"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All Male Fiction: Fuck Stop

By: Roland G & Ryan Michaels

Ryan's sexual experience was limited: until recently he had been just another horny teenager, fantasizing constantly, and constantly masturbating. The erotic tensions contained in his powerfully developed young body usually shot out into his hand. But he wasn't a virgin.

His sex life had begun conventionally enough with a girl, a tramp who hung out with the athletes at the local high school and who had gone to bed with almost all of them at one time or another — and in various combinations.  Ryan had made a name for himself on the football team during his first year of high school, so that even if he'd been unattractive, the girls would have flung themselves at him.

His first slut threw herself at him, indeed, one night in the bed of his pickup truck. He lost his cherry to her, (her cherry had vanished long before she spread her legs for Ryan) when he plunged his inexperienced dick in and out of her insatiable cunt until he came about thirty seconds later.

Several similar experiences, however, made it clear to Ryan that he really wasn't getting much out of fucking pussy, especially with fucking those sluts. At least, it didn't seem so wonderful to him, despite the fuss all his fellow jocks made about banging pussy. Oh he lasted longer than he did that first time, but, to Ryan, it was just a way to get his rocks off — nothing more. He sometimes thought he preferred pumping his own cock over pumping his dick in and out of a slut's snatch.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthday he and some friends had gone into town, gotten their signals crossed, and the upshot was that Ryan had been left behind without a cent in his pockets. It was late at night and all he could do was hit the streets and try to hitch a ride back to the suburbs. Of course, like anyone, he knew that hitchhiking could be dangerous, but he was stranded and desperate. Besides, he was an athletic guy, a football player, and felt he could take care of himself.

After a long wait, Ryan was surprised to see a big rig slow down and then stop. The driver spoke through the open passenger window. "Where're you headed?"

Ryan told the man where he lived.

"I can drop you off there without going too far out of my way," the trucker said as he leaned over and opened the passenger door. "Hop in."

"Thanks," Ryan said as he gratefully climbed up to the cab and got in, settling on the cold leather seat beside the driver, who was a thick set, muscular type of about thirty five. He had a strong jaw, tanned face, blue gray eyes and brown hair. He wore jeans — every bit as faded and tight fitting as Ryan's own — and a polo shirt, which wasn't exactly standard truck driver's attire, but which showed off his heavy chest and bulging biceps.

"Frank's the name," he volunteered.

"I'm Ryan."

"Kind of late for you to be out, isn't it kid?"

"I lost my ride home," Ryan explained.

They chatted for some time as the truck sped through the quiet, dark night. Then Frank said, "Look what I bought myself today." He pulled a thin brown paper bag out from under the seat and handed it to Ryan.

Ryan opened it automatically and pulled out the magazine he found inside. He had never seen anything quite like the unblushingly pornographic photographs the magazine contained. This was the seventies, long before the Internet. Such materials were not readily available to someone Ryan's age.

Each photo showed a man and a woman fucking in various positions. Then, several pages were devoted to a step by step photo essay showing the woman sucking the guy's cock. The final pictures showed him shooting his load, with cum blasting all over her face and dribbling down her panting, eager lips.
"Holy shit," Ryan muttered. "This is pretty hot stuff." He felt his dick beginning to harden inside his tight jeans as he examined the cocksucking sequence more closely the second time. He easily imagined himself in the man's place, with those willing lips wrapped snugly around his swelling cock.

"Have a drink," Frank offered, passing a bottle of bourbon to Ryan, who swallowed a big mouthful and passed it back. The driver eagerly closed his lips around the neck of the bottle and tipped it up. "That bitch looks like she knows how to give good head," he commented lewdly. "Hey, you ever had a blowjob?"

"Well… no," Ryan admitted. He didn't see any point in trying to impress Frank by lying about it. The various girls he had made it with, well those experiences were far from romantic. There had never been any blowjobs, hand jobs or even kissing. It was all about some slut who wanted nothing more than a quick fuck from a stiff dick.

