"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation."

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bisexual Fiction: Amber Alert

By: DoorX & Ryan Michaels
My girlfriend's name is Amber, which is kind of ironic as there is nothing cautious about her. All of her friends are well acquainted with her carefree, adventurous and often mischievous behavior and have come to use the phrase "Amber Alert" when they see her coming. These traits of hers are especially true when it comes to sex.

A prime example in that regard happened one night when she, I and a friend of mine named Drew returned to my dorm room after a party. We were all kind of drunk, and I could tell Amber was up to something. She usually gets quite mischievous when she's had a few.

"That sure was a fun party. But I don't think the fun has to end just yet," Amber giggled as she put some music on and then began to twirl around in my room.

Drew and I chuckled as we watched my girlfriend dance. Her demeanor slowly changed as she moved to the music. Her eyes smoldered at us as her lithe body undulated provocatively. She began to rub her firm tits while her slender hips bucked with the music.

Amber smiled impishly at me as she danced toward us. Her eyes locked on mine, she moved to Drew, mounted his leg and ground her crotch against it.

Drew looked at me quizzically, and I could only shrug my shoulders in reply.

Amber raised her arms over her head and arched her chest towards Drew's face, moaning softly as she rubbed against his leg. She then flashed a seductive grin at us, lifted herself off Drew and spun away.

"Ryan, what's going on here?" Drew breathed hotly as Amber began to writhe before us.

"I'm not sure, but just go with it," I replied.

Amber began to do a slow striptease for us. She looked coyly over her shoulder as she pulled her blouse off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She threw the garments back at us, the bra landing on Drew's head. She then turned around and faced us, her hands covering her tits. She raised her eyebrows and smiled playfully at us, then pulled her hands from her chest. She gave us a quick glimpse of her pert tits, then laughed and turned away again.

I could tell Amber was enjoying herself immensely. She was a bit of an exhibitionist and liked to dance for me. But stripping in front of my friend gave her an added thrill. It excited me as well. I loved Amber's body, but I also loved her spontaneous and kinky mind. I knew she was really dancing to entice Drew, and it turned me on knowing my friend was getting hot watching my girlfriend.

I didn't know how far Amber would go with this, but I was bound to find out. Her hips swayed from side to side as her erotic dance continued. Then she turned her back to us, bent over, and slowly shimmied out of her skirt. She kicked the skirt aside and, still bent over, tugged down her panties. They stuck momentarily in the wet crevice of her cunt, then slid down around her ankles. I heard Drew gasp as Amber's firm ass waved in the air at us, her swollen pussy-lips visible between her slender thighs.

Amber gave us a long look at her delectable ass, then turned and gave us a full view of her nubile body. She grinned sexily at us as we lustfully eyed her beautiful face, firm tits, slender waist, and finely-trimmed bush. She then sauntered over to Drew and sat down on his lap.

"Holy shit," Drew groaned as my girlfriend ground her bare snatch against his crotch. She took one of his fingers in her mouth and sucked on it seductively as she squirmed on his lap.

Amber gave my friend a lap dance worthy of the best Las Vegas stripper. She pulled Drew's hands to her tits as she continued to suck on his finger and buck against his crotch.

"Uh, Ryan, you don't mind Amber doing this?" Drew muttered as he instinctively thrust upwards toward Amber's grinding pussy.

"He doesn't mind," Amber cooed as she wriggled on my friend. "He loves me and will let me do anything, and do anything for me. Isn't that right, Ryan?"

I nodded my head. I really was pussy-whipped. Amber was the dominant one when it came to sex. She'd have me do some kinky and wild things, and I enjoyed submitting to her domineering wishes. She once tied me up, tormenting me by sucking my cock for almost an hour but not letting me cum. But when I did, it was amazing. I'd eat her pussy upon command, no matter where we were. One time she told me to eat her out in front of her roommate. Afterwards she had me masturbate in front of them. I was powerless to deny Amber anything, and we each got off on the dominating relationship.

I did feel kind of jealous seeing Amber bounce suggestively on my friend, but I was also enjoying it, and, more importantly, Amber was enjoying it. She wanted Drew and knew that I would not try to stop her.

"Mmm, I can feel your cock all big and hard against my pussy," Amber purred. She then reached down and began to unbuckle Drew's pants. "Let's see if your cock really is as big as the girls say."

We both gasped when Drew's cock sprang out. I had seen his cock in the dorm showers before, and it seemed pretty big soft, around six inches. But now that it was hard, I was amazed at how enormous it was. His cock must have been ten inches long and as thick as my wrist.

"Oh wow," Amber breathed excitedly. "Look at how huge his cock is, Ryan! Take yours out so I can compare."

I reluctantly undid my pants and pulled out my cock. It was already hard from watching Amber. Drew's huge piece of meat overshadowed my average-sized penis, making it look so much smaller than it actually was.

Like a girl in a candy store, Amber played with both of our cocks. "Ryan, you know I've always enjoyed your cock, but look at how much bigger Drew's is. I can barely fit my fingers around it," she said giddily as she tugged my hard dick and gave long strokes to Drew's much longer shaft. Then she took her hand off my dick and placed it beside her other on Drew's cock. "Look, Ryan, it's so big that even both of my hands don't cover the entire shaft!"

