, "What's gotten into you? I mean, you've really been a tiger in bed lately."

I felt embarrassed and didn't know what to say. I had never been dishonest with Jenna and I wasn't about to start now, so I remained silent.

"What is it?" she asked with a lascivious look in her eyes. "Tell me."

"It would probably freak you out if I told you."

"Are you fantasizing about fucking someone else?"

"No, that isn't it."

"It's not?" She squinted her eyes at me. "Then why don't you tell me what it really is?"

"I've just been reading some kinky stories on the Internet," I admitted.

Jenna sat up, suddenly interested. "What sort of kinky stories?"

I blushed. "You really want to know?"

She smiled. "Yeah, I do."

I looked away and whispered, "Group sex and stuff like that."

"Group sex?" She giggled. "I didn't know you got off on that kind of stuff."

"I didn't either. I've never even really thought about it, but after reading some of the stories I have to admit, it seems pretty wild."

Jenna lay back down beside me and just said, "Wow," and that was the last we talked about it.


A few days later I came home to find Jenna sitting on the couch with a magazine between her hands. She glanced up at me with a devilish grin. I squinted to see what she was reading and was somewhat surprised to see she had a magazine that pictured a nude woman on the cover.

"These are nasty letters," she said. "I found a couple of letters I think you might like. Sit down and let me read you one."

I sat down beside her and she began almost immediately. The story was about a man and a woman picking up a third woman. I had read a few of these stories, but they weren't the ones that had been haunting me. She paused when the story came to the two women making out while the man pumped the new woman from behind.

She looked at me curiously. "This isn't the kind of story you were thinking of?"

"Not exactly," I blushed. "But it's okay," I shrugged. "Go ahead and read." Even so, I was getting turned on.

"Hmm, well, there is another one I liked better, but it involves two men." She watched me squirm. "Would you like me to read it?"

I looked at her, nodded and whispered, "Yes, read me that one."

She seemed pleasantly surprised as she flipped a few pages and said, "Oh here. Here it is." She began reading. The story was about a man and a woman discussing his sharing her with another man. The woman was reluctant, but through some minor sexual manipulation the woman finally succumbed and agreed to have sex with him and his friend. By the end of the story the woman was taking it doggie style while the friend was fucking her face. The man, who was telling the story, was perversely turned on when she swallowed his friend's load.

Jenna paused and noticed how intently I was listening. She looked pleasantly bemused. "You're really turned on by this?"

I nodded. "I don't know why, but it seems pretty sexy; the idea of sharing you with another man."

"So you think about doing this with me?" she asked.

I nodded.

"You wouldn't be jealous?"

"Totally, but I think that's part of the turn on."

"How long have you been thinking about this?"

"Only just recently, after I saw those stories on the Internet. I never would have thought that kind of thing would turn me on, but when I found that site it just kind of crept up on me." I reached out. "Let me see that magazine."

She handed it to me and I looked through the section she was in. It was devoted to group sex. I looked to the contents and saw that there were several sections. I turned to the exhibition and voyeurism section.

She scooted over beside me and kissed my cheek and then lay against me. "Read me something that turns you on," she said.

"I don't want to freak you out."

"You won't. I have some fantasies sort of like yours."

"Sort of like mine? You mean instead of with another man, with another woman?"

She shrugged. "Sometimes. But with other men, too." She looked at me to gage my reaction.

I smiled at her. "So you're okay with this?"

"Yes, it's only fantasy, right?"

I nodded, but I knew that fantasizing about things would probably only make me want to experience them more. "Here, let me read you this one," I said.

The story was about a married couple. The husband had always secretly fantasized about watching his wife with another man. When he mentioned it to her it made her uncomfortable and she felt rejected. After many attempts at explaining what turned him on about it she eventually came around and decided she wanted to try it.

The husband ran a personal ad and the two of them met several men before they found one she was interested in. He was a younger guy and they decided to take him back to their motel room.

I looked down and saw that Jenna was working on her nipple with one hand and her pussy with the other.

"You like this?"

"Yes," she managed between small gasps. "Keep going."

In the motel room, the woman and the young man started making out while the husband sat down to watch. The woman was nervous, but when the young man exposed his large cock she forgot all inhibitions and immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking him. As she got into it she looked over at her husband, who watched in fascination. She asked him what he wanted her to do and he told her to suck the young man off until he came in her mouth. When the young man blew his load she did something she rarely did for her husband; she swallowed.