"Yeah? That's hard to believe, a good looking young guy like you. Some guys like a good suck off better than pussy, you know. You feel somebody's smooth lips, nice and warm and wet, right down over your hard prick. Then you feel a tongue dig into the really sensitive spots, licking away and, oh man! And once a cock slips deep down a tight hot throat, once a cock gets sucked on like there's no tomorrow, then shit, kid, I'm telling you there just ain't nothing like it in the world!"

"Sounds amazing!" Ryan replied, his cock now rock hard in his jeans.

Ryan saw Frank glance at his crotch. He felt embarrassed, his hard-on more than obvious, and then a small smile crept across Frank's face and he said, "So, kid, you want to see how it feels?"

Ryan knew he should get out of the truck, but he sat still and said nothing. Conflicting emotions welled up within him, and he quivered with excitement and nervousness at the prospect of letting Frank blow him. His dick pressed even harder against his jeans. He felt the truck make a turn; they were going off onto a dark side road. Then he felt a big, calloused hand push between his legs and cup itself nonchalantly around his meat. Frank began to exert a steady, confident pressure, gently kneading the hot meat imprisoned beneath the buttons of Ryan's fly.

"You like that, don't you?" Frank whispered heatedly, his breath rasping over the edges of his teeth. "I can tell you like it. Jesus, that's a big goddamned rod you've got inside those jeans. Spread your legs a little, let me get at it."

His hand felt so good and Ryan just opened his legs some more without stopping to think about it.

"That's right. I'm going to keep working your big hot dick, and your balls, too, until you can't stand it anymore. You're going to have to ram it down my throat. I won't hurt you, don't be nervous. In fact, Ryan, you're going to enjoy every second of this."

The truck rolled to a stop in the shadow of a huge tree at the edge of a deserted field.  Ryan remained motionless, wanting it and yet not wanting it, afraid but almost helpless with desire.

The hand so busy between his legs now climbed up to Ryan's belt buckle and began to loosen it. Ryan felt the hand undo the buttons of his jeans, one by one, spreading open his fly. He dared not look down. Then the fingers, alive and warm inside his pants, caressed and fondled his balls, then pulled out his hard cock.

Ryan looked down. His dick stood straight out from his jeans. Frank's big warm hand was wrapped around the lower part of it, squeezing the shaft with gentle firmness.

"You've got a really big one," Frank whispered. "There are damned few cocks like this baby around! You're not cut, either. Mint condition, I like that. Shit, look at all that foreskin, and that big fat head peeking through. Fuck man, I can't wait to taste you, Ryan!"

The trucker lowered his head into Ryan's lap. Ryan felt his dick, the shaft of which was still tightly clasped in the trucker's hand, being captured by something warm, wet and very slippery. He gasped as the trucker's head began to move up and down. He had never dreamed anything could feel so fucking good on his cock! And Frank went on and on, as though he would be perfectly delighted to suck on Ryan's cock all night.

Hell, yes, Ryan thought, it did beat pussy — that hot, wet, tight, hard moving mouth around his cock, like a whirlpool sucking in the body of a drowning man.

"Suck me!" Ryan finally dared to moan. "Suck my cock!"

His outburst seemed to inspire his cocksucker to even greater urgency. Within seconds, the pleasure became so intense it was unbearable. Ryan arched upward off the seat with all his strength, fucked his meat into the trucker's mouth, ramming it brutally down the man's engorged throat. Frank only ate it harder and faster, more eagerly. Suddenly Ryan groaned, fought back a shout, and fired his first thick wad of cream into the trucker's mouth. Massive wads of sperm followed one another, bursting from Ryan's arching, trembling body.

When it was all over, Ryan sank back against the leather seat, breathing hard. Frank curved his lips slowly up around Ryan's cock shaft and then pulled off it completely. He pulled Ryan's foreskin back as far as he could and licked the exposed, sensitive knob with his tongue, causing Ryan to shudder, before he finally sat back into his driver's seat.

"Di-did you swallow that stuff?" Ryan asked him in amazement.

"Sure! Are you that new to this scene?"

Ryan nodded.

"I remember the first time I got a knob job," Frank laughed.

