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Monday, May 26, 2014

All Male Fiction: Stuart's Dad

By: xxxadamw & Ryan Michaels
Five years out of university and life was shaping up ok. I enjoyed my work, and living in the city gave me plenty of opportunities to get extra rations of cock. I would have liked a better apartment, but property was so expensive that even with my income I still struggled to find something I really liked.

Stuart needed a new roommate after his friend moved out to live with his girlfriend. We met through a mutual acquaintance a while before that, and that person let me know that he was looking for a roommate and let him know that I was looking for a place to share. I took a look at the place and liked it. It was far bigger (although still not huge) and nicer than anything I could afford on my own. I moved in a short while later.

With similar jobs and ages we got on well, even though he was straight and I was gay. In fact, Stuart was so cool with my being gay that he not only openly shared details about his sex life with me, he also had no problem hearing the details of mine, just like any two guys would do. When we first became roommates he even asked me questions, like how many guys I'd been with, and if I fucked or got fucked, just as I asked him how many girls he'd been with, if he'd ever fucked his girlfriend or any girl up the ass (he hadn't) and even if he has ever had a same sex experience or been curious. (He said he never has, but admitted he has been curious before.)

I had only been rooming with Stuart for a little over a month when Stuart's dad turned up on a Thursday evening begging to sleep on the couch. Apparently he'd had a blowout with Stuart's mom and she'd kicked him out, telling him not to come home until he was ready to apologize. Nick, as I would quickly find out, was not the type to apologize easily, and we suddenly found ourselves with an unofficial tenant.

Nick made himself right at home, eating our food, drinking our beer, commandeering the TV, and spending all his time in the apartment lounging in just his boxers.

I got home from work late on Friday evening, having gone out for dinner at a restaurant with some of my co-workers, which was then followed by drinks at a bar. The apartment was deserted. I remembered that Stuart had gone away overnight with his girlfriend to attend an out-of-town friend's wedding, and I didn't really care where Nick was. I enjoyed relaxing on my own, catching up on my 'Breaking Bad' boxed set.

Nick finally staggered in. He smelled of alcohol; but, an experienced drinker, he still seemed relatively lucid. He stripped down to his boxers before plonking himself beside me on the couch.

Grabbing the remote, Nick stopped my DVD without a thought or care that I was in the middle of watching something, and started channel surfing. He ended up watching football highlights. (Oh, what fun!) This started him off on maudlin reminiscences from his youth. I learned how he once fucked a girl behind a sports pavilion when playing Sunday league football... at half time!

I could see a growing presence in his boxer shorts as he told of his sexual exploit, which he casually groped a few times. Needless to say this grabbed my attention.

And Nick saw me looking.

"So, Stuart tells me you're a homo."

"I'm gay, yes," I replied.

"Bet you'd like to see what's under my boxers, wouldn't you?"

"What?! No!" I'd noticed his arousal, sure, but this was my roommate's dad. Hell, he was old enough to be my dad, and he was way too old for my tastes anyway. And he was married.

Nick started to openly massage his cock through his shorts, laughed and said, "I can tell you like what you see," and then he lifted his ass a bit and just yanked down his boxers.

Nick was truly blessed. His cock had to be eight inches in length and six inches around. It was uncut and the head was already oozing pre-cum.

As I stared, both in complete shock at was happening and in wonderment at its beauty, Nick reached over and grabbed my hand and brought it to his cock, causing my fingers to brush the tip. I pulled my hand back, but, never being one to resist a hard cock longing for attention, my thoughts about who he was, his age and his marital status began to fade and I let my hand travel back to his lap. I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and began to explore the interesting contours of his weapon.

"Blow me," Nick blurted. It was almost an order.

When I heard those words those other thoughts were no longer just fading, they were gone. I had a hard cock in front of me that needed to be sucked and in the heat of the moment that's all that mattered to me anymore. I didn't even hesitate. I just got up from the couch, kneeled in front of him and moved my head towards that big, hard cock.

My tongue started at the base, where I inhaled the manly odor of his bush before slowly venturing up the shaft. I could see the head of his cock glistening as my stimulation encouraged more of that translucent fluid to appear - my cue to engulf the cockhead with my moist mouth.

Nick began to flex his thighs, pumping his cock into my warm mouth, moaning as my tongue flicked around the head. I felt his rough hand on the back of my neck pushing me down on his member, and I enjoyed the rapturous response in Nick that my ministrations elicited.

