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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All Male True Experience: Peepshow Poke

By: travelinjim
My business requires that I travel extensively, and as a result I often resort to adult bookstores for getting my rocks off. I just don't have the time to go out looking for someone to pick up, and bathhouses, if the place I am in has any, are too much of a hassle, and an expense.

Renting adult movies in the hotel room is out of the question, too. I am on an expense account and would be required to reimburse the company for the charges. Reimbursing them wasn't the issue. The issue would be my employer and the lady who does the books seeing that I rented gay porn. I was not out at work, but I wouldn't even want them to know that I rented porn, period, even straight porn. A person's employer and coworkers do not need to know those things.

The problem with adult bookstores, though, is that nowadays it is damn near impossible to find one that has glory holes between the booths. There seems to have been some sort of a crackdown and they have all been either boarded up or the plywood wall between the booths has had a new sheet of plywood put over it.

Still, it is a lot more fun to jerk off to porn in a place like that. It's kind of like you are doing it at home (or your hotel room) in the sense that you are all alone and no one can see you behind closed doors, with the difference being that you are actually in a public place, where you know everyone else there, including the employees, know what you are doing. It just adds to the excitement of it for me. And, if I am left with no choice but to masturbate, why not make it as exciting as possible, right?

My most recent visit to an adult bookstore took place a few weeks ago during a business trip to a small town in the Midwest. Being such a small town I figured it unlikely that there would be an adult bookstore, but once in my hotel room I grabbed the yellow pages to check anyway. I was quite shocked, although happily, to find a listing for one.

Of course, never having been in that town before I had no idea based on the address where it was, or even if it was in the actual town. So I called and asked where they were located. The guy just told me the address, which I already knew. So I explained that I wasn't familiar with the area and told him what hotel I was staying at and asked if the store was anywhere close to where I was.

I couldn't believe it when the guy not only told me that the store was in town, but was only a few miles from where I was staying. He gave me directions, which I wrote down for future reference. Getting off a load would have to wait as, even though I had just arrived, I had to get to a meeting right away.

When I returned to my hotel room from that meeting, which had been grueling, I decided that it was time for some fun… not that I needed an excuse anyway. I grabbed the directions and headed out of the room to my car.

The bookstore turned out to be as tiny as the town I was in. And, naturally, the booths in the back of the store featured only straight porn flicks. Although the sight of a couple of hot guys getting it on would've been much more welcome, a few pummeled cunts would have to be enough to get me off. I dropped a quarter into the slot with a sarcastic groan and undid my pants.

A few seconds after the movie started I heard someone entering the booth to my left. Looking in that direction I noticed with a double-take that there was a large hole carved into the center of the booth! I couldn't fucking believe it! All the adult bookstores in the bigger towns and in the cities had covered up their glory holes, and here, in this tiny town, not only did they have an adult bookstore, but it had glory holes! I guess being such a small town they flew under the radar or something and have been getting away with having them. I wasn't complaining!

Peering through the hole I saw a well-dressed gentleman in his thirties dropping a quarter into the slot on his side, and then I heard him groan much in the same manner that I had. A moment later he turned toward the wall and saw me watching him. The glory hole was obviously a shocker for him, too, and he looked as surprised - and as excited - as I felt.

The machine in my booth turned off with a loud clunk, but I knew I wouldn't need any more quarters that evening. Instead of pulling change out of my pants, I pulled my stiff prick out of my fly and pushed it through the glory hole.

The guy in the next booth wasted no time at all falling to his knees and wrapping his mouth around the length of my fat prick. I closed my eyes and muttered silent thanks for this unexpected dose of human contact as I began to hump against the glory hole, pushing more and more of my prick into the guy's hungry mouth.

Before long my cock was throbbing wildly as a result of my partner's expert lip job. I began to tease him a bit, pulling my cock all the way out of the hole every now and then so that his mouth was just beyond reach of my dick. I could see his desperate, spit-slicked lips smacking together in anticipation of my next plunge into his mouth.

For a minute my partner pulled his mouth off of my dick and seemed to be moving around on his side of the booth. I assumed that the guy wanted to stick his dick through the hole now and get sucked, too. But as soon as I felt my prick buried in the guy's warmth once-again, I knew I had assumed wrong. I also knew it was a different kind of warmth entirely.

I pulled out a bit and looked down. Sure enough, what I saw this time wasn't the dude's mouth… it was his ass I was fucking now.

As I began to thrust my meat in and out of the guy's incredibly hot and tight hole, he began to make loud grunting noises and started to talk dirty, begging me to fill him up with every inch of my cock.

Soon my partner's ass was sucking up and clamping around my cock, and as I slammed into his slippery hole I felt the familiar churnings of a cum-load welling up deep within my balls. Bracing myself against the booth I began to pound into the wall and my partner's ass relentlessly, slapping my hips against his ass cheeks with each thrust.

I unloaded a heavy load of thick cock juice into the guy's sloppy asshole just seconds later, my muscles spasming all over the place as I emptied my nuts. My partner followed suit soon after, his ass clenching around my shaft as the dude begged me not to stop fucking him.

As soon as we were both breathing normally once again, I pulled out of my partner's ass and tucked my dick back into my pants, muttering a quick goodbye to my anonymous date before exiting the booth.

I caught a quick glimpse of him as he came out of his booth, which kind of ruined it for me a bit. It took away that whole anonymity that goes with having your cock pleasured through a glory hole. Still, I headed back to my hotel room, decidedly satisfied.

As it turned out, the guy was also staying at my hotel, and was obviously a travelling business man like myself. Although we made eye contact once, we never spoke or hooked up.

I did however manage to get back to that bookstore again the next day, my last day before leaving town. This time I sucked cock through the hole. Even though I saw that other business man's face, and his ass, I never did see his cock. Who knows, maybe it was him I sucked off. I'll never know, and that is what makes glory holes so exciting!
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