As the trucker reminisced, Ryan relaxed and drank more whiskey when Frank offered it. Ryan felt ambivalent about taking part in a homosexual act, even as a passive recipient of oral gratification. The booze, however, helped him to overcome his shyness. And so, strangely enough, did the odor in the truck cab — the maleness of two aroused bodies, of crotch, jeans, sweat, cum, bourbon.

"Hold the bottle for me," Frank said.

Ryan took the bottle and watched as the trucker opened his fly and took out his cock. It wasn't remarkably long, but it was thick and getting thicker as the trucker worked it with his hand.

As it grew completely hard, Frank held it up like a mast and said, "Now, this baby has been around some. I like to suck, you know, feel all that hot cum blasting into my mouth and down my throat. But I like to get mine sucked off, too. How about it, kid? Think you could handle it?"

"I-I've never done it," Ryan said, staring at the trucker's hard dick staring back up at him, with an odd mixture of revulsion and lust.

"I'll tell you what, just put your hand around it. Just like it was a nice hot piece of pipe."

Ryan reached over and did it.

There, yeah, that feels good! Now, give it a little squeeze."

Ryan gave the cock a squeeze.

"Shit, that's great. Come on, Ryan. You're looking at it. You're feeling it. It looks good, right? And it feels good? Well? Come on. Go down on it, just a little."

Ryan looked down at the throbbing cock he was holding in his hand. He knew he shouldn't do it; he didn't want to become a cocksucker, but it was so tempting, and he let himself bend down to the trucker's lap and slowly let the truck driver's stiff meat slide into his mouth.

The cock seemed to swell even larger once it was between Ryan's lips. He felt that what he was doing was awful, criminal, immoral… but he knew, at the same time, that it was the right thing for him to be doing. Somehow, he was destined to have this hard cock in his mouth.

As he tried to suck it, it climbed deeper into his mouth, toward his throat. It tasted pungent. Ryan sat up again, gasping, shuddering. "I can't do it. I'm afraid I'll puke."

"That's okay, kid. Will you beat me off?"

Ryan still had the moist prick in his hand. He began to move his hand up and down on the thick piece of meat, smearing his saliva over it. Feeling horny again himself, he began to beat his own hard rod with his other hand.

"Yeah! Oh, yeah," the trucker sighed. "Harder, kid, harder. Yeah! Fuck! Flog that dick! Beat that mother fucker! Ahh shit, I'm cumming!"

A white blob of cream leaped upward and fell onto Ryan's pumping hand, followed by the thick cum which poured forth from the tip of the trucker's dick. Ryan beat his own meat more urgently, and in a few moments he erupted a second load into his own hand. The heavy, funky man odor of jism filled the truck cab. Ryan was almost sickened by it but he also felt strangely relieved and calm.

Soon they were rolling again, and when Ryan got out of the truck a block from his house, the trucker leaned over toward him and said, "Hey, Ryan. You know the Genesee Truck Stop, near where I picked you up?"

"Sure." Ryan and his buddies had eaten at the combined gas station and diner several times; it was a popular hangout.

"I'll be there next Friday. Meet me in the parking lot, say around ten o'clock, and I'll show you where there's some real action; the places and the people who know what it's all about. We'll have ourselves a ball."

"I don't know. Maybe."

"You'll be there. Once a guy gets a taste of dick he always wants more. I'll be waiting," the trucker said and then he drove off.


Throughout the following week Ryan thought about it. His mood alternated between desire and disgust, between fear and fascination. And when Friday night rolled around, he got a ride into town and made his way to the truck stop, as he had known all along he would, as Frank knew he would.

Ryan got nervous after five minutes had passed; what if Frank never showed up at all? What would Ryan be — just a cocksucker without a cock to suck? But he wasn't a cocksucker. Was he? He didn't like this feeling at all.

Ryan needed to piss. He made his way over to the diner and walked into the low-ceilinged beer joint. Smoke and loud country music hit him in the face. He had never felt uncomfortable in such a macho place as this before, but now he hesitated for a split second before proceeding to the men's room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw three men. They were the only ones at the bar, and Ryan could have sworn that one of the guys had his dick pulled out of his pants while the other two ogled it, just ready to bend into his lap and suck his cock.