All I could do was stand there and watch as my girlfriend ignored my average member and obsessed over Drew's enormous tool. Again, I was jealous, but also very aroused.

"I need to taste your cock," Amber said to Drew. "Then I want to feel this huge pole up my cunt."

Drew looked at me and said, "Ryan, I won't do this if you don't want me to."

"He wants you to," Amber interjected. "He likes me to enjoy myself. Ryan, you know you'd love to watch this monster disappear up my cunt."

I looked at my girlfriend's hands pumping Drew's massive erection and nodded, then vocalized my answer. "Yeah, I would."

"You sure?" Drew asked me.

"He's sure," Amber giggled. "And while I'm sucking your cock he's going to eat my pussy and get it all ready for you to fuck me, right Ryan?" she said flatly.

"Right," I said.

Amber giggled again and then said, "I want you both naked. Stand up and strip for me."

As Drew and I got up and began to undress next to each other, Amber sat back on the couch with her legs spread and played with her pussy as she watched us removing our clothes.

When we were both naked, she directed Drew to step up onto the couch and stand next to her, and directed me to get down on my knees between her legs. She then gripped his raging hard-on, licked her lips at the prospect of sucking the big cock and said, "Let's see how much of this I can fit in my mouth."

As she guided Drew's enormous prick toward her face her eyes closed in rapture, and I watched as she spread her lips around his bloated knob and lowered her mouth. Her lips were stretched in a wide "O" as she accepted barely a third of his massive tool, and then she reached out and put her hand on my head, pushing it down towards her pussy.

Drew moaned as my girlfriend slurped noisily on his prick, and I glanced up to take a look, seeing my girlfriend's mouth clamped around Drew's fat stalk, his huge cock bulging from her wide-spread mouth, her head bobbing as far up and down as she could.

My eyes became transfixed at the sight as I continued to lick her pussy. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked wetly on his fat, veiny shaft. Her tongue swirled around the bulbous head of his penis, lapping at the oozing pre-cum, then flickered down his meaty shaft. She pressed her mouth to the underside of his bloated pole and sucked. Her lips then flitted further down his elongated member to his enormous balls.

"Drew, your balls are absolutely huge. I bet you cum a lot," Amber chirped as she lashed his golf-ball sized orbs with her tongue.

"If you keep that up, you'll find out soon enough," Drew groaned.

"Oh, I'd love to gulp down your cum. But I need your big cock inside me," Amber panted.

She gave his gleaming shaft one last lick, then got off the couch and down onto the floor on all fours, leaving me on my knees with Drew's suddenly abandoned, wet cock right in my line of sight.

"Fuck me like I've only dreamed about, you stud."

Drew looked at me once again for approval.

"Go ahead, Drew. Give it to her," I said.

"Yes, give it to me. Give it to me good," Amber rasped hotly, raising her ass in invitation.
Drew stepped down from the couch, his mammoth cock wobbling obscenely between his legs, and I stood up and moved to watch as he got behind my lust-crazed girlfriend and mounted her.

Standing beside her, I slowly started to stroke my own throbbing dick as I watched Drew grab his cock and rub the head of it up and down Amber's slit. Then I let go of my dick and reached out and spread her ass next to her cunt. Drew pushed forward and I watched the head of his dick slip inside my girlfriend's pussy. Both he and she moaned.

Drew started to insert his cock slowly and Amber turned her head and smiled at me as my friend's cock penetrated her. I returned my hand to my dick and watched as inch after inch of Drew's long cock started to disappear up her pussy. Then the look on her face changed and I could tell from Amber's pained expression that he was doing some stretching of her tiny cunt. But her grimace soon turned to a mask of perverse pleasure as Drew filled her tight pussy to the root with his horse-meat.

"God, it's so big!" Amber moaned as she skewered herself on Drew's immense cock.

I began to stroke my dick a little faster, just from hearing her say that, oddly turned on in knowing that my friend's cock was deeper than mine could ever go and was stretching her wider than my dick had ever stretched her.

Drew obviously loved her snug, wet pussy, and Amber seemed delirious with passion from his humongous spike. Her breath came in halting gasps and she mewled nonstop as Drew pounded into her. His heavy balls slapped against her splayed slit and his pelvis smacked her upturned ass cheeks as he crammed her full again and again with his oversized dick. And Amber bucked back mindlessly against him, desperate to have his giant prick buried deep inside her.

"Ryan, come over in front of me so I can suck your dick while your friend fucks me," Amber said.

I didn't need to be told twice, and I quickly scampered in front of Amber and guided my erection toward her opened mouth and fed her my steely rod. She immediately began to bob on my hard offering, while I placed my hand on her head and looked over her body and watched Drew's cock thrust in and out of her juicy cunt as she sucked me.

I had never seen Amber so turned on before. She moaned and writhed with delight as her mouth and cunt were fucked by me and my friend. She was acting like a woman possessed, moaning and slurping and gyrating wildly. She had told me of her fantasies about getting gangbanged, but this was the first time she was with more than one guy at once. And Drew's cock was much bigger than she had ever had inside her tight little hole before.

