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Thursday, May 22, 2014

All Male True Experience: Into the Woods

By: SwallowUwhole
There's a particular set of woods on the outskirts of my hometown that were known for being a cruising spot. I used to walk them many times when I was younger. Recently I had gone back to that area and found the woods had changed very little. Thin paths twisted and turned through a maze of shrubs and trees that made for convenient hiding places and the illusion of privacy.

The sun was quickly sinking as I arrived at my old favorite spot: an opening with a heavy canopy of summer leaves which made almost a room-like effect. Off to one side a large rock made the perfect place to lean on while getting sucked, or fucked. By now there was barely enough light to see more than a few feet away, and f
rom the number of used condoms on the ground, it was clear the area was still active.
Within minutes I heard the rustling of leaves as someone walked a trail nearby. I could make out the silhouette of a short but muscular man coming into the area from the other side. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

When he saw me, he checked me out and then reached down and groped his crotch as he continued to walk towards me. By the time he got across the small open space to where I was standing I was dropping to my knees, leaving no doubt that I was there for the same reason as he was.

He pushed his stuffed denim crotch into my face without hesitation. He was already hard and growing at an impressive rate. I reached up to start undoing his belt, but he stopped me. The leaves were crunching once more as another person approached.

We both stood up and I moved a few feet back. Then a twenty-something guy in a red t-shirt and black basketball shorts emerged from the brush. He too was clearly ready for action judging by the bulge in his shorts. I dropped back down to my knees.

The guy in the black t-shirt moved to where I now knelt, undid his belt, and then pushed his jeans and underwear down past his hips, revealing a thick, averaged sized cock. I immediately pulled him close and wrapped my lips around it. He let out a soft moan as I sank my mouth down to his pubes.

The guy in the basketball shorts moved closer for a better view. As he did, he pulled his shorts down, exposing a long, thin cock. The other guy reached out his hand and started jerking him off, gently pulling him by it, bringing him closer.

I hadn't been sucking the muscular guy's cock for very long when I felt his hand on my head redirecting my mouth towards the younger guy's cock. I sank my mouth down on it and in no time at all his legs started to shake. As young as he was, I was afraid he was going to cum, so l pulled back and let his cock out of my mouth and went back to work on the other guy's dick. He responded with another moan as I swirled my tongue around the head of his prick.

As I licked on his head I started to stand up a bit so I could pull down my pants and work my cock with my free hand. But as soon as my pants were down he reached over my back and put his hand on my ass. His finger was slick with spit as he began to probe for my asshole. I moved a bit to encourage him while still sucking his cock.

His finger found my hole and slid in easily - I always make sure I'm clean and lubed before I go out cruising for sex. Once his finger slid in my ass he pulled his cock out of my mouth and positioned me so I was once again facing the younger guy and his large piece of hot flesh. I swallowed the big cock eagerly and then backed off to keep him from getting too excited.

Meanwhile, the other guy had moved behind me and lifted my ass so I was now bent over between them. I could feel the slickness of his spit as he lubed me up some more, and then the heat of his cock pressing against my hole as he prepared to enter me.

"You're gonna get spit roasted tonight, fucker," he said, as he pressed the head of his dick harder against my willing asshole.

It slid in with a measured resistance. He waited a few seconds before sliding himself in further. A sign of an experienced top man. My mouth was still full of the young guy's big cock, but I moaned approval as best I could.

"That's so fuckin' hot," the young guy said as he watched the other guy's cock go all the way up my ass.

The guy with his dick up my ass started pulling out and then plunged his cock back in my hole, and repeated this continuously, showing off for the young guy a bit, I think, as he pounded me fast and hard.

The young guy then grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face for all he was worth. Within a few seconds he blurted, "I'm really close, dude," his breath ragged.

"So am I, kid," the other guy said. He grabbed tighter onto my hips and picked up his pace even more as he edged towards climax.

With the twenty-something guy pounding my mouth and the muscle guy fucking the hell out of my ass, I grabbed the back of the young guy's legs to keep my balance. The backs of his knees were sticky with sweat, and his cock started to throb against my tonsils.

"Oh, oh, man! I'm cumming!" the young guy practically yelled as his cock exploded down my throat. I started choking from the amount of semen he was pumping into my mouth. I let off his cock while keeping my lips around the head so as not to miss a drop.

"Yeah, that's it!" the other guy said. I could feel his cock swelling in my ass. "That's it! Take that load you fuckin' whore!" And with that he dumped his load deep inside me.

As he kept pumping I could feel his cock ebbing, leaving its warm load up my hole, and my own cock shot a hot stream of cum onto the ground below me.

The guy up my ass pulled his cock out and quickly pulled up his underwear and jeans, then mumbled something as he re-buckled his belt and took off into the foliage. Clearly he was one of those guys that loses all interest as soon as he cums.

"Damn dude! That was fuckin' hot!" the twenty-something said pulling his shorts back up over his dwindling cock. "This is my first time down here. If I'd known it would be like this, I'd have come here a lot sooner. You've got a great mouth, man."

I thanked him and started to pull up my own pants. "I'd love to have that big dick of yours up my ass sometime," I said.

He smiled in the dim light and said, "See ya around," and then disappeared into the darkness.
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