One of the men was big and burly; the second one was blond, almost but not quite clean cut. Without the stubble on his face, and the grimy shirt he had on, Ryan could imagine him as a young professional man from the city. The third man wore a denim jacket, and had a demented expression on his slightly soiled face. He looked as though he had just come out of a fight, or perhaps he looked… the way Ryan had felt the night he had sucked Frank's dick.

For an instant, Ryan wanted to bolt for the door and get out of the place as fast as his athletic legs would carry him. But then he got a grip on himself. Looking toward the men again, he realized that they were simply three buddies drinking beer and eating boiled eggs; relaxing to celebrate the weekend. But then, oddly enough, Ryan was disappointed. He wished that the guy's dick really had been out of his jeans, and his balls hanging down until they brushed against the bar stool. Ryan wanted hard dick, and he wanted it bad.

He went into the men's room, smelling for the first time, really, the scent of a great accumulation of piss — too much to flush away completely. Part of it — the aroma, little droplets on the floor — lingered in the tiny room, and Ryan associated the odor with what he had now begun to crave: cock!

As soon as he had finished pissing, he zipped up and walked rapidly back out to the parking lot. He saw Frank's rig parked prominently across from the door, and made his way over to it.

Once Ryan climbed into the big rig, Frank immediately invited Ryan to climb in the sleeper with him.

It was a bit cramped but both managed to get undressed and lay down on the bed together. Ryan felt increasingly at ease despite his raging hard-on and his complete lack of knowledge about homosexual sex. Frank reached down and began to stroke Ryan's erection, and Ryan followed Frank's lead and reached between the trucker's legs and began stroking his hard cock. Their mutual stroking got both men going and they began turning and twisting on the bed, pressing their hard, naked bodies together in mounting urgency.

Frank remembered that their prior encounter had been Ryan's first time doing anything with a guy, and he remembered Ryan's reluctance to suck dick. But Frank could tell that this athletic jock of a stud was a born cocksucker, he just needed a push to get started that's all. And giving him that push was very important for what Frank had planned for Ryan. He decided he would need to take the lead and gently encourage the boy to suck his cock. And if that didn't work, he would become more forceful if need be. But Ryan surprised the trucker by his sudden willingness to take the lead in their sexual activity.

"I'm going to suck your cock this time," Ryan announced. "I'm going to take your hard cock in my mouth and suck it. Then I'm going to swallow your load." Verbalizing his intentions somehow helped him to get over his fear of becoming a cocksucker.

So, with caution, but also with determination, Ryan took the trucker's cock, hard and thick as it was, inside his mouth and began to lap gently at its large circumcised head. He worked his tongue around the lower edges of the knob to that supersensitive point just below the piss slit. Frank began to groan, quiver, and pant for breath; Ryan knew he must be doing something right despite his inexperience.

He began to experiment with the cock. He moved his tongue away because he didn't want the other man to cum just yet, and then he suddenly licked the erect shaft instead of sucking it. He tongued it from the head down to the hairy root.

Frank's big body stiffened and his hand dug deep into Ryan's shoulder. So Ryan tightened his lips around the dickhead once again and sucked harder. I'll never get all of it inside my mouth, let alone down my throat, he thought excitedly, sweating in a fever of mounting lust as he sucked. But I like it! No, I love it!

Frank squirmed and gasped. Feeling that the climactic moment was near, Ryan sucked the trucker with even greater intensity, thinking, Cum! Shoot it! Let me taste your hot load, and swallow it, too!

The trucker's hot liquid shot out against the roof of Ryan's mouth, and the excited boy tasted what he had never tasted before in his life; another man's sperm: hot, thick, salty, and undeniably male. Greedily, Ryan took it all. Finally he lay back with Frank and rested, the taste of cum still burning on his lips and tongue and throat.

"That felt great!" Frank panted.

"I liked doing it!"  Ryan blurted out.