Amber rocked back and forth between us, captured like a pig on a stick on our two hard prongs. Each time Drew pumped his over-sized pole into her squishy pussy, she was thrown forward onto my throbbing cock, her mouth sliding down my shaft. She would then buck back against Drew and resume the perpetual fucking motion. There was only so long I could contain my passion, but I could tell that both Amber and Drew were as excited as me.

"Ryan, I've never fucked a pussy so tight or a girl so hot," Drew groaned as he held onto my girlfriend's slender hips and thrust his extra-large penis hard and deep into her willing cunt as he watched her head bobbing on my cock. "I don't think I can hold out much longer!"

"I'm about there, too, Drew. Cum inside her," I panted as I pumped my own pulsating organ between her suckling lips.



"Shit! I'm gonna cum!" Drew groaned and then he fucked into Amber hard a few times, and then withdrew his cock until just the head remained inside her and he grunted and trembled slightly as he came in her cunt. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh! Ah! Ah! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Mmm!" Amber squealed. Her mouth slid off my cock and she shrieked, "Oh, I can feel it! Your load going in my cunt is making me cum! I'm cumming! Cumming soooo gooood!"

Her moans were then silenced as I stuffed my aching cock back into her mouth and erupted. My balls contracted and I spewed jet after jet of creamy sperm all over her tongue. Amber sucked and gulped down my copious torrent of semen while her body continued to writhe in the throes of her orgasm. When I finally stopped shooting, I had to pry my sated cock from her mouth.

Amber flipped herself over onto her ass and sat dazed on the floor for a moment, Drew's cum-load oozing out of her, filling her slit. She licked a sticky white strand of my cum from her lips, smiled at us radiantly and purred, "That sure was fun. My pussy is sore as hell, but I'm glad I was able to sample your giant cock, Drew."

"Me, too," Drew replied, his large, wet prick starting to droop to half-mast.

"You liked seeing me get fucked by your friend's big cock, too, didn't you?" she smiled up at me.

"Yeah, for sure, so long as you continue to like my dick."

Amber toyed with my limp meat and cooed, "Oh, I will. But there is still something else I want Drew to do for me."

"What's that?" Drew asked.

Amber spread her legs a bit more, looked up at Drew smiling and said, "I want you to lick my pussy."

Drew's face dropped and he pointed at her cunt, "But I just… came in you!"

"I know, and now I want you to clean it up for me," she cooed. "C'mon, you can't tell me you've never tasted your own cum."

Drew blushed and we both knew that he had.

"C'mon, clean my pussy, please."

"I dunno."

"Ryan does it all the time and he loves it," Amber volunteered.

Drew looked at me like he couldn't believe it, but at the same time his cock began to rise back to full attention.

"Once you do it, it's actually kind of hot," I said, not feeling the least bit embarrassed that Amber had revealed the fact that I liked to eat my own cum to my friend.

Drew looked from me to Amber's spread, cum-filled pussy. "Well… ok, I guess I could try it," he said and then slowly got down on his knees between Amber's legs.

Lying down on his stomach he moved his head to her pussy and then tentatively stuck out his tongue. He let the tip lightly flick over the surface of his load and then pulled his head back slightly, tasted it, looked at her cunt and then leaned his head in and flicked his tongue again. This time, though, he kept flicking his tongue, eating his own cum, until he was licking her clean.

My own dick started to rise watching my buddy eat his own cum from my girlfriend's snatch, and when he had finished and kept eating her pussy, hungrily, I was rock hard right away.

When he finally pulled his head out her lap, Amber looked over at me and said, "And now there's something I'd like you to do for me."

"Oh?" I asked curiously. I thought our lusty game was over for now, but again I underestimated Amber's kinkiness.

Amber smiled impishly at me and said, "I'd like you to experience what I did. I want to see you suck Drew's cock."

I looked at Drew's cock, which was dwindling again, and then looked at her uncertainly. As I said, since Amber and I have been together, she's managed to open me up to her kinky ways. But tying me up, eating her out and masturbating in front of her friend was only just the start of things to come. Since then she'd had me suck her cock-shaped dildo, and she'd even convinced me to let her insert it in my ass.

She'd managed to convince me by telling me all about the "A-spot," a place in a man's ass (his prostate) that would give him an intense orgasm like women have when a man manages to find their G-spot. It still took some convincing but eventually I let her try it and, although it had hurt the first time going in, it soon turned into this amazing feeling, and I did have the most amazing, intense orgasm of my life.

After that I was more easily convinced to try it again, and next time she used her vibrator in my ass. Wow that felt great! Every once in a while she'd use her dildo or vibrator on me when we had sex, and then she bought a strap-on. That gets brought out a couple of times a month and I do find it quite enjoyable, but there's a big difference between using dildos in our sex play together and playing with an actual cock.
"What?!" Drew gasped in response to her request. "But he's my friend."

It immediately struck me as odd that his first reaction was that I was his friend, not that she was asking him to let another guy suck his cock. And, for me, the more I thought about what she wanted me to do, the more I was coming around to wanting to try it.

"Well, who better than a friend to suck your cock," Amber grinned at him. "How about it, Drew. Will you do it, for me?"