I could sense his cock twitching, the cue for full scale contractions and a torrent of cum. I concentrated on the sensitive head while stroking the shaft with my hand and it wasn't long before I felt gushes of warm cum flooding my tongue.

I savored the taste of his semen for a few moments and then swallowed his seed, continuing to gently suckle the head while milking his shaft for every last bit of his load.

Once I had him drained, I headed for the bathroom to pick up a towel for him to use on his wet, sticky cock. But when I got back, Nick had already dozed off.

I moved to my bedroom, where I removed my clothes and then got in bed. Taking my stiff cock in my hand, I proceeded to beat off while reliving the events from the living room. Surprisingly, after I came and had relieved my own horniness, I didn't feel weird or guilty about what had happened at all. In fact, I fell asleep quite easily.

When I got up the next day, I took a shower and then headed out to the living room. Nick was still snoring on the couch. I had plans to meet friends for brunch and quietly left the apartment.

After brunch I went shopping with one of my female friends. We were out and about most of the day.

When I returned home Nick wasn't there. His stuff still was, though, so I knew he'd be back.

Having the place to myself, I decided to jerk off, right in the living room. One of the guys that had been at brunch with us was the boyfriend of one of my female friends. He was really hot and had worn a pair of jeans so tight they looked like they were painted on. And the sight of him, and the really big bulge in his tight jeans, had me horny as hell.
Just as I was about to undo my pants, a key rattled in the lock to the front door. I was going to pull my pants down and start pumping my cock in the hopes that when Nick walked in and saw that he would return the favor I gave him. I wasn't sure that he would, but if not, he'd most likely pull his out and tell me to blow him again. That was fine with me, too.

But just as I reached for the button of my pants, I heard a female voice and then a male voice. It was Stuart's voice, and seconds later the door opened and in walked Stuart and his girlfriend. I was glad I hadn't whipped my cock out already. That would have been embarrassing.

We made small talk, mainly them telling me all about the wedding, and then Nick came home. By then it was nearing the dinner hour. None of us felt like making anything so we ordered pizza.

Stuart and his girlfriend were tired from their trip and decided to just stay in and watch some movies. I wasn't a bar person, and having been out all day I was planning to stay home myself. Nick, on the other hand, enjoyed the bars – which I think was what the blowup with his wife was about – and he was soon gone again.

The three of us watched a couple of movies, and as the credits began to roll for the last one Stuart whispered something to his girlfriend. She smiled and nodded and then the two stood up.

"We're going to go hang out in my room for a bit," Stuart grinned at me, taking advantage of the fact that Nick was out to go and fuck.

I gave him a knowing smile back and the two left the living room. I flipped through some channels, stopping to watch here and there, but there was nothing on that interested me. It was late by that point anyway so I decided to go to bed.

When I walked into my bedroom, my ears were immediately filled with the sounds of Stuart pounding in and out of his girlfriend's pussy. The walls were thin and this wasn't the first time I had heard them fucking. I usually jerked off while I listened, and tonight would be no different. I would have jerked off before bed anyway, just like I always did, but I needed to for sure since I hadn't had the chance earlier. The sound effects were a nice bonus and made up for having to wait.

As I was sliding my hand up and down on my stiff meat, listening to Stuart fucking, I suddenly sensed I was being watched. Looking over to my door, which I leave open a bit as my room gets too warm in the summer with it closed, there, silhouetted in the moonlight that crept through the crack in the curtains, was a shadowy figure, a shadowy figure with one outstanding feature - a very stiff cock. It was Nick.

Nick made his way through the doorway, over to the side of my bed, and jutted his cock at me.

Without pause, I lifted myself up onto one elbow and swallowed his hard dick. It was so weird hearing Stuart fucking in the next room while I was sucking his dad's cock. Even weirder was the fact that Nick could hear his own son fucking as his son's male roommate blew him on the other side of the wall.

I hadn't been sucking off Nick for very long when I – or I guess we – heard Stuart grunting several times, obviously cumming. Then there was a few moments of silence which was followed by quiet, muffled voices. Then there was movement on the other side of the wall. A minute or so later we heard them come out of his room, and not long after that we heard the front door close as Stuart left with his girlfriend to drive her home.

Since they had no idea Nick had come home, the fact that he was nowhere to be seen was not a problem. They would have no clue that he was in my room, and as soon as they were gone it became obvious that Nick had more in mind than just another blowjob.