Jenna let out a long quiet moan, as she stroked her pussy even harder. "Oh yes," she whispered.

The young man quickly recovered and then began to fuck the wife. The young man fucked her for a long time while the husband watched. After she came several times the young man asked her if she would suck his dick some more. The wife agreed and positioned the young man so she could make eye contact with her husband while she sucked his large cock. She then told her husband that she was going to swallow his load for the second time and wanted him to come over next to her and watch from up close.

The husband came over and squatted down next to his wife, his face close to the action. The wife sucked and slurped and moaned and when the young man came she pulled off so that her husband would see the thick ropes of jism squirting into her mouth. She sucked and jerked and swallowed and moaned in appreciation of the young man's cum.

Jenna started bucking up and down. "Oh my god, yes," she moaned. "I want to do that for you," she purred as she pumped through a deep orgasm. "I want to suck another man's cock."

I turned over and started making out with her and between kisses said, "Are you going to swallow his cum?"

"Oh yes. All of it, and I want you to watch."

I picked her up and took her to our room where we proceeded to fuck like porn stars until I blew my load deep in her twat.


"So, have you ever done anything like that Jenna?" I asked a short while later as we lay in bed together.

She hesitated. "You mean had sex with two men?"


"Not exactly."

"Not exactly? What does that mean?"

"I had sex with two guys, one after the other, but neither of them was in the room while I was having sex with the other one."

"How did that happen?"

"I was partying with this guy Rob I met at a bar, and we ended up going back to his place to have sex. He passed out pretty much right after he pulled out, and I got dressed to leave. When I got out to the living room, there was a guy sitting on the couch watching TV. It turned out to be the other guy's roommate. We started talking, one thing led to another, and we ended up having sex, too."

"Really?" I turned and looked at her. "Did you like it?"

She kind of looked away as if pondering it. "Yes, I liked it. I felt a little bit like a slut for doing that, though." She looked at me. "So, you don't think I was a slut for doing that?"

"No. It's kind of sexy. Did they just fuck you or was there more to it?"

"Rob just fucked me. He was really drunk. It was okay, but it didn't last long and I was still horny after he passed out. The second guy, David, I seduced. I flirted with him and then I started touching him. I don't think he knew what to think. So then I went down on him. And then we fucked."

"Did you ever have sex with either of them again after that?"

"I gave David head a couple of times, but we never fucked again."

"How did that happen?"

"I liked him. He had a nice dick and he was sexy when I gave him head."

"What do you mean he was sexy?"

"He squirmed around a lot and he was really responsive. And his body was nice and he always made these sexy sounds when he came."

"And you swallowed?"

"Yes," she shrugged. "Every time."

"He didn't want to fuck you?"

"I never let him after the first time. That wasn't why I liked him." She reached down and squeezed my dick. "Wow that really turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Yes," I admitted.

She climbed up on me. "So what if I ran into David." She sat back on my cock. "What if I came home and told you I had given him head?" She purred. "What if I told you I swallowed his cum?" she whispered seductively.

"Would you tell me all about it?"

"Oh yes… every single detail."

"Is his cock bigger than mine?"

She looked at me through slitted eyes. "Yes, a little bit."

I pumped into her. "I'd like it."

"Really, or are you just saying that because you're turned on right now?"

I wondered if she was right, but I answered, "Really, I'd like it."

"Mmm," she moaned. "I want to do it. David's so perfect for giving head."

"Could you find him?"

"Oh yes, I have his number."

"Would he like it?"

She looked at me as if I were crazy. "You mean if I sucked him off? Of course he would silly," she laughed.

"I mean if you sucked him off in front of me."

"Hmm, I don't know, but I don't see why he would mind. It's not like we're asking him to let you blow him," she laughed. "So, do you want me to call and ask him if my boyfriend can watch me give him a blowjob?" she grinned.

"Yes! Do it! Call him!" I panted excitedly.

"I really want to do this for you, for us, but are you sure? I mean, what if you change your mind when you're not feeling so horny and I've already contacted him and he has already said yes?"

"I'm sure. I want you to suck another man's cock and swallow his cum!"

"Ok, I'll give him a call, then," she smiled and then leaned over and gave me a kiss before saying goodnight and turning out the light.

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