Before long, Frank slid down toward Ryan's midsection. "I want to blow you, too, kid. God, I want to suck your big cock again so bad!" Then the trucker took Ryan's cock into his mouth and went to work.

Ryan's whole body took on the hot, sensual glow that only his dick felt when he masturbated. But now, with the hot-mouthed truck driver sucking his dick so eagerly, so hungrily, came the rush of almost painful sensation, which Ryan always felt just before ejaculating. Now it was ten times stronger than he had ever felt it before. Suddenly he reached down and jerked the trucker's head away. He seized his throbbing cock with his other hand.

"What's the matter, kid? Did I hurt you?"

"No, it felt almost too good. I want it to last longer."

"Oh. Well, I know how to keep a guy from cumming until I damned well want him to," Frank grinned up at Ryan, and then he bent down and unwrapped Ryan's hand from his cock, and then Ryan felt his hot meat recaptured by the trucker's wet mouth.

This time, Frank sucked him slowly and teasingly, repeatedly coaxing Ryan to the verge of orgasm. Then he backed off until the urgency in Ryan's loins subsided again. He kept it up until the fit, young, naked athlete was thrashing about wildly on the bed, almost hysterical with his need to unload.

"No more, man! No more! Do it! Let me cum! Jesus! Please make me cum! Oh please, make me cum!" Ryan babbled.

Grunting, the trucker increased his suction, and after a few moments of frenzied activity, groaning and writhing, Ryan shot off his wad into Frank's throat, almost choking the older man with the abundance of his sperm, its sheer quantity and thickness and youthful maleness.

A few moments later Ryan and the trucker maneuvered around in the cramped space and got dressed.

As they made their way out into the cab, Ryan noticed another rig now sitting next to Frank's, the trucker inside grinning knowingly at the pair. Ryan felt embarrassed and ashamed, but also aroused by the knowledge that the other trucker knew what Ryan had been doing back there.

"Hey, Bob, how's it hangin'?" Frank said to the other trucker through the open passenger window.

"It's not hangin' at all, my friend, it's pointing straight to the sky," Bob laughed. "How about you send that little cocksucker my way to take care of it for me?"

"Sure, I'll send him right over," Frank replied.

Ryan couldn't believe his ears and looked at Frank with wide eyes but said nothing.

"Well kid, I guess you've got another horny trucker's cock to take care of," This was just the start to what Frank had lined up for Ryan that night, why he needed him to suck and accept that he was a cocksucker before he left his rig. "I'll see you here again next week, same time," Frank said as he reached over Ryan and opened the passenger door of the big rig.

Ryan got out and Frank drove off leaving Ryan in the dust stirred up by the big rig's wheels. His first instinct was to run for his car and get the hell out of there, but instead he found that his feet were taking him over to the other rig, and then he was opening the door and climbing inside.

He had barely finished closing the door when the trucker's big hand went behind Ryan's head and pulled it to the big, hard cock that protruded from the trucker's jeans. Once the cock was in his mouth, Ryan's fear and uneasiness vanished and was replaced by pure excitement. He sucked the cock vigorously, enjoying every moment until the man grunted, held Ryan's head down on his cock and deposited his load into the young, newly initiated cocksucker's mouth.

When he removed his hand from Ryan's head, Ryan sat up, swallowing the rest of the trucker's load that lingered on his tongue, taking in deep breaths of air.

The trucker turned his head in Ryan's direction, but Ryan quickly realized he wasn't looking at him. "Hey Joe, need some servicing?" he called out the window.

Ryan turned his head and saw another rig a couple of spaces over.

"This little cocksucker ain't half bad… in a pinch anyway."

"Sure, send the slut over."

Ryan was both offended and humiliated by the way they were talking about him, the names they were calling him, but at the same time his eighteen-year-old cock was starting to rise again as he listened to them.

"You heard the man," the trucker said. "Better move that pretty ass. Joe's not a patient guy."

Ryan reached over and opened the door and then climbed out. Just like before, part of him wanted to head off running to his car, but he knew he wouldn't do that, and he made his way over to Joe's rig.