Drew looked at her and then he looked at me. I knew he ordinarily wouldn't go along with something like this, but like the two of us, he was under the influence of alcohol and, like me, seemed to be under Amber's spell, willing to do anything she wanted.

When his eyes traveled down to my cock, and he said, "I don't know. I'm not sure that I can cum again so soon," and his own cock started to rise again, I could tell that he was wavering on the edge of saying yes. He'd just need a little more convincing, and Amber was great at convincing guys to do things they might not normally ever consider doing.

Amber reached out and stroked his long cock and chirped, "I bet a stud like you can do it four times a night. Besides, even if you can't cum again, you can still get sucked."

"I don’t know…"

"Your cock got hard when I told Ryan what I wanted him to do," she said tugging on his stiff meat. "Just try it, and if you don't like it, I'll finish you off."

"So why don't you just blow me?"

Amber laughed. "No, I meant I'd finish you off with my hand. You'd much rather have a blowjob, though, wouldn't you?"


"Well, you can, but only from Ryan. So, what's it going to be, stud, hand job or blowjob?"

Drew pondered her words for a moment and then said, "Ah what the hell, I'm drunk. And you're only young once," and then he looked at me and said, "Yeah, ok, do it. I mean, if you want to."

I never would have even thought about blowing another guy before that night, but now I was no longer just coming around to the idea, I was there, aroused by the thought of trying it, ready and willing to do it. It might have been the booze, but I think it had much more to do with Amber. No, I knew it did. She didn't just have a way of convincing a guy to try stuff like this for her, she also had this strange power over guys to get them to the point of being so turned on by the idea that they wanted to do it, for themselves.

"I've never done anything with another guy before, but, yeah, I'm willing to give it a try… for Amber," I said. "Like you said, we're drunk, right?" I finished, trying to put the nervous-looking Drew more at ease with the idea.

"Right," Drew said. "It's not like we like dudes. We're just doing it for your girl, only because we're drunk."

"Yeah," I went along.

"Yay!" Amber grinned and then she got to her feet. Grabbing Drew's cock again, she led him to the couch and he sat down, then she turned and, smiling at me, waved her hand, motioning me to come over as well.

As I came to stand in front of Drew, Amber put her hand on my shoulder and pushed on it. I let myself fall to my knees, Drew's big hard cock inches from my face now. I just stared at it, nervous, scared, but still excited by the idea of trying it. It was now just a matter of actually making myself bend over and taking it in my mouth.

"Go ahead, Ryan, don't be shy. Just open your mouth and slide it over your friend's huge cock," Amber encouraged, a bit of dominance in her tone.

My eyes remained glued to the sight of Drew's horse-like organ, sticking straight up between his muscular thighs, and after a nudge from Amber, still trying to get up the nerve, instead of leaning over to suck it, I reached out and grasped the monster dick in my hand. It felt warm, hard as steel, and so big, the sheer size of it, length and width, making it feel so much different than my own felt in my hand. I held it for a moment and then gave it a squeeze, and then I moved my hand on it. Again, it felt so different stroking it compared to my own. There was so much more shaft to move my hand up and down on.

"C'mon Ryan, put it in your mouth. Suck it!" Amber said, her voice full of excitement, impatience, and that dominating tone as well. "You know you want to. Do it, suck his cock!"

Amber's confident demands gave me the final push I needed and I removed my hand and started to lower my head to my friend's lap, opening my mouth as I got closer to his cock.

Drew wrapped his fist around his cock and pointed it at my approaching mouth, and I let the head enter and then closed my lips around it, accepting what was offered to me. Drew let out a soft moan and Amber started to rub her clit as she took in the sight of her boyfriend with a real cock in his mouth.

The head of Drew's cock filled my mouth. I didn't know how I would fit any more, but I lowered my mouth a bit, taking about an inch of his shaft inside. I could taste my girlfriend's dried pussy juices on Drew's cock. Just knowing that my friend had had his dick in my girlfriend's pussy and now I was tasting her on his cock really started to turn me on, a lot!

With new found arousal, I pushed my head down even more, taking in as much as I could, and my mouth was soon crammed full with the first few fat inches of my friend's large cock.

Drew groaned and then said, "Play with my balls! Play with my balls while you suck me, buddy!" his voice full of arousal.

Without hesitating I reached down and traced my fingers along his low-hanging sac, and then I took his bag in my hand and gently squeezed his big balls, amazed at their size. No wonder there had been so much cum after he shot his load in Amber's pussy. I wondered if he'd shoot as big a load when I made him cum again… wait… What if he came in my mouth? Was he going to warn me so I could pull off? Did I even want to pull off?

I pulled my mouth off of Drew's gigantic pole, held it with my hand, and gazed at it with awe and wonder. I then looked over and saw Amber smiling devilishly at me as she fingered herself. She then removed her fingers from her cunt, leaned forward and swirled her tongue around his engorged fuck-knob, then directed my head back to his hard pillar.

I traced my tongue up and down Drew's thick shaft, tasting more of my girlfriend's pussy juices. I then took him back in my mouth, sucking my friend's cock like a boy with a Popsicle on a hot summer day, amazed at how turned on I was blowing another guy.