Withdrawing his cock from my mouth, he pulled me off the bed and very promptly bent me over the side of it and started exploring my ass. I could feel a finger poking my hole and his rigid cock pressing against my thigh.

I stopped him for a moment and stretched across the bed to grab my bottle of lube from underneath it and then returned to my bent over position. His breathing was insistent and needy as he slathered lube on my hole, and then I felt a stab of pain as, encouraged by the gift of lube, he forced two fingers up my ass.

Those fingers didn't stay in me for long, and then he was grabbing hold of his erection and directing it to my hole. Once the target had been found he started to slide it in, and I began to stroke my own cock as he inched it in more and more until his bone was buried to the hilt. He paused, savoring the tightness of my ass, and then he began to thrust in and out of me.

His cock penetrated deeper and deeper inside me as he aggressively picked up his pace. The stimulation of my prostate drove me wild. I thought I'd cum soon. Nick's animal like grunts suggested his climax was not far off.

Just then we heard the front door open and close and then heard someone who could only be Stuart go into Stuart's bedroom. And right at that exact moment I began to cum.

Nick put his hand over my mouth to stifle my moans, and then, with my ass muscles contracting on his dick, Nick began to liberate the cum from his balls, right up my ass, grunting as he gave me quick, short fucks with his exploding cock.
As we both recovered our breath, keys jangled and then Stuart was leaving again. He had obviously forgotten his car keys and had come back to get them.

As the front door closed, Nick pulled his deflating cock out of my ass and then walked across the room to the door and left. The entire encounter had taken place without a single word spoken.

I scooped up some of my cum that had sprayed on the side of the bed and tasted it, then, leaving the rest there, I climbed back in bed and drifted off to sleep with my ass full of Stuart's dad's semen and my room reeking of sweat, cum and sex.

Everyone slept late the next day, and it wasn't too long after we were all up that Stuart called his mom. It became obvious that Stuart felt his dad had overstayed his welcome, as he simply said that his dad had something to say to her, and then he passed the phone to Nick, leaving him no choice but to take it from him. Nick grumbled a half-hearted apology, and five minutes later he was heading home to his wife.

"I'm sorry that you had to put up with my dad for the last four days, especially when I wasn't even here part of that time."

"It's ok. I didn't mind having him… here," I said.

"At least he went out last night," Stuart said, then he laughed and continued, "It's a good thing, too. Last night I heard you with a guy in your room. You know it doesn't bother me, but I don't think my dad would have been too happy to hear you getting screwed by another guy, hearing him shooting his wad up your butt."

If he only knew just how happy his dad would be, how happy he was. "Or hearing you fucking your girlfriend and hearing you shoot your wad," I grinned. If he only knew that his dad heard just that.

"Yeah, it's a really good thing he wasn't around," Stuart laughed, and then he said, "Speaking of fucking, did you have a guy waiting outside or something?" He laughed some more and continued, "I was only gone long enough to go down to the parking garage and back up."

"What can I say, I got horny hearing you guys fucking and I called someone. He must have been coming up in the other elevator as you were going down." Of course it was a complete lie.

"You guy's certainly didn't waste any time getting right down to the main event," Stuart grinned.

"Sometimes you just need a good fuck and nothing more, know what I mean?"

"I hear ya. Tonight the girlfriend didn't even suck my dick, and I didn't eat her out, either. I just stuck it right in her as soon as we were naked."

"She didn't seem to mind. Sounded like she enjoyed it," I smiled.

"Yeah, you sounded like you enjoyed the cock you were taking, too."

"Oh, I did."




And that was just the type of casual conversations we often had when talking about sex we'd had, only this time he had no idea that the big cock I'd had up my ass and enjoyed so much was his dad's.

One month later…

>Knock< >Knock< >Knock>

"Your mother kicked me out again. Can I stay here for a few nights?"

"Sorry, dad, but I'm leaving tonight for a romantic weekend away with my girlfriend."

"That's ok, I'll be here," I volunteered.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Stuart asked me.

"I don't mind at all. I'd be happy to entertain your dad all weekend."

Stuart invited his dad in.

A short while later Stuart was at the door about to leave for his weekend away.
"Have fun, son," Nick said.

"Thanks. You guys try to have fun, too," Stuart said, looking at me almost apologetically as he said it.

"Don't worry, son," Nick said putting his arm around me. "By the time this weekend is over, a good time will have been had by all."
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