As he climbed in, the trucker started to undo his jeans, and he had his cock out by the time Ryan pulled the door of the big rig closed. The trucker grabbed Ryan behind the neck and pulled him towards his cock as he said, "C'mon, bitch, suck my dick."

Ryan went down on the new cock, his third in a row, and did the best he could. It wasn't as big as the last guy's, but the trucker kept his hand on the back of Ryan's neck and tried to push him all the way down onto his cock. And the novice cocksucker couldn't take it.

"How's he doing, Joe?"  Ryan heard someone say and recognized it as the voice of Bob.

"Eh, not the greatest cocksucker, but even a bad suck job is a good suck job," he laughed and Ryan heard Bob laughing, too, and then Bob started his rig and drove away.

Ryan felt totally humiliated again but his cock had never been harder. He reached down to his crotch to release it, but the trucker grabbed his wrist, hard, and yanked his hand away. "You're here for my cock, whore. Yours is irrelevant. It's all about mine and only mine, got it?"

"Yes," Ryan said around the man's cock.

The fear and uneasiness Ryan had felt earlier soon returned when the trucker suddenly pulled Ryan off his cock and grabbed him, quite literally yanking him out of his seat.  Ryan was athletic, but this trucker was a lot stronger than Ryan, too strong for Ryan to do anything.

Once he had Ryan pulled out of his seat, the trucker forcibly moved Ryan and put him on his knees on the passenger seat, Ryan's head by the open window of the door. He then reached under the young jock and undid his jeans and yanked them, along with his underwear. To keep his balance, Ryan instinctively put his hands on the bottom frame of the open window. It was then that he noticed another rig parked a few feet over, and the trucker was watching the scene in Joe's truck, his arm moving up and down.

It had all happened so fast, but as Ryan got over the surprise of the trucker's quick motions he spoke up and said, "I don't do that," having a pretty good idea what the trucker had in mind.

"You do now," the trucker said, slapping Ryan's ass.

Ryan lurched forward from the unexpectedness and sting of the slap, the top of his head going out the window. Unable to overpower the trucker, Ryan was scared. And then Ryan gasped. The trucker had stuck his tongue between Ryan's crack and was licking against his asshole. It felt incredible and Ryan shuddered and groaned. The trucker watching chuckled.

Just as Ryan was getting into it, the trucker removed his tongue, and then Ryan cried out as he felt a finger being pushed up his ass. "Ahh, please, I don't…"

"Shut the fuck up!" the trucker said and again slapped Ryan's bare ass, harder this time.

Ryan was really scared now. He had enjoyed sucking cock but he didn't like this at all. It hurt, even more so when the trucker put in another finger and soon a third. The trucker that was watching seemed to be enjoying Ryan's cries and the contorted look on his face.

Ryan was relieved when the trucker finally pulled his fingers from his ass, but that relief was short lived as the inevitable then happened: the trucker started to push his cock into Ryan's virgin asshole.

Ryan screamed out but the trucker paid no mind, just slapping Ryan's ass and encouraging him to take his cock like the whore he was as he pushed forward.

Despite his attitude, the trucker took his time inserting his cock into Ryan's ass, and Ryan was very thankful for that. But soon enough, the trucker was all the way in and then Ryan was getting fucked, slowly at first and then harder, and harder, and it hurt, and the big strong football jock began to sob.

It was almost unbearable, but then all of a sudden the pain turned to a pleasure Ryan had never experienced before. He still didn't understand why his buddies made such a big deal about pussy, but he now knew why those sluts were so willing to spread their legs for a stiff cock in their cunts. He even found himself pushing back on the thrusting cock now. He wasn't even touching his own cock but he started to cum anyway, and as his ass muscles convulsed around the hard dick inside him, the trucker climaxed deliriously into Ryan's ass.

As the trucker withdrew his spent cock and Ryan felt the air on his now gaping asshole, the trucker spoke, but not to Ryan. "Hey Dave. Need a hole to fuck tonight. This one's real tight!"

"Sure!" Ryan heard and he lifted his head to peer out the window to see the other trucker grinning.