More relaxed with what I was doing now, I went down further on his meat and amazed myself at how much of it I was taking. Although, I guess I shouldn't have been all that surprised. I didn't have much of a gag reflex. I knew this because when I brushed my teeth I could put the toothbrush all the way to the back of my tongue, to the back of my throat, and I didn't gag at all.

With more of his cock in my mouth now I began to slide my mouth up and down on it, making loud slurping sounds, taking more and more on each downward suck.

"Oh, yes! That's it, suck that big cock, my little cocksucker," Amber cooed, and I could see that her finger-fucking picked up speed as she said it. "I told you you'd like it. You do like Drew's cock, don't you? Of course you do. Such a big, thick cock! So much bigger than yours," she breathed.

"Mmm," I moaned as I continued to suck on the throbbing mass in my mouth, both as an affirmative response to her questions as well as being turned on by her raving about how big he was. For some reason hearing her call me a cocksucker turned me on, and the remark that his cock was so much bigger than mine particularly aroused me, especially hearing it while his much bigger cock was stuffed in my mouth.

Drew's hand moved towards Amber as she kneeled beside me watching close-up as I sucked cock. His fingers brushed her arm and he said, "Come sit on my face. Let me eat that pussy while your boyfriend sucks my cock."

Amber got up and climbed up onto the couch and straddled Drew's body. Moving up near his face, she bent over and put her hands on the back of the couch. Drew leaned his head back and put his hands on her thighs and lifted her back end up slightly. I watched as his tongue came out and began to flick against her clit. It was so fucking hot seeing this and I reached down and grabbed my own dick, stroking it, getting off on watching my friend licking my girlfriend's snatch while my mouth full of his cock.

Amber didn't stay on Drew's tongue for very long. Perhaps she was uncomfortable in the position she was in, or maybe Drew's tongue was doing too good a job and she couldn't take it anymore. He did seem to be quite skilled at it, better than me, and I was no amateur. Regardless, she put an end to the tongue lashing and got off the couch.

Amber moved behind me, and I felt her hands on my ass. She then spread my ass cheeks and began to lick my asshole. Amber had done this to me many times, and I to her. Usually she did it to me before she used her dildo, vibrator or strap-on on me. And every time she did it, her tongue made me squirm with delight.

As my girlfriend circled around my rosebud, rimming my hole slowly, she reached her hand underneath me, pushed my hand off my cock and wrapped hers around it, pulling on my engorged, throbbing member as she tongue-fucked my asshole.

The sensations from Amber's slithering tongue on my hole had me moaning around Drew's cock like a bitch in heat. The "humming" must have felt good because Drew's quiet, intermittent moans got a bit louder and closer together. And then, in my frenzied state, I began moving my ass up and down on Amber's tongue, and my mouth went down on Drew even more, taking him deeper, and deeper, until I had more than half of his large cock down my throat.

This surprised me, and Drew even more. "Oh fuck!" he exclaimed, thrusting his hips slightly and putting his hand on my head, pushing another inch or more of his huge fuck-stick down my throat.

After a few moments he removed his hand and I pulled off his cock and took a breath of air, then I went right back down on him, sucking him like crazy.

Suddenly Amber's tongue left my asshole and I moaned in displeasure. "Ryan, I think you've sucked Drew's cock enough. Now I want to see him fuck you up the ass," she said hotly.

I wasn't too sure I wanted to take things that far, and I was about to express my reluctance to the idea, but Drew spoke first. Rather than vocalizing his opposition to the idea as I expected he would, instead he just casually said, "I'd rather fuck you again."

"That could be a possibility. But the only way you will get to put that," she said pointing at Drew's cock, "in here again," she said pointing at her pussy, "is if you fuck my boyfriend in the ass first."

"Letting a guy blow me is one thing, but…"

"I bet you've wanted to fuck a girl in the ass and they've all said no, right?"

Drew nodded.

"Well, here's your chance to do it. Ryan doesn't mind letting you fuck him, do you Ryan?"

Still on my knees in front of Drew, I stared at my friend's huge dick and pointed, "There's no way that will fit inside me."

"Sure it will," Amber replied. "You take my dildo in your ass no problem."

I saw Drew look at me after hearing this detail of my sex life, and this time I felt embarrassed by Amber's sharing of something that intimate about me with my friend. Even so, I voiced my opinion. "But that," I said pointing at Drew's fat cock, "is a lot bigger around than your dildo!"

"It'll fit," Amber said. "Your hole will stretch to accommodate it just like it does for my dildo. Come on, Ryan, for me? Please? It would make me so happy, and you know you'll like it. You like a dick-shaped dildo in your butt. This will feel similar, but way better because it's a real, warm, flesh and blood cock!"

"I-I guess I could try," I said still unsure that I could take it, or if I even wanted to.

Amber smiled and then moved her eyes to Drew. "So, Drew, will you fuck him for me?"

"Like I said, letting a guy suck me is one thing…"

"Tell you what," Amber said getting to her feet and moving over to my nightstand. "I'll fuck him first," she said as she opened the drawer and pulled out her strap-on. "That'll loosen him up a bit for your big cock, and you can watch and then decide if you want to fuck him too, ok?"

"O-ok," Drew said looking at the strap-on in wonderment.

Amber smiled happily hearing Drew's response and then went about putting on the strap-on harness. She kept her dildo and vibrator in her dorm room, but since I was lucky enough to have a single room and she only used the strap-on on me in my dorm room, she kept it there.

Once she had herself strapped in, she reached into the drawer and pulled out the bottle of lube I kept there just for this purpose. Opening the cap, she drizzled a copious amount of lube onto the six inch, cock-shaped dildo that was attached to the harness. Then she began to stroke the fake cock between her legs as she distributed the lube, a strange sight every time I saw it, yet hot, too.

"Lean your upper body onto the couch," Amber said as she moved behind me, "And get that ass up in the air, spread your legs."

Drew stood up and I then did as she said, and leaned my upper body down to the couch, stuck my ass up a bit, and spread my knees apart. My ass crack parted, her fingers, covered with lube, swiped across my asshole, and then a finger went up my butt, and I groaned.

Amber giggled. "See, he likes it already," she said to Drew, who was standing to my side, watching her preparing my ass.

Amber applied more lube to additional fingers, three in total, and finger-fucked me as my male friend watched on. Then she pulled her fingers out and I rested my head on my hands and waited for the perverse sodomy.

The head of the dildo went against my lubed and readied hole just seconds later. The head slid in and then Amber continued to slowly insert the dildo inch by inch until I felt the straps and buckles of the harness against my ass.

Amber slowly pulled the dildo back out of my ass all the way to the head and then pushed it back in. She then withdrew it again and pushed it back in, fucking me not slowly, but not too hard either.

After a few pumps in and out of my ass, my head still resting in my arms, I moaned. It was involuntary. I didn't want to moan from getting fucked by a strap-on in front of Drew. But I couldn't help it. It did feel good, just as it always did.

I lifted my head and looked to the side to see how Drew was reacting to what he was witnessing. His eyes were focused on the dildo as it fucked in and out of my ass, and he was lazily playing with his cock, which was only semi-erect.

"See, there's nothing to it," Amber said to Drew. "You wanna try it?"

"I'm still not sure," Drew replied.

"Tell you what," Amber said, withdrawing the dildo from my ass and then standing up. "Why don't you try fucking him with this, first," she suggested and then I heard the sounds of the strap-on harness being unfastened.

"How can I use that?" Drew asked. "I have a cock between my legs."

"You sure do!" Amber said, and, with my head still turned to the side looking in Drew's direction, I watched as Amber moved over and behind him.

Amber reached around Drew, her tits pressing into his back, and lifted his cock up against his stomach. "Put your finger under the head and hold it up like this," Amber instructed.

Drew did what she said and then Amber reached back around him with the harness in her hand and placed it in front of his crotch. She then fastened it to him.

"There, you see," she said. "You're wearing it no problem, even though you have a cock."

Drew removed his finger, his cockhead and some of his shaft held in place and poking out above the harness, and looked down at the fake six inch cock now sticking out from his body where his much larger ten inch cock usually protruded.

"Well, go on, fuck him," Amber urged, giving him a playful slap on his ass.

Drew looked uneasy, but nonetheless he moved over to where I lay bent over the couch, and I raised my ass back up and offered it to my friend as he stood behind me.

Drew knelt down between my legs and then shuffled on his knees until the head of the dildo touched against my asshole. He hesitated for a moment, but, after some urging from Amber, he pushed forward, and kept pushing forward, slowly, and then, when he had half of it in my ass, he pushed the remaining three inches in all at once.

"Umph!" I groaned from the suddenness of it.

Drew paid no mind and just started to back out and then shoved it back in. He started fucking me quite slowly at first, but after about five thrusts he began to go faster… and then faster.

"Uh! Oh! Yeah! Fuck me!" I heard myself saying.

Amber giggled. "See, he loves it. Fuck him Drew, fuck his ass!"

Drew started fucking me even faster, harder.

"So hot!" Amber moaned. "You like it, too, Drew?"

"Yeah!" Drew panted.

"Wanna try fucking his ass with your real cock instead?"

"Yeah! Oh, fuck yeah!" Drew said right away, but kept thrusting the dildo in and out, and I wasn't sure if he was answering her question or just getting off on what he was doing.

But after a few more thrusts he pulled the dildo out of me. "How do you get this thing off?" he asked.

"Here, let me," Amber replied and then went about unhitching him from the harness.

He was still behind me, and the second Amber had the harness off him I felt the head of his cock at my hole. Drew was hard now, rock hard, and he just shoved the head inside me.

"Oh fuck!" I cried out, my body lurching forward into the couch. "You gotta lube your dick before you try to put it in me," I said.

"Oh," Drew said and then I heard him, or Amber, applying lubricant to his cock.

I felt the now wet head of his prick against my asshole again and he slipped it back inside. This time it went in much easier. But then he kept pushing, trying to just push all of his ten inches inside me.

"Fuck!" I cried out again. "Take it easy, Drew. You're much bigger than the dildo, and that's the biggest thing that's been up there. You gotta put it in slowly, a bit at a time, and let me get used to it along the way."