"Ok, I'll send him over in just a sec." Then the trucker grabbed Ryan and pulled him upright and back a bit, his arm wrapped around Ryan's neck. "No one said you could cum, especially all over my seat," he growled slapping the young, hung jock's ass several times as he spoke. "Now you're gonna clean it up," he finished and then pushed  Ryan forward, pushed him down to his spilled load that sat on the seat, and actually pushed his nose in it like you do to a dog that had messed in the house.

Pulling his head back slightly, the trucker ordered Ryan to lap up his load. Ryan did as he was told, lapping and licking the puddle until the seat was only wet from his spit. It was the first time he had ever tasted his own cum.

After he had cleaned up his mess from the seat, the trucker said, "You best be getting that ass over to Dave's rig."

Ryan started to turn so that he could pull up his pants.

"Now, bitch!" the trucker said and slapped Ryan hard on the ass.

Still facing the door, Ryan reached for the handle, opened the door and then pulled his legs forward, carefully climbing out so as not to trip with his pants and underwear still pulled down past his knees.

When he got on the ground, he reached to close the door but the trucker reached over and pulled it closed instead. Then he started his rig and drove away, once again leaving Ryan in a cloud of dust.

Ryan reached up to his face and wiped his cum off the end of his nose and then licked his fingers without a thought.

With his jeans still down below his ass, Ryan bent to pull them up, and he felt some of the trucker's cum seep out of his ass and run down the inside of his leg.

"No sense in pulling them up," he heard the other trucker say as Ryan started to yank on his pants. "They're just gonna be coming off again in two seconds. Now get your ass up in my rig. I haven't had any action in over a week, not even from my own hand, and I need to empty my nuts in that hole of yours right now, boy."

Although he hadn't wanted to get fucked, had been scared, and it had hurt, it ended up feeling really good, and Ryan was kind of eager to try it again. He figured it wouldn't hurt this time since his ass was no longer virgin, freshly fucked and lubed with not only spit, but cum, too. And so he made his way over to the other rig, kind of shuffling his feet, his lowered pants restricting his movement.

When he got to the passenger door of the rig, he opened it and then quickly realized that he couldn't climb up with his pants down. Their position wouldn't allow him to lift his feet high enough, and he reached down to pull them up.

"Just take them right off, toss them in the cab," the trucker suggested, although it came across more like an order.

Ryan reached down and maneuvered one pant leg past his shoe and then did the same with the other. He then removed his underwear and tossed the two items of clothing to the floor of the cab. He then climbed up, again feeling more cum seeping out of his hole as he lifted his leg, took a seat and pulled the door closed.

Ryan assumed he'd be sucking this trucker's cock before he got fucked by him, but it quickly became apparent that Dave wasn't looking for any oral servicing, as he instructed Ryan to get in between the two seats, facing the back of the rig.

Ryan did as he was told and heard the trucker move from his seat and then heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. A hand landed between Ryan's shoulder blades and pushed him forward so that he was bent over. There was a black curtain behind the seats with an overlap in the center and Ryan's head went through it.

Seconds later he felt the trucker's cock at his hole. Opened up and lubed, the trucker started to slide in, easily. It didn't hurt, just as Ryan figured, at least not at first. Although, he hadn't even seen the trucker's cock, he could tell that it was quite a bit bigger than Bob's cock, and a bit thicker too. It felt like this trucker's cock was as big as Ryan's, and it did start to feel a little uncomfortable as it stretched him slightly wider and went deeper than Joe's cock before.

Ryan found it rather exciting getting fucked like that, with his head on one side of the curtain in darkness, and his ass up in the air on the other side illuminated by the truck stop's orange lighting, exposed to everyone via the windows. The fact that he hadn't even seen the cock that was now buried up inside his ass added to the excitement he felt.