"Oh, ok," Drew said. "Sorry. It's not like I've done this before."

"Here, let me help," Amber said and then knelt by my ass, facing Drew, and spread my ass cheeks apart.

Drew then pushed a bit of his cock in, and then waited. "Like that?" he asked.

"Yeah, like that," I groaned, my ass already stretched wider than it had ever been.

I tried to relax as Drew pushed a bit more of his cock into me, but that's no easy task when someone's trying to stuff a baseball bat up your ass, and my hole clamped down around his cock. It felt as though it just wasn't possible for something so thick to enter a hole so small. I now knew how Amber must have felt taking such a big cock in her tight little hole, for now I was the one with the tight little hole being stretched by the huge cock.

"I can't get it in; he's too tight," Drew said.

"Keep trying, Drew," Amber said. "You sure are big, but I bet Ryan can take it."

Drew pushed again and I bit my lip in pain as my hole slowly stretched and more of Drew's fat cock managed to slip into me. It felt like my tender asshole was being ripped apart, but I knew Amber wouldn't be happy until I was fully impaled by my friend's enormous spike. I put my head back into my arms and closed my eyes as Drew slowly stuffed a few more thick inches of his manhood up my tight hole.

Her hands still gripping my ass cheeks and her face pressed close to the anal intrusion, Amber murmured, "That looks so hot. Ryan! Do you like it?"

I looked over my shoulder and panted, "It hurts so much, but I'll take it if you want me to."

"I do!" Amber said.

"Ok, keep going, Drew. But go slow."

Amber giggled, "You heard him, Drew. Give your friend every inch of that great big cock of yours."

My anal walls expanded around Drew's delving pole as his enormous shaft insinuated itself deeper and deeper inside me. The pain was still overwhelming, but an odd pleasure began to spread from my over-stretched hole. And after what seemed an eternity, Drew's big balls came to rest against my upturned ass. The blunt head of his monster cock nudged my guts and his thick dick filled my ravaged hole to the brim. I moaned softly from the obscene pleasure of being utterly stuffed with fuck-meat.

Drew kept his immense tool buried to the hilt, then slowly pulled out, leaving a vacuum deep inside my pit. It felt like my intestines would be sucked out from my splayed asshole as a sense of emptiness took the place of where his giant cock had been. But when he had only the head of his mighty penis wedged between my tautly-stretched asshole, he thrust forward again. I moaned again as I relished in the feeling of being filled again with Drew's large manhood.

The pain lessened the longer Drew fucked me. His cock, slick with lube, slid smoothly in and out now. My asshole was still expanding almost to the point of breaking, but I was so turned on from the kinky situation that I looked forward to the next delicious cock-lunge. I was soon bucking back at Drew as he thrust into me, skewering my tight asshole on his massive pole.

"That's how it feels to have a real man inside you," Amber cooed as she watched me getting fucked by my well-hung friend.

"Unnnnh, fuck... fuck me Drew!" I squealed mindlessly as I humped backwards toward my friend. His balls slapped against mine as he plowed into me.

Through my lust-crazed fog I could hear Amber giggle. I knew she was getting off seeing me emasculated. But I was getting off too. By accepting Amber's sordid commands, I was able to let myself go and enjoy something new. My entire asshole tingled and spasmed around Drew's horse-cock as I writhed in pleasure from my first ass fuck by an actual cock.

Encouraged by Amber's cheers and my wild gyrations, Drew began to increase the tempo of his thrusts. He rammed his steely pipe up my splayed hole, causing me to squirm and moan in tormented delight. I wasn't sure how much longer I could withstand this act of sodomy, the pleasure and pain making my head spin.

"Fuck him, Drew. Fuck that tight little asshole of his," Amber said huskily.

I looked at her through half-closed eyes and saw her fingering her wet cunt while her face remained close to my abused ass. I then lowered my head back to my arms and eagerly accepted my friend's constant assault on my hole.

I moaned with unexpected pleasure when I felt Amber wrap her delicate fingers around my throbbing erection. She pumped my raging prick once, and I shot off immediately. She laughed with glee and continued to jerk on my spurting cock. She captured my streams of cum with her other hand while she milked me like a cow.

While my dick flexed and spewed my load of cum into Amber's hand, my asshole contracted around Drew's plunging cock. My ass clamped down on his thick shaft, an electric current radiating from my over-stuffed butt and out through my erupting dick. I then felt Drew's cock swell even larger and I knew he was about to cum.

"Oh God, Ryan. I'm gonna cum," Drew panted as he thrust his engorged cock balls-deep up my ass.

"Oh yes!" Amber chirped. "Shoot your load inside him. Fill his ass with your cum!"

I moaned as torrents of hot jism splattered against my intestines. My insides spasmed uncontrollably as my friend's ass-splitting cock reared again and again deep inside my burning confines and pumped me full of his hot cum. My hole squeezed every drop of Drew's thick load from his large balls until finally his magnificent cock was silent.

I groaned as Drew's prick sloshed out of my ravaged asshole. No longer plugged with the huge column of fuck-meat, I could feel my insides try to resume their normal shape. Rivulets of hot jism oozed from my asshole as I gingerly sat down on the floor. Though my ass hurt and throbbed, my body tingled with rapture.

"Taking it up the ass for me. That's why I love you so much; you'll do anything for me," Amber said. "Anything," she repeated as she brought her cum-filled hand up to my mouth.

I smiled at her and grinned sheepishly at Drew, and then I lapped up my own creamy, white cum from her hand until I had eaten it all.

We then all sat there in silence as we recovered, and then Drew said he needed to go take a shower.

"You're not going to get dressed are you?" Amber asked as Drew reached for his underwear. "You're all sweaty and got lube all over your dick."

"Well, I'm not gonna walk to the showers naked," Drew replied.
"Just grab a towel," I said pointing over to where I had a couple of clean towels stored.

Drew grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist, picked up his clothes and then said, "Ok, well I guess I'll see you guys later."

"I hope so," Amber grinned at him.

Drew smiled and then left.

Amber and I cuddled and talked about what had just occurred. She asked me if I had enjoyed sucking cock and getting fuck by a real cock, too. I told her that I did. And it was true.

We soon started to make out, but it went nowhere. We were both too exhausted, and too sore, from our encounter with Drew, and Amber went back to her dorm a short while later.

I slept really well that night, and I'm guessing Amber and Drew did as well.

I didn't see Drew the next day. We only had one class together, which is where we met and became friends, but the Professor was giving a lecture that day and students often skipped those, so I didn't give his absence much thought.

That evening, Amber came to my dorm room. We started making out on the bed and we were both soon naked. Amber sucked my cock a bit and then I proceeded to eat her pussy.

Normally after I ate her out I would climb up over top of her and insert my cock into her pussy. But tonight as I climbed over top of her, rather than sticking my dick in her wet cunt, I reached over to the drawer and pulled out the strap-on, dangled it on my finger and grinned at her.

Amber was always the one who decided when the strap-on came out, basically using it when she was in the mood. Like I said that was usually a couple of times a month. But after getting fucked by Drew, I had this strong urge to have a cock up my ass again, even a fake one.

Amber smiled back up at me, and then, without a word, got up off the bed and fastened the strap-on to her body. As she did so, I put my face in the pillow and stuck my ass up in the air.

Amber got on the bed behind me and began rimming me. She then grabbed the lube and applied it to my hole and her fingers. She finger-fucked me until she knew I was good and ready to take the dildo and then she lubed the rubber cock.

"Turn over," she instructed.

Amber had always fucked me doggy style or flat on my stomach, but I didn't question her and just flipped over onto my back.

Amber lifted my legs to her shoulders and then entered me, fucking me in a position a lot of women get fucked in by a man.

We were well into it when there was a knock on the door, and then the door immediately opened, and we looked to see Drew standing in the doorway.

For a moment he had a look of surprise on his face, but it very quickly turned into a huge grin. He then closed the door and started to make his way over to the bed, taking his clothes off along the way.

When he got over to us, he was naked and his cock was quickly on the rise. Reaching out, Drew put his hand to my head and pulled it towards his cock. Willingly, happily, I leaned over and took his dick into my mouth, his cock getting the rest of the way hard in no time flat, as Amber resumed her thrusting.

After a time Drew pulled his cock from my mouth and moved behind Amber. He reached his hand between her harness and body and started to rub her pussy as she fucked me.

Amber soon wanted more and withdrew the dildo from my ass and made quick work of removing the strap-on. I let my legs fall to the bed and Drew wasted no time in sticking his big cock into my girlfriend's pussy, and I lay there underneath her, looking up at the contorted look of pleasure on her face as Drew pounded in and out of her cunt with his king-sized cock.

Wanting to change positions, Drew pulled out and told Amber to lie on her back. I got out from under her and moved to the side and then watched as my friend mounted my girlfriend in the position I normally fuck her in.

Just like last time, when he was ready to cum, he slammed her pussy hard a few times and then pulled out to the head before exploding inside her.

Pulling out, his cock dripped with his cum and shone with Amber's pussy juices. Drew grabbed my head again and brought it to his cock and I hungrily cleaned his cum and my girlfriend's pussy juices from his still hard piece of meat. Once I had him all cleaned off I kept sucking, but Drew pulled his cock from my mouth.

Amber had her legs spread, Drew's big load once again covering her opening. She looked at Drew and grinned. He knew what she wanted, but instead of getting between her legs and licking out his own load, he looked to me, grinned and said, "Looks like your girlfriend wants my cum cleaned out of her pussy," and then he reached out and pulled my head down to my girlfriend's cunt.

Hungrily, I licked and dug out every drop of his cum.

Before the night was through, Drew fucked me in the ass again, and even jerked me off after, at Amber's request. And throughout it all, he was stone cold sober this time around, as were Amber and I.

So as you can see, going out with Amber opens up whole new experiences, ones you never thought you'd ever be involved in. Speaking of which, the three of us have continued our encounters together. And now Amber is not only my girlfriend, but Drew's as well. And he is our boyfriend. It may be unconventional, and we know it won’t last forever, but as Drew said during that very first encounter, "You're only young once!"
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