Ryan adjusted to the large cock quite quickly and felt only pleasure as the trucker fucked him with a passion, using a tight hole and shooting his wad the only thing he cared about.
It didn't take the trucker long to cum. But then again Ryan's ass was tight and this trucker had said that he hadn't cum in over a week, so it wasn't really any surprise that he started blowing his seed up Ryan's ass as soon as he did, adding his load to the load from Joe that was already up his butt.
After depositing his load the trucker withdrew his quickly dwindling cock from Ryan's butt hole and said, "Thanks for the ride," as he slapped Ryan's ass. "I'll have to remember to thank Frank the next time I see him for telling me to be here tonight to use his cocksucker once he was done with him."

Ryan couldn't believe his ears. Frank had set the whole thing up. He had pimped him out! It really surprised him. Frank had been so nice and understanding, and these other three truckers had just used him as a piece of meat. At first Ryan was angry at Frank, but then he felt kind of grateful.

"Alright, I'm done with you. Get the fuck out of my rig," the trucker said.

Ryan, who hadn't been sure if he was supposed to stay in his position until told otherwise, pulled his head back through the curtain. As he turned himself around, he looked at the trucker, hoping to get a look at the cock that had been up his ass, but the trucker had put it back in his pants and was again seated in the driver's seat. Ryan was disappointed at first, but in a way he liked that he only got to feel and not ever see what was in his ass.

Ryan moved and sat in the passenger seat to put on his underwear and jeans, however, just as he was about to bend down to grab them, the trucker did the same as Frank and leaned over and opened the passenger door. Only this guy shoved Ryan, causing Ryan to start to fall out the door. Luckily for him he caught the door frame and managed to maneuver himself out and down safely. But he was still naked below the waist!

He felt so exposed, so vulnerable, so used, as he stood there with his cock, balls and ass exposed to the whole truck stop. Then he watched in horror as the trucker leaned over towards the passenger seat, and Ryan began to panic. No! He can't leave me here half naked! How will I get inside my house? How will I explain it to my parents? Plus I don't want my parents or my brother to see my dick! He wouldn't! Would he? Ryan thought.

But his panic was taken over by a sense of relief when, instead of reaching for the door, he saw the trucker reach down and pick up his clothing. Separating Ryan's underwear from his jeans, the trucker used them to wipe the cum off the seat that had leaked from Ryan's ass. Then he balled them up with Ryan's jeans and tossed them out the door, hitting Ryan right in the face.

Ryan caught his clothes and lowered them from his face to see the passenger door closing, and then the rig being started up. As the rig pulled away, Ryan found himself in a cloud of dust for the third time.

Waving his hand in front of his face and coughing, when the dust cleared Ryan saw a car across the lot with three guys about his age just getting out. Thankfully he didn't recognize them, but they saw him. His cock was still fully hard, and just as they looked some cum dripped out of his ass and hit the ground.

There were snickers and laughing and one guy was pointing. "I thought this was a truck stop, not a fuck stop."

There was laughter from the other two and then another one said, "Cocksucker!" and the three then headed off for the diner, still laughing and snickering.

Ryan quickly put on his underwear and then his jeans and started walking quickly, and then jogging to his car.

As he sat down he was reminded of all that had happened in the form of his sore, tender ass. Pretty quickly he felt wetness in his underwear as the two loads of cum up his ass began to leak out of him. And he smiled as he realized just how much he really liked how those men had just used him for their pleasure, the names they had called him, the way they had treated him like their bitch.

He even liked that those three young guys had seen him naked below the waist, seen his hard, horny cock sticking out, knowing it was sticking out because he was horny for cock, seen cum dripping out of his ass and had laughed at him, laughed knowing the handsome, muscular jock was a cocksucker men fucked.

But he was also smiling for another reason, for he now knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was a cocksucker. And, not only was he no longer afraid of that label, he was proud of it. He loved sucking cock, and, surprisingly, taking cock up his ass.

He also knew something else: There'd be no more fucking pussy in his future, for he now knew that he was the one with the 'pussy' to be fucked, and he'd definitely be returning to the Genesee Truck Stop as often as possible to offer up his mouth, and his ass, to any and all truckers who were interested in using his body to pleasure their cocks.

Maybe even tomorrow… he thought as he started his car. "Or maybe even right now…" he said out loud as he cut the engine, got out of his car and started walking towards the big rig that had just pulled in to the lot.

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